Lloyd Responds To Irv Gotti's Rant

Young Goldie takes the high road in his response to his former boss.

Irv Gotti recently lashed out at Lloyd for his actions after he was released from The Inc., but the singer is taking the high road. Speaking with Shade 45’s Sway Calloway (via RR), Lloyd explained that he has no ill will towards his former label boss and that his statements came as a surprise.

“I just want to say I have no problems with nobody, right? I know all his people, real close, from BJ to his sister, family... We all pretty cool,” he said. “So that’s definitely one man’s opinion about the situation and I’m just thankful that his opinions don’t dictate my future, that his attitude doesn’t really affect my life, or his problems don’t affect my life.”

He also addressed claims that Gotti made about launching his career, but he maintained that he’s self-made. “I think in the interview he says something about I took him and I helped him out or something, basically put me on. But when I met Irv, I brought him all my music and everything I’ve ever released has all come from me. Irv never produced, he never wrote anything. The only thing he did was release it for me, which was great, and I’m very thankful for it.”

Gotti also said that if Lloyd were to get hit by a car in front of him, he would pay him no mind. “As far as getting hit by a car, I just hope it’s a car full of boobies. A car made of butter so I just slide off,” joked Lloyd.

Lloyd explained that collaborating with Gotti foe 50 Cent was about “personal achievement” and that he wishes nothing but the best for him.

“I just pray that he continues to do the same thing, because he’s a great person, he’s got a lot of great ideas. And he deserves to be happy,” he said. “People say weird shit when they mad. Because of that, I don’t know if it’s a menopause thing or a midlife crisis thing, but I’m definitely not his enemy and he knows that.”

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  • Mya Johnson

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  • Nico 3

    It's easy to talk big when you're removed from the situation. You can't take the high road, then slip in a few insults for good measure. I'm sure Gotti still has his old contacts, and could make one phone call and have little Lloyd shot up.

    • Sauron

      Why support a hater! Irv is just sour because he has failed at his career. I put him in the "Dame Dash" category = bitter loser. Once Ja Rule fell off, so did Irv. Why attack Lloyd for wanting to move on. Fuck Irv!

  • Severe Thebeneficent

    Damn it irritates me how niggas online take sides with every fuckin headline..."im proud he took the high road" proud? for what? lmao its just a damn story man! got nothing to do with you!

    • Anonymous

      Fuck Gotti and fuck Ashanti and Fuck lloyd and fuck Ja, Fuck all 'em wack murder inc fags

    • Cory Charles Hunt

      lmao.. makes the other party looks like a fool. he didnt even take the hi road. "i dont know if its menopause or a mid life crisis" he slip in some cheap shots it just wasnt a rant. but yea who gives a damn anyway. what song does this guy sing? lmao

  • Glenn Tucker

    respect to Lloyd I'm not a fan but that response was on point

  • DR Jam

    I just love it when someone takes the high road. It just makes the other party looks like a fool.

  • ms cali

    hands down to Lloyd....my future husband...i love him...he couldn't have responded any better..it is better to respond with an intelligence and positive output to ignorance and shameless individuals..

  • Apparently

    murder inc is conspiring to make a comeback.. apparently they have been in talks with canadian rapper i bar (ifan, fancy shmancy) and he is going to give them a chance to be featured on a track called "No More Murder, Only Nice Nices"

  • Anonymous

    LMAO @ Lloyd saying gotti has Menapause, i'm dying over here!!!!! i like how he just basically laughed Gotti off like the clown that he is, you could even tell in the interview, he's not even mad or hurt at all, dude could give a fuck less what Gotti thinks and basically laughed off all Gotti's anger at him Props to Lloyd for not letting that fat fuck get under his skin

  • Byron

    He could of responded with some typical fake thug "when i see this dude"-ish, but instead he just smoothly made irv look like an a$$. I respect it

  • Anonymous

    Wtf has Llyodd been doing? his album flop. Truth is Gotti has done a lot, from ja, ashanti, and with the past murder inc. I mean he did run shit for a while. Llyodd cant sing for shit, BUT he seems like an aite dude. Singer..not so much.

    • Anonymous

      his last album went number 1 u fuking fag an went gold, do u know how hard it is to even hit gold now days with downloading, no one buys albums no more but he still goes gold.

  • Derrick Washington

    it's sad what hip hop has come to.the 90's had promise of great talent.rocafella,murder inc and ruff ryders was suppose to run hip hop.but biggie,pac,big pun,aaliyah and others died.dmx started screwing his life up worse.jay-z and dame's ego's killed rocafella,50 started ratting and now ja is doing time.def jam's dominance is a thing of the past.the labels just messed it up .you have more shady execs and producers than people that are willing to put out good music.egos,money,contracts and beef killed hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      Washington had a point....the 90's was golden hiphop at the mainstream level. The Saigon's and Tech Nine's of today will never reach the pinnacles of success that Def Jam 90's hip-hop artists were achieving.

    • Anonymous

      Derrick Washington is right. I dont know what the fuck yall on but HIP-HOP AINT SHIT NO MORE!!!! There are a few heads here and there but nothing like the era Washington is talking about. What Washington posted went straight over yall heads I understand what he said. Now hows does it feel to be owned by me?!!!!!! YA LIL BITCH NIGGAS!!!!!!!!!!

    • ROFL

      Derrick Washington you just got owned!! How's it feel bitch?!?!

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Derrick Washington is a fuckin idiot. Man you do know that Russell Simmons himself was the demise of Def Jam, right? Nigga was attaching his name and credibility to whatever got him paid. He didn't care about what was thoro hip hop. He cared about who was hot. He let every living legend on his roster rot. You do know Jay-Z sold his soul musically, right? His ego and selfish, self-centered ways led to not only the demise of Rocafella but the total mishandling and furter dysfunction of Def Jam, right? Riddle me this, nigga... What did Jay ever accomplish at Def Jam? Who did he develop? Who did he get out there in the great name of Hip Hop? Don't say Rick Ross and Jeezy neither... these cats were self made so to speak; duke just signed them riding a wave and skulling their nuts. Shout out to Jason Pennells for hitting it on the head. Those who don't pay attention and cater to the industry nonsensical madness know that it is quite a plethera of thoro hip hop. It's a lot of cool and quality music. Just stop listening to the radio and these kiddie ass video shows. Shout out to Lloyd taking the high road. That was lost in the shuffle coming across a dumb ass comment. Gotti is a clown; will always be a clown; and hasn't stopped being a clown. Karma is something else.

    • Jason Pennells

      its beautiful what hip hop has come to. The 90's had great talent that was forced to sign their lifes and the rights to their music away to crooked labels like Bad Boy and Death Row to get success. But now these labels are gone and Def Jam's dominance is a thing of the past. You have people like Fashawn, Blu, Tech N9ne, and Saigon that are willing to put out good music and dont have to go through shady execs and producers to do it. Now that the egos, money, contracts, and beef are gone; Hip Hop lives on

  • Anonymous

    lloyd rolled over gotti with the "steam roller of love!" funny, gotti looks like an idiot now

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    The menopause comment is funny lol

  • HHH

    oh no lloyd and irv are going back n forth. what will we do? NOT GIVE A FUCK. irv is a fat broke bum living in the past and lloyd is a female vocalist in a fragile mans body. FAGGOTS. dx got nothing else to talk about? call this shit r and b fag rapper dx. yall dont post shit worth seeing.

  • Lima

    I don't really care about either of them but Lloyd came hard on this response hahahaha

  • handddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    both r lil wayne's! bitchz

  • wu4lyf

    Good on you Lloyd. Show that attention-seeking asshole who's really in control of their life and career.

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