B.o.B Joins Taylor Swift In Dallas To Perform "Airplanes"

Taylor Swift subs in for Hayley Williams for a night in Dallas.

Taylor Swift's Hip Hop repertoire continues to grow. In addition to performing acoustic versions of songs such as Eminem's "Lose Yourself" at her shows and a recent performance with Nicki Minaj, Swift recently performed B.o.B's hit song "Airplanes" with Bobby Ray.

The country music star brought B.o.B out during her "Speak Now" concert at Cowboy Stadium in Dallas, Texas.

B.o.B took to Twitter to describe the event:

Had a night to remember in Dallas performing one of my biggest songs with the ever-so enchanting @taylorswift13http://t.co/UNZ67ECw
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Check video footage of the show below, courtesy of Rap-Up.com:

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  • Jake

    He didn't make Airplanes in order to reach out to women. He made Airplanes because Lupe Fiasco refused to to the song for free when Atlantic sent it to him, so they gave it to Bobby Ray. Do some research man

  • Anonymous

    why the hell is this news?

  • lololol white america

    bitch you did me so wrong

  • huh?

    does this bitch think she's cool for bringing out rappers at every show? This shit is just corny as fuck, I can understand Nicki Minaj showing up at one of her shows, but that nigga, T.I. and faggy B.O.B.? Come on, she and her management is trying way too hard to get black people to like her.

    • oh my God

      will you guys shut the fuck up, B.O.B. sucks, Taylor sucks, this shouldn't be on a hiphop site, the hhdx community likes gay jokes, people that post under anonymous are pussies, we get it, my God, the issue's done with, everybody just shut up.

    • anonymous

      Hey wreck just so you don't get a headache from thinking too much about how message boards work... more than one person can post under anonymous on message boards...the other anonymous posts weren't me. Also I said that people that post such as yourself and ^^^yeah always take the easier option and dish out insults to a 21 year old girl cause it's easier to do...but simple minded people have to take that route I guess. Really you can't come up with a post without sounding like a pissed off teenager. Pathetic.

    • wreck

      ^^^this motherfucker is either dumb or can't read, first he says that there aren't any shots at B.O.B.? read the sentence about him in the post you retard, then you say that resorting to homophobic remarks is childish? You see the "faggy kanye, kanye is king of fags" lines that were up there. Some one needs to get their dick out of their high horse and start owning up to their own childish comments.

    • anonymous

      I'm not a fan of country music. All I'm saying is that instead of taking a shot at B.O.B., you're going to take the easier path and take a shot at Taylor Swift. I think its sad really....but judging by how you want to resort to childish homophobic insults you're probably like 12? 13?... so I guess its expected of someone your age. Grow up

    • Anonymous

      i'm ashamed to use the name anonymous

    • Anonymous

      Kanye just shut tha hell up!!!

    • ^^^yeah...

      and crappy country music doesn't belong on this site, and apparently you're bitch ass doesn't either, either you're a girl or a gay dude, i'm guessing either way, you take it up the butt

    • anonymous

      You guys are talking crap about a 21 year old female country singer....seriously you're all pathetic

    • yeah...

      if she really is into rap then she should have brought out Bun B, he probably wouldn't have done this gay shit though, but she's in fucking Texas, even Katy Perry did a cover of Big Pimpin' when she was in Houston. Get that dude with pubes on his chin off the stage you bitch and get somebody that's actually good to perform with you.

    • splitz

      no one even mentioned Kanye you fucking fruits, haha taylor swift dick riders. Oh and agreed B.O.B. is a fag, i don't like Tyler the Creator but fucker is right when he called B.O.B a fag, he only made airplanes because of its softness and it would appeal to females.

    • Anonymous

      Kanye is the king of faggy but yall want to call B.o.B out???? smh

    • Anonymous

      My little sister already loves her and my older sister as well. The only reason you hate that girl is Kanye and dude was dead wrong for making her cry on stage like that. Fuck yall Kanye dick riders!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow bob, what the hell r u wearing? He reminds me of thugnificent in the boondocks Obama inauguration episode

  • Tyler

    "I'll crash that fucking airplane that faggot nigga BOB was in"



  • Anonymous

    This was nice but I prefered his performance of "Airplanes" at the dedication of Ground Zero

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