Irv Gotti Lashes Out At Lloyd, Regrets Dealing With Nas During Jay-Z Beef

The former Murder Inc. mogul sounds off on his former artist.

After severing ties with Ashanti and Lloyd, Irv Gotti ended up with ill feelings towards the latter. During an interview with MTV RapFix Live’s Sway Calloway, the former Murder Inc. honcho said that Lloyd turned around and disrespected his name after they amicably severed ties.

“Ashanti is cool. Ashanti is one thing. Me and her had our little thing and it is what it is. She’s not as bad as Lloyd,” he said. “Lloyd, I have no love for. Because here’s a person that I helped out. The minute he left, I let you go. You wanted to leave, I let you go. And you gon’ say, ‘Well Gotti did this and Gotti did that.’ Nigga, you went platinum with Gotti. You went gold with Gotti, you went platinum with Gotti. What you doing now with Interscope? What’d you sell, like 15 units? I’m not saying to pay homage to me. But don’t ---- on me? I let you go! You wanted to be your own man or whatever, get outta here. He could walk past me, he get hit by a car. I’d be like, ‘Oh word? He got hit by a car? Yo BJ, let’s go get something to eat.’”

He also recalled dealing with Nas during the height of his beef with Jay-Z, with whom Irv had a close relationship. Gotti, who also put in a bid for presidency of Def Jam Records, knew he did something wrong but that it’s water under the bridge.

“I shouldn’t have did that with Nas. It was a mistake. Because above and beyond the music, Hov is my man. In front of MTV, I would shed blood for Hov. If I see Hov, I will get right in the mix of things,” he continued. “I should have never done that. But he knew it. He’s one of the smartest dudes, and he knew it. He said, that ambition. I said, yeah. If it means me going in them history books, I don’t care. I’m weird like that. That’s how bad I want it.”

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  • G'

    Wow, sure did forget that Nas was rolling with them for a quick sec....Nas is lucky he didn't sign with them...that would've been a bad move on his part on multiple levels.

  • johnny utah

    for those not so sharp, this is really a MTV article and this site is just reporting on someone else's report. the interview in its entirety is actually informative. its his side of the story on some issues, whether they be true or not is up in the air but it was interesting to hear. the investigation really did hurt the label so who knows if and how he'll come back proper in the game. i personally was never a fan of the labels music but it is part of hiphop history.


    Dude you tried to kick ONYX out of hip hop you turned def jam into Wack jams as an a&r over there and your headline MC turnd out to be one of the all time most wack MC's (really Ja Rule isnt a Mic Controller he was just Gotti's puppet) you tried to turn hip hop (which was originally wat def jam had) into r&b (rap and bullshit) its no wonder you aint in the spotlight no more, I think them murder inc cat s just did too much ecstacy or somethin cause they tried turning a realhiphop label(def jam) into sum frootloop bullshit!!!

  • Chris

    This is some bullshit. Why does it always have to be about Jay. So he did some songs with Nas, so what? Shit has nothing to do with why Irv isn't hot right now.

  • Anonymous

    maybe is they did not link up with known criminals from queens the FEDS would not have shut them down...they had enough money to survive the Aftermath Beef but they had to spend that money on lawyer fees.

  • As Da World Turns

    Irv u a clown boi! u broke fishing for a meal ticket and thats soo sad!

  • Anonymous

    I think that Irving is mad that lil Lloyd is making more money that he is now! Irving can hate now all he wants but lil Lloyd got hit records out! Whose the last male r&b singer to sell Platinum???...Chris Brown-NO...Trey Songz-NO...Neyo-No Nobody is selling major rightnow unless a company buys their own artist units. Check the Billboard Charts Lloyd had 4 songs n 2 Top40...What Irving got???

  • Jakis

    Why is everyone saying "Good Bye Irv" ? Ashanti... Lloyd even Ja going independent? There`s ovious some kind of greed in this motherfucker named Murder Inc. Gotti got crazy money off them, the people wantin` some too, and ... you know the deal :)

  • Jay-Z's "Anything"...Vol.2

    "My nigga Dame, my nigga Big, my nigga Tye, my nigga Hop, my nigga GOTTI. We embody all that's right in the world." Damn this was a long time ago...look at that list...smh But yall don't disrespect Irv, he helped make Jay probably more so than Dame in the beginning. He was the one promoting and booking all they early shows.

  • the biz

    Its funny how DX plays the two clips that make Irv look bad.. The whole Interview is real powerful.. If your gonna play soundbytes atleast play ones from each section of the whole interview..........

  • Anonymous

    Fuck. That was for @ gtFoh. Not the whole story. Now I'm fucking up.

  • Anonymous

    Poor editing job. Peep the first sentence.

  • gtFoh

    He's sorry for backing dealing w/ Nas during the Jay-Z beef? He's sorry for being a GROWN ASS MAN? That's a gotdamn problem. You can be cool w/ two people who don't get along so this is some bitch-ass middle school stuff. And for the record, Irv didn't sign Nas to shit. Get the fuck outta here with that. On the real, who the fuck is checking for Irv? This is the first I've heard from him in lightyears...and it ain't even on some Murder Inc/new music tip. He ought to keep his mouth shut about Lloyd and Ashanti because, while their careers aren't shit anymore, neither is his. He can just shut the fuck up now.

  • major effin

    Irv gotti is the gayest blade ball sukkin fag ever. STFU man. You are and never were relevant and I hope you get hit by a car! Why did MTV even waste their time with that dick ridin faggot

    • Talksick

      and you must be a homo if you think gotti is hard. i mean just look at all the pics of the dude. looks pretty suspect if you ask me. that shit ain't gangsta.

    • Anonymous

      u must be stupid to think irv is soft.where u from? what the fuck u know bout irv?

    • major effin

      I'm sorry...I'm pretty sure I know alot about rap. I don't care who he's produced, who he's backed or what road he's paved. He's still a fag who claims to be hard and he's softer than a baby's limp dick. I respect rapper or business men should I say that are real and spit real. He's anything but...end of story

    • People are so stupid......

      Damn homie do you anything about Rap Music? Clearly you don't

  • King Oduduwa

    Murder INC equals bitchassedness. Controlling ass, manipulative, deceitful people are so miserable they think the world revolves around them and when you think for yourself and do your own thing, they become extremely jealous like this bitch ass nigga. Misery loves company. Lloyd and Ashanti had a problem with Gotti, so its YOU, Irv. Only miserable people talk like that, as if other people care.

  • Talksick

    Irv Gotti's a fucking homo and any of ya'll backing that fugazi are fucking suspect. He's lucky Nas fucked with him not the other way around...and now look. At least Jay's smart enough to sign the dude. Irv you a fucking flesh flute philanthropist. Please stay invisible cuz ain't no one gave a shit about you since...well forever

    • Too Many Children on this Site.

      What are you talking about? Irv was the man that put Jay-Z,DMX,and Ja Rule on the map. All three were some of the highest Grossing selling albums of the late 90's and early 2000's even Ja Rule went 3x Platinum...

  • LOL @ these comments

    Yeah zaggiN! Take these boards back from these poser weirdos! LOL! The White dudes who know this is wrong know we doing the right thing!

  • czar

    Yo Gotti i feel you mann! Fuck all this unloyale idiots! You help them out, make them succeful and they shit on you. Fuck lloyld, karma is a bitch. ITS STILL MURDA!! Cant wait for jarules painislove2

    • Anonymous

      lloyd and ashanti careers are over at this point. irv is sitting on at least 30 million in cash, so he should just chill, because lloyd and ashanti are hurting.

  • Anonymous

    I always find it funny how niggas alawys wanna bring up 50 on every irv and ja topic yall needa grow up that shit happend 10 years ago and they probably moved on... i think sum of yall shuld to

  • Ozzy Salas

    Em and 50 shut this cat down along with ja n the rest of them Hoes from murder ink

  • smack water

    i aint mad at him

  • Nico 3

    I could see Ja's allegiance to him, but it's not like the underlinks owed Gotti anything. And their lack of popularity now is their own doing.

  • Anonymous

    If Ja Rule wouldnt never fucked with 50 cent and Gunit and Eminem, Murder INC probably wouldve still been around..but he blaming others not his squad

    • Anonymous

      maybe is they did not link up with known criminals from queens the FEDS would not have shut them down...they had enough money to survive the Aftermath Beef but they had to spend that money on lawyer fees

  • Sha777

    ur fucking up hiphopDX irv never signed Nas. y'all niggas is suspect

  • TIP


  • TIP


  • shady83

    irv is da second badest thing to happen to hiphop apart from suge fckin knight!!

    • NONO

      You must be crazy. Irv Gotti "SAVED" Def Jam. If it wasn't for him negotiating the deals to get Jay-Z,DMX,and Ja rule, Def Jam would have fell of the map at that time.They were about to fold and fire everybody before he made those deals. FACT. It was off of them that he got his deal for his Murder Inc. label.Because he proved to them that he could consistently to big deals, and he got his first budget. No ya history boy.

    • Anonymous

      Jermaine Dupri i think is first..remember who started that dance craze in was Dem Franchise Boyz who made hiphop turn into a catchy dance song and who produce it, introduced it and pioneered Jermaine "rat face" Dupri

  • yooooo

    check out our music at support real hip hop

  • Swordz

    Yo most you guys were 4 went this going down so let me put it straight, Irv never "signed Nas" they did songs in the mist of the beef. Nas later said he only did to piss Jay off coz he knew Irv and Jay were tight. Case closed. As for Llyod selling with Murder... look at the number. Irv aint lying.

  • JG

    this guy used to run the game, truly a fall from grace

    • polo

      guess u wouldnt fall from grace if feds got your shit, then u get blackballed by the WHOLE MUSIC INDUSTRY? I know they got talent, but how many albums have Ja, Jay-Z and DMX sold altogether? still waiting for an answer..ok then Gotti brought all them to Def Jam...these young computer niggaz kill me, don't know shit about hip hop, fuckin nerds..

  • @RadioRebels

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  • the biz

    Can't deny what Irv did, with Jay-Z DMX and Ja Rule, he should run Def Jam

  • Anonymous

    Irv is a powerful man....he could make def jam a true hiphop label again. #Gotti for President

  • Anonymous

    Murder, i dont believe you murder, fuck around and leave you murdered, i dont believe you, murder murder your lifes on the line. That line says it all about Murder inc.

  • Anonymous

    Irv is a legend, despite the people bad-mouthing the man...Jigga is my nigga, but Irv is respectable...

  • The Future

    Wow u guys on this site really don't know ur history.Now while I think Irv comments on Lloyd were a little harsh I see were he's coming from. You don't bight the hand that feeds you then go and make songs with the team that you had "SERIOUS" beef with. However, Irv is a tad emotional and at times dramatic. But you guys can't deny the mans talent and what he did to hiphop. You guys fail to remember that Irv was hands on with Jay first album "Reasonable Doubt" He actually produced the track "Can I live" which a lot of people say was one of the best tracks on the album. Jay has been on record at saying that the production was deep that he sat down and wrote his verse out (which is his one and only time doing so). Also, lets not mention he was the one that brought DMX to Def Jam, after that signing he was granted his own record label through Def Jam.

  • Anonymous

    Irvo gotti one of them loud obnoxious motherfuckers thaT i Would avoid however possible, dudes just mad annoying

  • Anonymous

    None of these dudes is broke you simple-minded blogging morons.

  • Anonymous

    If I had to pick to be somebody else in hip-hop it would be Jay Z. He seems to be the only dude with any sense about him.

  • Righ

    Right....Niggas always talkin about mistakes and hating niggas when they go broke.

  • Max

    I swear..IDK why this article has me so tight, but you really think if you swung on Jay-Z dick instead of Nas you woulda got that Def Jam Pres job??? Are you smoking crack now?? lol this guy serious?

  • Max

    Irv Faggity is mad cuz Lloyd ain't wanna give up the booty no let's be real bro, if it wasn't for Ja Rule, you'd still be in queens playin xbox with the gamertag IluvTightBootyHoles. Fuck outta here. you a Jay-Z dick rider, you ain't get the def jam job cuz you FUCKIN SUCK at what you do ya fuckin prick.

    • Max

      yoo ETHER was the best diss track of all of 2000!!!!!!!! If it was any other artist besides Jay-Z, it woulda ruined his career. real talk

    • theCool

      Word. Irv a little butt-hurt and trying to take shit back? For what? Without Ja, Ashanti, and apparently Lloyd, Irv is nothing. And for the record "Ether" squashed Jay-Z during that beef. Some homies disagree, but Jay didn't release illmatic now did he... (and yea Ether was on Stillmatic I'm not retarded, just pointing out Nas' slightly better overall.)

  • Anonymous

    irv says he'd shed blood for Jay but i he should just think for 1 second...Would Jay Shed blood for me? and the answer would be HELL NO! whether its today or if it was 2000/2001 i really dont see jay sayin he'd do the same

  • iddle1

    please check my new song and give me honest feedback

  • Anonymous

    irv understood star power and he made history. his label sold like 20 million records, so you know he wealthy as hell. island music need to give him a shot.

    • Bowski

      @ JayDoubl I really can't believe that you made that stupid ass comment. Have you listened to music in the last past 5 or 6 years? I mean I was with you the whole way about Irv's current "radio relevance", but you totally went left when you said, "Mediocrity cant thrive and its fair to say in those days Mediocrity thrived". I'm not one for all the ignorant talk bro, but I'll just say that your comment is not even in the same atmosphere w/what the general understanding of hip hop music then & now. Alc pretty much got at your comment & I'll let it ride on that, but please just don't make straight up stupid ass comments like that simply because you have a keyboard man, cos it'll make you look dumber. Baseless comments like the one you made really get under my skin because I'm all for the smarter good of our culture man, you serously violated kiddo, smarten up asap....

    • Ak

      Mediocrity is not an issue now, being wack is on the agenda now. If your wack and you have that gimmick.........$$$$$$$$.

    • JayDoubL

      True... and they still play murder inc stuff on the radio till date. However relevancy is key... what has IRv done of Late... The kids that heard "always on time" have grown up. Whats new.. coz he has an ear for music to let all that out in the 90's... The game has also changed tho.. Mediocrity cant thrive and its fair to say in those days Mediocrity thrived.

  • Anonymous

    idgaf murder inc was hit makers

  • Holla Holla

    Its Murdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    irv gotti never signed nas

  • Wayne Is Lord

    Lloyd the R&B singer? wtf? Get this Irv Gotti fag the fuck out of here. what was the last hit he was involved in? where is murder inc now? Fuck these nobodies. i hate how HHDX promotes bull shit ass people like this. im about to stop visiting this site if they keep this shit up.

  • Mr.Mean

    How bout you get hit by a bus Irv?! Let's see that happen.

  • thought dog

    Translation: He'll suck dick for a cheeseburger these days.

  • Anonymous

    Eat a dick, Gotti. The Shit is done and over with. Stop dwelling on it and move on. You still eatting. Why are you crying. At least you're alive and free. Look at your boy, Ja.

  • Now

    Man, i will like to see the nigga start up another record label again, say what you wanta say, you got to give a man credit when he speak his true feel about another and stand up and said he made a mistake, that a real niggaz right there for you

  • jesterxxl

    No matter what Irv is good he got major money in the bank unlike Dash who went over the fuckin top... I would like to see Gotti in charge at Def Jam look what he did for them Jay, X & Rule!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this nigga word let's go get something to eat

  • Anonymous

    meth's like 'man fuck jay' the entire time gotti's going on about him lol

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    NIgrooooo plz. Ja is the one that rack in your money, if anything you should be mad at Ja for losing against 50 I mean the Mighty 50. Only thing he can do now is find some lil underground young group make a gay theme like song(like most songs these days) and go ahead get their 15seconds of fame for the year then never be from again after that, likely.

    • Anonymous

      um yea wayne is lord gtfoh with your brenda's gotta baby mentality. garbage ass nigga probably look like a fuckin gargoyle

    • wolfman

      Damn, Wayne jockey. I like what she said, but I don't think she wanted you to come to her rescue. You don't have a shot. LOL. Callin everyone internet nerds, you tryin to be an internet hero prince. GEEK.

    • Wayne Is Lord

      Look at these fuck ass virgins goin in on a female like this. u dry dick faggots better hope her brothers dont run into u nerds somewhere or ur really gonna wish u hadnt embarrassed urselve. and even beyond that u pussies better hope i never find u because id beat the fuck outta u two fags. get pussy u internet geeks. respect women i dont care if their a two or a ten. everyone has the right to an opinion u cross dressing punk bitches.

    • Anonymous

      jones crossdresser

    • hahaha

      hahahahahahaha shit.

    • Mr.Mean

      ^^^ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! Epic!!!!!!

    • Shaggy

      Zoinks!!! Its a big monster!! Let's get outta here Scoob!!!

  • wait...

    i didn't think he ever came to an agreement with Nas? And it's pretty easy to get an artist to sell when you only have 3 active artists(Ashanti, Ja Rule, Lloyd) to create hype for

  • Frank

    Hope he get it then maybe he can sign ja rule back and get his career bac on track....well maybe lol

  • IrvGarbage

    Irv you garbage homie, 50 Cent Run New York!

  • John

    Wanna see them actually fight? It's on youtube and this site: Click Here

  • Gummybear

    That dude lost some weight, he aint eating right. LOL

  • John

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