Papoose Speaks On "King Of NY” Comments Made Via Twitter

Papoose stands by his "King Of NY” claims, says people are "bothered by the truth.”

New York City rapper Papoose caused quite the commotion on the social networking site Twitter after referring to himself as the “King Of NY” in a series of Tweets made yesterday (September 28).

“The king of ny city is back whatsup peasants #kng of ny talk,” said Papoose in one of his many Tweets.

And during an interview with Forbez DVD, Papoose went on to clarify his statements and reveal that he’s wholeheartedly standing behind his “King Of NY” statements.

“When the truth come out sometimes people get a little bothered by the truth. ..More or less man the reason why I let knowledge be born that I’m the king is because it’s time,” Papoose explained. “It’s 2011 so if you know anything about yourself then you know that’s the year of the king…I’mma start off by saying that it’s nobody nicer than me in New York. I’m the king of New York. I couldn’t give less than a fuck how a nigga feel about it.”

Papoose went on to speak on various occurrences in which he felt he was the only rapper to speak out for the people through his music.  

“Just to elaborate on that - these dudes it’s the same thing on every record, there’s no versatility. You understand what I’m saying? When Sean Bell got shot who stepped up to the plate? It was the voice of the ghetto,” said Papoose. “When Hurricane Katrina hit and George Bush – and don’t say Kanye. Cause Kanye made an outburst but I did it in song format like a real lyricist supposed to do. When Katrina hit and George Bush didn’t acknowledge our people over there, who spoke up? Who’s teaching all our people in the penitentiary how to beat they cases?”

Papoose Says He Is The KING OF NEW YORK! No One Else!

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  • DL

    Great interview. Papoose is one of the smartest cats all time but if he thinks saying that Barack Obama's policies are bad equate with racial slander he needs to go do some studying at the core of the what the 5% nation is about. Illusion deceives us all. And until you do your own knowledge and learn something for yourself, don't take my opinion, your friend's, or the media's. someone watch this for yourself and hook Papoose up with it as well. Looks like KRS-One was correct in his assessment of our current President.!

  • Stan

    Then the chess reference... Is he aware of the limitations of the King piece on a chess board? Is he aware that the most powerful chess piece is the QUEEN? *fart sound* King of what? Shut up, 'Poose.

  • Stan

    Umm... Did he just quote Marvin Gaye, but credit Al Green? *fart sound*



  • blaze1289

    papoose has been the truth for almost a decade now. only uncle murda could step up like that and unfortunately havent heard dude in a hot minute. fab banks lox, only ones close to this level pap be on

  • papoose is still alive?

    Papoose is still relevent? havent heard this guy on the radio in about 3 years since he signed that "huge" deal he got. look at it like the FUCK can u be the king of anything when over 75% of the people do not know who the hell u r? i have 300 friends on facebook, about the same amount of papoose fans, am i the king of social networking? i liked dude too..but don't he know Game already did the Sean Bell thing and always talks about Katrina, worldly events etc etc ? so do a LOT of other rappers

  • Anonymous

    Pap used to be dope I don't know who he pissed off but he won't never go plat

  • gniggapleeze

    i hope he blows up. but i doubt he will. but ill pick it up if its dope.

  • Worlanyo Danny De Don

    he King ya'll stupid fuckz can suck a big fat dick we educated thugs awt here

  • What

    OK he is a king, i am a king, we are all kings, he is gay i am not, what hell is going on here, king of what look around all those calling themself kings are living like peasants go figure. NIGGA GET A CLUE

  • Anonymous

    Papoose King of NY, nigga you cant even buy a use car most less to be a king of anything, you mean the KING of being STUPID.

  • Info

    Nigga aint nobody mad at you fool, I am the king of NY, not you, where the hell all these clownes keep coming from, someone need to give these guy a dictionary and a map cause it clear to see they dont know what is the meaning of a King and a god either.

    • KING

      @ Teacha nigga check yourself, trying to correct someone else grammar and prove that you are the dumbass instead, you just make your ass look real stupid,if anyone need to go back to elementary school is you loser! and oh yeah grap a dictionary while you are there you will find out there is no such was as tryna, as you use.

    • Anonymous

      Teacha get a live you the dumbass it call mistake while one type, i guess you are perfect, but you sound stupid

    • Teacha

      what is clear is your lack of correct grammar? lol! you can't be a "king" until you first master language arts son! dumbass! clown has no 'e' in its spelling...and you meant "this guy" not "these guy" the one that need the dictionary...tryna claim King and can't master spelling...basic elementary rules! loser!

  • Babylonian

    "...nation of Thug-a-cation y'all want us to wild out...!" Papoose teaches...its not meant for all...there are percentages of OUR people that the education is meant for...not like yo favorite, watered down, radio only, rapper! Yall used to the rooks and knights tryna run shit...they work for the KING! Papoose runnin shit...yall not listenin or you concerned how cute he is to yo favorite rapper!


    Although... I can't knock anybody for having confidence..he susposed to think he is the best at what he do.....But need to have a least ONE NOTABLE ALBUM or body of work before he can yell that. Biggie called himself KING of NY...and he had "READY TO DIE",,AND "LIFE AFTER DEATH" to back that up....Nas got back up his claims...jay-z got Blue Print.....what the hell does Papoose got?? Rap verses and some lyrics are not enough...He needs a body of work to back them claims up PERIOD. Till then shut the hell up..get to the studio and drop some quality music...UNIVERSAL music.. the type of muisic that people bump in the south, midwest,,,and west coast.

  • sure buddy

    LOL has this reptilian-lookin mufucka even released an album? ever?

  • Unco Murder

    This dude wack ass fuck! "apples, apricots, alfred, apes, bread, butter, brown, bapes, cages, corn, crack, cocaine, deprived, deranged, duck, date" I can do an "alphabetical" slaughter too.

  • wu

    How can this cat be king of ny when wu tang is forever..

  • SupaDupa

    I wish Pap was the king, but he got some convincing to do after his last few tracks. Pap, Joell, Fab, Vado, Juelz, Yonas, Fred... Who the fuck saying NY Rap is dead???

  • HRH

    We been sayin this since 2010. Pap' is the King of NY. Who else is there? Nas, HOV, and DMX are on a GOD's level. And, after just those 3, you got Papoose. Who else has been able to provide a track with as much knowledge as Pap'? I think we all agree... Jada' aint up to par. Pap' is the King.

    • HRH

      I'll chop your skull, rip your hand off, send a Junkie to Bumfuck your mother after I read your address and search your house for an address motherfucker.

    • Kidd

      you're retarded. Jada will murder Pap in 30 seconds..It'll just be a waste of time cuz Pap don't even have a career he can stand on.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Pap b4 you even think you are king or could be king of NY try to get radio play on normal hours of the day not 3 in da morning where the only dj (kaySlay) is playing ur shit and 95% of New Yorkers are sleeping


    I'm gone disregard all the ignorant reasons he believes makes him King of NY. All this bs in hip-hop is the reason I listen to other genres of music more than hip-hop...

  • 2nPac

    Man, I was really rooting for this dude to make it. Copped all his mixtapes. But where the hell has he been? He was the "1.5 million dollar man" and now self-proclaimed "King of NY"? Hell Nah!

  • Anonymous

    honestly after that busta touch it rmx song I neva heard much mo from this cat. Maybe he is maybe he ain't, no reason to demolish his claims. And what the fuck does cooperate mo'fuckas have to do with this? he ain't necessarily talkin bout money he means he's the king of REAL as in ACTUAL HIP HOP in NY, today. And y'all quick to point out that a brotha broke but least he's doing something what y'all doing? nothing

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    he should of tongue kiss him, they would look cute cuz they both look femmy

  • rushhour3

    smh i'll never understand how he still doesn't have an album out

  • Fish

    fuckin lol @ all the comments saying Pap is garbage because he hasn't released an album - HIS MIXTAPES ARE BETTER THAN YOUR FAVOURITE MC'S BEST ALBUM!!! download any Pap tape and try and honestly say that it isn't brilliant from intro to outro. Keep doin it Pap.

  • Anonymous

    More like King Of Auto Insurance! Geico lizard looking ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    Ahhhahahhaha hahaha man that was so funny..

  • Anonymous

    Dude already killed it on the street level but sorry to say the corporatess changed the game, now it's about anything other than reality.

  • problemz/problema

    I feel bad for this dude..resorts to idiotic comments to remain relevant..You never dropped one official were stomped by Fat Joe,your wife is doing a bid and her career is over,you're a mix tape rapper that no one checks for and you couldn't get a deal at gunpoint..It's over Pap..go to school,get a 9 to 5 and call it a day cause you are sounding real stupid right now and that's saying a lot cause I have heard your recent metaphors in your bullshit raps..

  • Anonymous

    Dude sounds like Jay and can't even drop an album. Can someone elaborate why he's the King again? Oh and if he's inside you, don't bother replying. I don't need the perspective of a guy on his dick.

  • stola

    listen to redemption , 6 foot 7 foot and you'll see why hes one of the best to do it

  • Anonymous

    This dude done took Obama's "Yes We Can" slogan wayyyyy overboard.

  • Mr. 306

    Versatility? This coming from the guy who raps about guns so much it makes my head hurt, the man who signed a million dollar deal and then didnt even drop a mixtape?! the man who married Remy Ma before she got locked up?! I know beef is over in rap, but please somebody ether this stupid named fuck.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^man stfu and get off jigga's dick. talking about nas said childish shit when jay's hoe ass was the one that came at nas on some childish shit, and did u forget jay damn near cried on the radio when he was asked about nas's response to him?

    • Anonymous

      ...wouldnt it be worste if he married her after she got locked up? And u sniffing ether if u think ether did a damn thing to jay..nas rapped better in the beef but his was all childish insults and lyrical shit..jay came with real life shit about nas and once he threatned to expose somethin they both know he aint say a word back and became his bitch. Maybe listen to the blueprint before talkin shit about hov he murders nas and prodigy on what the 2nd track?

  • Anonymous

    I could carless if he says hes King Of Ny cuz he can back it up.everybody says hes wack and discredits him cuz hes not guessing popularity determines your skills smh.hes aactually Nice if ya listen to him hes juss not dat big

    • Anonymous

      Or maybe cus hes eh compared to canibus and he should of been waay bigger got a million dollar deal and aint drop shit. Stupid as fuck. Teaching people how to beat their bids.......while his wifes doing a bid loll.

  • self

    He did'nt say the King of pop.. he said king of NY....I'm glad he has the confidence to stress it...Pap has made a mark, and pressed on issues no other nigga has talked about. What you have to be a pop star to be felt and be inspired!

  • overdose187


  • ha

    king with nothing to show for it, makes a lot of since.

  • V-Nasty is God

    Well since New York is dead and I haven't heard of Papoose since that Alphabet rap YEARS ago, he probably would fit as the King of NY. He can rap (*cough* by biting Big L *cough*), but his Nacirema album got pushed back further than both Dr. Dre's Detox and Lebron James' Hairline combined. That was a waste of 1.5 million dollars. Nobody is checking for him. Or New York for that matter. Now the West Coast is where it's at. We got the super talented lyricist Hopsin. We got best rap group out OFWGKTA. We got the sexy group White Girl Mob. We got the swagged out Based God himself. Nobody is touching the West Siiiiide. SWAG. P.S. Fuck the Game

    • Anonymous

      Lmfao sorry yo people checking for ny wayy more more then cali. Imo at the moment jadas the king of ny but jay just dropped wtt nas is droppin d block droppin..detroits killin it right now imo. The west is whack as fuck minus a few heads already mentioned and madlibs always checked for of course. Lmfao detox more checked for then lil b, ofwtfever, or the stupid cunts in white girl mob added together. Dont get me wrong i seen v nastys picture on this shit she could get it.

    • TellDaTruth

      U and V-Nasty should both kill yourself!!!! How the FUCK can u shout out GARBAGE ass Lil B and diss the whole NY in the same statement...And get it right the dudes niggas is checkin for on the west are Game, Crooked, Black Hippy, and Blu...Don't nobody give a flying fuck about Lil B and the White Girl Mob!!!

  • Anonymous

    50 has more skills than him.

  • JH

    get the fucc outta hear...dude aint even fuccing wit nobody in D-Blocc...shit he aint even fuccin wit 50...rappers is delusional nowadays

    • Anonymous

      Jada and p def most checked for in ny id say i seen the whole lox few months ago with joell ortiz and thats in orlando..that shit was packed they def way more wanted then papoose.

  • Anonymous

    ''He looks and sounds like cormega's half retarded brother'' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    This is the same dude who married the currently locked up Remy in jail and tried to smuggle a handcuff key... He has no albums and his flow and ish isn't even that nice, and he's the I wonder what he's smoking....

  • Anonymous

    He has more whack lines than Wayne. For every good one, there are 10 that are whack as fuck. Papoose raps EVERY SINGLE line he thinks of, no matter if they are good or terrible. Look at this: Dude is so fucking whack, it's unbelievable.

    • Anonymous

      Dude i aint the bigget pap fan...but most of those lines were 10x 90% of hiphop right now..and the ones that werent seem to have been cut off to make them not make any sense..that son of a gun lines sick if u ask me.

  • dearlord

    “Just to elaborate on that - these dudes it’s the same thing on every record, there’s no versatility. You understand what I’m saying? Doesn't he just use a sample of a Notorious line every hook?

  • Anonymous

    Dude's statements are ridiculous beyond belief. Papoose, you're the King Of NY in your own world.

  • Obi Patrick

    Pap my nigga but without a resume that's worthy of being considered legacy, he isn't even a pauper never mind being a King. Proclaiming a title as great as that on twitter without the streets cosigning it is more like court jester behaviour rather than King behaviour.

  • Big Dan

    Cut him some slack. He's looking for attention and he knows that statement will do it. You gotta love this statement: "Who’s teaching all our people in the penitentiary how to beat they cases?” That's with his girl currently stuck in the big and not getting any slack.

  • yardleyhbk

    Papoose u made my day with that joke King of New York, ur not even king of the street u reside in, get the fuck outta here 3 years from now I u going to be on food stamp and section 8, 0 albums 33years old muthafucka, SHOUT TO PATERSON,NJ AND HOMESTEAD AND MIRAMAR FLORIDA,

  • g-sus

    King of NY has 0 albums. Okay, Pap.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta earn that name my dude! Drop that joint already.

  • Anonymous

    ..This is clearly why niccas should stop mixing bay leaves with thier Kush

  • JP

    lol @ popeye ..... papoose been lost

  • Emily

    uh....let's hear something good from you dude...I haven't heard anything remotely tight from you in ages...

  • Anonymous

    LOL. This dude is the biggest Loser Hip Hop has ever seen. The award for the most terrible and corny punchlines go to the dude with the laughable name, who claims to be hot in 2011(!).

    • Anonymous

      I can't get over this article. It's just too damn funny, HAHA. Dude lost every sense for reality.

    • Jadakiss88

      EXACTLY the most overrated lamest rapper in the game..and dude has the audacity to call himself the King of NY and then say People hate to hear the truth...? Papoose is delusional if he really think he is the king of NY...LOLLMAO!!!

  • F'Oreal

    Dude is bigging up himself for hurricane Katrina and taking credit on riding on the death of Sean Bell? F'Oreal?

  • F'Oreal

    If anything, Popeye is the King of NO.

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