DMX & Swizz Beatz Speak On Partnership, New Work & Hip Hop

X and Swizzy hit the 106 & Park stage to talk about their new work together, as Swizz warns fans to "expect the unexpected."

Longtime collaborators and Ruff Ryders associates Swizz Beatz and DMX recently appeared on BET's 106 & Park. The two spoke about a variety of issues, including X's journey, their closeness and they also premiered X's new video for "Last Hope."

"I'm like a proud brother," Swizz said of X's return to Hip Hop. "This is my brother for life. Ups, downs, we've been around, doing our thing for like 20 years. I'm here for support. This is my brother for life, no matter what."

DMX was also asked to comment on Hip Hop's current state and if he would change with the times.

"Different," he said of how he views the game, before saying he isn't changing. "I'm gonna do what I do. I got a fan base. I love my fans. They love me. I've got a pretty good understanding of what I'm here for." 

He was also asked what he thinks of today's most prominent Rap stars, specifically Drake and Lil Wayne, among others. 

"I'm just going to be honest. I really don't think about other rappers. No offense, no disrespect but I don't think about them. I'd rather focus on what I'm seeing, the message I need to get across." 

Swizz also spoke on what fans can expect from X's new work.

"Expect the unexpected. Expect the new and improved. Expect Hip Hop. Expect real music. Expect the message...Expect the Dog to be back." 

For more from the interview, check below. Video provided by Yardie.  

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  • cardan

    im feling like its 1998 again. hard denim set looking mean X,thats my style, swizz was dressed like a 14 yr old boy lol.

  • G

    i'll cop whatever X drops. it's a respect thing. y'all kids wouldn't know. y'all would rather shit on X, and make fun of his troubles. i appreciate him for the classic music he delivered. he changed time. and every x album has bangers, real fans know that. kids that shit on x just running with the crowd. hip hop got no respect for the legends, soon as you get old or slip up, your fans act like they never fucked with you. meanwhile rollingstones old asses still selling out stadiums. stay up x.

  • Jason Pitcher

    Cue the ten trillionth comment about how he hasn't put anything good out since "It's Dark and Hell Is Hot", X fell off, he doesn't have it anymore, blah blah blah. In my opinion, everything he's done has been great. He's still one of my favorites. Hell, I'd take X at his worst any day over Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Soulja Boy, and the other candy-coated fluff nonsense of mainstream popular music.

  • Big Dan

    Damn! A week or two ago, I saw a video on another site, where DMX was being asked about that "I'M Gay" album title and dude was licking his lips, shifting all over the place and just looking like a crack head. In this video, dude is a much better. Stay on the right path X.

  • Anonymous

    It's great to see DMX back in the mix,hip-hop is feeling the way that it's suppose to be fa sho... M.U. "Political"

  • jesterxxl

    JOE6PACKNCGBOR336 Joell, Busta & Reek all NY Matt Kieseckr I'm with you on that X is not ALL TIGHT EVERYTHIN thank fuck even Swizz followin the camp camp

  • Area 514

    "Trust a snake...a thief...a liar to..... Word life

  • Matt Kieseckr

    Damn X only one on the hole show that no how to dress.


    damn was busta the only one reppin NY in the cypher last nite the south was all over that junt

  • Sourhead420

    BUbblegum rappers this is your warning and your death sentence peace to the corney ass rappers

  • Anonymous

    bet shed love him to fill her void...

  • Thomas Curry Curré

    lol at those eraser heads in the back

  • Anonymous

    LOL@ 106 and park. that show, or none of the people in the audience, are gonna support X, or any other hip-hop artist from out era. that show alone made me stop watching BET. Where is rap city?

    • casper21

      hit the nail on the head. 106 has been about trends and the newest garbage the high school kids support, they're sensors are too strict to support the genuine product. No X fan has been in that audience for years.

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