Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 10/9/2011

The charts get a ghost-sighting by way of Styles P. As Phonte, 9th Wonder and Evidence all depart from the Top 200, Dessa and DJ Shadow appear, while Kanye West and DJ Khaled return after weeks away.

After the monumental swarm to the charts last week, only J. Cole and 116 Clique remained from the new releases in Hip Hop. However, this next week, The L.O.X./D-Block's Styles P made a strong debut, as two major label releases returned to the charts, and Doomtree's first lady and Solesides co-founder earned a place at the table.

Cole World: The Sideline Story sold over 50,000 second-week units. Backed by Sony Records, Jay-Z's Roc Nation flagship maintained a Top 5 position in Week 2. Largely self-produced, the Fayetteville, North Carolina native's album featured Drake and Missy Elliott, in addition to Jay.

Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV gained a spot to #6. The platinum works features the likes of Tech N9ne, Andre 3000 and Nas, as the top-selling 2011 Hip Hop/Rap release.

Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch The Throne fell two more spots to #13. The Roc-A-Fella alumni's first collaborative album features production contributions from 88-Keys, RZA and Lex Luger. Kanye West's critically-acclaimed 2010 solo album, My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy also climbed over 50 places to return to the charts. Like WTT, the sork features contributions from the likes of Beyonce, RZA, Mike Dean and S1.

Speaking of, Beyonce and her 4 climbed two spots - five in the last two weeks. The pregnant Pop/R&B superstar's fourth solo offering features an appearance by Outkast's Andre 3000, along with production from Kanye West and his production team - including Jeff Bhasker, as well as a writing credit to former G.O.O.D. Music artist Consequence.

Yonkers, New York emcee Styles P's latest solo endeavor Master of Ceremonies debuted at #32. The longtime member of The L.O.X./D-Block's E1 Entertainment effort features contributions from veterans such as Warren G, Pete Rock and Pharoahe Monch. This is marketed as The Ghost's fourth studio solo, his first in nearly four years.

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B) 

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
5 J. Cole  Cole World: The Sideline Story 54,000 272,000
6 Lil Wayne Tha Carter IV 53,000 1,506,000
13 Jay-Z & Kanye West Watch The Throne 23,000 954,000
19 Beyonce 4 15,000 834,000
32 Styles P Master of Ceremonies
11,000 11,000

One of the founding members of Solesides Records (a/k/a Quannum Projects), DJ Shadow debuted at #126 with his The Less You Know The Better. The veteran Davis, California deejay/producer/record collector's latest work, released on the legendary Verve imprint, features De La Soul's Posdnuos as well as Talib Kweli. This is Shadow's first album in over five years.

Speaking of deejays, DJ Khaled's 2011 Cash Money Records debut also returned to the charts. We The Best Forever climbed over 60 spots. The Universal Motown-backed effort features Big Sean, B.o.B. and Drake, among others.

Minneapolis, Minnesota emcee/poet Dessa's latest work Castor The Twin debuted on the charts at #177. This follows up last year's A Badly Broken Code for the Doomtree Records artist. Dessa hails from the rhyme crew of the same name, which includes the likes of P.O.S., Cecil Otter and Sims.

Veteran Houston, Texas Christian Rap group the 116 Clique's latest album, Man Up fell 96 spots in its second week. The Reach Records project ties into a film encouraging fathers to accept more accountability with their lives.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
126 DJ Shadow The Less You Know The Better 3,300 3,400
134 DJ Khaled We The Best Forever
3,200 129,000
147 Kanye West My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy 3,000 1,212,000
177 Dessa Castor The Twin 2,500 2,500
178 116 Clique Man Up 2,500 6,600

Next week features possible chart recognition from the likes of Nappy Roots and Organized Noize collaboration, The Away Team's Duck Down debut, Young Bleed's first album with Strange Music and Murs' LP with Ski Beatz. Who will be supported enough to invade the Top 200? Stay tuned to HipHopDX to find out.



  • Glenn Tucker

    what happened to Bad meets evil

  • LiveOne


  • Nico 3

    Interesting momentum shift for Cole in week two. Last week, his albums were sold out almost everywhere. Now this week the shelves are full. At least he's out selling Big Sean.

  • Lenny

    You people are really stupid. The reason why Cole is sellin in his 2nd week what Wayne is sellin in his 7th week is because unlike Wayne, Cole World had NOT ONE HIT SINGLE. Wayne had "How to Love", which was in the top 10 for MONTHS, along with other songs he had chart off the album just off of hype of his name alone. Cole had 1 or 2 songs in the lower half of the Billboard Hot 100, do you all REALLY think he was gonna continue to outsell Wayne for long? But sales don't matter worth shit. For example, Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt and Nas' Illmatic both took SEVEN YEARS before they both sold a million copies and both of those albums are considered to be 2 of the greatest Hip Hop albums of all time. Wayne can sell but is any of his shit timeless? I rest my case.

  • Anonymous

    Where THE DEAD ALBUM aka Red Album???...LMMFAO!!! Wheres the MAYFLOP MUSIC GROUPIES album at???...This clowns stay flopping with major compnaies behind them! If your albums is flopping atleast have some hit-recrods that earns you GOLD or Platinum plaques to show that it wasn't a complete failure!

  • Aishwarya Singh Thakur

    Lil Wayne Killin it

  • Anonymous

    i only care about album sales when i wanna shit on an artist that sucks. like wale flopping with lady gaga records. FAGGOT RAPPER. wale new shit will flop even harder. bart scott: CAN"T WAIT!

  • Phil10

    Where does hiphopdx find hiphop albums sales information from?

  • Anonymous


  • bop-1

    they mad his summer got tucked in hahah

  • Anonymous


  • SutterKane

    Game gets hated on because he laughed at Banks when he flopped, now he flopped, its just people going with the whole "What goes around, comes around/ Karma's a bitch" vibe And he deserves it for trying to distort the facts He lies and says all his albums debuted #1 when the truth is LAX was #2 cause it got outsold by Slipknot that first week, but Game cares about sales so he pretends like that didnt happen and be like "4 #1 ALBUMS NIGGA WHAT!!!!!!!!!" and tries to pretend the real world doesnt exist

  • Anonymous

    People don't realize how great Cole's sales are. Lupe Fiasco sold 80k in his first week, coming off huge hype, getting co-signs from almost everyone and being hyped as the next Nas, not to say that he did this in 2006, when Nas sold 360.000 copies in the first week. Cole does over 250.000 in two weeks in 2011.

    • truth

      Yeah, but Lupe wasn't signed to Jay Z, who is known to manipulate the sales system. There is proof out there, you just need to do the research....just like there is money out there u just need to get ya lazy ass up n get it. Word life.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, what has happened to sales? Cormega was able to sell 100.000 10 years ago. Today, he doesn't even make it to the charts. Unbelievable.

  • Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 10/9/2011

    A.k.a. Game hate time...IT'S SO COMICAL HOW A PERSON ISNT EVEN MENTIONED IN AN ARTICLE, BUT STILL BECOMES THE MAIN FOCUS IN THE COMMENT SECTION...These haters studying game, the know his week by week chart positions, they remember his release date, they know his real name, they THINK they know his financial situation, they know how much he's sold in his career, they know the name of the next album, they know he bipolar, they know he had a butterfly tatoo, they know everything about him. It's fuckin sad. Anatomy of a Hater: Study the person i hate, follow his every move, secretly love em, then try to smear them as much as i can on internet blog sites comments section.

  • Anonymous

    man i feel bad for phonte, second week and he's not even on here anymore

  • J

    It's astonishing GAME aint on the article but yet people are hating on him, wow. I'm not a GAME fan but it's sad how the nigga is hated on so much for everything he does. Also he hasn't released a second single yet so ya'll need to chill and just enjoy the music.

    • Anonymous

      Game fans are the only ones who can't admit the truth. You can search for excuses all you want, the truth is, it still flopped fucking badly. Since when do old sales matter? Are we trying to big up artists with accomplishments of the past now?

    • Anonymous

      all the shit he talked...all the shit you read. hahahahaaahaaaa......ha

    • Anonymous

      all the shit he talked you right it is astonishing THAT HIS SHIT FLOPPED HAHAHA

    • J

      Please elaborate on how he treated others? Just because he didn't fall victim to 50 cent's way of treating others? GAME is among a very small minority of rappers who speak their mind and put other wack rappers on blast, so yep i agree RepDatWest420, he should be commended not condemned. If he had stood next to 50 then he would have turned out like Banks and Yayo have now and that's being irrelevant, no disrespect to Banks but that's the truth.

    • RepDatWest420

      Treated what other people? Weak rappers? Gay rappers? (lil b) Video whores? You should be grateful that there is someone like Game in hip hop. He keeps people on thier toes. He likes to have compitition with other rappers. He keeps it entertaining. He should be comended for this not condemed.

    • Anonymous

      It's how he acts and treated other people.

  • da1

    Damn j.cole I thought you would atleast sell 80k your second week but it doesn't look that way. Evanescence long awaited album has finally dropped and I'm not suprised at how good it is(I'm black by the way). I know Evanescence isn't hip hop but it's not like this site always talks strictly hip hop news(like it should)after all it is called HipHopDX. They talk about Amber Rose, Rianna, and a whole bunch of other unrelated hip hop motherfuckas. You minus well put Evanescence sells up next week, I bet it will definitely be over 500k.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye is a genius, one of the greatest this genre ever had, so he deserves his success.

  • Anonymous

    hhdx turned into the shittiest fucken site recently...lil wayne fans and fans of other shitty ass rappers who only care about albums sold

  • Brandon Hamm

    Nice to see Kanye's made it past the 1.2 million mark! To be honest with an album as good as it was it deserved to sell double that but what are you gonna do... Also, a bit disappointed in DJ Shadow's numbers, thought he put out a nice album.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Cole at least goes gold though it is doubtful unless one of his singles picks up enough steam to spark more interest. As for Game, once again, you NEED that single.

  • chickies

    Red album flooped...games alright hes getting show money...matter of fact I'm seeing him this weekend

  • Anonymous

    nice to see Styles P get some love... thats dudes been around 20 years and is still tight! East Coast stand up! Styles P is far better than GayZ! If GAYZ wasnt in a secret society, or satanic illuminati he wouldnt sell... PERIOD

    • StylesPPPP

      Read a BOOK.. do some research... Illuminati is REAL, JAYZ, Kanye, Birdman... to name a FEW are ALL MEMBERS!! Santa and SATAN are really similar... hmmmm KILLUMINATI-2pac

    • Anonymous

      Jay is a lyrical genius, sooo many hidden meanings, people tend to forget this, because he uses such a deep metaphoric speech that his lyrics go way over people's heads. I don't even need to talk about his flow, one of the best ever, he's able to adapt to soo many different beats, it's unbelievable. Breathe Easy (Lyrical Excersise), Hovi Baby and his magical freestyle SHIT on Styles P's career. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joHCfll2AGI

    • Anonymous

      Jay-z has a way better flow and way better lyrics then Styles.. Go buy Reasonable Doubt and the Black Album and you'll see (you won't be dissapointed.)

    • Anonymous

      If you were smarter you wouldn't believe in fairytales. Come on son Illuminati is nothing, but all-around fucked upness with life wrapped into an overexagerated organization. ....Look I'll give you this.. they WERE real, but they studied science and the Catholics destroyed them though buy making them seem like devil worshippers and such. Illuminati is like Santa Claus: makes you cats look forward to something, while giving you a face to hate (Like the President LOL), and it makes you behave. Just be aware of whats going on around you. If you care so much fight as well, Don't go looking to God he helps those who help themselves, and in the end God WILL win so stop being a pansy,cause Jay got cake cause rich men will have a harder time being excepted in the land of milk and honey over a homeless one.... sorry for the essay Lmao #END

    • Anonymous

      Your statement was good, til you started with that ridiculous Jay insults. Styles is a nice rapper, but dude ain't coming close to Jay on any aspect. Jay is worlds above him. Leave that alone. Compare Styles to someone like Cormega.

  • Anonymous

    Sad, I doubt Cole even go gold album sales are in the toilet Overall

  • Kaan Özel

    What about cormega lol

  • Anonymous

    Cormega probably sold 100 copies.

  • g

    That Cole album is such garbage, trash.

  • JG

    lmao wow this article didnt even mention Game and the nigga is getting so much hate form yall. RED was fire but the ppl have spoken and they dont want to hear Game no more...they all on this faggot Jcoles dick..

  • Fossie

    You fuckin commercialized retards !You the perfect match for that fucked up industry!!!"My artist sells so much ";"...but my artist sells so much",dammn what the fuck you are talkin about?Sellin records doesn´t automatically mean that you are a good artist!And The red album is still better than 90%of the rest of 11!Game always talkin bullshit and so his sales suffer from that but he always brings quality to the table !!!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah right, that's the reason he had to feature all those pop industry whores. Fuck off, you delusional groupie.

  • what100

    all hype for wanyne album straight up garbage that albums is for all the homo's in the world congrats to the gays

  • L*K

    my favourite artist sold more than your favourite artist making your artist insignificant and my artist the best rabble rabble rabble

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Wayne STILL selling 60k after 2 months.

  • Anonymous


  • black gretz

    lol @ Game. If his next album has no features like he promised it could be the nail in the coffin.

  • Anonymous

    he on crack they just flew to paris to shoot the 2ND VIDEO

  • room2roam

    so in cole's 2nd week he's selling what wayne is pushing in his 2nd month. dam its a cole world.. not hating jus an observation. the hip hop awards this year were more like the source awards (random)... outside of the big names no one's moving units. we all know this. no need to get a crunk over this bs every week. shout out to all of the artists for doin they thing even if 3/4's of em do suck

    • room2roam

      imo music today is not necessarily better or worse than the 90s and i grew up on the 90s and early 2k music... music, fashion, trends, all that shyt is just a cycle that takes place every decade or so as youngins get older and the babies become the youngins. like this skinny jean thing that old heads and wanna be thugs hate so much.. honestly it just reminds me of the 80s when my older bro was in high school. they wore tight jeans, sagging wasnt a trend yet. you can look at some of the old videos and see the cats wearing tight jeans. to me this is just that era being recycled. same with music (the autotune is an example). also back in the day when we were loving the music what were our parents saying? turn that shyt off and listen to some real music. same thing today. now we telling young heads to turn that shyt off - this is real music. its just an emotional attachment to the music of your time..imo yes i think 90s and early 2k music was better but thats just bc thats the music i grew up on. I def do not think itunes or the internet has brought about more quality music but instead has diminished it. if i wanted i could go try to make a single on fruity loops (?) and sell it on itunes and that shyt would definitely not be quality cuz thats not my forte BUT i could do it if i chose to... the fact that everyone has that access has degraded the quality and over-saturated our ears..didnt mean to type a book...

    • da1

      ^^^^^^^^ I disagree with this dude above me. Ever since this whole Itunes era kicked off the quality of music has gone down considerably. Just because the consumer can get the album even before it actually drops doesnt mean artist are trying harder to make better music. I'll laugh in your face if you think music of today is better then music 10yrs ago. Because if you say it is you're either a damn lie or just delusional. If anything the whole free music thing made artist stop trying as hard as they once did to make good music because they know they wont get back what they had put in, in terms of album sales.

    • JG

      thats cuz music is free now homie, aint nobody checking to put more money in the pockets of artists who'll be richer than we ever will. I think the internet age is actually really better for the fans because artists now know they have to put out a quality product for it to actually sell and they must now pull in more money from tours than album sales...meaning lower tour prices for us fanss. Only pay for the classics people, dont go out and buy every lp that drops. And if you gna collect a classic get the physical not some bullshit itunes download.

  • TonyViera

    Poor Game, that happen when you are bipolar and a Trashtalker karma bitch

  • Anonymous

    Game should hang it up now, for real.

  • Anonymous


  • all I'm sayin'...

    cash money conspiracy...I don't buy into it. You're going to tell me that Drake and Nicki's debut...let me repeat...DEBUT albums in 2010-2011 outsell almost every other artist in the industry outside of Eminem? I'm not speaking with any fact based information to back my claims, but from a logical standpoint it just seems a bit sketchy. If they did it all legitimately more power to them...but I don't believe it.

  • Anonymous


  • Across My Belly

    Man, Lil Wayne is doing some nice numbers after 6 weeks on the charts. I kinda figured Jay Z and Kanye West would be platinum by now with 9 weekson the charts. As for my J Cole, I thought he would be gold by the 4th week after his release, but now it's looking like he won't even be at 300,000 copies sold. He really should've used that song he had with Chris Brown for his album, because it was a true hit. Styes P just can't seem to make a hit, if he doesn't have an R&B artist singing the hook. P needs to get another Akon feature and he will at least have a gold single.

  • Truth

    @ stupid ass anon, if the person at #50 sold 7000, how the fuck could game be at 69 with 7000? goes to show how stupid you are you little fucking kid, grow up get some pussy and stay off of these blog's so much

  • Anonymous

    r.i.p game 2005-2005

  • Heat

    Game didn't even sell 2000 copys of that bullshit this week, this should serve as a valuable lesson that when you got the media's attention you should promote your album and why people should buy it, instead of talking about other niggas, trying to do like 50 and his ass has taken an L

    • Anonymous

      yeah for him to go at jay-z every week before he dropped he is quiet like a mofo and im still waitng on that 50 diss track but we all know he gonna wait until 50 drop his album with BEATS BY DRE. S.K. is killin shit now so he not gonna say shit game dug himself a big hole.


      Amen....100% agree with you!! That rap beef that shit is played out

  • Anonymous

    styles-p album sold 11k and its #32 on the list red is at 69 so i guess maybe 7k this week idk

  • Anonymous

    game album went from 1 to 6 then 51 now 69 haha

    • Anonymous

      3rd highest? u crazy. tupac, snoop dogg,dr dre,game have nt even moved more records than warren g and coolio

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      too bad that he already has 10 million records sold and you haters can never take that away. game is the 3rd highest selling artist from california of all-time, so ain't no shame in his decline. you can't be top dawg forever, but you can at least make your mark and he did.

  • Anonymous

    hahahah^^^ dame homie wtf

  • Anonymous

    Damn, Cole is doing really good.

  • Anonymous

    i know that red is still on the charts why are they not posting numbers

  • Anonymous

    what did game album do this past week anybody know?

  • Anonymous

    wtt one video smh nice sales

    • dee

      i agree with lsn22s not a huge kanye or jay fan but give credit where its due most albums aint doing shit in hip hop or rnb so for them to be almost plat with one song and a new single that just dropped not a WHOLE lot of airplay thats good esp considering beyonce who suppose to be some icon only at 800k...only other good selling rap album out this yr is carter4 then wtt right after

    • Lsn22s

      Yeah seriously...the tour didn't happen yet. I would know i got tickets for next month... Almost Platinum with one single (not even a #1), not much radio play at all and still in the top sales even after Carter 4 came through and crushed shit chart-wise...that's pretty damn good, give credit where it's due folks...

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      1 video, because pblic wasn't feeling, the other 2 singles they tried to drop. Also, they went on a nationwide tour to promote the album in alot of different cities. They performed at the VMA's as well and lastly, they had ads placed in every music publication and music channel, so this album really should be doing better.

  • Anonymous

    #1 Rap/Hiphop album 2 weeks. Cole Fucking World nigga

    • Anonymous


    • beefone

      Game's RED album had the same chart history, but didn't sell over 300,000 copies in his 2nd week either. J Cole won't even be at 300,000 sold next week, so it's nothing to brag about. I don't like moral victories, because that's not really a win.

  • Anonymous

    damn red album fell hard

  • P

    Damn! Who the fuck is still buying that wanye. And styles-p, 11,000...LOL!

  • hiphopdon

    good shit for cole world

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