Big Sean Reveals What Went Down During BET Hip Hop Awards Encounter With Maino

Big Sean clears up rumors of a confrontation with Maino, speaks on the recent leak of his alleged nude photos.

During the taping of the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards rappers Big Sean and Maino caused a bit of a stir when the two artists reportedly exchanged words while on the red carpet. Big Sean finally cleared up the rumors when he spoke on what exactly occurred between himself and Maino during an interview with The Big Nat Show on 106.5 The Beat.

According to Big Sean, he was approached by Maino during an interview and the rapper was relatively cordial.

“On some video he was talking smack or whatever. I don’t know what he was saying. He was saying something like, ‘Who I’m supposed to beef with, Wiz Khalifa and Lil Sean?’ And I ain’t never met Maino right. And I’m from Detroit so when we have beef it’s really beef,” Big Sean explained. “It’s a difference between beef and somebody just talking. I’ll let people just talk. So when I saw him I didn’t even think it was beef or anything between us. But he ran up in one of my interviews and was like, ‘Yo man, it’s all love. I respect you. I wanted to come up to you as a man’…I respect him for being a G and up front and not rap beef that’s just trying to put it in the public eye.”

Big Sean also spoke on the alleged nude pictures of him that were leaked online late last month.

“You gotta watch out for these nude pictures man. I ain’t put that out man,” said Big Sean. “I don’t ever put nothing like that out. I can’t put that out man. You know how that goes. One thing though you just gotta be careful man. I’m really trying to be careful about all that kind of stuff.”



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  • Nkululeko Chakane

    Maino is a bitch fa real after this bitch move

  • Ron DjRonviper Bright

    I see half yall nigga aint got no heart because you will lose your fight before it even start base on a nigga size, pussy

  • Ron DjRonviper Bright

    This nigga mayonnaise(mano) need it some attention sence his music cant it..Fuck that nigga got eat a mayonnaise

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    I know no one is going to answer this question. Black people stay away from hard questions like these. I guess they reveal too much about ourselves. Anyway, why are these rappers always quick to fight each other, why does every black male try to attack another black male, why are we such a self predatory people? Secondly, how can we ever achieve anything as a people when we can't be united?

  • 7 7

    FIG SEAN is a fly ass fag rapper. MAINO is a talentless street tough bullying his way into the rap game. HIV SEAN is one of the many gay rappers popping with the ever growing bisexual urban youth. MAINO has no fans, he scares people into contracts/album sales. Interesting exchange here. I can only hope this battle ends like biggie and 2pac.

  • Anonymous

    big sean weighs less than your girlfriend

  • frankie

    why people keep saying where arm from if u have beef it real beef lol nigga if u was from africa u still would get ur chewed up in beef fuck out here like because ur from d-town u handle shit a certain way lol it's pussy in d-town too....

  • ColoradoKnight

    You had to mention "I thought I was gonna have to knock his ass out?" You do realize you just disrespected Maino publicly, now you will have a problem. Sean is not built for that. Should've took the high road.

  • LosThree

    Jus cuz u from detroit dont make u hard.

  • Ha

    Big Sean is knocking, exactly, NO ONE out. Maino would knock this dude unconscious with a slap.

    • Mr.Mean

      ^^^Oooooh he did 10 years. Big man. I guess that means he's hard huh?? Fuck that. Maino is the definition of wack. Probably the wackest rapper in NYC. Fuck him.

    • sonny loco

      Maino is real my nigga I swear let any one of them niggas Game, Gucci or anyone walk down Gates Nostrand or Patchen, in the Stuy, and ask if Maino puts in work, the nigga did 10 years and came in the game, Maino is the last of the real rappers left

    • Anonymous

      Maino is a player hating bully. He ain't never tried to go at Rick Ross, even though he supposed to ride for 50 Cent. He ain't going at Game or Gucci Mane even though both of them dissed Maino and 50 Cent. Maino is a coward and wack rapper who will never even go gold.

    • true...

      Maino only knows how to knock out skinny dudes it seems like...what a pussy.

  • Ozzy Salas

    Lil Shawn is softer than a virgin Asian pussy. What the fuck was kanye thinking signing this clown when Detroit is full of hungry MCs that would eat Lil Shawn like bacon

  • Urian Lee

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  • hip hop addict

    Lil Sean Give Detroit A Bad Name Real Talk.... He A Little Skinny Ass Nigga... Dude Can't Even Rap.... aaaaaaaaaaahahaha This Nigga Think He Hard Making A Song Called real g hahahaha sean you a bitch made nigga real talk boiiiiiiii



    • Anonymous

      Son you a clown to think numbers equal talent. It's absent minded dickriders like you that hurt the rap game.

    • HateKilla

      @YADIG You are really just like that person said, "a coward hater" and I agree that's worse than a true hater.

    • Anonymous

      stop faking like you a real lil wayne fan. this is nothing but the new form of hate. act like you a fan of an artist and overexagerate that artist's accomplishments, in hopes of making people mad at that artist. ain't nobody mad at lil wayne, because something stupid that you typed. you coward kind of hater and that's a thousand times worse than a real hater.

    • Anonymous

      your one of those stan weezy fans who makes him look bad. its people like you who make hip hop look bad. its ok to have a favorite aritst, but dont hate on every other aritst. damn.

  • ha,ha,

    Game fans and maino fans mad that Big Sean expose their fav rapper for being fake,lol.

  • Homietowa

    Ha Ha... this bitch ass nigga Big Sean sayin he gon knock Maino out?? Bitch ass nigga weighs 115 lbs drippin wet. Maino would Fuck him up. 1


      nah nigga he's 6 feet. Really? Picture a 5'7, 300 pound nigga...who rapped...and called himself the boss. Does that image make sense in your head? Probably. You also probably sucked at math.

    • Max

      ya''ll do know Rick Ross only like 5' mother could knock his rolly polly ass out. But anyways to the subject, all y'all favorite rappers are straight pussy. I mean, tell me what real gangster ass dude be in the studio rappin layin down hooks nshit? You CAN'T cuz real gangsters be out doin gangster ass shit. Not doin interviews explaining the difference between Detroit Beef and erybody else beef..or wearing JEGGINGS for Christ's sake. I mean let's get fuckin real..all your favorite rappers are pussy ass cats who watched real thugs get it in then they went home and wrote a song about it...damn...the ignorance...

    • Anonymous

      maino reps the east coast and he really is a fake east coast thug.

    • i love how niggas

      make shit one said that gay shit, fucking retards always start talking like their favorite rapper talked shit or was the bigger man, you might as well suck maino's dick while you're at it, you faggot.

    • Anonymous

      You showed your ignorance by saying an East Coast thug. Dumb ass this ain't about no coasts but about Sean & Maino. You don't know all those millions of guys out there from Maine to Florida to say a damn thing about them.

    • Anonymous

      ok, what's your point? you fake ass east coast thug. maino only picks on people smaller than him. he ain't trying to beef with rick ross.

    • Anonymous

      ....when did he say that?

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  • Anonymous

    its so cold in the d. how da fuck do we spose to keep peace?

  • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      same people making rick ross jokes are broke as a joke and mad at their family.

    • Anonymous

      Hahahah hahah whopper in the car.. liie his song 600 Benz...600 pounds I weigh 600 pounds...

    • Rick Ross (ROZAY)


  • Noy

    Don't mess with Big Sean Maino!! Big Sean has nice muscles he'll beat you up!!!

  • D for real tho

    "anything" ...i know yall bout to tear that up. its all good. lol

  • D for real tho

    Detroit is anythong but soft, even the ex-Mayor put on, respectively. lol But the whole "a G by association" dont work in any state or country.

  • Anonymous

    Remind me not to talk reckless about Big Sean lol this nigga really got shooters though lol who knew?

    • Anonymous

      nigga, bill gates is a nerd bitch, but he got shooters. mike jackson wouldn't hurt a fly and he had some of the best shooters. how many times have you heard about any of them ever being robbed?


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    • Anonymous

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  • Severe Thebeneficent

    yeah this wasnt a big at dude sayin maino is fake! cmon man the internet is one thing the actual streets is another...

    • Anonymous

      you don't know shit the streets. the only time you even come close to the streets, is when you pull up to the dope house, in your broke down ride and cop a nickel bag worth of green. the dealers always rush your ass and then only give you $3.00 worth, but your bitch ass won't dare complain. get the fuck out of here with you fraud ass.

  • Los

    Him bein from the D does mean leave him the fuck alone... He soft as hell but them shooters he fuck wit aint

  • James Vega

    Dude looks like a ghetto Village Person in that pic....

    • NuJeru

      Andre Stepurlifegameup Cooper I guess you proved your point about molesters hiding thier faces, because you hiding yours. Next time think before you speak out of emotions, clown

    • Ding

      Hey guys, Ding here agin, i just wanted to let you know a pet peeve of mine. Why do people put corny stuff as their middle name on facebook? For example: Deena Stillstandingonmyown Taylor, Lawrence totheface Smith, Beth suckmytits Simpson, and so on...well that's all for now...catch you guys on the flipside. ^^^had to repost that from the Dance (A$$) remix posted earlier this week. See guys I'm a nice guy, but people with stupid middle names on facebook are just annoying and gay. Same with the James Vega, I'm sure he never wanted be named after a Street Fighter character but he'll have to live with it, just like he has to live with his rapist face. Andre on the other hand is telling us to step our life games up, while he takes his own profile picture on facebook, tipping his hat, so you can't see his eyes, so he looks mysterious and "sexy" to all the ladies out there. Clearly two cool people that are probably very well respected in their communities, rapist society and corny/middle name facebooker society respectfully.

    • Andre Stepurlifegameup Cooper

      Funny y'all can talk about someone profile pic when you don't have one of your own....Last time i checked child molesters don't reveal there pic.... Kill yourself

    • TYLaw

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    • BlazeDatIshUp


    • Anonymous

      and you look like a rapist with that mustache.


    manio aint that nice with the mic but he ill with the back hand and sean didnt want that

    • Anonymous

      maino trying to hold on to his 5 minutes of fame. after he tried sneak dissing 2pac on 'letter to 2pac", all real niggas lost respect for him.

    • so...

      the only time i've seen maino actually physically hit somebody was the little white dude, Andrew Jenks on his MTV show. That doesn't show that he was tough, it shows that he's only trying to start shit with people smaller/skinnier than him that are basically non-fighters i.e. he named off Drake, Wiz Khalifa, and Big Sean...

    • Anonymous

      maino saw them big ass body guards that was with big sean and he changed his mind about trying to beef.

  • RealNiggasEverywhere

    You have to know how to filter through what niggas are saying. A real G wouldn't say "if its beef with me its beef with the D" that's a coward letting his city ride out for him, instead of him going at the beef himself. A gangsta speaks on himself handling the beef, not let others hold him up, or use others to try and prove how tough he is. Not hating on Big Sean tho, he has good music and idk if he's G or not. I'm just saying, as an intellectual person, you people need to learn how to analyze characters.

    • Anonymous

      negro please, that's just what a boss does. a boss doesn't have to get his hands dirty, when he got killers on the payroll. george bush wasn't over their killing saddam in iraq, he ordered the hit like a boss supposed to. you really don't understand how the game go, huh? maino is a foot soldier crash dummy and big sean is mastermind.

    • Anonymous

      big sean has a new song called I keep it G i didnt realize G meant gay now

  • Anonymous

    if you beef like detrot why u aint go at game

  • don

    maino a real street nigga who done 10 years in the pen check his history in the streets

    • Anonymous

      Maino did 10 years because he was and still is a crash dummy. Every hood has one, that nigga who always getting caught doing stupid shit and going to jail. When he in jail everybody in the hood fucking his baby mother, his sister and even his mom. Real gangsters rarely get caught.

  • thought dog

    How is this guy famous?

  • buttabum

    big sean got a little pee pee. thats why he scared of naked pictures gettin leaked. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Real Talk

    Big Sean is soft but.. hes from the "D" so that automatically makes him gangsta,..

  • Anonymous

    Maino's a clown fake ass. Tough talk and sucks dick after.

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