Talib Kweli Performs New Song "Distraction" At Occupy Wall Street

Kwe joins the protesters to share his new song and a spoken word performance of "Thieves in the Night."

Talib Kweli is the latest to join the protesters in New York City, New York at Occupy Wall Street.

In addition to Immortal Technique and Jeff Mangum, the Black Star member showed his support for the protest last night, performing acapella renditions of his new song "Distraction" and Black Star's "Thieves in the Night." He also shared a few words in honor of the cause.

Watch a clip of Talib's performance and words below.

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  • Anonymous

    THis is RAP culture at its best not like dem faggot ass nigg-s talking about bitches sex money devil

  • ccccccc

    this is why rappers like talib and yasiin (mos def) r 10x better than lil wayne and drake... not only do they rap with a purpose but theyre for the fans props to talib

    • Anonymous

      Best show i ever seen was kweli nas and dj greenlantern. Nas did his set and dipped kweli had the whole club get on stage. Just greenlantern kweli and 150 people around them smokin and rockin out

  • Hell yeah

    Kweli gets props for this. You got to give him props for this regardless of your stance in these protests. He didn't have to do this, he could have charged, but he didn't. Respect. and to that clown saying he will do anything to sell, it's not solely promotion, it's more support for the people, as Kweli's been doing since he's started rapping. Get your facts straight. You don't see your Wayne and Drake doing things like this so stfu.

  • Anonymous

    "How you keep up with my rappin', you keepin' up with Kardashian" hahaha dope.

  • Anonymous

    A fitting title for a distraction from the gov't getting at Syria...Hmm fake ass "conscious" rappers...

  • Mr. Tibbs

    Cats will do anything to sell music...I thought was a prisoner of consciousness,maybe his little experiment with Gucci didnt work..

    • Anonymous

      Lmao right..if i could be there i would be..

    • JahRandom

      You think that Immortal Tech showed up to occupy Wall Street just to sell records too? Props to anon above, I agree completely. I mean I'm sure he welcomes the added attention but there's no way that cats like Kwe and Tech would come to something like this solely for that reason.

    • Anonymous

      people are so dumb on this site. Yea the artist thats been around over a decade is trying to create a buzz. Maybe the dude who's been talking about social awareness for all those years is practicing what he preaches. Get your knowledge up lame, everythings not about record sales or your shitty opinions

    • milehighkid303

      IF that's what it takes for us to get REAL hip hop from a REAL MC, shhh i'll take it homie, most cats got this gimmicked out formulas that coincide with everything these new jacks do and its weak. At the very least he's showing some scoietal concern, even if he just doin it to get a buzz. I respect Kwe all day. But i respect your opinion homie.

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