Method Man Expresses Desire To Collaborate With Tyler, The Creator

Meth also dismisses comparisons between Odd Future and Wu-Tang Clan.

After praising Odd Future and Tyler, The Creator this past June, Method Man is ready to reach out to the crew for collaboration. Speaking with’s Mikey Fresh, Johnny Blaze explained that he wants to get production from the OFWGKTA ringleader.

“Right now I want to get that kid from Odd Future, Tyler, The Creator—I just want to hear some of the shit he got. He’s in that vein that I like as far as beats go,” he said, dismissing comparisons between OF and Wu-Tang Clan. “I don’t see any similarities, as far as the movement, maybe. But I don’t see any similarities because some of the shit they talk about. The shit we use to talk about was 5% Nation of Islam, Gods and Earth…you know, 'block shit.' Let them do them and I enjoy them. I’m not going to lie. And yes I do know more than just one song that they’ve done. Some of these people on Youtube and shit, they’re fucking incredible with their comments."

While he’s looking to collaborate with Tyler on the production tip, Meth spoke on how previous attempts to work with Just Blaze and Timbaland didn’t go as smoothly as expected.

"We’ve tried. I've tried [Just Blaze] a few times and it just didn’t work out. Timbaland on the other hand, he would send you a skeleton beat and I can’t rock to a skeleton beat. I need an actual beat because when I write, I write to the music, so that didn’t work out."

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  • jeff87333

    i have an honest question....why the fuck does ne1 care about this shit?....ppl r complainin bout meth wantin to do a song wit prlly the biggest new hip hop artist at the moment...regardless of if u like OF or not...they r a movement doing big things...and meth is getting up there in stay relevent it's a smart's not going to take back all the hits that him or wu tang put out...or ne thing close to who fucken cares if he wants to do a song wit tyler...or wants a beat from him or's affecting y'alls lives none...dont fucken listen to it if u dont wanna hear it...n shut the fuck up

  • Silo

    OFWGKTA X WU-TANG man yall weren't talking shit when Pusha T did a track with him or Game did! But when Meth does it, it's not okay?

  • Alexander Twist Dias

    i think thats fresh. Wu trying different roles. its not desperate its just an experimental change for wutang... its not like they are realy hitting the board with anything solid lately. besides raekwon beasting cuban linx and shaolin vs. wutang... but other than that i feel they need a change .

  • Abd Ahmir

    Meth = Real Tyler = Joker Timbaland = Got steinlesses in his anuses

  • XcZ

    Meth is getting desperate....SMH

  • Scott Yu

    what???? this men is a legend... straight up.. best out of wu tang

  • NumberOneNigga

    Tyler the Creator my nigga? oh my god what the fuck is happening to the Wu

  • 7NIMS

    Dese Nubeez be talkin real sleek abt legends/listen 2 doctor advocate n Busta was fucking way back with Game's parent/what de F*** is ODD FUTURE,i never hear 'em/Wu-Tang brought sum of the trends ur fav MCs today is wearing/OF gonna walk on WU,u kidding!!Yes u really r, cuz half of yall postin out here r children/The WU will skin OF alive,fuckin peel them/give 'em 5% lesson n make them travel to a pilgrim/in fact i shouldnt be hatin on them whilst im dealin yall dumb asses/I ain't from NEwYor,ATL or CAli,and yet wu has been an inpiration to young masses/all over the world/am from africa,used to rock the wu wear/so betta give props to the vets,or take shots thru ur chest,n fuckin die,who cares...!!! Hey Yo Meth,know its been long but still RIP to yr late wife!!!SALUTE THE WHOLE WU 1 TIME...DA M!! And this is that response to young fuckers who dont know the game.

  • The MG

    Method collaborating with Tyler is a good look actually. Meth is still dope on the mic, but he sounds better when he's rapping on darker, grimier beats, and Tyler's perfect for that. Hopefully, it will end up on Method's new album.

  • Dopest

    who wouldnt wnat to work with meth , honestly he's a living legend much respect to him:)

  • @ real people who love Hip Hop music

    Some of these people on Youtube and shit, they’re fucking incredible with their comments. ________________________________________ The people see you. I bet if Wayne saw Wayne is Lord's comments he would know that person is a stan stalker and wouldn't want any parts of being around you.

  • @ real people who love Hip Hop music

    Don't pay attention to a lot of these comments. It's obvious they are delusional or want to shock comment to get responses so they feel important in their sheltered lives. Also don't forget many schools were closed today. Intelligent people know it is not considered an opinion if you offer no debatable facts when speaking on a topic. If you feel the same as me, and are disgusted when you see this nonsense in these comment sections, please help out the music genre and respond in a direct and informative way to these inane comments.

  • MP

    Lyrically, Meth has never been wack. Meth is dope & has always been. It's always been him beat choices imo. Ever since Tical, his production choices have been spotty. People want to hear Meth on doper beats, & no, I'm not talking about that 808 bullshit people are so obsessed with now days....

  • Hector Carlos Miranda

    I'm an OF and Lil B fan and I understand why them and their fans get mad when people say "I only like real hip-hop" but when you talk shit about Wu-Tang for being too old, you sound just as fuckin stupid. Kreyshawn and lil Bs stuff will never be as good as Wu-Tang or the Hieroglyphics. I'm not saying it has to be but Its getting to the point where you're just talking shit and you don't have a leg to stand on.

    • stephan

      wtf do you know, you are a Lil B fan. I laugh at that nigga's videos. And you are bringing Kreyshawn into this... smh. Call it hating, i dont care, but they are shit. Most people here will agree and their "hip hop" isn't real hip hop.

  • Rakewon

    nahmean we run this nah saying?

  • RZA


  • The B

    You can never disrespect the pioneers, because they did it without the internet and all this other shit!!

  • Young Nigga

    Method Man is a bitch ass. Pusha T is a bitch ass. Nas is a bitch ass. All the "Real Rappers" are bitch asses! They are BORING AS FUCK!!! They need to quit and work at McDonalds or summthin

    • @ real people who love Hip Hop music

      Be smarter and realize that it's nothing but a troll looking for a response. And sadder enough most likely it's a young Caucasian male, thinking acting like a Black male using the N-word is cool anonymously on a website is cool. Open your eyes and see what's going on. The responses will be as clear as a sunny day.

    • Nick Tropiano

      you obviously dont know what ur talkn about OR u jus know nothing about hip-hop

  • real

    LOL just blaze gives beats to officer ricky but not to method man....jesus christ. what's going on?

  • Chinese Subtitles

    lmao OF and Wu Collab.... that's some weird combination.

  • rise and shine

    it would be a sick track, method man is still actually sick, he is easily a better rapper than jay-z atm, i would rather hea a tyler beat with them both onit than just meth on a tyler beat....

  • Ali Lafayette Rhea

    No question the kid is nice and no doubt he gets busy- I'm not talking about him but Ali Lafayette Rhea. One Love

  • Real Talk

    Meth is real...Always has been...Anyone that says otherwise doesn't deserve to comment...I can definitely see why he wants a beat or two from Tyler....Like he said, Tylers style is sounds comparable to alot of the shit Meth has picked to go in on over the years...I'm sure it would be hot...Collabo would too i bet...

  • Max

    Seriously Meth will sell out a venue in any continent across the world. Can any of these cats even dream of that after bein in the game for over 20 years? That's the problem with hip hop, ya'll niggas don't respect the cats that paved away for all these young cats to make waves. Sad...

  • Anonymous

    Umm if you can stop riding Tyler's dick, you would've heard him say he want's a BEAT not a COLLABO .. he said that's up to Tyler he doesn't really care

    • Hector Carlos Miranda

      So just because he said its up to tyler means he doesnt want to collab with him? Shut the fuck up with the dick riding shit. Its annoying.

  • Infamous1

    I'm 30 I don't know if that makes me an old head or not, but these young kids listening to rap calling anyone over 35 in the game as an old rapper need to pay homage to these dudes. They've got years in the game and still a strong following. This whole Young Money against the world is bull shit. Wayne is alright, but he's doing better than he should by default. It was like Iverson on the Sixers. He was good, but he looked better because the rest of his team wasn't great. Wayne you young kids saying old rappers are garbage, but truth is 90% of these dudes would crush Wayne in a battle. Let's be real.

  • Jason

    All these old rappers trying to advance, young money bitch take it like a muthafucking man! What up Wayne is lord? That's my nigga!

  • G'

    Meth's comments about folks posting on YOUTUBE could relate to most of the dumb post folks be posting here. Meth got a good ear most of the time, I am sure whatever he gets from Tyler will be on that Yonkers-like ish. That beat was grimey. Good to hear Meth refer to the 5%...especially since folks in that Occupy Wallstreet Movement tossing around %'s like mad....the Gods' BEEN broke down the numbers

  • Anonymous

    A father & son callabo would be dope!

  • V-Nasty is God

    Method Man was the shit like 15-20 years ago, does anyone still listen to him? He just wants to be on the track with the Creator so he can build his career back. Just like Pusha T old ass. For Tyler, at least it's better than being on the track with the wack ass Game and that no rapping Lil Wayne fag. Everyone is on the OF bandwagon now that they're famous. Still, Idk why people ask for a OF and Wu Tang collab, that would suck. OF would walk all over them. GOLF WANG, WGM, Based God, and The West Coast taking over the rap game. Tell your favorite old ass rapper to retire already.

    • @ real people who love Hip Hop music

      And this V-nasty weirdo is a perfect example to what I stated way above.


      yo get it understood that u said tylers team wuld walk all over wutang...... u cant be fuckin serious... and lil b is the worst fuckin rapper of all time fuckin idiots like u are makin him his money...

    • Blasthoro!

      West Coast had they shot in the 90's bitch! Only a few of artists out there gets any love. If you think anyone of those dudes you mentioned is better than Wu, then you stupider than the attibute you chose for yourself. Rethink ya thoughts dumb ass!

    • Nigga

      Nigga.....tyler isnt even THATTTTT relevant of an artist to rebuild someones career!! if mef really wanted attention he'd collab with drake...what u mean pusha t's old ass? you know pusha is tyler's favorite rapper?

    • ZAO

      You must be retarded or some major dickrider to say Wu-Tang would get killed by OddFuture? And i liked OF. but let's be serious

    • TheOohChild

      damn dude, come up for air, you're steady gargling those balls

    • L-Boogie

      Obviously you care because your writing a paragraph on something you don't like, nobody takes you serious anyway!

    • Anonymous

      I still listen to meth he's been murking shit for a minute now. he's been one of the strogest out of the clan since 8d dropped. he's killing every verse,on every feature. you're lame ass needs to stop trolling there is no comedic effect in what you do.

  • No Church In The Wild

    All he said was that he would like a Tyler The Creator beat. Y'all niggas making it sound like he was begging to make music with him. He just likes Odd Future's beats. You dick rydas love running with shit. Calm down foreal. Meth and Wu Tang 4Life.

  • Anonymous

    thats cool but tyler should want to collab with meth not the other way around


    Go do your thang Meth!!

  • Anonymous

    i actually think meth is serious and finally gonna give us that classic alum at least on a OBFCL II level. (No, tical was not classic)

    • IDK

      you didnt think Tical was a classic album??? ....damn. to me, it's one of my most favorite albums of all time. almost every song in that album was the shit. oh well, we all have our own opinions

    • Anonymous

      hopefully but i have a feeling its going to sound more like shaolin vs wu tang

  • Anonymous

    Lost the little respect I have for Method Man after this comment! Dudes career is in the tank so he'll do anything.. SAD

  • Wayne Is Lord

    Like i said. Fuck wu tang. They havent had a hit since 1950. lmfaooooo. fuckin fags and tyler the creator is the biggest fag in the fuckin world. hes even gayer than Game if thats possible. Tyler the creator had the audacity to say 'fuck lil wayne'? are you fuckin kiddin me? this fuckin faggot has nobody. how many records did his album sell? 15k? lmfaoooooooooo. hes just like Game. fags who cant sell records. talkin shit to Wayne? fuck from round here with that bullshit. r.i.p. Game r.i.p. Method man r.i.p. tyler the faggot

    • saint

      nigga what? tyler sold like 110K WITH NO LOVE SONGS!!!!!!!!!

    • Blasthoro!

      This WayneIsGay muhfuckah need to shut the fuck up. You suck mo dick than nympho broads. Peep the comments in this article and look for this faggot admitting to be willing to do fellatio. In the streets you food, fruitcake. Lil Wayne wouldn't beat anyone in the Wu in a battle. Hes Baby's bitch just like you Waynes bitch. Saye something cocksucker. Wipe ya mouf first!

    • Wayne is Lord sucks dick

      Wayne is lord is a homosexual. he enjoys long walks on the beach with his fellow 10 year old boyfriend, he masturbates every time he sees a picture of wayne, he then spends the rest of the day on this website talking trash about every rapper that isnt lil wayne. and he is probably crying right now

    • Anonymous

      exactly so why u worrying about meth

    • Wayne Is Lord

      Fuck u bitch. Why do u even care what my name is? worry about ur favorite artists instead of me. pussies.


      LMAO... yo gaylord whos in this bitch known by the name Wayne is Lord...serious question are you romanticly in love with Wayne HA. Talkin about this dude, that dude and the next are gay and a clown 4 real...go wear stretch pants like Wayne you a funny MF Get the Fuck outta here you a clown

    • IDK

      i lol'ed. funny shit. you should be a comedian. hope you become an awesome comedian as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton becoming awesome actresses.

    • Vegard Møller

      Thay all better than Wayne. Wayne's alright.

  • bisquic

    Something about Meth just cracks me up lol just his persona "a lot of people sleep on meth, but I'm dope don't sleep on me"

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