J. Cole's Debut Reaches #1 On Charts, Sells Over 217K Units

With minimal radio support, the Fayetteville lyricist's debut takes the top spot on the charts over Adele and Blink-182.

After two years, several delays, and raucous anticipation, J. Cole's debut album, Cole World: The Sideline Story finally released last week to positive reviews. While the Roc Nation rapper and North Carolina native previously shared his frustration with album pushbacks and discussed his having to wait for a Jay-Z record on the album, the end product has indeed become a success both critically and commercially even without a prominent radio single. 

According to Hits Daily Double, the album has sold over 217,000 units, bumping Adele's 21 for the number one position. Blink-182's comeback album Neighborhoods follows at a close second.

Cole tweeted his appreciation to his fans and those who have supported him:

Thanks to yall, we shook the game up. No chart topping single, just 2 years of hard work, great music and real ass fans. #1 album
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  • J.Cole

    Some people say Meek Mill Rookie of the year?1 NAH J.COLE HANDS DOWN!!!!Ohio Stand Up!Stalley know what he doing! He fuckin wit da BOSS hisliyrics go perfect wit this track.$REALI just pre ordered WaLes' album @ boskonio.blogspot.com bout to be cracc MMG

  • Fado

    that in the morning track really helped his sales I think, everyone at my school is still on that song hard.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, drake made this boy's song hot and that's after j cole dissed drake. after drake compared him to nas, which was a huge compliment, j cole shitted on him. all of this was before drake's first album, so j cole thought he had the potential to be bigger than drake. karma is a bitch, because cole had to humble himself and go get a drake feature lol.

  • Fado

    I just copped this album today from best buy. Its a GOOD album, but its not great, and I think J.cole has the potential to be great. My favorite song by far is Dollar And A Dream 3. People shouldn't act like J.cole is unknown, yall forget when he dropped Friday Night Lights he shut down servers and websites and shit. He has been on numerous tours also, he is well known. As far as all this talk about comparing his sales too other artist, and him bragging or not bragging that shits irrelevant too me. If you listen too him in interviews he is very humble so if he makes one twit that may come off as him bragging after he worked hard and watched his dreams come true that's nothing to trip about. But everyone is entitled too there opinion. I just like good music. Hopefully his sophomore album will be great I think he still has alot of room to improve as a producer. Honestly I want to hear him on some Kanye beats or another dope producer.

    • Anonymous

      i wouldn't have wasted my money after hearing "who dat" and "workout" on the radio. this dude is pure amateur night at the apollo rapping.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Guess how many records were purchased by the company? Guess how many fans don't know what true albums sounds like? Everyone I've talked to that listened to this nigga's LP says the same thing: It's a bunch of songs that go from party records to straight bullshit and it's not a cohesive album. Niggas rarely make a friggin album. I've never been a believer of this cat anyway. Makes me none. Still... I'm glad he's eating legitimately and not contributing to the ills of society.

    • Anonymous

      sony bought about 100,000 copies just to get it number 1, now they can't hide the real after them week 3 numbers came in.

  • Anonymous

    I'll bet he woulda gone Triple Aluminum if Baby hadn't bought 200,000 albums

  • the real

    the funny thing is he could of sold those units without the soft radio singles. dont call me a hater i bought the album, but only really a handful of tracks, dont get it fooled j cole has the potential to be great, but the aggressive emotional pac/nas shit was almost all the way left out the album.

    • Anonymous

      j cole is truley talented and deserves respect, but another cd filled with party fun records, emotional bitch songs, and a cpl agressive rhyme tracks is just going to get hated on, cause clearly hip hop fans want albums, something special even if it is only one cd, you can go on to create many more as an artist.

  • Cameron

    Hiphopdx is funny as hell be happy for him hes a nice artist what he eat dont make you shit, so love him or not. i like the change in the game. when its all said and done j.cole will be remebered as a great artist.

    • Anonymous

      i see that you a jigga stan since you quoting him. stop being a sheep and live a real life. j cole ain't change the game with them sales. wtf?

  • LOL

    People on this website take things too seriously. All the J.Cole fans are mad, all the naysayers are mad. You people are really arguing over shit that will never change anyone's opinion. Why do I even bother?

  • mindrelated

    Why can Hip Hop fans not be happy that J Cole gave the Hip Hop culture another #1 album. He beat out Blink 182, showing that Hip Hop is still the most popular music art form. I am happy for the dude, he WORKED for what he wanted, be it 218k or more. He stayed honest to himself not trying to be something he is not and gave the culture great music. All the hating is crazy. As for people talking about sales, yes sales matter. They show that people went out and purchased the album. However, they do not depict the quality of the album. For those saying Lil Wayne album is better than J Cole's because it sold more, that is just poor logic.

    • Anonymous

      that's like you saying it's a good look for hip hop because cole was number one in sales. that's a contradiction on your part for saying it's good for cole but bad for wayne. just because you a j cole fan doesn't mean his album is good. i heard most of his songs and he raps like he doing homework. he doesn't have any soul nor natural sound to his lyrics.

  • Brandon Hamm

    Actually very surprised he beat out blink, considering it was there reunion album and everything... Good for him!

  • Anonymous

    Im not a big fan of j Cole I like aome of his songs here and there but member 1 album while 217k in a week, album leak, no huge features in every track other than jay z, no big singles is impressive. His numbers are not ground breaking but impressive and congratulations to him have to give credit when credit is due

  • ilexx

    Honestly its amazing to see some of the crap excuses ppl come up with when somebody who they dont want to be successful is..... "Cole wouldnt be shit without a co-sign from Jay-Z" - bogus as excuse but ok, "Game debut sold 500k+" - yeah back in 2005 with major singles. "acting like j cole went gold, when he didn't even crack 250,000." - We are acting like he debuted at #1 with the highest debut artist numbers since Nicki Minaj last year, more than Wiz and Big Sean did with their charting topping singles. "Big Sean sold more singles than Cole, so in reality (where u don't live) his debut generated more money than J Cole's did." & "Cole World cost hundreds and thousands of marketing dollars over 2 whole years and only did 200,000 in it's first week = failure to make a profit." - This is when I absolutely have to say something. Singles do generate some nice cash for the label, the producer and SOME artists. You cant say an album earned more income than another album unless you know the costs to create the album and market the album. What you can do is speculate based on the facts that you do know. J. Cole toured for 2 years, not sit on his ass, he toured and earned himself and the label money as Roc Nation is a partnership with Live Nation (one of the biggest live music company's in the world), Cole produced 85% of the album, produced one of the singles and had co-production on the other. Cole's album easily costed less than Big Sean's & Wiz's album did to create. Let's live in the here and now... The fact is this, Cole put in hard work and dedication into his craft. He stayed pure to true Hip Hop and he didnt have chart topping singles or an album full of big name features (he had a few features) and yet he was able to sell more than artists who had bigger singles and "bigger" names than he had. He deserves credit where credit is due and not hate. Why we gotta move like it's our jobs to keep another mothafucka down? Be happy an artist like J. Cole is receiving commercial success.

    • ilexx

      You whats funny is that you sound hurt... not me bro. I didnt discredit anybody. I am BIGGING UP Cole for NOT having any chart topping single and STILL outselling Wiz and Big Sean. I did specifically state that the ONLY thing we could do is speculate based on the facts and then I proceeded to speculate based on the facts that I had. Also... Game didnt have any bigger single than J. Cole did so I aint hating on Game for having a hit single because he didnt. I am not hating on anybody for having a big single, if you do then so be it. When I say he stayed pure to real hip hop is because many many many ppl believe that when u over load an album with features its almost a compilation rather than an album or their try and discredit you for leaning on other artists, whether or not you believe that I simply stated my point because J. Cole didnt do that either. For you to say he didnt make history is also ignorant. 1st debut album from any artist to debut at #1 on the Billboard charts since May 2010. Highest 1st-week sales for a debut album since Nicki Minaj debuted with 375k. Thats enough to put him in the history books for 2011 unless some other debut album comes and does bigger numbers..... The reason I compared him to Wiz and Big Sean is because all 3 of them were on the XXL cover as the Freshmen class of 2010. And for J. Cole to push better 1st week sales than they did without a hit single shows that he has a strong fanbase who are willing to pay for his music and not off of the strength of mainstream single. I dont try to discredit anybody.... period. I am just glad to see that we have a new school of artist who actually have talent and some lyrical ability, I got worried when the Soulja Boy's and Waka Flocka's were getting a bit too much attention..

    • The Watcher

      Dear Stan, Just because people aren't buying into the crap stans like you are trying to spread, that doesn't mean they don't want this man to successful. People are just stating the facts, that his album didn't make history and he hating on other artists for having hit singles, because he couldn't get one after 2 years of trying. Him getting a "so called cosign" from Jigga didn't help him. If he would've sold at least 300,000 then maybe people could say that was a reason. If anything his cosign from Jigga still could help him. So, since "Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life" came out it 1998 and "The Blueprint" came out in 2001 both with major singles, it doesn't mean nothing. How do you even know what it cost to make any of those albums?? You don't and your doing the same thing everyone else is doing on this blog, which is guessing and acting emotional. It's not Game's fault that he had hit singles and Cole didn't. When did it become a bad thing for an artist to have gold and platinum singles before their albums even dropped. You sound really emotional. J Cole ain't the first artist to tour for promotion, so what's your point? It ain't like he was touring on his on, so later for you with that he generating income for his label. That nigga was an opening act for tours under Kanye, Drake, Jay Z and Rihanna, so them shows were going to sell out anyway. I'm sure every other artist (even those with hit singles and guest features) worked hard to make their dreams come true as well. Not having alot of features or not having hit singles, doesn't anything to do with staying true to hip hop, it just means that fans didn't like his songs. I guess Jay Z's opus "Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life" wasn't pure because he had 14 different artists feautured, big name producers and numerous hit singles. That was his highest selling album, so I guess he can't take credit for it because it wasn't pure. You acting like it's your job to make a feeble attempt to discredit other artist for selling more than Cole in their first week. You should be happy for all the other artist who had gold debut albums along gold, platinum and multi platinum singles. You are a very biased fan, who needs to look in the mirror. Last time I checked, not having any hit singles and an album that isn't even gold yet, couldn't be classified as having commercial success. The Watcher

  • Anonymous

    Why are people talking about the game? I mean get why big seam and wiz because they came out with debuts but why game

    • billy

      Actually Wiz already made two albums previously before signing with current record label, atlantic. Rolling Papers was his debut after becoming pop I guess you could say.

  • Anonymous

    since when does record sales dictate wether a album is good or not...this is a classic album, great music beginning to end, lyrics delivered with precision, songs with concepts and substance. Hate is a living seed, when you sow it, it'll only come back to harvest in your life double or triple fold. Be blessed

    • GR3ATN33Z

      That boy ain't just thank his fans. He tried to hate on other artists for having hit singles, like it's wrong with having a hit. You acting like this dude is on some small independent label and his voice couldn't be heard because of radio play. Sony paid good money (payola)to get his wack singles airtime, but they couldn't buy a hit. Everybody knows who he is, because he been on tour with Jay and Rihanna, plus he been on 106th and Park as well as MTV. They even let him perform during breaks at the Grammy Awards, so everybody seen him, but everybody ain't feeling him. He was even featured on Blueprint 3, which sold 2 million copies. Since you talking crazy about buying 2 more copies, I'm going out and buying 5 copies of Drake's new shit TAKE CARE on OCTOBER 24th!!!


      @HusAlah DUMB nigga are you serious? this is his FIRST album. No radio play at all! And not that many people still know of him and he still sold 200plus. just cause you hatin ima go buy 2 mo copies, then ima mail em to yo bitch ass. you at home with computers on, hatin on the newest songs. African booty scratcher! COLEWORLD, no love!!!!

    • ilexx

      @HusAlah J. Cole aint mad at anybody bro.. He just thanked his fans, he didnt brag about anything. Are dumb or something?

    • HusAlah

      J Cole is the one acting like sales is something big, by bragging that he number 1 without any hit singles. He telling on himself and showing that he is a jealous hater. He mad that some of his peers actually have platinum and gold singles before their album drops. On top of that he mad because one of his peers had more hit singles on just a mix tape than Cole's whole real album. Lastly, he mad because a certain peer of his, had a gold EP/mixtape drop before his platinum debut even came out. Cole talked all that shit and then still had to get that same artist to be featured on his album. I bet Drake doesn't feature Cole on Take Care.

    • Anonymous

      you hating because j cole didn't do big numbers like some other artist, so you should look in the mirror.

  • Anonymous

    Its amazing how many faggots on this site act like they know what they're talking about. You people should consider getting a life.

  • Edwin Lskonect Chibanga

    nice..was not sure about this..

  • Anonymous


    • Front Game Down Pat

      There trying to create some artificial excitement for this album that not there naturally. It's really a shame that labels try to cheat to win and still end up losing. Cole World cost hundreds and thousands of marketing dollars over 2 whole years and only did 200,000 in it's first week = failure to make a profit.

    • Anonymous

      pretty sure he got more articles than when weezy sold just under a million

    • Anonymous

      that's just jay z and sony/columbia paying these sites to create fake excitement about those small numbers.

  • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

    Hope he reaches Gold status. High debuts don't mean much again !

    • Stan Killerz

      yeah, high first week numbers do mean something. why do you think jay z was concerned about wtt's first week numbers? get out of here with all that crazy talk, stanley.

  • Chicasal

    This really is the best album ive heard in years. Really took time with it and it shows

    • L Hill

      NA... This is not the BEST ALBUM I've heard in years but I understand what you saying. This is one of the best ALBUMs I've heard front to back thats pure fire, in years. This is just an incredible album. If you don't like it, I know you must not like Nas, Jay z, Kanye, Eminem, 2pac and other great artists because he is takes things from all of these artist. 'COLE WORLD!

    • Money Rope

      if this is the best you heard, either you working for roc nation or you are just a big fan. this album was trash and his label bought half and rihanna fans got the rest. this is a fraud artist. it's a damn shame when a label has to cheat to win and still lose.

    • Anonymous

      if this is the best album you have heard in years you need to get out more, i feel bad for you son

  • Musicears

    Was gonna write a long ass comment to educate these haters but then I realized hating was deeply rooted in their genes. One can only hope for some sort of miracle cure. The album is already number 1 and over 200k sold. Not even a hater can erase that from the history books. Always nice to see a fellow black man rise, and too sad to see that a lot can't just be supportive. You never see this kind of hate on rock or even indie music blogs. You don't see Blink 182 fans (or fans of their genre)saying they are crap because a rookie like Cole in a genre like Hip-hop outsold them. Food for thought, digest it.

  • illmaticbridge

    haters = success. I truly don't understand how people can be so upset over this. Big Sean sold what, less than 90k first week? He is a far more commercial rapper. Game sold less, and he is on a major label. Cole isn't goin after artists with successful singles, and he isn't saying he didn't try to have successful singles. He's stating the truth. which is that there was no successful single yet he still managed to get the number one album and sell over 200k. Just common sense...

    • shed

      DTown Clown - The Documentary had huge buzz and several singles backing it, plus that was a couple years ago when sales of album's weren't as low as they are nowadays, let's compare it with something now, say Khalifa's album, huge buzz and singles behind it, already a built fanbase like Cole, yet he did just over 190k sales first week I believe ;) yeah.. u mad.

    • DTown's Crown Prince

      People aren't upset, they are just stating the facts. Game had a debut that sold over 500,000, so you can't compare his 4th album to Cole's 1st. If Cole even has a 4th album, then you can compare their numbers, now that's common sense. Big Sean sold more singles than Cole, so in reality (where u don't live) his debut generated more money than J Cole's did. I know that you are a fan of Cole, however, you can't be mad because his debut wasn't amazing. You can blame it on whatever you want to, but the truth is this, the majority ain't checking for this dude.

  • whatever


  • sharp

    damn i dont see how people can hate on the guy selling that much his first week?look at the other albums? big sean FLOP wiz FLOP shittt lupe fiascos laser diddnt even sell as mich as this but yet people sayin that these are bad numbers? smh someone doesnt sellout on his first major album and produces majority of it but doesnt get the credit.

    • Six9

      Wiz sold 3 million copies of his "Black and Yellow" single before his debut even was available, so his single alone made more money than Cole World. Big Sean did the same thing with his single and outsold Cole overall. This is the music industry and every sell counts for these label heads. Lupe can't even be compared to Cole because Lasers wasn't his first album. Cole doesn't have a big fan base and that's ok, because at least he has Rihanna and Jay Z's fans trying to support him. It's sad that Columbia records didn't buy more of his records to at least get him to 250,000.

  • Anonymous

    Not to mention 217,000 for a debut is solid as hell

  • Realness

    This album doesnt have 1 skippable track. classic.

  • Jean Cortes

    wow never seen so many haters in my life.. let the guy celebrate.. even though he didnt sell super big numbers or go gold.. the album is stil NUMBER ONE ON THE CHARTS ya dumbasses. and ya talking about he's broke wow im pretty sure he got more money than everyone thats sittin behind thier computers hatin on his success

    • Drama Dog

      Ain't nobody hating on J Cole, so calm down, Stan. We are just telling the truth about his debut. None of his singles by himself were hot. He doesn't have many fans who purchased his album. Mostly everybody got because the Drake feature, the Rihanna tour, Jay Z's cosign and the Rihanna sex tape rumors. To be honest, I think Sony bought 100,000 copies just to look respectable.

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a fuck about numbers when u got a good album, there have been albums that didn't do good numbers at all, but the album itself is a hit...J Cole is an example of great music despite sales listen to the body of work you won't be disappointed

    • Anonymous

      numbers are important, if they weren't cole himself wouldn't be trying to brag on having the so called number one album. wake up and stop being a biased stan.


    217k is some good numbers shit look what game just did big sean yall cant take that number one spot from cole or them units solds give props if not keep it moving cole world NC

    • Anonymous

      You fucktard. Game was on G-Unit at the height of 50's popularity, where his weedcarriers went platinum. Game released in 2005, where everybody and their mama could sell, having a gangsta image when it was the hottest thing out there, Dre behind his back, labelled as the savior of the Westcoast and HUGE singles, if you talk about Game, his numbers were pretty disappointing. Cole's numbers are impressive, at the end of 2011, where nobody, aside from Wayne, Jay, Kanye and Em can sell, with a debut, no gimmicks, no hit singles and pure Hip Hop.

    • Anonymous

      Game's debut did over 500,000 and Cole didn't get anywhere near those numbers. Big Sean had a gold single before his album dropped, so in reality him and Cole did the same numbers if you count everything. Cole has a number one album, this is a true statement, however, his numbers aren't nothing serious.

  • Doug Nichols

    I don't think I've ever going to understand how people feel the need to root for failure. Only in the mind of a hater (and I hate to use that term) can someone think it's reasonable to call 217k units sold and a #1 album debut a failure and a flop. Keep moving the goal posts. Now the kid's a failure because he didn't put up Watch The Throne numbers in his first week.

    • Anonymous

      B.O.B single went double platinum before his album even came out and Cole couldn't get any of his singles with out Drake to do nothing. B.O.B. also followed up with another platinum single after his album dropped, so chill with trying to find an artist that this clown did better than. All you Cole stans were trying to compare this dude to Drake, so go ahead and compare his debut against Drake lol. As Big Sean would say, "there is no resemblance...fraternal" lol.

    • Southern

      truth hurts...did u read the rest of the tweets?...go read them and see what he says...and on your topic of no.1 singles, im pretty sure b.o.b had the no.1 single in the entire country and only moved 80k, but still got no.1 album

    • Truth Hurts All DaTime

      it's not hate at all, my brother. the point is this, j cole is coming off as being very arrogant pver such meager figures. he is the one doing the hating on the low, by trying to penalize those other artist, who have hit singles. he tried without success to have hit singles and the majority wasn't feeling him. he could've just said, "thank you to my fans for giving me a number one album", instead of playing the hater role. now if all the other artist with hit singles and better numbers on their debut albums came out clowning his numbers, then they would be looked at like haters. i'm happy to see a young man live out his dreams, however, he shouldn't be trying to brag and hate on the next artist because that artist is more popular than him.

  • Woodside's Finest

    This is wild n like he did big numbers. He did baby numbers and think he grown in the game. If his second week numbers are at 150,000, we will know Sony and Jay Z didn't buy his albums. I done had me a good laugh this morning, wow. Waiting on that Black Star!!1

  • Anonymous

    Negro please lol.....this boy acting like he didn't try to or want a chart topping single. He trying to save face and act like he didn't drop any singles. If he didn't drop any singles then he could say that he didn't need any singles to make it. This clown is so fake. Just admit that you had to open up for Rihanna on her tour to get some of her fans, you had to put Drake on your album and you dropped some garbage azz singles that nobody wanted to listen to. Last but not least, your on Sony/Columbia, one of the largest labels in the world and you couldn't even hit 250,000 when you thought you was on Drake's level lol.

    • Dayshawn

      man all yall need to just shut the fuck up he has the highest selling debut album this year so far and its number one on the billboard charts u know j cole hasn't been hatin on anybody he said on 106 bet that he wants fans to expect something different when u lesson to his album cause all u here now a days is raps rapping bout sex, money, drugs, women, fame, and cars cole is rappin bout life havin a dream, growing up poor, not havin his dad around, and just using what i've been gifted wit to become something big and workin hard to reach that goal and all yall stupid irrogant ass bastards want to comment on him badly tryin to put him down cause he sold 217k his first week and sayin he hating on other raps hey the truth doesnt hurt it just u don't have your fuckin facts straight bitches j cole even said if everyones not feelin his music after this year is over then he said i just need to work harder and when is about leaked he didn't give a fuck he said is just apart of the game he looked on the bright side and said the leak my get other people's attention that hey they need to go buy this album when it comes out and he said for the hates its whatever yall probably werent going to buy the album anyway yea im a j cole fan i follow up on his status that dude aint no hater don't try to speak the truth if u don't not a damn thing about him the real truth is yall don't support him the guy worked hard payed his do's and produced most of the songs on his own album come on yall stop smokin crack and realize it's a cole world now j cole could still go gold at least i predict him to sell 530,000 copies and he desevres those numbers also word has it he is already workin on his second album to which he hopes to have ready in just nine months i mean give him some credit yall that post bad comments about him only sellin 217,344 his first week are full of shit u have nothing better to do if your a fan of j cole just say u are and continue to support him through out his career cause i think he's doin a hell of a job for a newcomer jay-z would be proud of j cole for earning his stripes paying his do's to get where he is now that's what it all about in this rap game u haters would understand cause yall have to much shit up your asses constipated with hatred to a young new artist just shut the fuck up and eat shit or something no one wants to hear your irrogants about a great new artist like j cole

  • Brandon Cypress

    This site proves why black people can't move forward..A lot of y'all just stupid. Go to school or something and stop blogging dumb shit.

    • Drop Team

      So, black people can't move forward since we didn't go out and get Cole World?? Get the f*@k out of here with that mess and support something with substance. This album was mediocre and it's a shame that Hip Hop has been watered down like this. Smdh at you, clown.

  • J.Coal

    I would like to thank you all. I know 217,000 is nothing major to be proud of because im sure i will drop to like 80,000 next week and i will probly not go gold. But i still sold more than Game.

  • Anonymous

    bitch u sound retarded first of all u talking about a nigga that worked hard to be something in life let me guess what you do??? work hard to get fat?? you dumb fucking bitch im pretty fucking sure your ass is broke as fuck...bitch dont talk about money if u dont got more then 80-100 mill you stupid fuck face and pretty dam sure u dont know shit about music...go put a finger up your butthole and re think about what you said before u make a stupid comment..dumb ass haha tell that bitch

    • Chill Dude

      Calm down man before you blow a gasket or something. You acting like you are J Cole lover going in on ole girl like that. You people take this shit too serious

  • Anonymous

    bitch u sound retarded first of all u talking about a nigga that worked hard to be something in life let me guess what you do??? work hard to get fat?? you dumb fucking bitch im pretty fucking sure your ass is broke as fuck...bitch dont talk about money if u dont got more then 80-100 mill you stupid fuck face and pretty dam sure u dont know shit about music...go put a finger up your butthole and re think about what you said before u make a stupid comment..dumb ass



  • Anonymous

    not hating or anything, but most songs on the album feel like they are to similar? it feels like your listening to the same song throughout the whole album, good album tho.

  • yooo

    I'm pretty sure blink-182 will sell many many more copies on the long run. I dont see this dudes album as a consistent one. With that being said, BLINK182 forever.....dipset bitch

    • KapDiva

      yeah, jigga won't be able to buy half of cole's album next week, so his numbers will be under 100,000 next week.

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    217k? dude that was nothing to get on twitter n talk about. next week you'll prob. do 22,000. First go Gold then your monkey as can talk. Right now you in the little man's league. You spending baby money you aint even got my lady's money.....ah haaa, damnnn homie

    • Selwyn S. Baptiste

      First off Mr. Lilmarcci JonesCd. Considering that it is not easy to release a song over the internet that is not pirated away for free in the first day and have that many people actually PURCHASE the song is something to brag about. Second get to learn the industry first before making ignorant comments. J Cole is on contract through Rock Nation. He has already been getting paid from his contracts. Unlike common artist without an education he see a good amount of the proceeds for his songs. Example if you only get .09 cents a purchase and your publisher and distributors get the rest you have to sell more then gold to make money. But if you get .40 cents every album that is $868,000 on 2 single releases. There is no one "selling" that many songs off Twitter. They may get spins from posting the song up free but few to any purchases. Get Smart dude.

    • kingkong

      damn girl u sure is one fat mother fuker no one cares wat u think u fat dirty ass no good daughter of a bitch if i were u i'd be lkess interested in hatin on jcole and go run around the equator to lose some of that fukin fat

    • Remi

      It's funny how this lil dude acting like he didn't try to have a hit single, when in fact he attempted 3 times and still could get a chart topping hit. He hating on the nigga featured on his album, because that man has hit singles. I knew this dude was a hater last year, when Drake tried to compliment him, but he dissed Drake instead of just thanking him. At the end of the day, he still had to go get a Drake feature, to make his album sell lol

    • sah313

      that about as much as lil wayne had on his debut. besides 200K is good in this era where shit aint selling big sean has like 80k game 98, wiz 196, lupe 204,

    • U is a bitch

      Damn u must b a hating groupie ass bitch. I bet u will fuck cole if u c him. lol

    • Anonymous

      bitch u sound retarded first of all and then u talking about a nigga that worked hard to be something life let me guess what you do??? work hard to get fat?? you dumb fucking im pretty fucking sure your ass is broke as fuck...bitch dont talk about if u dont got more then 80-100 mill you stupid fuck face and pretty dam sure u dont know shit about music.

    • Anonymous

      Why do you look like Nicki Minaj ate Lil' Kim who ate Missy Elliot who ate Monique?

    • Anonymous

      Yall realize that bitch is a fucking tranny right? Bunch of faggots on here im tellin u especially the first responder dick riding that dude

    • stfu

      stupid ugly bitch, if you'd listen to the songs Cole makes you'd understand why he's doing numbers, he's the realest out and people relate to that. If you ever met your favorite rapper he'd prolly bitch slap you for your looks but Cole being the realest out would show respect and give love like he does to his fans, thats an artist and a superstar.

    • Dayshawn

      i meant to say 217,000 copies the first week is very good for a debut album in that first sentence and like i said your hatin ass would sell only a sad 115 copies your first week if u became an artist yo hatin ass oh don't be a alarmed i was just correcting what said on my earlier comment about j cole's first week sales for his debut album which is 217,000 copies sold not 217 so don't get the wrong idea bout that, and that's all i have to say to u hater, bye hater you just dont know real hip hop if it was a dick in your face

    • dayshawn

      shut the fuck up your just hating j cole has the number 1 album 217 copies the first week is very good for a debut there r others who have sold alot more than that but that's pretty soild besides he has the highest sellin debut album so far this year u aint sayin shit he's goin 2 go gold and he's got money unlike your igorant ass i bet u didn't even by his album did u haterr i mean damn give the guy some fuckin credit he worked hard payed his do's and produced most of the songs on his album what have fuckin done not a damn thing but give a shitty ass comment why don't u stop sippin that haterade and go out there and try 2 become a rap artist yourself if u think u can do better but oh i bet u would only sell 115 copies your first week so yea your full of shit girl it's a cole world now and j cole said it best bitch i'm about to blow up and now he has and he will continue to so get use to it cause nobody wants to hear u put down a great newcoming artist like j cole if u are a fan just say it if u aint a fan just SHUT THE FUCK UP and go EAT SHIT or something stop hatin all your life damn

    • Anonymous

      do u keep up with the charts? its pretty good for first week as far as hip hop sales go these days. Except for Kanye, Eminem, Jay and Wayne nobody is selling.

    • jnr

      Damn girl, you never hold back with your comments on this site.... Keep it up! haha

  • T-Mac

    Album is great and i'm feelin' J.Cole, but miss me with that bullshit he had no radio airplay, poor marketing blah blah... Nigga is all over the place. But once agin, i like the album and it's well deserved success. He's a good rapper and congrats to him.

  • Mike Mitchell


  • Ron DjRonviper Bright

    Hey I need more facebook friend and i need your help to get to 5000 my friend.Thanks

  • Ron DjRonviper Bright

    Damn ! Its about time this nigga kill the critics and give them the "Cole Shoulder"..(lol. You like that word play huh?) Jcole is by far one of the hottest new talent in the game and will get stronger as the years come.. I hope this nigga dont do that Petey Pablo shit and forget to bring other niggas in NC into the game and get better at his beat selections....Look out Game he's coming for you numbers

  • Anonymous

    Its a cole world right now baby. It clear to see that this nigga is one of the hottest in the game. He dont have that many haters that disagree with that statement and if a sucker does agree pick a victim....

    • Big Dawg

      if he would have sold at least 400,000 copies in the first week, then he could be consired hot. selling 217,000 isn't nothing to brag about and he had 2 singles that were horrible on top of that. He talking crazy like he didn't have any official singles, just because they didn't get any spins lol. I can't stand fake artist and J Cole is fake, but the real is on the rise.

  • Anonymous

    No radio support? Work Out gets mad plays in LA...WE LOVE THAT SHIT XD

    • Real

      I think nothing more needs to be said Murk 707

    • Murk 707

      That garbage got played maybe once in my city and people called in to complain. 217,000 sold in the first week after promoting this garbage for 2 years, being on tour with Jay Z, than Rihanna, having a rumored sex tape with Rihanna, a Drake feauture and Pete Pablo co sign.......etc etc. This dude need to stop with the fraud.

  • James Gordon

    Cole World No Blanket, We did it.

    • Good Game

      Should've had a blanket, because it's going to get really cold with them low numbers. J Cole is not a good rapper nor producer and he a hater. He hating on the next man just like a crab. All he had to do was make good music and the public would've gave him radio hits and made him gold in the first week instead of 217,000.

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