9th Wonder Talks "Wonder Years," Jay-Z, Mac Miller, Raekwon

9th talks including Mac Miller and Rae on his latest project, and what Jay-Z's 2003 shout out meant to him.

Though 9th Wonder's latest project, The Wonder Years, has been released to critical acclaim, the producer won't take full credit for the album's success.

As such, 9th recently spoke on what it meant to have Raekwon and Mac Miller on his album, in an interview with Page 31.

"I mean the Chef cooks man!" exclaimed 9th about Raekwon. "Before my man Lil B came along, somebody was cooking before him…my man Raekwon. It was a tribute to Wu-Tang and the thing that started off his whole legacy, and he’s one of my favorite rappers ever."

Just as 9th extended accolades to the Wu-Tang vet, he sang the praises of a relative newcomer, Mac Miller. "Better not nobody say a bad word about that dude man," warned 9th. "Man, I blast people on twitter man. I might hit somebody in the face for saying something bad about Mac Miller man. Because he just breathes positivity, and I love positive people, and I hate negative people. Nobody is connecting with their fans the way he is, and it’s completely honest. He’s not trying to be anything he’s not, which is a bad epidemic in Hip Hop; you got a whole lot of niggas lying. Doing things, and being things that they’re not because they think that gets them somewhere. Mac Miller is totally opposite. He’s from Pittsburgh, he loves Hip Hop, he likes to party at his shows, and his shows are incredible. I’m not on the Mac Miller payroll either, he don’t pay me to say this."

On the topic of the what verse over one of his beats meant the most to him, 9th understandably chose Jay-Z's "Threats" off of the Brooklyn legend's 2003 album, The Black Album.

"A tear ran down my face," he said, laughing. "Ain't gon' lie. Because, he said my name on the track and I had been working so hard for a moment like that not knowing the moment was gonna come from him. It was a sense of relief to finally know I made some kind of a mark."

"Not that I didn’t make a mark with Little Brother, that I did, but you know, on that particular level I made a mark. He said my name on the track and he put my track between Timbaland’s and Eminem’s on the album. My career can end tomorrow but nobody can take that away from me. I was on one of the top three Jay-Z albums ever."

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  • Fado

    Why all this 9th wonder hate on here? Personally im a much bigger Ski beatz fan, however 9th isn't wack. One thing though he overrates mac miller, its good to be positive but you can be positive as shit but if your not on a certain level of being lyrical I dont rock with your music (lil b for example), I like 1 or 2 mac miller songs, nikes on my feet is my shit.

  • Anonymous

    9th Wonder? A great producer? LOL!!!

  • Versatile StreetTeam

    This is an article about 9th Wonder yet we have people commenting Jay-Z albums one word for that and that is PATHETIC back on subject 9th Wonder is one of the greatest producers with his beats any rapper can really rap it makes them dig deep I would like to hear J.Cole on a 9th Wonder beat and I mean a beat produced specifically for him it would be story-telling on a whole different level J Cole is deep but he only just begun

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one that thinks the Black Album is better then the Blueprint? Black album is alot better lyrically and tells us alot more about Jay-Z then the BP does. Production wise its only slightly worse. Also I can listen through every track while BP had 3 skippables imo... (Girls... Jigga... and Blueprint...) Just curious. Reasonable Doubt Black Album Blueprint Vol. 2 American Gangster

    • Anonymous

      i agree that the lyrics on the black album were 100% better, but i think the blueprint was a trendsetter. i prefer the blueprint, but i see where you're coming from

    • Anonymous

      FINALLY someone who has the same opinion regarding these two albums. I always felt that Blueprint was overrated in some ways and thought that Black Album was the far superior between the two. Jay was much better on TBA.

  • Anonymous

    I cant stand this pussy... He's a fucking dick rider...Especially of 90s dudes/90 inspired dudes...Get your head out of your ass you corn ball. The beats aint even hot... He uses the same boring drums on every track. The sad thing is he actually thinks hes hot!

  • M.u. Tha Don


  • Anonymous

    Game is not the only bi-polar faggot.

  • Ddot

    9th is off his fuckin rocker...i will never buy this album. When someone defends Mac Miller that passionately, it's pretty clear that you can't trust their opinion musically...go back to working with some REAL talent (Little Brother), and the fans might give you another shot. Fuck the bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    9th Wonder, you mean i wonder, first diss Jay-Z, then love Jay-Z, what is this he been hanging with 50 cent, love me hate me, love me again

  • The Real

    This nigga is a fake! He shitted on so many NC artists is fucking shame. Listen to what Jozeemo had to say about this clown ass nigga! http://www.youtube.com/user/CarolinaExposedDVD#p/u/10/M_yRDQh6p2k

  • Anonymous

    Hates negativity? Is that why he was talking shit on Watch the Throne a few months back?

  • Anonymous

    fuck 9th wonder for this shit man mac miller is wack and i dont care if tupac comes back and co-signs him being fun and positive and liking old school hip-hop still doesnt make an average rapper good

    • Real Talk

      Real Talk bruh..Someone who "hates negativity" is basically someone who has completely forgotten where hip-hop came from...when an emcee is str8 whack (i.e. Mac Miller) it is the responsibility of greater emcees to come in, call that mutherfucker out, and eat him alive...9th- stop licking Mac's pussy, and start standing up for good music.

    • Anonymous

      9th wonder also loves lil b......

  • M.u. Tha Don

    WTF????????????lol ---------- 9th Wonder made that Jay-Z's "Threats",yeah that was & still is my shit... I need to do some more research on this guy.. I've been hearing great things about his(9th Wonder) new album,reading this interview makes me wanna go check it out for myself fa sho..

  • Anonymous

    ''But I must point out that if you had to look in a book for the definition of a rapper you would probably see a picture of Jay-Z. He is the chosen one right now.'' - Chuck D.


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  • quan

    go to youtube and search BLACKLAWREBELMUSIC and give them feedback please they my folk tryin to come up in game.

  • Anonymous

    top 3 jay albums are: blueprint, black album, and american gangster. shoutout to the boy 9th wonder!

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