Lawyers For Corey "C-Murder" Miller File Appeal For New Trial

The rapper, who's currently serving a life sentence, is seeking a fairer trial.

Two years after Corey “C-Murder” Miller was sentenced to life in prison for a 2002 murder, his lawyers have filed an appeal in Gretna, Louisiana for a new trial.

According to, Miller’s legal team appeared before a panel of court judges yesterday, arguing that “the trial judge pressured jurors to reach a verdict, to prosecutors using unsubstantiated claims that the New Orleans-born rapper threatened witnesses to remain silent.”

"No DNA," wrote Miller's team in one of two briefs filed. "No fingerprints. No gun. No ballistics. No testing for gunshot residue. No incriminating statements. Not one piece of physical evidence directly linking Corey Miller to the shooting. The irreconcilable tales of two flip-flopping, deal-driven and reluctant (to testify) witnesses is the only evidence propping up the state's case."

Miller, who did not appear in court, is serving his life sentence for killing a teenage fan almost 10 years ago. 

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  • Nico 3

    What the fuck does it matter if the kid was 16 or 21? Millions of kids use fake ID's to get into bars and clubs. C Murder was a grown ass man who should have just walked away.

  • Peter

    the niggas NAME is murder! how has this not been mentioned?Oh what happened at the club?a 16 year old?a gun?and his name is what?hmm...

  • koth561

    C-Murder actually made some life music that I use to jam back in the day. I wish him the best.

  • Anonymous

    "you lying about that being on tape. the tape you talking about was in baton rouge at club rags. c murder tried to shoot his gun, but it jammed." In other words, instead of being home, eating good, messing with some fine Nawleans hotties, dude had a propensity for hitting up clubs with his piece. There were lots of mistakes (don't know if you can call something willful a mistake) and based on our legal system, he should get a fair re-trial, but dude has not officially/legally denied shooting the kid contrary to those saying he didn't do it. If someone else tried claiming the body, its because they were paid by No Limit. After that gun jamming incident, why was he still hitting up clubs with a piece on his waist. You go looking for trouble, eventually, you will find it. He threw his own life away because he was trying to get his name in The Source on some dumbness.

  • Nico 3

    He was probably caked up thanks to Master P, but instead of enjoying his success, he got jealous over a kid out rapping him in a meaningless freestyle battle at a club and shot him. You did it. Now live with it.

    • Big Dan

      Okay, but did Mr. Miller know that the "6'2 185 lb dude" was going to be in there looking to bug him? And how does yapping at someone warrant a gun getting pulled out and being popped. Let me ask you this, supposed the kid had seen a cop walking by and thrown up the middle finger and the cop pulled out a gun and shot him, would you be spitting the same nonsense if the cop said, listen this kid looked big, I thought he was threatening? Corey had no business taking a gun into a club. He should understand that even if it goes down and you had to defend yourself, it is a crowded place and you put others at risk. I was in a club where a guy got thrown out for harassing his girl, came back with a piece and let off from the door and there were two innocent people on the floor in front of me who got grazed and he was aiming for the bouncers. Point being, as a famous person, if there is a place where you think you might go and things might get heated so you need to pack, don't go there (you might disagree, but I'm sure having wasted like the last ten years or more of his life behind bars, Corey is wishing he had done things differently that night.) Worse case scenario, get you a security team that's licensed to pack if that's that important to you. He's not disputing the kid got shot over nonsense and not self defense, so its murder and he's not disputing that he was the trigger man. So let's stop the BS. Master P does not have it like that anymore, so instead of helping that lawyer stack more papers, P should just make sure his nephews/nieces are taken care of and they go to college like his son did.

    • Anonymous

      last time i checked club platinum was a 21 years old and up club and that kid had a fake i.d. to get in. how was c murder to know that a 6'2 185 lb dude was just 16 years old? you sound like a punk.

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  • Big D

    That Nigga C-Murder Killed That Nigga Son Did Yall See The Tape Of Him Running In There & Running Out After He Shot Dat Dude Fuck Him & No Limit He got what he deserved FREE LIL BOSSIE

    • Dunnie

      you lying about that being on tape. the tape you talking about was in baton rouge at club rags. c murder tried to shoot his gun, but it jammed.

    • $HGMOB$


  • Anonymous

    I never believed for one second that C-Murder did this!!!! For those of you on here talking badly about c-murder, you have to keep in mind that the judge made the jurors go back and back again to deliver a guilty verdict. The one sista even said the only reason they said guilty was because the judge kept sending them back to deliberate over and over again. So before you post a comment make sure you have ALL the facts especially before you want to make negative comments.

    • Anonymous

      the guy who actually did the murder confessed to it. he is serving a life sentence in georgia for a murder down there. the state flew him to louisiana, took him to the courthouse, but didn't let him speak at the trial. c murder getting life was to send a message to every black man in louisiana. if you commit crimes or hang with criminals, we will lock your black ass up. people need to stop breaking the damn law and just live a square life. it ain't the white man's fault if you breaking the law or know about the law being broke because you was with the criminal.

  • True

    If that nigga did it let him stay there, niggaz should think before they do stupid things, if was his brother, how will he feel, and money isn't everything son, Master P can't get you out of this one. its done.

  • Brandon Pitts

    If all Casey Anthony had to prove that she wasnt linked to the actual death then C-murder needs to be free right now.... America has taught me this has nothing to do with my personal opinion of C-murder. If his lawyer cant do it he needs to hire Jose Baez! Chuuch~!

    • Anonymous

      stop calling he a cracker. you don't know waht she felt like being a teen mother. she is the one who carried that baby for 9 months without a husband to help her. casey anthony was a victim of being molested by her own father!!!!

    • Anonymous

      You speak the truth. You are absolutely right this has nothing to do with personal opinions of c-murder. If that cracker can get away with it with no evidence linking her to it then it should be the same across the board.

  • Really

    All I can say is, niggas need to stop keeping it real, because it only gets you jail time.

    • Really

      yeah, keeping it real should be called keep it wrong, i agree with that. brothers, need to stop breaking the law.

    • Y t's

      er or a you don't get a pass stupid (read the name above)

    • Anonymous

      @Really nigga what you talking about, nigga keep on keeping real, they keep it real dumb and stupid that why they get a lot of Jail time, what need niggaz need to do is keep it Right and stop doing wrong things.

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