Waka Flocka Flame Punched At Charity Bowling Event

Madness ensues during a charity event hosted by the Brick Squad member.

If nothing else, Hip Hop fans can officially say that Waka Flocka Flame can take a punch.

Footage sent to TMZ shows a massive brawl breaking out during the rapper's charity bowling event in Atlanta.

Allegedly the fight was over money, as the man who punched Waka Flocka was one of the rapper's former proteges, who accused him of owing him money.

No arrests were made at the scene.

Watch the mayhem below:

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  • Anonymous

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  • typeryter

    Every time Black people want to have some fun or do some good, IGNANT ASS NIGGAZ fuck it up! Now I know what Chris Rock was saying, But Waka deserves a punch or two that boy brain dead! And he can't rap, so quit calling him a rapper!

  • I' Lovin It

    Waka gettin punched, awesome! Someone should do this daily!


    Waka getting punched makes my monday better!


    Ahh, Waka gettin punched... Makes my monday better!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Friday night fight! Random hood dude VS Wakka flocka flame! liveeee from fucking chuckie cheese?! get the fuck out of here!

  • Anonymous

    2 things. 1.) Whats good with the one random white dude rockin the wife beater here? lmao ...and 2.) at like 1:02 in the video, the dude with the red and yellow hat DRILLED that mother fucker in the face hahahaha......to bad no one else got to beat the shit outta wakka.


    Why do people fight in public? Because they want others to notice and stop it or even tape it lol.


    Man y'all dudes sound like some Ivy League School cheerleaders:This is real life:Fights happen:There was fighting when I grew up and when my father grew up and his father:Nothing wrong with throwing them hands:Just thank God no one brought a gun:Fighting will happen always and for you "brothas" talking about how this make black people look bad .... SHUT THE FUCK UP: I've seen white people fight at weddings, at school graduations, and even in church and i've never heard a white person say .... "look at those fools making our white race look bad":Stop stereotyping yourselves: White people fight, black people fight, Hispanic people fight and every other race:Stop being dumbasses and yes I know it was a Charity Event but when someone needs their ass whooped, it doesn't matter WHERE you're at:Stop talking all this trash about the black race being classless:Black people didn't invent fighting:Do your research you houseniggas: Flocka Got stole on:LoL:

    • maybe

      I've actually read many of Jimmy comments but one thing you can't deny is that they make sense. The main reason it may seem like a life story is because most of the people on this webiste have the IQ of a mole and need stuff broken down to for them to understand. Sad to say but, they still don't get it.

    • ....

      No disrespect but I swear this nigga Jimmy puts his life story on every article.

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign this whole statement.


      Exactly:These "black people" put their own kind under a microscope:If two white guys fight in the middle of the street, it's "whatever" but let it be two black dudes and these righteous brothas are going off the deep end:Black people embarrass their race when they fight but other races don't?SMH: And I keep hearing "nigga shit": "This is nigga shit":Naw, this is HUMAN SHIT: Read more, learn more you simple ass nigga: "Education is proved power" -Nas Untitled

    • Anonymous

      I cosign this statement. But them pussy ass houseniggas won't. When any other race fight it's just another fight. When Blacks fight it's like you say, they are making us look bad or we don't know how to act. Half these fools on the website would let anybody come up and slap them in the face and do nothing about it.

  • Anonymous

    You guys never stop amazing me. This is a lose lose situation. If Waka (go the good route) does not fight the guy that punched him everybody will be saying Waka is a punk, he got owned, and he is soft. Just like a lot of people is saying about Fabolous after Ray J punched him. Now if Waka (go the bad route) and whoop the guy ass then this becomes a nigga moment, we are animals that don’t know how to act etc. etc. As for the people saying that this is ghetto and crazy are full of themselves. No self respecting man is not going to let another man come and punch him dead in the face at an event (hell in any other situation also) he is putting on and if you do you must be a pussy ass nigga.

    • Rogue Squirrel

      I actually sort of agree with you. But both of them are punks and I think they had some real sense and respect, you tell him "let's take it outside" or at the very least tell people to give you some space. Fights happen, but damn what happened to doing it the respectable way, telling someone to meet you outside and we'll go at it "like real men"? Instead of just trying to quick swing on dude in a public place, all that does is mess up a charity event and gets unnecessary people involved in the situation. Looks like kids and shit are jumping in the middle of it (did someone throw a chair or something?). Putting innocent people in a dangerous situation, that's when it becomes a real nigga moment.

  • Anonymous


  • nerd

    I am black, but this is some ni*** shit. At a charity event, let alone in public? SMH

  • Anonymous

    that was legit. BSM SON SON!

  • Anonymous

    Brawl for all at the Arcade!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Typical niggers acting like wild animals that were just taken out of a jungle. FUCK ALL OF THEM!!!

  • Anonymous

    Now if we could only punch Wayne in his gay little crackhead granny face.

    • Anonymous

      Do it yourself, you fucking pussy, hiding behind a PC screen and talking shit. Kill yourself for real.

    • Try Ur Luck

      How about U try to steal on wayne. so u can end up jus like the nigga at the end of this video. seeing starz and hearing birdz chirpin in ur earz. Shit would be hilarious.

  • ka-as

    u can see that lil punk trying to kill the fucking guy thats laying on the ground at the end who the fuck stomps on a guys head thats laying on the ground thats wise, wouldnt square off with a guy tho

    • ka-as

      haha sucker punch buddy was facing him when he hit him there was a brawl breaking out id be paying attention if i was wacka, proly started cause he is rat who keeps getting busted and released later that day

    • You Mama

      Someone who was sucker punched by a guy on camera is a person who would stomp on a guys head if he is laying ont the ground. I bet he thinks twice now before he try and fight someone else.

  • Anonymous

    yall jumpin on waka like you know the story.. how do you know he aint just throw a charity event and some dude talkin shit jus wanted to make a name?? you dont.. keep assuming peoples... yall know everything.. no matter what yall say, you dont know as a fact one way or the other..

  • Nico 3

    A charity bowling event? That's super ghetto. Any wanna be New Jack can walk in and start shit. This is why Waka Flaka is such a clown. He's unrefined, and if his mother had any sense, she'd stop being his manager and just let this loser end up in a cell somewhere with his partner in stupidity Gucci Mane.

  • mike j.

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  • waka

    lol that was some bs ya dig

  • Anonymous

    waka is a ignorant excuse of a man! His music & image is a gimmack! watch what u support. well i guess not his music is not selling off the self!

  • Anonymous

    Im willing to bet its some pea-brained ass niggas out there who look up to this type of shit or think this was gangsta!!!

  • Anonymous

    All white people are gonna say is look at them monkeys they cant even act right at a fuckin CHARITY EVENT. Its sad but this video aint nothin but some straight up NIGGA SHIT!!! This is one of the reasons why every other race is passing black people up, because a good portion of our people are focused on BULLSHIT!!!! White people look at this type of shit and laugh, and its a damn shame!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I dont care about wacka's music or how real or fake he is. The bottom line is this looked like some type of charity event he was hosting for kids and the niggas came out. I applaud Wacka for doing something nice for the kids but niggas will be niggas. Regardless if the dude was owed money or not he could have handled that issue at a different point in time. All this does is give white people and others the reason to treat us the way that they do. They look at this type of behavior and say "do them people really dont deserve shit". Sad to say but its the truth, and all some of you can say is Wacka deserves to be punched or his music sucks when that bullshit talk is not the point. Look at the incident alone and just see how we act sometimes is sickening. WAKE THE FUCK UP AND LOOK BEYOND THE SURFACE!!!

    • ItsTheTruth

      Only a certain breed gonna read your post and really understand what u mean fam. Sad thing is its only a small breed of us out there

  • sorry

    Man these dudes cant fight for shit. Running around pulling up their pants and grabbin their nuts and shit. A white dude would have wrecked half the clowns in there

    • Mac 11

      Yo bitch ass would have been gunned down in the parking lot fool! Back to tha subject....Wacka was doin something for the kids and you dont have to be a fan of his music to respect that.

  • Fado

    "Support the real don't support the fake, don't node your head too the beat, really look at people, is he what he claims to be?, support the real"-Tupac, not an exact quote but he said something extremely similar on the lost tapes prison interview.

  • Fado

    I don't like wacka's music. hes a wack rapper. But wacka is real. The shit he raps about hes really about. The same with Gucci mane. I respect a wack rapper that's real more then I respect a fake ass rapper that's lyrical but whos entire image was fed too them by there label.

  • The One

    I recall raping Waka Flocka and about 3 or 4 more people on that tape, and they have the nerve to act like that at a charity event. I'm going to rape them again and take the ass-pussy virginity of several more people.

  • Middle Class White Person

    Honey, take a look at these Negros behaving like animals. Make sure John-John and Betsy are safe at their school. Those negroes are probably taking PCP and going to class, waiting for someone to pick a fight. I guess it is like they always say: You can take the jungle out of them...

  • elirootz

    Support Real Hip-Hop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKP9dVzgLwM

  • Sargeant Strongarmm

    he should be gettin' punched every time he walks in a recording booth

  • kera

    At a charity bowling event?? A bunch of animals!!!

  • Duke

    anybody can take a punch from a 7th grader especially when it doesn't even connect. then he runs up and swings on a couple dudes and runs off like a bitch too.

  • Christin Dfm Campbell

    Waka a hoe for jumping that dude if he stole on him he shoulda fought him one on one instead of jumpin ole dude...he a bitch forreal...

    • Christin Dfm Campbell

      at the end of the day waka deserved it we all have diff opinions but waka deserved it for all that hard shit he be talking...

    • You fucking idiot

      @Christin, actually anon is right. The dude swung on Waka and tried to run with his scared ass. I don't know what video you are watching to say Waka stole on him. Now I don't know about Waka jumping people in the club but that is not the discussion now, its the fight at the charity.

    • Christin Dfm Campbell

      You got a mind of fuckery for coming at me for that bullshit and if your dumbass look closely waka was wayyyy bigger than him so when he hit him he flew back...and bottom line he stayed jumpin people in the club on some reckless shit so karma is a bitch he got hit...

    • Anonymous


    • Christin Dfm Campbell

      Man, niggas jump cause they can't bang by theyself dude knew what it was when he hit him yea and waka stayed sucker punchin niggas in the club with his crew cause he like to talk shit so it was only right for somebody to hit him like that bottom line he like most rappers...A HOE ASS NIGGA!

    • Anonymous

      Man please, if someone walked up to my brother or friend and punched them in the face we gonna beat the living shit out of him. And if I have a friend that's is like no its wrong to jump on him for punching my friend needs to be punched in their mouth

    • Malcolm J. William Ault

      He got sucker punched at an event HE was hosting. The guy that hit him should've expected to be jumped by Waka's crew. It's not even like Waka told them to stomp him either. Dude knew the risk.

  • TheRevolutionary

    All whack rappers need to be punched. Soulja boy, you're next.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who disapproves can suck a dick. This dude needs a couple more of these to get his head on right.

  • Anonymous

    okay, as much as i hate wacka flocka i have to say the dude that socked him run off like a little bitch. Sucker punches are not gangsta...

  • Malcolm J. William Ault

    WorldStar has it from another angle showing Flocka and 4 other guys stomping the dude out. That was a weak sucker punch to begin with.

  • Anonymous

    when did planet of the apes 2 come out???

  • Crystal

    Lol, salute to the puncher. Wack Flocka Flame.

  • Maurice Harrison


  • daddyfatsax

    pow, right in the kisser!

  • Rajon34

    Anybody see that guy get cracked at 1:01

  • Anonymous

    Waka really bout that life. He ate that shit and went to work on everybody! I might fuck wit Waka shit now on the low. No Guns.

    • Anonymous

      Must of missed the better angle when wakka lookin like a bitch with 4 dudes hittin him..dudes a trooper took that and still jumoed up to snuff wakka hell yea.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck dat,did you see and hear da guy hitting da bricks out da other guy @ 1:02

  • Jesus

    thanks TMZ. finally you did something right. fuck Waka

  • T-RO

    All these guys fight like pansies. Punching then runnin off hahaha. Waka still sux tho lol

  • LynchHill

    wow...corny shit...like real corny shit...smh

  • adolph hitler

    ahhhhh...the site of niggers doing what they do best. being niggers! being the natural animals that they are, this doesn't surprise me. monkey see, monkey do!

  • Anonymous

    Thats Y you keep the monkees in the cage!!!!

  • thought dog

    Another good look for hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    waka flocka looks like kel from keenan & kel

  • Obi Patrick

    Wack ass rappers stay losing...salute to the nigga that did it...

  • smh

    that many black people who think there gangster at one place at one time is never a good idea

  • Anonymous

    wack rappers must get punch out.

  • rydersix10

    did wacka lay that guy out that the end??..kind of looked like it

  • Ali Lafayette Rhea

    No question the kid is nice and no doubt he gets busy- I'm not talking about him but Ali Lafayette Rhea. One Love

  • Anonymous

    Funny stuff I caught in the Video. 1) Wheres Waldo? 2) One dude thinks hes at the beach. ( shirtless while bowling ) 3) Dude punched Waka at charity event with kids 4) Dude sucker Punched Waka..and ran off as fast as he can. 5) POlice didnt do shitttttt at the end of the video!

  • Mike Meraz

    Wow...ignorant ass shit smdh

  • Amber Roses


  • SlickONes

    Why does black people hate their own so much? damn


    real talk...Waka ate that punch like it was a skittle...that nigga that swung first...Needs to go to Floyd Mayweathers school to learn the art of sucka punchin!!! He should have Ko'd Waka with that...

  • Anonymous

    money is the root of evil. like the dude couldn't have approached him at another time and place and sit and talk about the situation? he had to punch him at a charity bowling event. common man, this is some sick shit


    OL LE DO IT!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!! Waka had me rolling, nigga did a batman jump over that railing to get to that nigga

  • Anonymous

    honestly i feel for homie. he got a lot of hater and shit but real talks he has no musical talent what so ever so i've heard. but at the same time u don't need to punch him out for no reason. stay up waka, ur rapping sucks donkey dick but u juss grew up around weird shit

  • hahaah,, t

    haha, he found dued at the end though,, thats dope,, jeans, white belt KO'd on the floor,,, after the hit and run,,, CLASSIC

  • Anonymous

    in the world starr hip hop video you can see waka chilling with the police!!!

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    These ignorant folks do not realize they are making the black community look bad by always fighting at these charity and other events. Instead of talking things out like real men they resort to this shit. What a disgrace. There are more positive than negative black men and women out there, but these clowns make us look bad. Damn shame..

    • hmmm

      let me help you understand, A fight breaks out in the school hallway or outside and since there are over a hundred people around and want to see the fight you probably are gonna have 30+ people watching the fight. Does that help?

    • Anonymous

      I never got how shit like this starts...like 2 dudes get ina fight where the other 45 come from lol


    So many funny things in this video. And all of you should know that TOO many "niggas" in once place is always a bad idea. black people know how to act... ROFL at the security guard runnin at 1:06! He was like "I CANT TAKE THIS SH**!"

  • Anonymous

    ahh it wasn't that bad son he got sucker punched. he's music is still unlistenable though. that one dude,on the other hand,got laid out!!

  • Nigga nahledge

    If it was over money and it was one of waka flockas proteges then it was Lil Capp. I remember seeing him going on a rant on twitter about how waka flockas fake and how he owed him money for "o let's do it" I can't believe he took it further than twitter tho and I can't believe waka flocka took the punch, he's about a whole foot taller than capp

  • Anonymous

    SMDH acting like animals in a damn charity event, this is the stuff that makes us black people look bad

    • Negro Please

      Peolpe are gonna have their own personal view of us if we fight or not. Do you changw your view toward any other race you see fighting in public I don't. It's just a fight. And besides, anybody that got the nerve to go to a charity event to start shit and try and run needs their head beat in anyway. Everybody blaming Waka but ain't nobody blaming the idiot who threw the first punch. And Waka sucks by the way

    • I agree

      This is so ignorant. I mean really? At a charity event son? There is nothing gangsta about fighting at a charity event. Look how many kids were around...I'd hate to say it, but unfortunately, he is a role model of some sort. No class whatsoever. Ancestors turning over in their graves right now. Not because of this one incident, but collectively...damn we need to get it together...smh.

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