Lil' Cease Denies Greg Kading's Claims Regarding 2Pac & The Notorious B.I.G.'s Murders

Cease-A-Leo dismisses the explosive allegations made by the ex-LAPD detective.

Following Greg Kading’s explosive claims that Suge Knight orchestrated the murder of The Notorious B.I.G., Lil’ Cease is denying the allegations. During an interview with Shade 45’s Sway in the Morning (via RapFix), Cease-A-Leo dismisses the statements made by the former LAPD detective.

“I’m just way past those types of situations,” he said. “Every year, every couple of months, something new comes out. It all depends on whoever putting it out what’s their intentions. I never even heard of this person who put this book out or heard of him as a cop during any time in that investigation.”

Cease further denied that Diddy had anything to do with Tupac Shakur’s murder. “I’ve been dealing with that for so many years. Every year, it’s just something different. Who knows what to believe?”

Watch the full interview below.

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  • Frank Wonder

    Cease wouldn't know if it did happen. Puff wouldn't let him in on it.

  • Nico 3

    Biggie died at 24. Was he a kid too? Former cops have it easy because they know whatever they write can easily be passed off as just one man's opinion on what they believe happened.

  • Scrapp Dizzle


  • RTJ00

    All these mother fuckers are lying, trying to cover up the fact that two rouge LAPD cops killed Biggie and 2pac. There was a document on this a couple years after there deaths done by one of the lead detective and he had came to the same conclusion and was fired from the LAPD for it. Its a cover up. They want to change the story cause its been 15 years later, so its easy to alter the story now. Fuck the police!

  • Anonymous

    yeah sure who the fuck else we of paid money to have them killed i'am sick this bullshit. do the math

  • HRH

    I believe Cease. He was there, he has the closest perspective of anybody. That Pig Officer Kading is only trying to restore the LAPD's reputation. If you read what Kading says, you can recognize his prejudice point of view. If you've heard Cease and Bad Boy Records bodyguard Eugene Deal, they were nothing but absolutely sure that it was Amir, and noboy can recognize this better except for Amir himself. Why hasn't he ever prepared an alibi, or even lied of an alibi? Enough said.

    • HRH

      it would be an alibi for the N.America and the rest of the world, who have come to blame him for the crime. And if he simply said where he was and what he was doing, there would be no doubt of whom it wasn't, yet he's refused to deny the allegation, and only ever provided a lawyer to be able to get in touch with him. And everybody knows if it's the lawyer 1st, you're already guilty

    • Anonymous

      amir has never been arrested nor charged, so why would he come up with an alibi??

  • Nico 3

    If he was so "informed", why couldn't he have protected his homie better that night? While this Greg Kading is probably just out for the money, doesn't mean he doesn't have information that might be true.

    • HRH

      Cease is only an entertainer, and you could have never expected him to do anything about a hit on Biggie. He isn't a gangster or a criminal. He was just a successful back-up, with a voice used to make Biggie come off as more of a powerful personality, the same way a women bring her fat ugly friend out with her... to make herself look better.

    • Anonymous

      cease was a little boy when all that shit happened, so he didn't have clue about nothing. he was high and drunk out of his mind that night anyway.

  • Mk

    I dont believe it but I doubt Cease know a damn thing about Puffy doings. Where was Cease when the dude in jail said Jimmy Henchman did that and Puffy want to go around frontin like he innocent. I heard nothing then

  • Anonymous

    People's ribs are touching everywhere, in LA, LV, TX, FLA, ATL, NYC, PA. Y'all look real lame in here still on that coastal beef rivalry garbage. Y'all the frauds living in some fantasy world, while all the real people nationwide out there protesting against a real coverup.

    • Anonymous

      nigga, this a billion dollar industry that plays a role on wall street as well, so chill with that. if you so in touch with the real, why you on a hip hop site. you told on yourself already.

  • Anonymous

    tupac was a prophet believe it or not, listen to his lyrics n you'll know if you don't already know. If he said Biggie n Diddy did it, I believe him. I still like Biggie songs tho.

  • Anonymous

    Lil Cease is a fraud just like Biggie was. 2 Pac exposed them frauds for what they really were. After 2 Pac got murdered them lil niggas probably thanked their lucky stars, that some real gang bangers killed Pac, since Bad Boy wasn't going to do it.

  • @RAdioRebels

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  • Anonymous

    And these are the black leaders of today. Mlk would be proud.

  • Link

    It may or may not have been anyone from BK or NYC that sought revenge for BIG's murder but best believe they got it! Every one from Suge's inner circle was hunted down and killed in their hometowns, in front of their houses, etc. Suge has been financially ruined and made irrelevant to the point that no one would care if they finally got him.. I say thats a victory for the 'weak' NY dudes *shrugs*

  • meee

    is it me or lil Cease looks younger and younger

  • ride for big

    BK soft as shid Big got clapped and it wasnt any retaliation, all he got was a bunch of suckers walking around with tatoos,pouring out liquor and we miss you songs WEAK ass NY now BLOOD and CRip NY.....wet tissue dudes

    • Anonymous

      new york city been soft ever since snoop came and knocked them buildings down. this a reply to @Fuck Outta Here: why would ny niggaz go to vegas, when biggie got killed in los angeles?? you dumb ass bum ass fraud.

    • Anonymous

      If Suge got blood on his suit Puff woulda went out too

    • Fuck Outta Here

      word, so you think that everyone in the BK should have traveled to Vegas and shot up the town not knowing who to aim at? Dumb ass bitch.

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