T.I. Gives First Interview Since Release From Prison, Says He's Going Back To The 'Old T.I.'

With Tip just a couple days out of prison, he promises to appeal more to his Bank Head supporters and says he doesn't owe explanations to his critics.

T.I. finished his 11-month sentence this week and officially returned home on Thursday. After almost a year of out of the public eye, he sat down for his first interview with Atlanta's V-103 radio station to talk about family, public perception, and future plans. 

He explained that prior to his drug charge, he got so caught up in being a role model that he began reaching to live up to other people's expectations. This, he feels, influenced his music, and not necessarily in a good way.

"When I went through everything I was going through, [I became] the new, sophisticated, Paper Trail, upper echelon T.I.," he said. "All of those people [who liked this new T.I.] were the ones quickest to give me their back pockets to kiss. The ones who really stayed down with me was them Bank Head natives. The ones who supported them first two albums. So I feel like I'ma stay down with who stayed down with me."

Tip said he knows people are disappointed in his actions, but he doesn't feel the need to explain those actions as he has himself and a family to consider first.

"I owe that to myself. I really don't owe anyone any explanation. I think I had to grow to that point. I can't live for ya'll. Ya'll like my music and I appreciate that. Ya'll like me as a person and I appreciate that wholeheartedly. However, I don't owe all these explanations to all these different people I don't even know. If you have disagreements with the way I move, with the way I operate, that's fine, you're entitled to it. But at the end of the day, I got to live my life for these people. For my family, for my children, and I'm going to do what's best for them. You don't have to believe me. And I can't make you believe me. There's nothing I can say to make you believe me. But I got to live my life for [my family]."

T.I. also gave his thoughts on the bus incident, premiered the B.I.G. KRIT produced and featured "I'm Flexin' ," and hinted at the title of his upcoming album.

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  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    T.I. does not have explain his actions, but as a "celebrity" he must deal with the echo.

  • One Year for Gun Charges?

    So he will no longer snitch to get out of doing time? Interesting.

  • Jesus

    go figure. I'm T.I. and ima prison monkey. man this nigga act like Urban Legend is Marshal Mathers LP. he was boring in the trap. like every Trp rapper is. King my ass i can honestly say Ludacris' weakest lines kill T.I.'s best album. congrats on T.I. i started to like you with no mercy. and now your just another shitty south rapper

  • Variable

    >"I gotta do what's best for my family" >break the law. go to prison. repeat. choose one.


    Man..ya'll trippin...Paper Trail was wack? That in my opinion is one of his best albums!! That nigga went the fuck off on that....There was only one song..I did'nt like on that album..and that was "porn star" that shit did'nt fit at all. Hell...to me that is one of the best albums of late...LIl waynes last 2 Carter albums ain't fuckin with that in my opinion. But then again I'm not a Lil wayne fan...so.....

  • Anonymous

    So, TI made 'paper trail' which was a wack album to say the least, and now is desperately hoping his old fans will take him back? Sorry, guy, you fell off. See ya!

  • jaims

    my opinion is.. i would like t.i. to not go back to rapping about selling crack and ish.. he is married with kids and just got out of jail.. if he goes back to rapping about "trapping" then that just don't make sense.. paper trail was the only album i could stand cuz he didn't talk about killing or anything.. but whatever he can do what he wants

    • TRUTH

      Who said he was going to go back to rapping about sellin crack? I think TI just means he going back to that attitude....He has been forced to go pop lately by Atlantic Records. They have a bad habit of forcing their artist to go pop. Thats why Lupe had that big dust up with them.

    • Obi Patrick

      But don't you think Paper Trail was a little wack on a beat production tip?

  • Obi Patrick

    Didn't the old T.I get alot more in trouble than the new T.I?

    • obi patrick is a ugly homo

      Who cares what you think. Your pic is ugly as fuck you might want to take it down dirty fag

    • Obi Patrick

      Yeah I thought the techno influenced production was a long way away from the hip hop feel he had generated with the first two. He's right in staying loyal to those 2 successes...

    • L-Boogie

      Paper Trail is a solid album but alot of the beats were to pop and corny, King is def his best album rite next to Trap Muzik and Urban Legend.

  • Anonymous

    I swear these dumb ass niggas be on the internet too much, every rapper out who has 3 or more albums go on twitter and read some shit like "So and So need to go back to that old shit" and they let it get in their head cause they fuckin stupid as a bag of rocks and cant see that online you'll find a nigga who complains about anything no matter what you do, if you wake up and breathe Oxygen in the morning theres a dude online who doesnt like the way you did it, so stop letting these miserable motherfuckers in ya head and just do you, being an artist is suppose to be about expressing yourself, how you doin that when you change directions everytime someone starts crying about shit??

  • pimp c

    the Old Ti ? LOL so hes talking about the one that nigga flip ass he kicked lol

    • wait...

      are you saying he kicked flip's ass, or are you saying flip kicked his ass? Because one's around and still relevant while the other one isn't doing shit.

  • Anonymous

    The old TI and the new TI are both great. Why can't he just have a mix of both?

  • Anonymous

    Hey T>I>P> you can have whatever you like. Nothing wrong with being a grown man on the mike bro, bruh, etc. Can't slang and gangbang on these songs forever to many hunger and younger ones for that bro. T>I>P> make that grown man rap with a splash of what's going on in the community, with a splash of earned income, equals +1 and a grammy. Peace.

  • WHocare

    T.I. is finished, no longer a superstar. He done fell off.

    • TRUTH

      Have you ever considered....that maybe T.I don't wanna be a "Superstar" anymore? He might be sick of chasing stardom like that.....listen to his track "Castle Walls"

    • Anonymous

      Thank you I dont know why people cant see that. He fucked up with the wrong people.



  • If them niggas see your dick...THEN LET EM SUCK IT!

    Thick Semen...Willy Beamen

  • SutterKane

    Any time a rapper tries to go back to his "Old Style" its a disaster You cant make an album with the same hunger and desperation now as a millionaire that you did when you were really struggling, its not gonna feel authentic Its like when Em & Jay said they were going back to their old style and the best they came out with was "Relapse" and "American Gangster", nobody wants to hear a 2nd rate knock off of some shit you already got right the first time Instead of trying to repeat yourself, why not evolve and make some music that reflects who you are today instead of pretending your still 20 years old?? Thats why rappers be shooting themselves in the foot, there scared to grow up and try some new shit out, gotta keep themselves locked in the same box like anybody really takes a Multi Millionaire rapper serious when he comes out talkin bout "I gotta slang this dope to pay the bills, I'm hustling to survive" music a decade after he bagged his last ounce up Fuck outta here

    • L-Boogie

      Well Raekwon dropped OB4CL2 and it's a modern day classic so we'll see. T.I. don't neccessarily gotta be on some shoot em up shit to make great music.

    • mike

      real talk. when any artist says they are going back to there old style it means they have lost relevance or run out of ideas and are trying to move units based on the hype from there first success. i.e pain is love 2, adrenaline rush 2007, Philadelphia Freeway 2, j.o.s.e 2 etc...

  • GUess what I did?

    I gave T.I a haircut with my dick. I lined shaved his face with my baby gravy and then shaved him. DO ME BABY DO ME! OMG ME SO HAWNY!! MEEH LUV YOOU LAWNG TYME! any1 pick up dat cole world album? I'm gonna bust a nut on it, lick the nut JUST to see what my nut would taste like on a J cole album.

  • OfficerRicky

    i raped this guy in Gen POP


    To each his or her own. Been messing with Tip since 2001 so whateva. He could quit now he already a legend. All these new cats got a long way 2 go.

    • Anonymous

      i been rockin wit t.i. since trap muzik and while his next album can use some social commentary i'm not a person who want t.i. to almost recreate i'm serious or trap muzik. i love when tip kick that gangsta shit but i also like how he's evolved from i'm serious to no mercy as well. that flow he spittin on that new jeezy is what he needs on his album. and beats from hi tek, just blaze, pharrell, danja, and a couple of beats from big k.r.i.t. he don't even need toomp.

    • Anonymous

      Lmao tip a legend..he got a long way to go.

  • Anonymous

    good where is songs like motivation. this kinder gentler t.i aint doing it bruh.

  • Anonymous

    yeah right tip, you gonna make pop singles with rihanna and lady gaga

  • 123kid

    glad to hear Tip's back so the radio wnt be ran by YM but we'll have some T.I. too..$ changes ppl whether they wanna admit it or not. It's very hard to be the same person when ur not making the same amount of $ u used to. Jus evolve w/ur music, but dnt lose dat same passion and hunger u had to produce dat hustle, street music..1 of da best artists who has nvr really changed is Young Jeezy for example

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    naw TI i aint buying it...you just sayin this to get a buzz. you been sayin you was going back to ur old self when King uncaged suppose to came out last year but that was a no go because your fruitcake as went back to jail.......I'm telling you homie I'm a opportunist , these lil sucky fans of yours will buy back into you if you have beef with a rapper(so they will think you hard) and go back to the laid back urban legend flow. not these luvy duby songs........you went soft to me when you did that song with rihanna 4 years ago

    • Anonymous

      that hard shits played out, get a brain, or just give me some brains if thats all your good for.

    • vg

      RUPAUL still talking shit about rappers

    • LegoLuga

      T.I. haven't made hit's since King. If anything he need to link with B.G. and Young Jeezy. I agree fux these cryin' bitch ass niggas but it's the truth he haven't been making hits since.

    • Anonymous

      Haha you're gonna call T.I. a fruitcake, because he likes to pump drugs into his body, fuck who doesnt? Hes not paying money to have people killed and shit like Boosie. And I agree with "Shut The Fuck Up" and "Meat Man", go listen to some lil wayne bitch

    • Lupe Espinoza

      ^^^ LMMFAO! Cranky women need sum good ass-lickin xD

    • Meat Man

      Women are so angry these days. Do you want me to lick your ass? maybe you need a guy like me to cherish you and lick your ass, and to the other guy, we don't need to argue with women we need to lick their asses to show that you care and appreciate them let's step up as men and lick the asses of these women.

    • maino

      A crybaby's opinion don't count. go buy more nicki minaj albums and shut the fuck up bitch

    • Shut the fuck up,

      A womans opinion doesn't count. Go buy more of Lil Waynes album, dumb bitch.

  • Neggero86

    ...old T.I.?......is that kinda thinking what got him locked up in the first place?

    • jesterxxl

      I think he means music wise 86 well let's fuckin hope so we don't need him behind bars we need him layin em down

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