Phonte Talks First Solo Album, Making Amends With 9th Wonder

Despite just releasing his solo album, "Charity Starts At Home," Phonte says a solo album wasn't in the picture for a while.

While some may think that Phonte’s solo album Charity Starts At Home was a long time coming many may be surprised to hear that the singer/rapper had absolutely no plans on releasing a solo album for quite some time. Phonte spoke on this and more in an in-depth interview with

“It was the furthest thing from my mind. A lot of people assumed that that was always what I’d do,” said Phonte when asked if he had always wanted to record a solo project. “I never had a reason to. Between Foreign Exchange and Little Brother, I was able to say everything I wanted to say artistically. Now, it just felt like it was time for me to do it.”

Phonte later went on to speak on his relationship with producer and former Little Brother member 9th Wonder and why they chose to make amends publicly.

“With me and 9th: We made mistakes in public, so we wanted to reconcile in public. Just to show people that it’s possible to rebuild and heal,” Phonte explained to “That was the lesson we wanted to show people through our efforts of reconciling and working together. It’s about being men. Some things are bigger than hip hop. Our friendship is one of them.”

When asked if being signed to a major label was a positive or negative aspect in his career Phonte explained that if anything it gave him more of an appreciation of being an independent artist.

“It was something I needed to go through to have an appreciation for what I have now. Every man has to have a really shitty girlfriend before they have a really good girlfriend. It’s the same way with the ups and downs in the game and the battles you fight,” said Phonte. “You need those battle scars, they make you stronger. I can appreciate what I have now and use my own resources to the best of my ability. You don’t look at being independent and say, ‘I should be major.’ You look at it and say, ‘Shit I’m straight!’ and you can be happy about it because you know what the other side of the coin is.”

Lastly, Phonte again closed the door on any possibility of a Little Brother reunion by stating that, “It’s not going to happen. Flat out, it’s not happening. It’s over. We made our mark as Little Brother. That chapter is closed.”

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  • Link

    Phonte is still technically 1/3 of Little Brother, so why the fuck does he have the final say in whether they record another album? None of them are doing shit for real right now...

    • You retards

      9th wonder produced 4 of the 12 tracks on Phonte's solo and the album is fire. What the fuck are you idiots complaining about. Big Pooh is sick and all but Phonte is in a whole nother league.. tasteless douchers.

    • Slick Rick

      Blame HipHopDX for giving their solo material clout. If there were no 4 star ratings and bad reviews they would have no choice but to team up again. That's why I'm boycotting all the solo stuff(including fe+ and jamla). Its gotten to the point where I'm tired of the bitchy antics, fake fe+ fans gassing them up and the lack of strong material.

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