Snoop Dogg Says Dr. Dre's "Detox" Is "Almost Finished," Features Eminem

Tha Doggfather gives an update on the oft-delayed third solo album from Dre.

Kendrick Lamar recently said that Dr. Dre’s near mythical album Detox was in the mixing phase, and Snoop Dogg is singing the same tune. In the latest issue of NME magazine, Tha Doggfather gives an update on the LP and claims that it will arrive sooner rather than later.

“Yeah, we’ve been working on it. It’s almost finished. So that’s coming out soon,” he revealed.

He also explained that he has never before said that the album was nearing completion but promises that it will be delivered soon. He also said that Eminem contributes to the project, but did not elaborate on how involved he will be in the project.

“I ain’t never said it was almost finished. He might, but that’s my first time I ever said it. I was always saying it was taking too long to get done. It feels good now. We got Slim [Eminem] on it.”


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  • oro

    he was high and's normal he doesnt remember

  • Humz

    Maybe Slim meant Slim Da Mobster? Cuz everyone knows Eminem is on it... He's on I Need A Doctor and Die Hard...

  • Sir Crimson

    Yo HipHopDX we don't need clarification that Slim refers to Eminem. Everyone knows that.

  • David Bunz

    bet you he's aiming for a christmas release. we'll see..

  • Swordz

    Dre: Okay, that's enough for this month. Snoop: Yea doggy, we about to wrap this up Fo sure. Dre: Well I th.. Snoop: Fo sure, Fo sure. Fizzle Dre: I'm gonna ahead and.. Snoop: Nizzle Mac Fizzle. Giggly wiggle. Dre: ...... Okay Nigga get out.

  • Ganjarelli

    I never believed any of these dudes talkin bout Detox until I heard Kendrick was on it. Then it just made sense. There's been a pattern when it comes to Dr. Dre using a collaborator of sorts, as I will underline below: Tha Chronic (feat. Snoop Dogg) 2001 (feat. Eminem) Detox (feat. Kendrick Lamar Tha Chronic had the Doggy Dogg on almost half the tracks. Then Doggystyle came out and propelled Snoop into superstardom. 2001's most prominent artist (other than Hittman & Snoop) was Slim Shady (who had been out mainstream for more than a year I believe, but was further propelled after the success of THIS album - you could say he actually stole Hittman's spot, proving to be a more versatile and marketable flagship artist for Aftermath at that time) Now, Kendrick already has a pretty decent following (J Cole numbers though? 200,000?) We'll see. But I suspect after Detox drops (my estimate is for 4th quarter - any time before April 1st, 2012) that K. Dot is gonna have a lot more fans. Either way, I'm diggin him now. Section .80 was the best album I've heard all year. I'm just glad Dre likes him too, so I can finally hear that album I've been waiting to listen to these last 10 years. Here's hoping he had the good judgement to include at least a few songs with Nate Dogg on the hook, for good old times. R.I.P. Nate. P.S. - I find it a bit suspect that Snoop doesn't mention Lamar, considering him & Game went and endorsed him as the new king of the West Coast. I wonder how much presence Snoop is actually gonna have on the album. I'll make a final guesstimate and say on appearances: 7 songs feat. Kendrick, 2 feat. Snoop & 3 with Eminem. That sounds about right. And 2 or more with Nate Dogg. (fingers crossed!)

    • Reepacheep

      Cool reading, but although The Chronic did feature Snoop on mad tracks, 2001 only featured Eminem on 2 joints: What's the Difference and Forgot About Dre. It's true that the Chronic was the vessel that brought Snoop into stardom, but with 2001, Eminem had already made a name for himself. So really, there isn't much of a pattern here. Just speculation.

  • Vimal

    Ya'll have some dang faith I know DRE will come out with it I know it's coming just show some respect he wants it to be perfect and that takes a while to do so chill yall This shitll proly be so ill my ers will bleed... haha

  • DrewDown91


  • Anonymous

    man by the time this album come out i will be 60 and i am 19yr now, go figure

  • Anonymous

    Almost not good enough, put the dagg album out already, stop the all the hype

  • Thomas Curry Curré

    He is talking about slim... that could be Eminem or Slim The Mobster, but i expect them both to to be on the album so it doesnt matter

  • Anonymous

    im glad that dre at least had The D.O.C. back together for this album otherwise i dont know....

  • Ozzy Salas

    of course its gonna have em on it. dre needs em to sell that shit because all the cats that have been waiting for detox to drop since its announcement are probably dead or in nursing homes and the young kids right now dont know shit about dre but they love eminem.

    • jack johnson

      co-sign Ozzy, I used to be a big Dr. Dre fan, I got every song he put out and many of his unreleased shit, I was waiting forever for Detox, but I realize now that if it ever does come out, sadly its going to suck in comparison with his other albums, and Eminem is gonna use that same really annoying flow he's been doing which will ruin any song he appears on, but all the stupid little kids don't know any better

    • Kizman

      no offence,but you are the ugliest person I have ever seen. If I didn't know any better I'd assume your mom was a titty waitress at hooters, got pregnant, was fired for her slump in looks, then couldn't afford an abortion so she had the local kids try and whack her bulging fetus like a pinata,but u survived and that's how u ended up with such a disfigured face. Either that or u got baptised with scolding hot coffee,if a blind kid felt ur face he'd be asking why there's a pizza on this camels ass

  • CLM83

    Past 5 years I been readin the same shit. It's gon sound like sum shit that shoulda been released in 2006. The whole production better sound like "My Mom" "Insane" and "So Bad", please no "dub Step" shit. Either way ima buy it.

  • Anonymous

    Obviously its gonna feature Em, that's Dre's bitch... Fuck Detox, fuck dre, fuck snoop. fucking sellouts

    • fucku

      your a fuckin idiot... how are they sellouts.... dre and snoop pretty much created west coast hiphop, dre is a PRODUCER he dont even write his raps but still has such a need for albums becuz of the 2 he had are both classics and the game needs it. those 2 single handedly created west coast hiphop, which then bridged the gap for southern and midwest hiphop as well, before then it was all east coast NYC man.... wheres ya fuckin respect................and do u realize eminem never sold out neither, he just grew the fuck up.. the way he rap'd in the slimshady lp & marshall mathers lp are way different then how he evolved into the eminem show. yeah there was mainstream hiphop in there but there was plenty that wasnt, its a music industry u needa make money, but i say mainstream HIPHOP not the bullshit on the radio now. and look how he evolved to recovery, lyrically its such a classic, hes a old ass dude now he aint guna rap about rape'in bitches no more................and snoop u could arguably say sold out now.. the dudes over 40 years old and is still relevent in the game and STILL sells records u try to do that.

  • MBTM

    dre monkey ass gonna make niggas wait 15 years for an album produced by alex da kid. dr dre hasnt produced ONE song ive heard from detox. nigga is literally just a FACE. not writing his raps, and he's having weak niggas make his beats, so whats taking so long? dre will drop music when he's in a casket. jimmy iovine can't wait to rape dead dre's catalog like he did with 2pac. put the hit out jimmy, dre ain't doing shit.

    • ready to die ?

      @realshit for real

    • REALSHIT!!!

      yo think bout that, the money made off of tupac, big, nd now even michael jacksons polythumus albums.... when dre goes, and em, can u imagine all the shit they got just layin around never released

  • jae 1

    they need to say when its done, every month talking bout its all most finish lol it be 2030 talking about where all most their lol jk cant wait for it ha..

  • David James Robinson

    I know Eminem is gonna be on it. But he could of been talking about SLIM THE MOBSTER. and the interview got it wrong.

  • MCEihtwhichwayiswest2012

    Detox is coming out December 21 2012 end of the mayan calander .

  • oskamadison

    OK...wake me up when we get to the part explainin' why we all should still give a shit...after damn near a decade.

    • Anonymous

      U kno little...pac and his relationship soured...california love part 2...without gay ass dre.

    • David James Robinson

      cause people love Dr. Dre. NWA, 2pac, The Game, 50 Cent, Eminem, Xzibit, shall I go on? People want to hear what he's got.

  • Anonymous

    It will be funny with all da anticipation dis album gets and it flops.honestly i dont see why people are eager or wanting to hear it,dats juss my opinion

    • Anonymous

      I don't think it'll flop from a sales standpoint, but critically it will get panned left and right. Too much hype, too long of a wait, too many shifts on content and names attached to the project. There's no way this album lives up to the near-mythical expectations people will approach it with.

  • just saying

    To be honest... Im at the age I don't wanna hear any new shit from him. I got The Chronic, Doggystyle and No One Can Do It Better on my ipod... I'm good. I could be wrong but the young cats don't care about Dre and the old cats rather listen to the old shit. Detox is just gonna be a disappointment.

    • realtalk

      WORD yo foreal look at kush.. come on now that is not vintage DRE at all he was trying to adapt to modern hiphop, fuck that man he gota do the classic shit whys he worried about the sales nd radio nd shit niggas rich as fuck (i need a doctor was good thou if u look from a lyrically standpoint its realshit, but even that isnt vintage D-R-E WESTCOAST HIPHOP)

  • Anonymous

    Lol u think its still gonna be the orignal plan of tellin a big ass story about a hitman? I remember that was the orignal plan like 20 years ago was no g shit and all gonna be one big ass story.

  • Anonymous

    DETOX IS A MYTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rushhour3

    lol just wait until this site is flooded with Dr.Dre music after 50's album

  • Anonymous

    Doubt its comin but if its gonna drop im glad snoop and doc are back on board

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    I'll believe it when I can get a copy in my hands. I'm getting sick of folks saying it's done, mixing or some other ish, just put it out and done. Then again he said give him one more platinum plaque and fuck rap you can have it back, so maybe he's trying to make this the best shit out. We will see one way or another.....

  • former Drefan

    I don't think I want Detox anymore. That insecure steroid taking fuck doesn't even have the inspiration to co-produce his own songs anymore. An album full of average and corny tracks like "Kush" and "I need a Doctor" will ruin his legacy more than no Detox at all.

  • RichK

    To be honest, no-one really cares about this anymore. Don't get me wrong, "Kush" and "I Need A Doctor" are good songs but not 2001 standard. For me that album was the best music album I've ever heard or had the privelege to own. Don't forget Dre has lost his son quite recently, so music won't be his main priority. However he needs to deliver something that will make even the strongest haters believe that Dr. Dre can still do it how he used to. We shall see.

  • Lloyd 'June' Bryan

    This shit has been "Almost" finished for 7 years now. Either put it out, or stop fucking talking about it.

  • Anonymous

    We have a better chance of Biggie and Tupac coming back to life to blast Lil Wayne then for Dr Dre to release Detox. Not hating, Im just being real.

  • Anonymous

    Dr.Dre your a lazy sack of crap dont produce your songs anymore and you dont write your lyrics.So what exatclay do you do now.You are basically A Dj Khaled who raps.Oh and they say detox is "Nearly Finshed" about once a month



  • blaze1


  • Chronic

    Sure Em always gon be involved,he's the main contributor to Dre's career since he bust into the scene.... Em wrote (1)The Watcher,(2)Whats The Difference,(3)Forgot About Dre,(4)Lets Get High and (5)Bang Bang on Dre's 2001.....if yall check the original credits you'll see.

  • lazy dre

    dre is just lazy counting his 300 million dollars why shud he hurry bringin out his album

  • genius

    let me guess the other features; lady gaga, justin bieber, ne-yo, llyod, drake

  • Anonymous

    we dont care. and please no snoop he's so wack nowadays and no whining eminem that he had such a hard life what about others peoples lifes?

    • Anonymous

      So he can't make meaningful tracks anymore or he's whining. But if he just makes Shady tracks yall complain theres no substance. Just shut up. I agree on the Snoop thing though. Making songs w/ Katy Perry and Big Time Rush really???

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    Dre it aint happenin homie. people know you scared to release it the wait game been going on the past 3 years now. I feel you not wanting to release a album like yours when it's lil Wayne/poor hood-club music that these artist like YC, Ace Hood, Ricky Ross been releasing that low life niggas relate to. "Im selling dope, str8 off the Iphone" with their catchy lil tunes. OMG this just burns me up!!!!

    • MBTM

      no offence,but you are the ugliest person I have ever seen. If I didn't know any better I'd assume your mom was a titty waitress at hooters, got pregnant, was fired for her slump in looks, then couldn't afford an abortion so she had the local kids try and whack her bulging fetus like a pinata,but u survived and that's how u ended up with such a disfigured face. Either that or u got baptised with scolding hot coffee,if a blind kid felt ur face he'd be asking why there's a pizza on this camels ass

    • Anonymous

      Bitch i just read a post by u saying either wayne or ross are sick..stfu u hypocritical tranny.

    • O_o

      Those two niggas talkin about other people's looks when they don't even have pictures of themselves xD fuckin lames anyways i hope there's a lot of kendrick lamar on the album lol

    • RepoMan

      But damn I know y'all might like this chick but do you have to follower her on every post she make, pointless posts at that. You can tell none of y'all get women. Dre will do just fine. He'll at lease go gold off the long wait. 1 million? It may take a full year for that one and lots of singles

    • Ok Dont lie You Guys Are Thinking What I'm Saying

      ok i know its not nice or fair to judge on looks but GOD DAMN your ugly af!

    • Anonymous

      damn nature you scary!

  • yeahme

    The only reaction I have to articles with titles like this one is laughter. I'm gonna hazard a guess and say that Detox will not be released anytime soon.

  • Ali Lafayette Rhea

    No question the kid is nice and no doubt he gets busy- I'm not talking about him but Ali Lafayette Rhea. One Love

  • Christopher Currie

    Make it a double disc, with a third added on for "bonus" material for a retailer like Target, Amazon, etc.

  • Jay Fear

    LMAO if this album only goes gold.

  • Badonks

    Wow, more Detox Spam articles. We need to ban anything related to this subject. And yes, Snoop always says that. He needs to stop tripping. This album will not live up to the hype at this point. 2 wack singles down. Also, look out for a feature from me, Badonks

    • Actually, Anonymous

      He didn't have a single with Jay-Z before "Under Pressure," dunno what you're talking about.

    • Anonymous

      U forgot topless, This is detox, ogs theme,Say dr dre, The doctor and syllables lol sad really. Thats like 10 singles that have come and gone..still only bullshit articles from everyone but dre himself.

    • Anonymous

      2? Ur obviouslly young. Hes had 4 that i can think of..kush, i need a doctor, then about 2 years ago with jay z under pressure then like 2 years before that he had another one with jay dunno what the name of it was

  • King Richard Aka Da God Of Rap

    mane like i said b4,if he cared about da fans & respected them,da album woulda been out,dis aint 92 or 2001,he ain't da same dre w/da same level of excellence stop dreaming fans,ima realist not a hater,its way better beat makers & artists than him thats actually puttin out better product,stop living n da past or hip hop will die....

  • Anonymous

    this album has been finished like 15 times already when dr dre dies they are going to have so much unreleased music they are gonna have to put out detox sessions box sets his great grandkids gonna get rich that shit

  • Mr R

    why is every1 giving out bout dre hes a legend in the game yes fair enough this album has tested every1s patience's but its gonna be out soon nd hes gonna be classic......weirdo's

  • Nico 3

    All talk. No interest. Detox is a myth.

  • koth561

    My tampon line drops next week.... Be on the lookout you bitch ass niggas

  • illcritic

    every year Detox is done.. fuck that, i dont believe it untill i see it on iTunes

  • Renzo rollin

    It was almost finished 7 years ago.

  • lukeknocks

    I really really really hope that nate dogg is on the album somewhere.....he gotta do a tribute song to him or put out a nate chorus we neve heard. Shit i still have faith in Dre....I'll always have california love From LA to out here in this motha fuckin BAY BITCH!


    Rumors are going around the industry that Dr.Dre is never going to release Detox, because there is no detox album being worked on period. Some kind of elite mind trick game they are playing as a publicity stunt.

  • Anonymous

    All i know this album better be the hottest album for all 2000's cause if it don't a lot a niggaz going to be looking real stupid they way they acting about Detox, hope it aint detrash.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      that song is probably not gonna be in the album there probably just throwaway tracks that didnt fit the lp and dropped it as a single


    im going to have to get a bootleg copy first cause dr name alone will not make me buy this album hope em is not all over this album with features and ghost writing

  • yayay

    eminem on a dre album ??? that was unexpected

  • Mr.Mean

    This will be released when pigs fly.

  • Garreth Rowe

    isnt there beats by dre "detox" editions being sold? would be nice to actually be able to listen to detox on the fukin things!!

  • Erik Quinty

    does anyone even give a fuck anymore? i cant wait to hear dre steal some legends music again (like he did with the chronic)and push it off as his own. or maybe he's taking so long because he just found out how to dre doesnt even have to do anything anymore. he makes enough cash throwin his headphones in almost every video you see, get this fruit cake outta the limelight and shine on the underground for once

  • Jason

    im tellin you Black Friday is the release day you need maximize ur profits over the weekend for the holidays. of course Best Buy is really the last retail place in America where you can still buy a cd. the whole world has gone digital. i feel old. yesterday i saw a sweatshirt at old navy that said 1994 on it. WTF lol

  • Vegard Møller

    Would expect Em and Snoop to feature on at least two songs each. Aside from production, features has always been what carries a Dre album.

  • Anonymous

    We are aware it features Eminem. Two songs featuring him from Detox have been released..... Also Detox is always 'near completion.' So to sum it up, this article says nothing at all.

  • Cory

    LOL @ Snoop thats thta cronic talking!!

  • YAWN

    hahahaha whatever,...shut up with this crap.

  • Devin Williams

    Watch this shit be ass lol

  • Anonymous

    11 years of waiting...I still doubt that it will ever come out

  • casper21

    way to state the obvious snoop!

  • King

    "Slim" could have also meant Slim Da Mobster right? cuz Snoope doesn't really fuck with the white boy

    • Vegard Møller

      Eminem guest verses are still on dope. His lyrical abilities are definetely still on point.

    • no

      he would sounds like a faggot on a dre beat fuck odd future, only frank ocean is any good

    • rise and shine

      good point, i hope he was talkin bout da mobster. i dont like the new eminem, specially with dre, die hard and i need a doctor are horrible, and so was the whole recovery album listen to eminems 1st 3 albums and infinite and all his freestyles in the 90's/early 00's, he was soooo sik i want tyler the creator on detox, he would sound soo sik on a dre beat

  • ...

    omg i know im not the only one who is so sick of hearing this. just tell me a release date already or shut the hell up..! this makes me not want to buy it when it does come out.

    • Anonymous

      im not buying that shit, it will be a free download 4 sure! dre got that headphones and dr pepper money he dont need mine

  • Anonymous

    i remember like a week or two ago when kendrick lamar said it was DONE and being mixed fuck anyone who talks about this album coming out

  • shifty212

    We don't believe you, YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE!

    • Anonymous

      dre really dont need any more people he already got the entire industry writing and producing his album for him

  • Octavian Johnson

    So about another year?

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