Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, Reek Da Villain & 2 Chainz Freestyle For 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher

Luda, Bus-A-Buss, Reek and 2C joins forces for the love of rhyme.

Busta Rhymes joined Ludacris, Reek Da Villain and 2 Chainz for a freestyle for the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards cypher, broadcasted earlier this evening.

Long Island, New York native Reek Da Villain was first up at bat, passing the mic to a bespeckled 2 Chainz. Bus-A-Buss spit in his signature double-time flow before Luda took closing verse duties.

Watch the freestyle below.

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  • Xander Agosta

    Reek Da Villain impressed me, 2 Chainz was aight. Busta was decent I guess I expect more from a rapper of his caliber. And Luda was good as ever.

    • ksmitty

      I have no idea what BET Hipp Hopp Award shoe you were looking at. Luda was wack, terrible, Busta respresented in true form. You must be 18 years old.

  • da1

    I think luda had the best verse. Even though he would've did better if this was done a few years back. Busta had the longest verse but it might of been the wackest. The other 2 dudes I never heard of did their thing too. But I'm sort of disappointed at Bust.

    • ksmitty

      Once again as I stated earlier Busta represented in true form, Luda was awful, 2chains flowed. You must understand the true essence of cypher then you will see why Busta was great!

  • The B

    2 chains suprised me but down south rappers aint built for no cypher type shit with the exception of a very small few. Bet you wont catch jeezy wack ass in no fuckin cypher!!

  • lifer413

    luda was on some slow flow ish, but i was really feeling it. busta is always dope, looking a little biz markie in his old age tho! had heard of reek b4, but this wasnt anything special. 2 chainz... meh.

  • Shlomi TalentDisplay Samya

    Busta took it EEEEEEz.. Follow @TalentDisplay

  • tyler

    nothing about that was double time

  • Brenda

    Yeah, definitely not a double time verse from Busta. I felt 2 chainz though I had never heard of him before.

  • wouzi


  • L-Boogie

    Luda ain't hungry no more and Busta Ryhmes fell off. Busta and Luda should've never cut their hair.

  • Anonymous

    luda shuda neva cut his hair....wit the corn rows or afro he wuda kill!!!

  • r.c.

    busta did his thing, reek was cool but i'm not feeling him as a artist. luda was lame and 2chainz surprised me...dude had some lines! busta and 2chainz got this one!

  • Ozone

    Wow no one notice ludicris blast big Sean . Last lines. "get it terminate a supa dupa man and kill yourself if you ain't a damn luda fan.

  • Youngcosby

    Busta's verse was WAY too long. Luda didn't come off as hard as I thought he would. Reek wasn't talking about shit. That 2 Chanin's negro is 2 wack.

  • Mu

    And my God... what the FUCK happended to Ludacris? That nigga's relevance to hip-hop declined right along with the economy. (Not a hater, I was a Luda fan)

  • Mu

    Busta Rhymes has to be the most underrated encees in hip-hop history, real rap. He's one of the few remaining rappers from the Golden Era to stay relevant to this day. His flows and metaphors are crazy, and he is respected by the underground and mainstream. How many niggas can claim to have worked with J Dilla AND the Neptunes? Respect!

  • saint

    Reek went in! that rhyme about going HAM and muslims was ill.

  • r

    this cypher kills rick ross crew and the b.o.b tech9 one


    smh damn 2chainz get no love and homie did his thang who gives a fuck where hes from

  • honest truth

    Busta Kilt all them niggaz like roddy piper garments luda verse was weak

    • Mu

      He really did... and looked like the O.G. that he is to this hip-hop shit!! He looked like the sensei showing his pupils how to rap.

  • Killalex

    Good shit except that 2 chainz monkey, fuck outta here southern trash

  • Grandson

    When luda said that line about DMX and then looked to see if that nigga was there, I fell outta the bed i was laughing so hard. And why is that nigga named 2 chainz, he had 4


      all bull sh** to the side the hardest verse spoken . was by the G .o a.T ll cool j . get ready for the gov.take over the tru cypher macjuan da great feel free to check me out@reverbnation .com underconstruction comming soon no release date IM THE CHECKWRITER THE BUMPEST BROKEST YOU KNOW CASTASTILA STAND UP

    • Mu

      Glad you got a laugh outta that, but DAMN my nigga, you can't be THAT dumb. They were there, in that same room, before the camera started rolling. Don't you think he would've already known if DMX was in there? (I'm about to start a hip-hop blog where only smart people can comment... this shit is getting ridiculous)

  • Manuel Berrios

    nothing double time about bustas flow

    • bvax

      Yup...What they said. LOL

    • Mu

      Anonymous, Manuel was absolutely correct... Busta's verse was NOT double-time flow! Maybe you and the retarded fucking writer, STEVEN HOROWITZ, should study hip-hop a little more to know what double-time actually means. Steven, you've been exposed, you officially don't know SHIT about hip-hop... Busta's verse on "Look At Me Now" was double-time... idiots.

    • Anonymous

      Watch and listen to it again fucknuts.

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