Planet Asia Reveals Tracklist, Cover Art For "Black Belt Theatre," Due February 28

UPDATE: The West Coast veteran enlists production from Oh No and Khrysis.

Planet Asia has announced his upcoming album Black Belt Theatre, due February 28th via Wandering Worx Music.

The album is set to feature guest appearances from Raekwon, Paul Wall, Talib Kweli and many others.

“We’re ecstatic to welcome such a hard working artist to the family,” says Rodney Davidson, Wandering Worx co-founder. “Planet Asia has been catching critical attention since the late ‘90s, and we’re confident he’ll continue to make waves with us and help make this label a hip hop force to reckon with.”

[September 29]

UPDATE: Planet Asia has revealed the tracklist and cover art for his upcoming album Black Belt Theatre, releasing February 28th. On the project, he enlists additional production from Oh No and Khrysis.

"It was fun because I got to reach out to guys like Oh No and Khrysis for beats, find the best tracks and put together a masterpiece," said Asia. "It's some esoteric gangster shit…a full plate for the listener."

1. Lost And Found (prod. by Khrysis)
2. Grown Folks Talkin' (ft. Talib Kweli)
3. Tell The Wold
4. All Mine (ft. Paul Wall)
5. No Apologies (ft. Raekwon) (prod. by Oh No)
6. Fuck Rappers (ft. Willie The Kid & Fashawn)
7. Diamond Life (ft. Camp Lo)
8. Furniture
9. Mach One
10. Daggers And Darts (ft. Rogue Venom & Tristate)
11. Bruce Lee (ft. Rasco & Chace Infinite)
12. Golden State
13. Coons (ft. Killer Ben)
14. The Line Of Fire (ft. KrondonPicaso, & Phil The Agony)
15. Big Fish
16. External Motives (ft. The Jacka & Mitchy Slick)
17. Classical (ft. Ras KassTorae, and Jasiri X)
18. Stay Ready (ft. Mistah FAB & Nio The Gift) (prod. Oh No)
19. Whirlwind Patterns
20. Dogon Outro


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  • Machiventa

    Dopeness, can't wait! Here's the first single from it and it's free!

  • planet china

    been listening to planet asia since Pure Coke! ps: this is an article about planet asia, so why the fuck are you talking about jay-z dental boy and honcho? fuckin herbs

  • Honcho

    Jay-z is the best to ever do it,the one rapper every rapper has to bad mouth to get attention,its the R.O.C BITCH!!!

  • dentaldamboy

    Jay-Z has way too many dickriders. Jay-Z been a disloyal bitch for years and yet too many fags still talk about him like he's Biggie or Pac. Biggie and Pac were real dudes...they were loyal to the people who they came up with. Jay the exact opposite. He shit on everybody who helped him get to the top except Memphis he dude probably suck Jay-Zs dick when Beyonce is on tour. I swear, people who like Jay-Z worship him as if he was a god. There is nothing that he can do wrong in the eyes of his fans. Even when he makes shitty pop music like Young Forever people talk about him as if he makes only meaningful songs like Nas. Jay-Z definitely has he gayest fan base of all. I bet any one of Jay-Zs fans would agree to swallow his cock and fondle his balls on request. Everyone knows he's gonna be exposed as a fraud one day. And when he is, I hope all of his fucking bitch ass fans hang themselves.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like he's stepping away from the gangster shit and pushing for real hiphop content. Aggresive but not gangsta. I support that. Peace 2 Asia.

  • Clint Barton

    That's a tracklist. Looks dope

  • Mike C

    Glad we got a release date AMEN!

  • Talib is Prostitute

    that nicca must b having a fire sale... verses for $500 dollars and that nicca b djaying and doing shows with Mos ...his paper must b fucked up lmao!!!....Kweli? wtf son next you gon b doing choreography and shid

  • honest truth

    that nigga is a beast him and phil da agony(strong arm steady) need to drop a album get 9th wonder and madlib to produce it with features by kurupt ras kass elzhi curren$y

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