Drake Labels Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne Icons In New Interview

Drake speaks on Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter IV" sales, says Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj are icons in music.

During an interview with Big Boy of Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Power 106 FM, rapper Drake had a lot of positive things to say about his labelmate’s and even went so far as to refer to his Young Money counterparts Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj as icons.

When speaking on Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj’s icon status he referred to the way both artists seem to be mimicked by their fans because of their image.

“That’s the other thing too that I notice about my team members is they’re so iconic, you know? I’m more of an individual,” Drake explained. “Nicki is such a character and Wayne is such a character there’s people that dress up like them for Halloween. There’s people that wanna talk like them, be like them, get tattoos like Wayne, and do their hair like Nicki. I mean they’re so iconic. That’s also something I always try to push myself with my music cause I feel like that’s the only way I can be iconic. I’m just sort of a more stripped down individual as far as image wise so that’s always something I pay attention to.”

While Lil Wayne selling over a million copies of Tha Carter IV is quite the impressive feat in today’s Hip Hop climate, Drake revealed that he was far from surprised by Tha Carter IV’s hefty sales numbers.

“I just knew man. I just knew wow, he’s an icon man. That’s iconic status because you know a lot of people would argue that it wasn’t as big as Carter III was,” said Drake. “There was no ‘Lollipop,’ there was no ‘A Milli’…It wasn’t that clicking moment like ‘Woah, this is the guy.’ It was like another one. It was like okay, he’s confirmed as the guy and he’s gonna put out another project and is it gonna be as exciting? Like that’s what I talk about, keeping excitement and obviously Wayne kept their attention man. He kept that excitement going because it takes a lot to put that many people in the stores. That is serious.”

Lastly, Drake spoke on the friendly competition at Young Money and how that inspires him to be a better artist.

“As much as it’s loving it’s also competitive because competition pushes, we push each other. When I hear Nicki get on a verse and kill the way she does, it doesn’t even become a male/female thing because it’s beyond that,” Drake explained. “Like she’s rapping better than a lot of males out there period so it just becomes a verse thing.”

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  • Anonymous

    Um dey are no iconic dey juss have a bunch of teenage wannabes and followers

  • #TeamDAR

    No one in YMCMB is an icon. They are artists that have been able to be successful in this era. Jay is an icon. Tupac is an icon. MALCOLM X, STOKEY CARMICHAEL, AND GANDHI ARE ICONS! Now, on another note, True God is an icon in the making. Debut album "Soul Revival," drops 11.3.11 online. Peep his Youtube for a snippet of what the album entails. #TeamDAR out.

  • qwed

    Who the fuck besides homos are wearing jeggins,fucking icons??, this Jew boy buggin, WAYNE IS A FAKE ASS CLOWN THAT WANNA BE A BLOOD..this nigga was in protective Custody on rikers island, bitch ass nigga

  • asdf

    look up the definition of icon, Wayne fits no where in there..GTFOH

  • thought dog

    To anybody saying drake is authentic and never acts like a fake tough guy...check the video for Rick Ross feat Drake - made men...and understand that Drake is throwing up blood signs in the vid.



    • YADIG



    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Drake will be leaving Young Money records! What now Young Money dickriders??? What now? What? You think Jae Millz gonna save them? And wayne is wack as shit! I hope Drake get signed by Shady Records. Young money, it's a wrap! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Gunitinthehouse

    Gunit fans>>>>>>Young Hunnies fans...It's the unit bitches, and yeah, my general can and will slap the earth wind and fire out of your rasta looking general. It's the unit bitches...

  • A

    1.) Let's not forget that this nigga's name is Aubrey 2.) He's from Canada, and somehow he got a little bit of a southern US accent 3.) He was on Degrassi. Niggas tried to come at Ross for being a CO, but Degrassi? 4.) Since we know he was in a wheelchair on Degrassi we know damn well he ain't gon "slap/crack/clap a nigga" so stop saying it before somebody decide to try out they new laser on his ass 5.) This moist-ass nigga sings his own hooks. That shit ain't real. Never has been. And it damn sure ain't gangster.

    • Ryan Hurley

      Mu is right. But I will say one thing Drakes flow is straight up wack! Boy can sing, but his flow is terrible! It's just a soft flow I cannot stand. My friend a pretty well known MC from Chicago Qwazaar, did a track in his style and yeah he pretty much aced that shit and killed it harder than Drake ever would. But again it was a simple flow and very meh. If Drake had better lyrics in his raps I would probably give him more props.

    • Mu

      The problem with hip-hop being a youth-driven genre is the immature opinions of many of the fans, including this guy A and the Anonymous dude who co-signed his post as "real shit". Let me address your ridiculous points one-by-one. 1) He didn't name himself idiot. DMX's name is Earl and Freeway's name is Leslie, does that make them soft? 2) I've seen many Drake interviews and that doesn't sound like a southern accent at all. If it sounds that way in his songs, its called cadence (google it or look it up in the dictionary because I'm postitive you don't know what it means.) 3) He was an actor before he decided to pursue music... big fucking deal! Drake has never claimed to be anything that he's not. He doesn't rap about selling coke or any type of street shit, so being on Degrassi doesn't contradict who he is as a rapper. So, it's NOTHING like the Rozay-C.O. thing. 4) Your fourth "point" makes no sense at all and doesn't warrant a response. 5) You're criticizing a nigga for singing on his hooks? because its not "real"?? WTF does that even mean? So you can't be "real" if you can carry a tune? Drake has NEVER claimed to be gangster you dumb fuck. If anything, it's a plus for him since he doesn't have to pay Trey Songz or Chris Brown for hooks, and that means he gets to use the money in his budget for something else. Phonte, who is one of his influences, is one of the best emcees out there, and also has the talent to sing R&B. Having more than one talent IS REAL SHIT! Smarten up hip-hop! Until we get rid of this fucking crabs-in-a-barrel mentality, this artform will not progress. Grow the fuck up and stop trying to discredit another man because he's doing shit you WISH you could do. I fuck with Drake, but believe me, this has NOTHING to do with me trying to defend him. I'm just trying to put an idiot in his place.

    • Anonymous

      That's the realest shit I've read all day! Kudos! Everybody else ducking these facts smh...

  • Alex

    All these anon responses defending Drake.., makes me wonder... I wonder did YMCMB hire people to defend their honor like they bought crates of Carter...oops. Whatever Wayne's been done since after carter 2. Carter 3 was the decline. Wayne's irrelevant in the hood and anyone who says "he showed his family a way" shut the fuck up you're an idiot. Tell me how many stories are like Wayne's and then think about is his "path" really a "path" and not just the result of being Birdman's sex slave? C'mon Aubrey, you and Wayne come out the closet, your 7 minutes are up!

  • Ryan Hurley

    That's just overrating them seriously. His skills are not that amazing. Runner ups in a battle circuit kill his skills. Wayne will talk about 3 things repeatedly in his songs; Bloods, How big his dough stack is, and his fucking name/s he flips a million times on an album. Nicki Minaj has been major how long? She ain't that "iconic." She ain't no Marilyn Monroe/Audrey Hepburn. Her ass is trash. Don't care they make millions, that's cool I would love to be there doin' that I envy that for sure, but fuck they have no better skills than most rappers!

  • i love nervo

    Get your dance party with this fresh DJ mix from NERVO! http://shar.es/bnZr4

  • Bart Masterson Jr #GoPatriots

    Drake is the best Degrassi member turned rapper ever.

    • Anonymous

      @Anon Whoa! Damn, hold it. Dude was paying dues and stating the facts. Go take a chill pill, get laid or smoke a blunt. You obviously have Butt anger issues LOL! I bet you're posted on these comments right now responding to every last one of em huh? SMH...Internet thugs.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, he real about who he is as well, bitch. you a hater because that man had the courage to speak in front of people and the intelligence to remember lines from his tv script. too bad your scared to even answer questions in school or a meeting, that's why you can't be respected.

  • Anonymous

    Drake is authentic, which means staying true to yourself and not being the hardest gangsta. I respect this nigga way more than I do someone like Game who is fucking insecure about himself and plays a role he never leaves alone in public.

    • bkstylz

      I am a fan of the music and that is it. With that said, Game is a better rapper than Drake. Who gives a fuck if he is insecure or whatever you want to gripe about him on a personal level. His beats knock and his rhymes are dope...that's all it should be about

    • Anonymous

      i respect drake for not being fake, but at the same time i luv his music, because he is talented.

  • Anonymous

    this rapper is probably the gayest rapper ever.

  • homo1

    DRAKE=the best gay rapper in the world.... period!!!

    • Anonymous

      is there something wrong with being gay?? is that the only insult of a lie you can say about that man? you a bitch and i can tell even through this post. go get some money.

  • bballslim42

    Drake should take Nikki's dick out his ass, and Wayne's pussy out his mouth. He is better than both those clowns, even if he is average at best himself.

  • Anonymous

    Drake is very talented, so I don't give a fuck what he says in interviews. That's the problem with Hip Hop, people care waaay too much about that gossip shit.

  • tim

    this dude needs to come out the closet already so his statements don't come out as offensive or disrespectful to not real hip hop.. but to REAL MUSIC heads in general. it's like marshall coming out and telling the world 4 years after the slim shady lp that he has a drug problem. the fuck aubrey.



    • Anonymous

      lil wayne is a product of the ghetto and he gives people still stuck in the ghetto hope that you can make money despite hating ass people. wayne made a way for him and his family, so i salute him. when was the last time you saw a $500,000.00 month? i'm sure you haven't even had a $5,000.00 month yet. get ur weight up, not your hate, chump.....

  • Greas

    This dude needs to go ahead a release the tape of him getting DP'ed by Nicki and Wayne and get it over with. They are all ICONS of garbage disposable culture.

  • Anonymous

    They are icons. Anyone who denies this, should look up what the word means.

    • Anonymous

      people hate wayne because he from louisiana, drake because he is biracial and nicki because she from a dirt poor family from the islands. this is some sad times we live in.

  • Nicky's Ass

    all icon means is A person or thing regarded as a representative symbol of something so in reality, yeah they are icons.. just not the type Dee-Rake was talking about

  • Anonymous

    im gonna be wheelchair jimmy for halloween

    • Anonymous

      he wasnt acting in front of thousands of people, he aint doing no broadways shows here, the only people he acted in front of were the people involved in the production of DEGRASSI and his co-stars, its doesnt take that much balls to roll around a studio in a wheelchair

    • Anonymous

      too bad u wouldn't be able to act in front of thousands of people. get your self esteem up.

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