Jay-Z Talks Beyonce's Pregnancy, Praises President Barack Obama

Hov took a break from his charity carnival last night to discuss a few topics.

Last night, Jay-Z hosted a charity carnival at New York City’s Pier 54, taking a break from the festivities to chop it up with E! Online about his baby with Beyonce and President Barack Obama. In his typically casual way, Hov shared his excitement for his firstborn with Bey with a few words.

"I'm excited! I think that is pretty easy," he said, noting his ability to share the excitement with others. "Someone emailed me this morning and said 'Some people climb the ladder and grab the ladder. And some people pull more people up the ladder and you are a person who pulls more people up the ladder.' I was very humbled by that.”

He also weighed in on Obama’s presidency, claiming that he was dealt a bad hand when he entered office and that he still supports him.

"I still think he is the best man for the job," he explained. "Yes, I think he got a raw deal and a bad economy. You wouldn't be given anything you can't handle so he must be really special, because he has a lot of work to do!"

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  • Ay

    Thank god it's a girl, you know it would've been 13 years and he would've started rapping......like lil eazy e

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    I hope most of the Obama Haters on here are white..real talk..yall sound dumassfuc..when u sittin on the porch in yo 50's and yo grandkids askin u how was it to live during the time of Obama..what u gon say u lame ass niggas..yeh fuck that nigga..the change is him bein in office..it might inspire the next generation of black folks to not be like they dumass parents..i know i never thought i would see this shit and im a relatively young nigga..what abt the kids..this shit unbelievable..just look at the college enrollment rates of the next group of young black adults..u idiots..callin ppl tools when u are one..u aint "stickin" shit to the "man"..u bein a youtube dummie sittin on yo computer..livin that foolish ass existence..Obama got 95% of the blk vote(as he should)..who the fuc would admit to bein in the other 4% proudly..u couldnt be too proud to be a wack-ass republican..as for the "COON" who said what has he done in office 1. INCREASED PELL GRANTS(this is REAL WORLD GET OUT THE GHETTO SHIT LAMES) Reagan-cut them shits next to nothin and u seen what the CRACK generation did..exactly..CLINTON..increased education funding..the 90's-prosperity..REPUBLICANS R STUPID 2. Killin terrorists(real or Fake) left and right..Bush started this shit and aintcapture nobody 3. FIGHTIN OFF CRACKERS AND COONS Left and right..having to remain respectful of these disrespectful fucks..Congress is out to get this man and u think he illuminati?..such dummies 4. SAved the CAR INDUSTRY( a whole city would've died in America) and that would've just been pitiful not havin a car industry..republicans-said fuck it..what do we need a car industry for..idiots 5. finally let gays in the military(he boxin his enemies in)..believe that OBAMA not gon win propaganda all u want too 6. Tried to get MEXICANS AND ILLEGAL ALIENS who was born here citizenship..MASSAS say fuck the mexicans..but i still think MExicans gon vote against they best interest,,they love white folks..so what they tryin to kick yall out too 7. one thing to remember tho..u giv this man a second term and disrespect him..he is CHICAGO bred..he is goin in..make no mistake..he is still a blk man and his competition is not only pitiful..they racist..stupid..idiotic..no direction as far as the future of this country is concerned..they tryin to turn this bitch back into the 30's or some shit..they will start more wars and give even more money to the rich...i truly believe if one of these republicans are elected..America will be brought to the brink of destruction...AGAIN..they are your "WEAK ass ILLUMINATI!"..u stupid lil' niggas who should stick to hiphop debates and read some shit other than watchin youtube clips on the devil..lame shit

    • Jesus

      i hate how the black men have to assume people are out to get them. on the real. like it aint happening everywhere "we live in the ghetto boo hoo we cant pay bills" its white and mexican america too. now i agree with both. he is just a suit naming off things the Government tells him to. yes. but he has done some good. this shit takes time. unemployment will go back down and shit. just buy local and stop buyin "made in Japan" shit. feeding other countrys that way

    • Anonymous

      Like I said yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn!!! Obama is helping carry out the white mans agenda. Tell me how in the fuck has Obama helped anybody when it really counts?!!! Like I said yawwwwwwwwwwwn You sound like the youtube junkie to me because like I said you buying the hype and not looking at the long term agenda!!! yawwwwwwwwwwwnn

    • Life Accordin' To Dutch

      i deal in reality FOOL..go yawnnnn somewhere else..im very well read and researched..u BELIEVE THE HYPE..U FUCKIN YOUTUBE JUNKIE..tell me how giving poor or middle class students more money to go to college is bad..?..RACISM IS REAL IN AMERICA..THERE WAS NEVER A SITUATION WHERE THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT WAS NOT GOING TO EXPERIENCE THIS..IT WAS THE PPL FAULT FOR BELIEVING THT BULLSHIT..THIS IS A WHITE MANS LAND..AND HE STILL LOST IN THT DEMOGRAPHIC..

    • Anonymous

      yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn!! Come with something better. I understand what you trying to say, but all that shit you just named has done more harm than good!!! You have to remember Obama is NOT for the people and he is not calling the shots!! You have a good argument but you fall short because you are buying the hype.


    Oh, yeah, right, shit,... I was gonna talk about how America is full of BULLSHITERS! Look seriously man, I don't know if yall niggas expect some African juju shit and the world economy to suddenly realign itself after several bonds (which were basically useless) were sold to several banks....but me, iam realistic so yeah.......shut the fuck up if you don't know shit about the economy.

  • Anonymous

    Little hov nigga over there has two outcomes.... UGLY AS HELL or cute.

  • me agian

    You know what I say. I say Obama should hand this shitty as rasist country over to the "MAN" and let them fix there own problems. NOW who you gonna blame SUCKERS!

  • realtalk@yahoo.com

    lol i bet you guys didnt even know why they elected Obama, it wasn't because he was the best candidate for it. Do you guys wanna hear the truth? When bush left, the economy and america was so fucked, with the war and the debt, and all the jobs lost, IT DIDNT MATTER WHO CAME TO OFFICE NEXT, the next nigga would have A LOT of bullshit to handle and take care of. American White Politics thinking, "hey why not just let the next/first 'black' president try to fix this mess", Knowing damn well it was impossible and was going to make him look bad, and all black people in general look bad... think about it. EDUCATE YOURSELF before you assume you guys know about politics

    • cj

      Yup thats how that went down! Look at McCain that dude didn't even look like he wanted to be president of this shit hole!LMFAO

  • RTJ00

    What a fucking tool! Mason ass gets paid to shout out Obama!

  • Anonymous

    America's issued are deeply rooted in many different aspects, and he stood up wanting to be the man for the job. We all voted for him because we believed in him, so it kills me when some people think change happens right away. Noone knows exactly what is going on behind closed, and that's a good reason to worry, but sometimes we sound so frustrated at our own situations that we feel its in our best interests to place blame. You can't rush change, so don't criticize someone you voted for just because he isn't knocking on your door every morning with today's news report and weather forecast. We got Bin Laden, and that's a positive thing...so unless anyone plans on storming the White House demanding change, take a chill pill, and let our president attempt to do the impossible.

  • dertyDos

    Finally jay finds out he's gonna be a father from a doctor rather than a lawyer.. its the roc! Holla!

  • Anonymous

    Oh and by the way that whole tea-party vs. Obama and other democrats is a BIG ASS FRONT!!! P.E. said long ago "DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE"!!!!

  • Anonymous

    http://soundcloud.com/this-j-bird-bitch killuminati

  • Anonymous

    Nobody is throwing Obama under the bus and he wasnt given a bad hand. Obama is playing the hand them white folks want him to play. Obama is just playing the role he is apart of that whole illuminati shit, just like Jay-z has his orders. People need to wake up and realize this is America and there is no way a person of color is going to run office without some corrupt shit being behind it. Also just in case you know any person of color that is in a position of power like Jay z are acting on orders from white folks!!!!! Think im lying look the shit up. Its time people need to know whats really going on instead of believing everything that they see or hear. Oh wow Jay and B are having a baby and im supposed to give a shit about the lil illuminati bundle of joy!!! GTFOH I could give a shit less about a lil sellout baby being brought into the world!!! I know it sounds mean but I dont give a shit the TRUTH IS THE TRUTH!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Once again here is another intelligent reply. What the fuck is up with all these gay comments. Oh I get it Obmama is gay and yall want to be like him. Now I understand.

    • @anon

      your a pig that stuffs cop dicks up your ass

    • Anonymous

      That was a very intelligent reply!!! Lets me know that you really dont know shit. No reason to continue this debate. Sorry no strawberries Im not a homosexual like you!!!

    • @prince3ofthisD

      stuffin strawberry frosted up ya ass is your conspiracy pig lover.

    • Anonymous

      I heard your alien theory and I have to say there is some validity to that theory. As for the da vinci code, y2k, and 2012 you can miss me with that shit while you trying to be a smartass. We all know there are a bunch of powerful muthafuckas (mostly white dudes) that call the shots and have been for awhile now!! So you can be funny all you want like I said before the TRUTH IS THE TRUTH!!! So make a joke outta that punk!!!

    • Princ3 0f Th3 D

      Y'all are too funny! You probably believe in the Da Vinci Code, Y2K, and 2012 too. AHHH everything is a conspiracy... Actually it's not the "MAN" running everything its actually aliens that were sent here before christ was born and they control our whole civilization. Now think about that.

    • Anonymous

      Thats wuz up at least somebody out here know what time it is!!!

    • Anonymous

      dude i agree, what has obama done to have anyones praise. its all "illuminati" bullshit. but its not about color because if he was a good president he wouldnt be takin a vacation every other week, he woudldnt be on every fuckin tv show or his wife. i bet there wont be another black president in our short lived time of being called america the land of the free again its sad to say but if obama was good he would be assassinated a long time ago http://soundcloud.com/this-j-bird-bitch my music may not seem that political and meaningful now but wait til i have the worlds attention killuminati, im puttin a stop to the way things are

  • bussa

    You dirty crackers and uncle toms kept these republicans in office for 8 fucking years, that's why we are here today...Obama has been given a bad hand from the get go, and he is making the best out of it, even with all the negativity being thrown at him by this racist ass country, anything he puts fourth the republican say nay, seriously how the fuck is he supposed to turn the country around in 2 years ??stop the nonsense you fucking bastards

  • Anonymous

    he sold out same as jay z. jay z brought the nets to brooklyn to put niggas out of their homes. its not like they going to make more affordable housing for them once once the area changes haha. and since obama been in the white house black genicide has gone through the roof. social programs cut, niggas state to state killing each other and ww will never once hear oh butt boy so much as burp about it haha

    • Blackbon007

      Hey West, you're the fucking dummie because people were being displaced out of the homes that resided on Pacific Street where the south side of the arena rests. The immense pressure on getting people to move because of the ground breaking of the arena, the construction jobs that were supposed to employ local contruction workers that were never given to local people. YOU obviously never been to BK or else you know this.

    • west

      Hey dummie , it wasn't no homes there idiot, it was a fucking rail yard, if you from Brooklyn or ever been there you would know that asshole..and by the way , i support Obama too...

  • Duke

    i like and respect Jay for what he has done, but he knows nothing i repeat nothing about politics or this economy.

  • Anonymous

    Don't start talking politics on here, for fuck's sake. If you care so much, go to a public forum in your town hall, instead of wasting time on the internet. That being said, let's now all lament that we can no longer have that naive dream where Jay and B never fuck and she's still technically available in case we somehow got a billion dollars. A sad day, indeed.

  • Langston Who?

    Coontastic! Motherfuck Shawn Carter and corporate tool Obama. Not that "Watch The Throne" was anything but utter doghit but it's nice to know who's licking whose ass too.

  • nyystateofmind

    yo, you vote with your dollar so stop buying shit from campanies like apple and walmart and start voting with your dollar. get real, fuck socialism all you do is fuck over your high income neighbors. anybody with money has a small realized income so they dont get taxed anyway. support capitalism. how the fuck are you supposed to survive with it. bottom line is that some people are indians, and other are cheifs. its only the indians that cry about socialism. go out there and be your own man. besides, equality would fuck up the balance between rich and poor. poor people would just give the fuckin money right back. everything you were taught about money is a lie. go out there and read a fuckin book instead of learning through lupe fiasco songs. fuck. this comming from the brokest motherfucker on here, who's parents also don't have a pot to piss in. but at least capitalism gives me the oppourtunity. socialism makes me buy a thousand fuckin permits to do anything legally. you are all being brainwashed to support socialism, when the mother fuckers your trying to strip power from are above politics anyway

    • @nys

      exactly. any of this donut eatin mofos you see on TV that claim they make 10,000x times normal salary, tell em to fuck off. then stick the entire box of joe up they ass for good measure

  • Anonymous

    Jay doesn't have to give a shit how bad the economy is, c'mon now people lets get real. He is filthy rich and will continue to be so as time goes on. You think he's really concerned about the unemployed? He doesn't give a fuck about Obama's next move.

    • maj

      Jay hit up LeBron for their new scheme to help black kids get into college. No one forced him to do that shit so u cant say he dont care. Problem is he cant care too much otherwise white folk will be on his ass, same goes for Obama

  • Anonymous

    Jay will never say a word that seems a little left or rebelious. It's bad for business, thats why in 2011 the bigger the rapper the more of a sucker or slave to these big money people who really run the f..king!!country

  • Mr Flamboaynt

    Not to mention he gave the bailout to the corporations responsible instead of the actual taxpayers who could use loot to pay off debts as well as boost the economy. Yeah I wholehearted echo the last two cats below. Let's not act as if Obama is a total victim of the most deceitful and most gangsta president we've ever had and known. Obama is a politician. Obama straddled the fence so much he should work in Stroker's. Obama shitted on the very same ones who put him in (internet generation and grassroot organizations). I do say he's the best for the job...but that's only because he's the lesser of the evils. He doesn't get a pass just cause he's the first black man ever to be president. Take a stance for what's right. Hell he's shown not to have a clue about fiscal matters. Hell we shouldn't have had to wait all this time for him to finally act upon these stupid taxes and other programs to provide help for those that need such (social security, medicare/medicaid, etc). Hell a lot of things should have been taken care when his party still had a lot of control and didn't get voted out ultimately. They were voted out throughout why? Him taking ish for granted and not doing his job and keeping his word, along with the rest of the Democratic party. F politics. Just do your f'n jobs and we're good.

    • @JG3

      yeah I can do better. I don't eat donuts like my life depends on it, like these corrupt jerk offs

    • Maj

      Mr flamboyant got this but the problem is no one will do better. Obama dont run the country, he gets told what to do. word

    • SpikeyJamez

      Seriously JG3, I have no idea what the f*ck your actually asking. "Could you do any better?" For what? I don't get it, I need a more descriptive explanation behind your unfinished question.

    • JG3

      I read what you had to say, I have a couple of questions for you...Could you do any better? And if so, how? Matter of fact, those same questions applies to the person who agreed with you. Don't worry I'll wait...

    • SpikeyJamez

      I agree, real talk.

  • 420westcoast

    It's all Bush's fault!!!

  • SpikeyJamez

    I don't think Jay-Z has any awareness whatsoever of how Obama is controlled by the republican party and funded by Wall Street. Seriously Lupe, Sole, Lowkey, Immortal Tech and hundreds other indie rappers already noticed about he's failures as a president. Jay-Z is so played out and act such a greedy media whore like Lil Wayne.

    • @anon

      since when is the worlds most popular culture about eating donutz???? SpikeyJames you are correct good post

    • SpikeyJamez

      Seriously can anyone "Read" my comments? Am very confuse coming from the statements above me cause nothing makes sense anymore. Am not on the corporate side at all and yet you guys keeps back stabbing me for not reading my words. It's a shame the amount of hatred and ignorance coming from you guys cause I respect these independent artists. Really? CAN ANYONE READ?!

    • Anonymous

      Your just on the corporate side, a white supremist who hates niggas going for self. Or having a voice for a matter of fact, you, like others wish to turn this hip hop shit into something like, the exact opposite of what it is. Because you want to maintain control of the worlds most popular culture and get misinformation into these kinds minds.

    • SpikeyJamez

      I love all these indie rappers, man. Don't make me look bad :(

    • SpikeyJamez

      No, I meant Obama as a failing president not them lol. Don't put my words out of context.

    • Anonymous

      And what are the failings of Lupe, Sole, Lowkey, Immortal Tech and hundreds other indie rappers??????? Bad music and acting like the Media-Take Out of HipHop, all gossip and NOOOOO substance. No one really relates and no one is willing to bet any money on them cause they are wack.

  • dmize-one

    obama got a bad economy but that still dont change the fact that he aint doin nothin to change the situation.. he hired as treasury secratary someone who helped engineer the financial collapse (timothy geithner).. not to mention many broken campaign promises (close guantanomo, lower healthcare costs[theyve risen], etc, etc).. obama is just another suit... dont let his race or anything else fool you into thinkin any different..

    • Anonymous

      It's secretary, stupid. Should have stayed in school and stop following the dumb, wack, GO NOWHERE crowd. A job is available to a lot of people. Most don't try cause they are too busy listening to a bunch of DROP OUTS, both industry wise and other wise. When you act NEGATIVE no one wants to be around you. Would you like a NEGATIVE person around YOU? I guess so since all you spit is anger and dumb shit.

  • HRH

    Beyonce uused to be the hottest women alive, till HOV gave her stretch marks that aren't there yet. If she have a C-section... damn

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