Nelly Talks Staying Hip Hop Despite Pop Success

"I am urban," proclaims Nelly.

Though Nelly's mark in Hip Hop is undeniable, the St. Louis emcee's debut Country Grammar is a bit of a distant memory.

From his aforementioned debut in 2000 until present day, Nelly was never viewed as a "hardcore" artist, but his 2010 single "Just a Dream" found its place on top of Billboard's pop charts - and as far as Nelly is concerned, that's not a problem.

"At the end of the day, I am urban, so you can't run from that fact," said Nelly in an interview with MTV News. "At the end of the day, it's another successful brother, stepping and breaking ground for the next brother to come along and do it."

"You do what works for you," explained the veteran hit-maker. "I think you'd be an idiot to not do what works for you. They don't want me to be smart about it? They wanna see another dumb brother not succeeding because he tried to do something that wasn't smart? That's what they say about us: We don't think first. Well, this brother thinking first. I plan on being here."

Watch the interview below:

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  • 1984

    Nelly is wack. ever since he did that country shit he been eating shit. He's urban? Keith Urban is more urban that Nelly nowadays. Nelly needs to sit on a chainsaw and turn it on. SMH

  • Anonymous

    Not gonna front, his first album was pretty solid. It had some great production and his rapping was decent. Ever since then he's been trash.

  • Name

    "Urban" is an awful marketing term used instead of "black music" so as to not to "offend" any audiences. He is urban. So is Mike Posner, apparently. If he means he has hip-hop credibility, nope. Never been him. On another note, can we all stop with this "hay-teeeers"/"gettin' his monayyy" rubbish - everybody needs to remember to remain critical of their artists. When an artists spews that their lazy album has got poor reviews because the critics were "hayyy-teerrs", remember that they're taking the piss out of the music-buying public.

  • Obi Patrick

    Nelly proclaiming himself hip hop is like Bill O Reilly calling himself a hood nigga...Nelly is playing himself thinking all those albums he brought out were hip hop...

  • Anonymous

    To all the haters on here.. When any of you can accomplish 1/1000 of anything Nelly has done, you might have something to say worth listening to. You don't like his music? Don't listen. Plenty do however and will continue to listen.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is so wack...

  • Anonymous

    you were never hiphop wackass rapper

  • jack johnson

    hahahahahaha this is hilarious, Nelly is pop to the core, he doesn't even rap he sings on his songs, this guy is closer to R&B than hip hop

  • D.Mansion

    Nelly u kiss my Timbaland nigga. Talk loud when u talk bout Hip-hop nigga, u wll catch my blades in a minute nigga thats why I call them MINUTEMAN nigga. Wordddup 305 this is shout out 2 ma niggas J.R., K-Crib, Don Jamar, Don Arab, Mafia Chanel and ma sweetest baby momma T.L.C. II aka 305 Beyonce aka Sweetie...EASTSIDE!!

  • Josh Moore

    facebook page says it all lol.

  • Josh Moore

    facebook page says it all lol

  • Josh Moore

    big ups to nelly for staying real with it, hes talking what alot of mainstream artists are AFRAID to say basically saying "imma be smart with it. If i can make a hit and get the money and recognition imma do what works for me." you wont hear another "artist" come out and say that straight up

  • Alaska? #forrealtho?

    It wasn't that deep, I was just assuming my bad. Hell I tried to talk to you in a different post so fuck it.

  • JeezyaRider

    damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn you just got murdered. Fuckin reject? and this nigga getting all y'all attention just by posting. Lames Nelly sucks.

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    yeah i knew ur ass was soft cuz im here in alaska they dont play none of that black/bullshit music you here in the lower 48 states. but they played ur pop shit sounding like some shit for white girls(for real) but yeah sad thing cuz I think he really liked hiphop, but hell it aint like you was making positive music so fux you. hiphop is done with you anyway

    • Anonymous

      whats wrong with music for whitegirls dumb bitch

    • Josh Moore

      .facebook page says it all lol.

    • Josh Moore

      yes this trick is a man. your question made me curious. and who comes back and reads the lines to respond to this shit? seriously? tranny too bored to walk the streets? comment back. im done with this page. see how that works?

    • Yo, I think...

      Yo, how come you didn't answer dude's question? Are you a man or what? You must've fooled someone in Alaska tellin' them you have a shaved pussy. I bet when he saw you in the baggage claim, he turned around and gasped to himself, "Yo, I think...that was a MAN!"

    • JeezyaRider

      damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn you just got murdered. Fuckin reject?and this nigga getting all y'all attention just by posting. Lames Nelly sucks.

    • thisguy

      are you a man? serious question

    • Lilmarcci JonesCd

      "I'm here in alaska" when did I say i LIVE in alaska you dumb reject of a child. your ass is a fail for not thinking before speaking. EPIC FAIL!!!

    • Alaska? #forrealtho?

      who the hell lives in Alaska!? #fail

  • Monstuh-Tuno

    This man cant help it if his music is 'pop'ular. Fuck yall!!!

    • JeezyaRider

      damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn you just got murdered. Fuckin reject? and this nigga getting all y'all attention just by posting. Lames Nelly sucks,

  • somagang g funk gangsta

    this nigga nelly fly as hell POW POW

  • Anonymous

    Nelly thank you for paving the way for other sell-out artist such as Flo-Rida, Pitbuull, B.O.B and other "crossover" artist. You will forever be known as the FIRST POP RAPPER

  • Anonymous

    Nelly, one of the few who made GREAT mainstream music back in the day.

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd


    • ummm...

      Yo ma, straight up I don't mean to be funny, but you should give up that facebook profile pic. It's not doing you any justice. My little niece just walked in here and said, "oooo she uuuggggly!" I told her to be nice, but she just kept whispering, "ewwww". You know that's fucked up right?

  • Anonymous

    no 1 can hate really hate on Nelly but who listens to this guy after middle school

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