Rapper Big Pooh Deads Little Brother Reunion Rumors, Reveals EP With Nottz

The Little Brother alum says the VA aren't reuniting anytime soon, and talks about his upcoming second album and EP with Nottz.

Amadeuztv/90.5FM KSJS recently caught up with Rapper Big Pooh following a performance alongside Slum Village. Pooh addressed the rumors that Litte Brother may be to reuniting after their nearly two-year rift. He said that while he feels no ill will to either Phonte or 9th Wonder, he's solely focusing on his solo career for the moment.

"If it is [a rumor], this is the first time I'm hearing of it," he said. "At the end of the day, I definItely respect and appreciate the foundation that was Little Brother, but at this point in time, I'm just concentrating on me. I've got genuine love for Phonte and 9th [Wonder] and I wish them luck, I wish them well, I [hope] they accomplish all the goals that they set out to accomplish, but I have to take this time to really concentrate on me and what I'm doing."

Big Pooh also discussed his upcoming sophomore LP Dirty Pretty Things, due out this November 1. He said that he feels like he's had a few false starts in his solo career, and that after five years of mixtapes and other projects, he's ready to hit the solo grind once again. He also added that he'll be releasing an EP with producer Nottz at some point this year. 

"Perseverance pays off. I never wanted to admit, but I'm a perfectionist to a certain extent, and I think it took a couple of false starts to find a comfortable groove to put out my official sophomore project [Dirty Pretty Things]," he said. "I've been putting out projects...and they were just songs that I had, because I record like crazy. I always have at least two albums of material in the stash, but I finally found the correct zone...and lane to display my side of what Little Brother was. A lot of people don't understand about Little Brother, when we came together, we all had to sacrifice a little of what we were to make Little Brother work. Now, you're getting me totally. You can still hear the Little Brother influence in it, but it's me."

He added, "My new plan is to work with different producers [and] do EPs. I just want to get back to the days of the producer and the emcee in the studio together creating. I think there's a certain kind of synergy, a certain kind of magic that happens when the producer and the emcee are in the studio together...me and Nottz, we talked...and we finally gonna do our EP together, and I've got a crazy idea for that."

The full interview can be seen below.

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  • Ricki Lutes

    if the first that comes to mind when see a big pooh interview is comparing him and phonte then cool, but me i think about little brother, sleepers and big pooh himself... i agree sleepers was dope and there were some great songs on it... and i also would've liked to see a big pooh feature on CSAH

    • Cuda B

      That is the one thing that CSAH missed imo. Median did a good job filling in for that Justus League sound, but it would've been great to get a Pooh verse.

  • dazeone

    They need each other ...Pooh is straight Phonte is the best the two and no one rides a 9th beat like those 2...Tribe syndrome ...get back together they are stronger than apart

  • sam I am

    i respect this man 100%, BUT in terms of those three cats, Pooh was the weakest link. Pooh was nice, but Phonte was better and we all know what 9th can do behind the boards. I wouldnt really put Pooh in the position to be refusing reunions and shit.

  • ILLliterate

    yo i just hate how i read a whole article and then i scroll to the bottom, only to see the video of the interview posted. NIGGA I HATE READING

  • datNIGGAJ


  • Anonymous

    Alright,Big Pooh,U can focus on ya solo career n all dat.But dam nigga u ain't that cold where you can't accept or jump on featured track 1 wit Phonte/9th.Phonte buried da hatchet w/ 9th n r featured on each other solo shit,why u can't do da same????

  • dlp23602

    Love this dude, BUT, "at the end of the day" (i hate that saying), you gotta give the people what they want, and that's more Little Brother!! Don't "Tribe" us Pooh!!!

  • Harjodh Singh Bains

    Great MC

  • honest truth

    rapper been dope that sleepers album was ill too

    • TiiDo

      Real Talk. I co-sign, Sleepers was real nice. Even though Tigallo & 9th were much stronger, Pooh had his own niche, he was the perfect foil for them two. If you bump charity starts at home, you can tell that a Pooh verse or two is missing.

    • AyA

      Sleepers was criminally slept on.. One of my favorite albums..

  • KIng Raleigh

    I think this will b his third album his second album was the delighful bars and it was dope...

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