Lupe Fiasco & Erykah Badu Perform "Words I Never Said" At 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards

Lu and Ms. Badu performed the empowering hit during the ceremony.

Lupe Fiasco made a statement with Erykah Badu during the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards, performing his hit “Words I Never Said.”

Lu, clad in a black tee and skinny jeans, rocked out on stage while Ms. Badu, wearing a Burqa topped by a bowler hat, filled in for Skylar Grey by belting out the empowering chorus.

Watch the performance below.

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  • Antwan Patton

    I love Hip Hop, Rock and Neo Soul. My heart is full. I don't know what to say, but keep writing this is how its done. Great job I loved it from beginning to end.

  • Anonymous

    Pills with million side effects take em when the pains felt, wash them down wiv diet soda killin off ur brain cells! real shit

  • Left Eye

    I didnt know Lupe had dreads.

  • Left Eye

    The message of this performance was that people are blind. they fall as victims to a mind control. people stop llistening to themselves which is what matters the most. they started listening to what the government was telling them what they should do. People are losing themselves and their souls are constantly being watched by God. Lupe and Erykah are trying to break that spell that this music has over people. Doenst mean you have to change your religion. I believe that God has no religion. You cant tie God down to anything and the way the world is thats what they are trying to do. Wasalu is an inspiration so listen to his words.

  • Mz_jai25

    I'm speechless. I heard about the performance on Facebook by a friend, but I did not know of it's caliber. Damn, what you heard its what you know!!!! V-Nasty I think you need to take notes from the lesson you got. Lol, wake up and realize bruh. You sir are delusional as fuck.

  • wouzi


  • Anonymous

    Lupe went in on that performance! Erykah can do NO WRONG. The Goddess is always on point. Badula!!

  • Ballinonabudget

    Thanks DX for posting all these videos cuz some of us don't bother paying for stupida** cable anymore!!

  • Nabeel Qazi

    Lupe da TRUTH G

  • matt

    I'm surprised Lupe Fiasco mic didn't shut off while he was rhyming those powerful lyrics.

  • Public Enemy

    Hardest performance since Public Enemy era 88, finally someone saying something with conviction! fuck POP RAP...

  • Real Talk

    man Erykah Badu dont fuck with just anybody I don't know if y'all know be drop one album and it is timeless she knows whats up with LUPE she on the political movement as well theres a reason y she dropped one album i think she has witnessed sumthing in this entertainment business that was not normal

    • Huh?

      I think you're confusing Erykah Badu with Lauryn Hill, in which case your wrong either way. Ms. Badu has put out multiple albums and Ms. Hill put out two.


    lupe is a slave and a traitor to his own race. the arabs hate your monkey looking face and gay clothes !!! ass fuck, cock sucking bitch fag...

    • Jeri P. Weaver Caldwell

      you haters are stupid hick mfo's,,, you dont realize our lives are hanging in libo,, til, someone speeks some truth,, you are some stupid hicks,, we need some truth spoken to wake our asses, and do the right thing,,,get knowledge instead of fed some bullshit they want us to believe.....look up some shit,,,

    • Anonymous

      u r a stupid hick

    • IAM

      Lol, this hardly even merits a response. I wonder how logic and ethnology got so twisted around with bullshit inside that little head of yours.. You wouldn't happen to be what the interwebz refer to as a "TROLL", would you?

  • V-Nasty is God

    I miss the Lupe from 06-08, he was still conscious but not on this coffee shop revolutionary jumping around the stage like a rocker shit. Get a haircut and spit some clever lyrics like old time sake, and leave la revolución to people who do it right, like Immortal Technique.... lmao at the #OCCUPY shirt and Palestine flag. I still think he's the best though, hopefully he'll be back to himself in Food and Liquor II. And why is Erykah Badu looking like she's straight outta baghdad? lmaoooo

    • Anonymous

      making a point u stupid dufus

    • Anonymous

      LMAO! Daaaamn, V-Nasty was schooled, and given after school tutoring. TKO!

    • 02 spitter

      Honestly I love the new lupe, and even though I respect immortal technique, in my opinion lupe is WAY superior. Silly comment really, lupes like the new generations version of talib kweli, I don't know to me lasers was epic


      I'm with you on that...Lupe was sooo much better when he was on that First & Fifteen shit. So much more poignant, more powerful, and a better artist when he was talking about issues closer to home and not putting on some revolutionary persona. He still the best out right now but I hope he gets back to his core audience. I seen him twice both pre and post LASERS and while he's still good in concert he fucking killed it 5, 6 years ago. This ain't got shit to do with society, this got to do with music and my love for it. F&L 2.

    • ^^^^^^

      first off i can tell your ignorant by the name u put, so cant really take you seriously, second how many people actually know or even heard of immortal technique? that aint a diss towards him but he is underground which means he touches a small fan base, i personally like immortal as well but not to many people have even heard of them. On the other hand LUPE is mainstream so he can reach out to millions because he is displayed on the media, I think u got it wrong what is the problem with him speaking the truth about this corrupted gov Y would he leave that immortal technique u know what im saying y cant they both rap about it and how is this coffee shop and he is jumping around cuz them verses he spits is firing him up notice how he don't open his eyes when he raps to the audience almost like he don't have respect for them rappers and shit cuz none of them are contributing to the people they just puppets collecting their check rapping about killing and pushing drugs to one another how can wayne sell a million records and all he raps about is negative shit (drugs,killing,sluts and mean fucking whores) and Lupe can barely push gold because america knows how what to market they don't want kids being political and standing up they want them DUMBED down and doing drugs and killing each other remember we were once all babies who by media entertainment have been influence, i remember selling weed when that track came out from rick ross- everyday im hustiin thinking fuck yea homey im the man im a hustler haha fucking naive i was but later got arrested and thats when i realized this shit is a trap. Music influences people regardless of what u say if listen to LUPES song words i never said, and after u hear it u cant tell me u don't feel like revolutionizing, and question this government that we live in. THat feeling u get is what he wanted to do, get u fired up and lets unite. when a real hood ass nigga goes out and kills summone like real gangsters not lil wayne etc... they probably listening to a rap song thats talking about killing and how cool it is to shoot summone and got fired up to do it so just be glad summone mainstream is attempting to push for this revolution that is much needed cuz truth is this gov can give a fuck about all of us, we all are ants and they are the magnifying glass burning us u really think this school system is legit, that shit is just a day care that our parents can leave us at so they can work why do u think they have private schools to keep the poor people out cuz 9 out of 10 kids who go to private school go on to be some one and kids in public school well shit look at us how high is the drop out rates how many teen moms is there its fucking ridiculous how we just living like a bunch of animals anyways your post just reminded me of how ignorant this society has become -Peace ONE lOVe

  • theCool

    I missed the show, but this was pretty dope. Badu made the chorus suck a lot less than the album version. Lasers had horrible beats and horrible hooks and shouldn't even be considered a Lupe album. However, the lyrics were on point with so much relevant information and subject matter. (This song being a big example of a shit chorus and cliche beat with fantastic lyrics.) Food and Liquor 2 is going to bring back Lupe's Cool.

    • 02 spitter

      What are you on the lyrics, beat, hook, were sign. Honestly for me lasers was album of the year. Hov said it best, NIGGAS WANT THE OLD SHIT BUY THE OLD ALBUMS

    • Emarosa

      Lasers could have been better. Gotta agree with anon. They say it bombed because he was rushed to release his work. It was a pretty last minute thrown together album. I didn't like it much, except for this song and a few others.

    • ^^^^^^^

      -Its so loud inside my head with words that i should have said -As i drown in my regrets, I cant take back the words I never said don't know about u dawg but that chorus has a lot of meaning behind it and is a perfect chorus and introduction to the subject he is addressing maybe it went over your head.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. Lasers was a shit album from a musical standpoint, but the lyrics were still there. Most people aren't aware of this, because they dismissed it based off it's poppy sound.

  • the doc


    • Jeri P. Weaver Caldwell

      right,, all we hear is how much money he got and i f,,, all these b...s, and you can this or that,, like me,,, we need some 60.s wake up people,, take back what we stand for,, dont let the man run us shit,,, we are at a preface to our next generation,, r we gonna give then the same old shit or r we gonna try to better ourselves,,,,,,,,

    • Brandon Hamm

      Co-sign both anonymous posters, Jay and Kanye are legends, dude. Jay's put out countless deep songs over the past 15 years and if you even listen to just ONE Kanye West album you'll find plenty of tracks that go further than what a typical Young Money record goes for. And on top of that, Jay discovered Lupe and Kanye gave him his first big song feature so who are you to disrespect them? He wouldn't be performing on a state as big as the BET Awards without the support of those two

    • Anonymous

      I co-sign first anon Listen to "Murder to excellence" Don't limit your self to just self-concious hip hop or music I like hip hop that has great lyrical content, and all-around quality to it (I LOVE My beautiful twisted Dark fantasy) My favorite Cds this year would be Welcome to Hell, and Cole World. I'm about to buy Section.80 heard that it might be a classic... (I'm ghost)#END

    • Anonymous

      Fuck Young Money, yes. But not Jay or Kanye, these niggas did everything they could for Hip Hop and Lupe respects them.

  • Mike Meraz

    I didn't see the awards but the cyphers looked ridiculous and this performance was dope! Seemed like he rushed it a bit though, the tempo and what not. Lasers was still trash but Words I Never Said and All Black Everything were classix

  • YoungCosby

    Lupe had the best performance of that shitty ass show. He had a real message and the retards in the show showed no support. But when the ignorant bullshit came on, they were up out their seats. Fucking clones ass negros.

    • ^^^^^^

      straight up cosby thats exactly why LUPE himself closed his eyes when he rap his verses, cuz he didn't write those lines for them rappers who attended the awards he wrote this song for us the people LUPE a real dude not lost in the lets sell drugs and fuck all these sluts and kill one another. Thats what we missing "what happened to hip-hop that got big and pac shot" not so much big but Pac had substance no matter how many track he did make of killing and selling drugs and what i just said about them other rappers but songs like Keep your head up and changes have powerful messages behind them hippo is at a stand point J Cole aint even coming out like this and im a stan of cole but when i hear the comments that he's the next Pac it aint happening not even close, but he's has the potential to get there the balls in his court and he got the peoples attention so lets see what he does wit it cuz tracks like LOST ONES was a great track and had a great message. so hopefully he continues on this path and stays away from the radio appeal

    • Emarosa

      You know carbon copies don't wanna hear nothing intelligent. That's why Lupe is so under rated. They would rather hear Waka's illiterate ass shout is name on stage for an hour than something that makes sense. Talk about fail.

    • Kendra Sawyer

      I was thinking the same thing @YoungCosby! I changed the tv after that.

    • Ill Typoe

      Nah, they sat there thinking...Damn, little fruity dudes saying something but shiiiiiiiit, this song is wack as fuck!

  • thought cat

    White people love some lupe fiasco.

    • The New Malcolm X

      How come my skin is black then? Lupe crosses all barriers, regardless of color; its his message that motivates all who want conscious music (aka real hip hop).

  • Kimberly Shamlin

    powerful...i love conscious music.....and of course ms badu always makes a powerful presence on stage....

  • Anonymous

    Incredible and powerful, making a statement here

  • s.heroi

    It's a shame the hook for this song is absolutely terrible, but I guess it got it on the radio, and these awards, so silver lining?!. Props to Lupe for calling up Badu, though!

  • Anonymous

    LUpe is off nigg=s head

  • Anonymous

    hell yeah this was fcking powerfull Lupe saving hip hop mfers It's nice to see someone saying some real shit in a watered down demographic market that is being stupified by artists rapping about doing drugs and bling this is a light at the end Hip hop started as a form of communication to give a voice to the voiceless he is doin right

  • Anonymous

    Like somebody said, a track of his worst album that shits all over the awards. That shows you how great he really is.

  • Anonymous

    aint gonna lie, lupe is a good performer

  • DrDreBeats

    agree with T-dubb, Erykah sounded horrible at times. Dudes saying wearing a Burka and the Undertakers hat is controversial? most of you make a big deal out of nothing, he didnt make a big statement.

  • Anonymous

    Such a Real song, this is hard as fuck, Big up Lupe

  • Anonymous

    Lupe fiasco over all, fuck rick ross and wiz khalifa

  • Anonymous

    Most talented rapper of all time.

  • Grandson

    Anyone dissing lupe's performance should burn in hell. Dude made a serious statement. Erykah Badu's outfit was rather controversial but it goes along with what he was saying. It wasnt any fire shooting out or crazy special effects and clearly was the best performance the hip hop awards ever had. Next to Dmx, The only thing that killed me was lupe's hair. Seriously the dude made history performing a song off the worst album of his career. If that's not representing how great an artist he is, I dont know what is.

  • 5




  • T-dubb

    Love me some Erykah Badu, but this wasn't a good look for her. Should of got someone like Mary J Blige to fill in. And why the fuck is Lupe spazzing out on stage, shit looks hilarious.

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