J. Cole's "Cole World: The Sideline Story" Projected To Sell 250,000 In First Week

Roc Nation's flagship artists is set to make a big splash on the charts.

Reports indicate that not only is J. Cole projected to sell 240,000 to 250,000 copies of Cole World: The Sideline Story, but that the rapper's debut project will land at No. 1 on the Billboard charts.

According to Billboard, the first week numbers would be the biggest debut album for a solo act since Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday.

The album would also be the first time a solo act's debut album as come it at No. 1 since B.o.B's The Adventures of Bobby Ray.

The Roc Nation artist's album leaked, but is still poised to beat out Blink-182's Neighborhoods, and Tony Bennett's Duets II.

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  • famu

    Congrats to J Cole. He worked hard for this and I think he is still on tour. I hope he thanks Hov, Trey Songz, Rihanna, and Drake for introducing their fanbase to him. Glad to see a wholesome young act winning.

  • amp

    now the real question is, will Mac Miller outsell Cole come November?

    • Anonymous

      mac SOLD 11k of his ep first week... no one even dl Any Given Sunday off datpiff first week it came out... and mac ep was basically best day ever repackaged

  • jason

    J. Cole and Weezy F God are the 2 illest rappers in hip-hop today. FACT!

  • Anony

    GOOD! Im not even a Cole fan but i absolutely love hip hop and I remember when people said Cole wouldnt do more than 80k his first week. Congratulations J Cole on your success.

  • J.Cole

    I am the shit wtha u like it or not..

  • Anonymous

    i liked the album, but i feel like every song was about Rawing a bitch

  • Daniel Gregory

    J Cole is targeting his album at highschool kids hahaha no real hip hop heads listen to j Cole

  • Big C

    Cole World is a good album and great first album. The album had a great feel, except for Mr. Nice Watch. I personally could have done without that one. Aside from that, really good rookie debut. Now I can bump this, Friday Night Lights, and Warm Up.

  • LOL

    Why are people arguing over this as if they actually get a cut of the profit? LOL. Really this is not a big deal.

  • pathetic

    people wanna see jay-z fail even if its not him directly but thru another artist ,. just pathetic. get a life

    • megaman

      yesss!! thats what i've been saying forever, jay-z has ALOT of haters, and they're all the same evil ass type of pple who point the finger at everyone elses faults.. even when ppl found out that willow smith was on rocnation, people started saying the most harsh, horrible things about her..just because jay-z?? yeah you said it right, ppl are pathetic...

  • Anonymous

    Cole dropped the first real classic of this year. He deserves it to go platinum.

  • bswift77

    Yes!!!! I'm soo happy for Cole.....He is on his way!!! The album is remarkable, you can hear the hunger. I already copped mine day 1....Anybody who is sleep on this album is a lame. Go out and get your copy NOW!!!!


    Why are the likes of Game, 5O and Em/Royce's album being brought into this discussion. Shit peeps, some serious insecurities going on here. Cole put out a very good album and it's projected to sell well 1st week and hip hop fans should be happy for him. You don't have to diss other artist 1st week sales to prove a porjected 250k is actually great for a debut album. Will he go platinum, highly unlikely but it's all good. I personally like the album but though he sells more the Game, Game has the best album out this year of all i've heard. One thing Cole beat Game at is the lyrical content on one or 2 tracks but the lyrical depth on both albums is almost on par. Cole world did not leave me disappointed at all. The tracks got a bit boring nearing to the end but he held it together to deliver a solid album and am playing it often. For me, R.E.D. will be called a classic 3 or 4 years from now and Cole World will be highly regarded as well many years from now. It's an impressive debut. However, it's interesting those attacking the sales of Lil Wayne that Baby bought them are now the people defending allegations Jay could have bought some records. Honestly i don't give a damn, i look at the numbers at the end so let the figures be. It's true Cole didn't have a hot single which is a catalyst for sales these days to be honest so 250k looks a bit suspect should he do around that unit for it's all good for the career of the young man. He has great rapping skills, i'll prefer he cuts on Drake-like singing at times and focus on his strength which is word play.

  • Anonymous

    Look like jay z took the baby and lil Wayne approach and bought up all the CDs

    • Anonymous

      na, jay bought more like 180k albums.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      He bought 250k cds? I doubt it. Seems like a realistic number for a new act. Also his marketing was high, I think he would need to sell 500k total to break even. Just a thought but I am not sure.

  • Khanflik MistaGetitin Dollaz

    #Coleword deserves it!

  • Anonymous

    LOL look at the comments on the articles concerning this album before this one. People said his album is going to sell around 20k and that nobody, aside from a few underground fans, would check for him. That makes this all the more impressive.

  • TRuth

    ALOT more than i thought, Cole World, the album kinda disappointed me tho

  • Jake

    http://jakekrez.wordpress.com/2011/09/29/231/ Check it for a review of Cole World!

  • ohshit

    oh shit! atta boy cole. his fans buy albums...simple as that.

  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z master mason.... at it again!! My nigga's wake up... don't you know the Devil runs music? Don't you know Jay-Z is a straight up Satanic nigga!!!? Don't you know they control the charts, sales of an album?? Ofcourse the ROC bought some Albums!! Look at J-COLES new album... its right in front of your face nigga!! 1---He's sitting on top a cross 2---He's got DEVL HORNS on the O in his name 3---Crooked HALO over the E in his name Album=sideline story= he was on the sideline, and is now inside the cult..... you think thats an accident... WAKE UP!!

    • Anonymous

      noone brought up race... look at the facts.. dont trip tho my nigga ALL these rappers... JAYZ especially have a white owner!! JAYZ owns a small part of a team.... the white man owns the rest..

    • Hip Hop Fan

      People are idiots. There is no Illuminati pulling strings. Just shut up and enjoy the music. Live life and stop living in the dark and being a Illuminati conspiracy bitch. LOL

    • Vegard Møller

      HAHAHAHAHAHAH, omfg.

    • Anonymous

      omg this why couldnt i seen this before fuck man your a genius or maybe just maybe your one of them....why should we believe you maybe your a mason by saying that and bring it up a lot hmm....

    • Travis Beanie Beanz Brown

      no yu dumb fucc before he got signed he had the horn nd halo..."j.cole set of horns nd a halo" dats nt a cross dats the leg of a bench stfu and enjoy da music

    • Killilluminati

      When a white man succeeds, its natural, when a black man succeeds, .. it must be the work of the devil. Racist ass ideas, Fuck outta here

    • Anonymous

      I commend you for your creativity..

  • huh?

    There are a lot of dumb, delusional, hating ass niggas in here. How the fuck are you dumb faggots going to say that 250k isn't good for a first week? Let alone the first week of DEBUT album? If you niggas are butthurt that he already outsold R.E.D. then you need to get over it.

  • tris

    250K is big for the first week and its his first album. His raps are deep and on real subject matter which is what hip hop needs. He produced 12 of the 15 tracks and I'm happy to see hes controlling his own sound. He has real fans that support him which is why he sold more than wiz first week. Drake will probably sell a milli but in terms of content and over all subject matter J.Cole wins. But anyways, they're both good artist. They're the front runners of this hip hop shit

  • Jason Wayne


  • Mook

    Cole fans bought his cd but why weren't they buying any of his singles off itunes? lol name a cole single that ever got past top 50 on itunes

    • BossIntellect

      If it ain't one fucking excuse it's the next!

    • Anonymous

      What kind of shit is that? That speaks for J. Cole. He has delivered a great album and not a single hot song.

    • ItsTheTruth

      Why buy the singles off Itunes when your gonna buy the whole album? Who gives a fuck about top 50 lol, you sound upset that dude is moving units first week. A #1 album is a #1 album, itunes sales or not.

  • Louie

    It's like u dudes hate other rappers besides ur favorite have success. U dudes must think "I'm a drake fan, so I have to hate J Cole" or "I like jay z so I have to hate Lil Wayne". Muthafuckers think fo yourselves. I bet 75% of the people here didn't even buy Coles album. They're just acting like jaded bitches because their skinny jeans are too tight. Good too see some good hip hop do good numbers.

  • Mook

    So let me get this... He's going to sell more than Wiz? Really? And Wiz had how many hit records? How many did Cole have? Matter of fact did any of his records hit the billboard hot 100? Wiz had "Black & Yellow", "Roll Up", and "No Sleep" all charted high on the charts. But Cole sells more than Wiz? Really and Cole has about 900k twitter followers and Wiz has about 3 milli? But COLE sells more first week? HAHA...real funny. Cole fans go harder than the TAYLOR GANG? since when? Roc Nation bought some of those CD's... period. Not hating stating facts.

    • Anonymous

      u no wat, this cud all just be a big fuckup on the part of hitsdailydouble.......

    • Vegard Møller

      I've seen a LOT of fans that bought like ten copies. Cole got the craziest fans. That easy. Why would Roc Nation buy albums? They're tryna make profits of the album, not lose money.

    • you

      Wiz fans are used to downloading shit for free, J Cole actually has a large fan base that buys albums. at 12:15am on 9/27 he had the number 1 album on Itunes. Think about that. Also, he had the number 7 spot (the clean version)

    • CURTIS

      YEA ITS OFFICAL YOUR A HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • wow...

      this dumbfuck is really comparing Wiz's simple ass to Cole. According to all of the hits and twitter followers Wiz has, his album has flopped. Wiz sucks dick.

    • Realisreal

      I like Wiz but he doesn't step out the box.. He only inspires more weed smoke. We hav heard enough of that Cole is selling cause people want that old feelin back that Real Hip Hop use to bring, before the dude jus started to "Get high n say wateva they feel like" #ColeWorld %RealHipHop

    • an actually fan

      sounding way too bitter there.it just goes to show you that good music speaks for itself and a so called "smash hit" single really dont mean shit nowadays.I bought j cole album because he actually talks about real shit.i didnt buy wiz shit because it was all about smoking weed which is all well and good but we live in the real world when the high wears off.maybe all the taylors were too loaded to get up and go buy the cd when it dropped or put their 11.99 toward a fresh pair of chucks who knows.but give credit where its due cole made a solid album and its selling as it should.

    • Thas all wrong

      IF baby dont hustle backwards i know Jigga aint gon do that shit..Who started this idea of buying ur own cd's .Gotta be the stupidest shit ever

    • Kay

      its projections not actual sales...and no sleep dropped long after the actual album..i think Wiz waited to long to drop after black and yellow took over the radio, shoulda waited no more than a month. Anthem tracks like that get tired quick after u hearin it in every club, sports events, and radio station

  • Anonymous

    Cole is such a talented, humble and down to earth guy, despite being signed to Jay-Z. Where does all the hate come from? I don't get it. It's a huge shame for Hip Hop.

  • WTF????

    LOL damn cole flopped. All of you internet nerds only bought 250,000? Where is the support?

    • Preach

      Amen to that, Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit.. 250,000 units for a freshmen DEBUT album in its first week is very rare these days stop the hate in your blood mang

    • ItsTheTruth

      250k first week is flopping? What decade are you from? I see your pretty mad to see Cole moving units first week, dude coulda pushed 500k and you would still be like..."only 500k, damn cole flopped". Fuck outta here

  • Mandy Sandy

    lol at all u haterz. lookz like da hate haz gone 2 a new level. he sellz 250k in da 1st week, crushin all y'all theoriez 2 piecez and u bitch niggaz wit ya pantiez tied up wanna switch up sayin dat he didn't go gold now? HAHAHA! man u niggaz would do n-e-thing 2 not give propz 2 him. 250k iz great 4 a debut, esp in diz era where ur favrite lame undaground rappa would b happy 2 have those numbahz. he beat gayme'z G.A.Y. album which came out recently, and fag meetz homo 1st week numbahz. why u niggaz mad?... RNGMB BITCH! COLE WORLD NIGGAZ!

  • Anonymous

    Jay himself said it best back in 2006. ''See Martin, see Malcolm You see Biggie, see Pac, see success and it's outcome See Jesus, see Judas See Ceasar, see Brutus SEE SUCCESS IS LIKE SUICIDE SUICIDE, IT'S A SUICIDE ''IF YOU SUCCEED, BE PREPARED TO BE CRUCIFIED''

  • Jason Wayne


  • Lsn22s

    Wow...people are funny...folks were sayin he wouldn't crack 100k....he's going to do more than DOUBLE that and somehow people are saying those are weak numbers? LOL...some folks will do ANYTHING to not give props to someone they don't like... Lets put this opening week in perspective... 50 Cents last album did a little more than 150k opening week The Game just did a little over 90k with R.E.D. Album Eminem and Royce 5'9 did less than 200k opening week... B.O.B. did somewhere around 150k (with 2 platinum singles by the way, one featuring Eminem) Seriously people... J. Cole will have a higher opening week than Game, 50 Cent, Eminem & Royce 5'9 or B.O.B....yet somehow folks are acting like he has no buzz...you don't sell over 200k with no major hit singles this day and age unless people actually like you...just accept it, the kid has fans and now he has some sales to go with it...good for him, stop trying to downplay a good thing.. I remember reading the Carter 4 did almost a mil first week, and I HATE LIL WAYNE...but I didn't go out and try and explain away his success, or talk shit to his fans, I just gave props where it was due and kept it moving...

    • Jarron Smith

      Exactly bruh and dont forget he outsold WIZ AND BIG Sean niggaz need to stop with all the misguided animosity no buzz huh? Real HIP HOP has spoken Cole worked hard two years of tours and mixtapes fuck it im getting another copy just for the hell of it.

    • ROFL

      50 is irrelevant and game took 4 weeks to over sold him oh yeah I forgot, it's because he doesn't have a single in radio and a rapper that sold more than 30 M worldwide is irrelevant... lmao the hate just make you look stupid

    • Vegard Møller

      Realest comment here.

    • CURTIS


    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      BTW, he's BEGGING his twitter followers two buy his album TWICE. That must be a man with pride.

    • Anonymous

      Game is a huge star, someone who should sell off his name alone. He did EVERYTHING you can IMAGINE to sell, he dissed Jay, was on EVERY SINGLE Hip Hop site and SHOW and promoted this album for YEARS with articles that had NOTHING to do with his MUSIC. He had no single? LOL. Had Cole one? It's not our fault, don't act like Game didn't try to have one, he FORCED it. Look at all the features he got on his album and you're telling me he had no single? Stop with those excuses, it's starting to get ridiculous by now.

    • Preach

      Preach! Keeping it 100

    • Anonymous

      considering Game had no single that got radio play I say thats pretty good, 50 got nothing, no single, no album, and now hes irrelevant when it comes to music lolol

    • Jason Wayne


  • Jason Wayne


  • Anonymous

    People started to hate on Drake after he blew up, Slaughterhouse (at the point they signed to Shady, ignoring that they actually improved and finally reached success after they worked their asses off for years in the underground), they now hate on Cole and they will hate on Kendrick Lamar or BIG K.R.I.T. if they ever blow up. Every Hip Hop artist goes through this.

    • Anonymous

      people hardly hate on Slaughterhouse. The only ones that did were hating since the start. They are starting to hate on royce though. Cole deserves no hate

  • Anonymous

    Damm ya haters took a big ass L....1st ya said his album will never come out, then ya said he will never sell smh...Congrats to J. Cole, he stayed true to himself by producing most of the albumand the best part VERY FEW features and made a very good album. It's gonna be awesome watching this kid for the remainder of this decade.

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign. This is exactly what I thought about this. This is a huge win for Hip Hop. Who deserves these sales more than J. Cole, who stayed true to himself all the time, produced the majority of this album by himself, when he was able to get Hip Hop's biggest superstars and put his soul on all those tracks and had more substance than most of the conscious albums today. People can relate to his music, it's without gimmick and just great Hip Hop. He's going to have a great career, he will improve and his next album will silence all the haters that seem to hate Hip Hop.

  • Anonymous

    you ask people who j cole is most likely they wont know who he is but if you ask who drake is almost 80%+ will know and j cole did these numbers impressive but no ground breaking. kendrick lamar and j cole saved hip hop

  • Anonymous

    Those numbers are impressive as fuck, be true to yourselves, nobody expected that.

  • bug

    its funny to see people hating when you aint doing anything any better...cole getting money so how can you hate

  • LNFD

    seriously havent found one either in stores hahah fuck it i'll wait for it!

  • StanKiller

    doug nichols, is the biggest fraud/stan on this post and it's sad lol.

  • Anonymous

    glad to see cole doing these numbers. are you the ground breaking no, impressive yeah due to the fact that everyone was projecting 80-100k(max) and he's songs weren't on the radio as much as others. also, becuase he sold more than most rappers that had huge promotions and big numbers in the past.



    • Derek

      Weezy is wack as fuck.. he doesn't talk about anything thats going on in the world... it's the same old same old "im a blood, ill kill you, im a G" blah blah blah... Cole gives you that real.. talking about girls growing up the wrong way, abortions, relationships, his life, his success.. its a story and is a much better album overall by a long shot.. even album reviews for weezy's album were so low, J. Cole's freshmen release got better ratings. Your just a dick ridin weezy supporter.. open your eyes.. real recognize real that's why I've never met you my fake ass nig.

  • Anonymous

    well in california (especially southern california) most best buys and target are sold out

    • Anonymous

      well i drove to 4 cities and havent seen any because they sold out they said there getting soon maybe they did checked twice and said samething

    • Anonymous

      i live in cali and you telling a big ole lie. all people have to do is look on the internet for all target's phone numbers in socal and call them. stop trying to hype this album, you stanley.

  • Nico 3

    If you go to the store you'll see every copy in stock.

    • Big Samm

      How you going to hate on a good rapper with good numbers?? There ain't no reason to do that behind only 250,000 sold lol. People are not hating on J Cole because they not excited about 250,000 sold. Drake did bigger numbers than that, Nicki did too and even Young Buck, so come on man. J Cole did some good numbers, but he on Sony Records and that's the 2nd largest label in the world.

    • Anonymous

      Damm people hating on good rappers now? Smh

    • Doug Nichols

      Nah man, I had to drive two states over just to find a store that had copies. Pfft. Wake up people. It's 2011, almost 2012. This isn't like the last decade where anybody with a shred of name recognition can go gold and platinum in a week. Jay Z and Kanye can't even go gold in a week.

    • GooRoop

      I just went to Target and J Cole's album is still up on them shelves, because don't nobody want to buy that shit lol. i guess 250,000 is the new 500,000, like 30 is the new 20 lol. j cole stans need a reality check, because they bugging.

    • Anonymous

      actually i had to go to 3 different stores because they were sold out. "i saw jay-z bought 200k in my hood last year, what a flop" kids love to hate

  • Anonymous

    really happy for cole. been cheerin for him since the come up, i absolutely LOVED about half the album, while the other half ive either heard or didnt like. still, big ups for cole, hope he can keep it goin.

  • Reggie Dupree

    This is a win for hip hop. This is bigger than who the artist is, or what the actually number is. I like Cole a lot and I'm happy for him, but I'm celebrating the fact that he showed that industry that this type of music can still sell. So now the industry, will have to pay attention and labels start pushing their Coles, their KRITS, their Wales and Lamars which can hopefully, and potentially, change the sound and what we hear on the Radio. Thanks Cole!

    • Reggie Dupree

      Fam...i respect your opinion(s), but you're missing what I'm saying. Right now, labels aren't pushing artist like Cole, KRIT, etc. like they would a Nicki, Wayne, a Waka even. Now I think (and hope) we'll start getting a better quality of music on radio and elsewhere now...not just the pop crap they think only can sell. Now while I like the album, I said nothing about it being ground breaking or it being a classic. But I do think its a good album. Cole has a lot room for improvement...i can live that. That wasn't even my argument.

    • G.I. Joe Blaze

      I'm going to be real with you, this album didn't make any type of new statement. I understand that you are a big fan of J Cole but this isn't a special earth moving album at all. I went on YouTube to check it out and for him to be turning 27 years old in January and a college grad, this album was like listening to a 20 year old. DMX was 27 when his debut came out and it was a grown man album. Cole ain't no grown man, but he is a nice lil rapper.

    • Reggie Dupree

      This type of music as is in "Good" music. I'm talking about the type of music that means something and can be an inspiration to some! And I ain't nothing about Pac...and aint even saying this is the best album ever made or anything like that...but it still made a statement!

    • Anonymous

      this type of music??? you mean the kind that samples pop songs from the 80's, like paula abdul??? negro, rappers been doing that, so ain't nothing new about this album. you acting like this 2 pac or something. drake got the best verse on this album, so that says alot. go check it out on youtube like i did.

  • godbody


  • jesterxxl

    It's not about numbers it's about position... Of power!

  • Rydaman

    Sometimes I wish news like this isn't available to the masses. People nowadays are quick to choose sides just for the sake of a pointless debate. Ten years ago nobody was concerned about the numbers only the music. Now everybody wants to think record sells reflect if an artist is good or not or for comparisons. Record sells are not really for the fan to worry about only the label's concern. It's good for information, but far as it needs to go. We should be happy for Cole most of all because he was able to make the album he wanted to make, not going in thinking about how many records he can sell if he did it this way or did it that way. I have been following J Cole since HHDX threw up his Warm Up mixtape a couple years ago. I am happy with the end product and hope he continues to grow. This is my say. Take it how you want to take it.

    • Anonymous

      LOL. Cole is PURE Hip Hop and a true artist with musical identity, which is proven with the lack of big name features. This is how Hip Hop is supposed to sound, honest, emotion-filled, without gimmicks. Be glad that a true, reduced album sold like this, dumb fucks.

    • WTF

      Drake had one semi decent verse on Cole's album get the fuck outta here.. this is why he didn't have more people on his album.. dumb ass people like you saying his success is due to a certain other artist..

    • Anonymous

      all artist are able to make the album they want to make. j cole was saying he didn't want features, but he still had to get drake to make his album sell lol. so, he didn't make the album he wanted.

  • Big Dan

    The question now is does Jigga get on his you know what because the kid is a hit? Jigga didn't put in no kind of work on the album - don't tell me about that garbage "Mr. Nice Watch" or whatever its called.

    • Big Dan

      Unless you telling me something I didn't know and Jay-Z is now also running Sony Music, you misunderstood me. I did not say the label did not promote the album, I said Jay-Z did not put in any kind of work as in he could have dropped some verses and shouted out J Cole and the album just a li'l bit. J Cole might be signed to Roc Nation, J Cole might have just done big numbers and is real happy right now, but I'm sure he's wondering what the hell with Jay-Z. Shouldn't one of the singles off this album been a J Cole Ft. Jay-Z?

    • Anonymous

      jigga, spent hundreds of thousands to promote this kid. you are just a j cole stan and want it to seem as if this kid was an idependent artist. truth is this, sony makes 50% profit off of this album, so they had to promote it.

  • Anonymous

    All you idiots using the word hater need to shut up, and let people have their opinion. I personally enjoy Coles music but if someone doesn't so what? Oh and I'm guessing 200k first week.

    • Booth

      just because people are stating the fact that 250,000 isn't groudbreaking, doesn't mean they are hating. just keep it real and real shit is, 250,000 ain't nothing special, it's a good number, but nothing special.

    • Doug Nichols

      There's a difference between someone just not liking J and his music or the album and saying so, and haters who are actually rooting for his failure by saying "It's going to flop" or saying "Oh, *only* 250k? What a failure"

  • Anonymous

    Fuck all the hate! This is what the fuck i'm talking about! Y'all hatin motherfuckers leaked the shit and it's still goin down! The album is a classic! If you fight your natural instinct of skipping In the Morning and Lights Please because you heard it before, it's a classic! I'm happy that authenic music is getting its due. I can't wait till BIG K.R.I.T. does the same thing! Let's get it! UGGH!


    props to cole for them numbers NC ALLDAY

  • Go COLE


  • Doug Nichols

    I find it amusing how the anti-Cole people are shifting goal posts here. Just a day or two ago people were like "it's going to flop. He won't sell 100k, more like 60-80k if he's lucky." Now when the prediction from Billboard says 250k first week they have to change their tune. Now it's "Only 250k? Dude flopped. Ha, Cole sucks" Honestly, Cole could drop a platinum debut and the same people would mock and deride him for not going double platinum in the first week. In this year's sale climate, 250k first week would put Cole behind Weezy and Watch The Throne and ahead of Wiz and Eminem & Royce and Game. Album sales are never going to be the same as they used to be. Whether you want to blame economies or technology. For Cole to drop 250k and not have a mass marketing machine behind him and to not have much in the way of radio play, this should be seen as incredibly impressive.

    • D

      I support you Doug 100% very logical and well put statements ... Just some people are so stupid to get on here and have find something to hate on... but 100% agree haters had to shift their conversation because they were proved wrong and had to keep hating somehow.. Cole World!

    • KiWi

      nigga, sony and live nation are the biggest marketing machine in the states, so get your mind right. stop trying to make excuses for j cole not going gold in his first week. he on a major label, had a jay z feature, drake feature, hundreds of thousands spent on promotions and even a chance to open for rihanna. man, you need to chill

    • Doug Nichols

      Nobody was going around saying J Cole was going to go gold in its first week. Watch the Throne didn't even go gold in its first week. If Kanye and Jay Z cannot team up for an opening gold then that tells you right there the environment for selling records. If this was a few years ago and we still had the likes of Jay Z's and Kanye's going platinum in the first week, it WOULD be a fairly reasonable expectation for Cole to go gold. Doing 50% of Jay Z's most recent album sales with not as much radio airplay and via constant touring (which they are also getting cut out of those proceeds in his deal) is making Jay Z a very happy man. Jay Z and his organization is making money both ways. They're making money on the touring and that touring is fueling the hype that is leading to the album sales, while he and his company puts out only a fraction of the expenses WTT had in terms of marketing and production. The only way anybody can paint J. Cole as a failure right now are those who gave him fraudulently high expectations just so they could deride him when reality didn't meet it. Whether you like J. Cole or not, or whether you like the album or not, you can not point to 250k projections as a flop based on all the variables involved. Doing so is just being dishonest and dare I say it, haterish.

    • Anonymous

      No, you guys were acting ''He ain't going to sell more than 80k''. Now, where he did 250k, which is impressive by any means, it's ''He didn't even do 300k''.

    • Anonymous

      people did lil wayne the same way. they acted like wayne flopped because he didn't sell exactly 1 million in the first week. they hated on drake because he didn't go platinum in the first week. ain't nobody hating on j cole, we just stating the facts. the fact is he didn't even sell 300,000 the first week, when his stans were acting like he was going gold.

    • Brandon Hamm

      Thank you Doug!

    • Anonymous

      Embrace the haters. Can you imagine what Kanye deal with?

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign that whole statement.

  • XVizzy Cole UK

    hold up people, projectons are just that- projections. I'd be pleased for cole if he did 250k in his first week tho. I'm a big fan and although i dont think coleworld is a CLASSIC like some keep shouting its def a very good album (i think hhdx's review was pretty fair tbh- maybe shouldve got one or two big names to produce a couple of tracks). Its good to have someone be successful that doesnt just chat the same shit in every song (money, power, bitches etc). I would love him and kanye to do something together- j coles verse on looking for trouble was FIRE!

    • Big Dan

      Then maybe the term projections should be redefined a bit. They're not just looking at it based on what he should do because of his status or what have you, those numbers are based on actual first, maybe second day sales. That method of projecting album sales has pretty much held constant and true. Yes he could end up doing 220 or 300, but they will be on point.

    • Doug Nichols

      Based on previous projections that have been given for Bad Meets Evil, Watch The Throne, Weezy, etc. I think this is a pretty safe number, but may get adjusted (like Weezy's did) later in the week.

  • COLE WORLD = 200 first week


  • Anonymous

    Its gonna be classic when its all said and done. Best album of the year. its only going to get bigger. He will go platinum world wide. Cole world niggazz

    • urdumb

      wtf does drake have to do with any of this he simply stated he will go plat world wide... thats how you know this nigga "sellout" is a hater for sure.. nothing mentioned about drake yet he brings him up! Ha hating ass people in the world.. like Mac miller says "smile back" =)

    • sellout

      ok, drake sold 3 million worldwide, so what.

  • Anonymous

    Dear everybody that likes to HATE on J Cole, Please either learn how to like good Hip Hop music and stop hating or just keep hating because you are the fuel that keeps us going and especially laughing (at you.) You are morons and don't know anything about what you're talking about so please KEEP HATING, WE ALL THRIVE OFF OF YOU YA LOSERS!

    • XXXplosiveOne

      just becuz folkz don't dig j cole's album, doesn't mean they don't like good hip hop. i congratulate the lil nig for living his dream, however, he isn't making history and you stans need to stop with the fake hype.

  • Anonymous

    He outsold Game (who's a huge star all over the world) by far. With a DEBUT, but yeah, it's a flop.

    • Anonymous

      What the fuck are you talking about? Cole World and The R.E.D. Album were compared and nothing else. Game's album was a huge flop, Cole's sales were impressive. First off: The Documentary was released in the beginning 2005, a year where everybody and their momma could go gold with ease. Had the gangsta image when it was the hottest trend in Hip Hop at that time. Game came of a HUGE promo wave, had Dre and 50 Cent at the height of his popularity, behind him. 50 was probably the most popular Hip Hop star in the whole world and Game was presented as the West Coast version of him, which leads to another selling factor. Him being the new star and savior of the West Coast. Then, he probably had the hottest producer line-up of all time with nothing but Hip Hop's biggest superstars. Not to mention ''Westside Story'' AND ''How We Do''. You're really comparing these two? LMAO, get the fuck outta here.

    • Attack Deez Crates

      Game's debut did like 586,000 in his first week with his debut, so J Cole can't touch that. Stick the facts and don't just make shit up. Compare J Cole's 4th album to The Red album, because that's the truth. If you want to compare Cole's first album to Game's fourth album, then you got to compare their overall sales. J Cole= 250,000 sold and Game=11,000,000 sold.

    • Anonymous

      the last part was irony.

    • Big Dan

      Dude. 250 is not a flop however you look at it. Here's an analogy for that ass. Those artists doing 500k or more first week are like the Bentleys or Ferraris of the industry. JC just pulled a Mercedes. You ain't gonna call a Benz a dud because the car next to it is a Bentley are you. 250-500k first week is a hit, above that you have a freak show. So you can't say JC flopped because Weezy did three times his numbers.

    • Anonymous

      I'll see you next album buddy. We'll talk about this then lol

  • That1guymark

    True Drake and Wayne sell more...but Cole did this with NO LEAD SINGLE....This right here is history

    • Anonymous

      Um, J Cole had 2 singles already on MTV and Bet, they were "Who Dat" and "Work Out". It's not Drake and Wayne fault that their singles were hotter than J Cole's and more people liked it. You sound like a crazy azz stan.

  • goSweet

    Dude out sold Game,. he gonna go gold for sure which is huge,. good job Cole. Cole 1 haters 0.

    • Anonymous

      j cole didnt have dr. dre, em, 50 cent(who wrote his songs and was a huge superstar at the moment), nate dogg ect...

    • Doug Nichols

      Why are you bringing up Game's debut which came out 6 years ago, in a much different climate for hip hop album sales? Add on to the fact that Game was one of the most visible faces in the hip hop world at the time and was in the middle of a feud with G-Unit, with all the exposure that brought? Nobody is saying that Cole's debut is better than Game's debut. They're pointing out that Game's 4th album that just came out recently was a massive commercial failure and that even somebody with much less name recognition is slated to kill Game's latest opening number. Crazy people keep trying to make up arguments and moving goal posts.

    • Anonymous

      Game's debut sold 586,000 in the first week, so stop faking.

    • Allan

      Yup and he outsold Rick Ross last album %0's last album Wiz and Big Sean last album without a big record Dreamvillians play no games lol

  • good man

    nice work J.cole,,, album is sick,. but.. in my town shit is 7.99??? thats crazy i bought 3 copies.

  • Anonymous

    Not to mention that this was 5 years ago, where everybody was able to sell.

    • Doug Nichols

      Drake does numbers because he's one of the most recognized names in hip hop and he is EVERYWHERE. I can't listen to the radio for more than 10 minutes without a drake song or a drake feature getting played. Based on that alone it's no wonder why he can drop 900k albums. Add on the fact that 90% of his music is geared towards teenage girls (who just happen to be the #1 music buying demographic) and you have a blueprint for success.

    • Anonymous

      nigga, jay z's album "kingdom come" came out in 2006 and it has only sold 1.5 million to date and it was one of the highest selling albums in 2006. stop making up stuff to try and make this guy's numbers look amazing. when drake's new album does big numbers, all of you stans will blaim it on baby buying them.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody calling this a flop? Really? Food & Liquor sold 80k in the first week, being praised month before the album was released, coming off Kick, Push. Cole just had a great accomplishment for himself and for Hip Hop. Only people who hate Hip Hop can hate on this.

    • Anonymous

      don't nobody hate hip hop just because they won't act like 250,000 is great. it's a good number, but it's nothing groudbreaking. numbers don't lie and j cole's numbers are average no matter how you paint it, stanley.

  • ali

    lmao at all these haters cryin that he sold well. Enough excuses lol, COLE WINS YOU LOSE!!

  • Allan

    LOL at the excuses the man didnt even have a big Black and Yellow single or a My Last thats why ya was talkin all this 50k flop in the first week now im hearin things like hov bought his albums lmao the guy is sellin records strictly off havin loyal fans like me i kno cole fans that bought 15 copies we want him to do good simple as that he deserves it. In this day and age in hip hop 250,000 is very good the ones callin it a flop know nothing about sales and if it is a flop ya shouldnt have to bring up a Drake or Wayne to mention better numbers its a Cole World for the haters lol

    • Anonymous

      negro please!!!! j cole had 2 singles with videos on bet and mtv, plus he was featured on blueprint 3, then he went on tour to open for rihanna. them rihanna fans who purchased his albums on the strength of ri ri. 250,000 is a good debut, however, it's nothing history making. don't hate on drake because he had a big azz buzzz with his debut.

    • Cuda B

      Why would you buy multiple copies when you can just copy the CD you bought? I mean really? Well it's good he's selling. It's not often that an underground rapper gets to come up making the music he wants to make. I personally wasn't that impressed but I think his second record will be the one to watch.

    • bought 3

      i bought 3 , and i know my peeps bought multiple albums, and my girls bought 2 each, so this is true.

    • Allan

      LOL i feel u im just provin that the dude has some crazy fans and thats why hes selling because it definately aint for no hit record as much as i like cant get enough it aint a hit

    • Doug Nichols

      Sorry, but anybody who buys multiple copies of an album doesn't have any damn sense. I can see how someone might want to two copies (one for the car, one for the home or whatever), but 15? That's just dumb.

  • Did His Boss help him out?

    250 1st week really? off of those singles?

    • Anonymous

      hov paid for 25% of j cole's albums and then he had to bribe drake to jump on the album.

    • fool

      your soo foolish to think ceo's buy albums , just ridiculous,..i hate lil wayne with a passion ,. not as a human but as an artist because he doesnt bring anythign to hip hop, but to even suggest Bird man bought albums is stupid,. and to say Hov has time to purchase 250k albums is just foolsih , get a life dude.

    • Allan

      look at my post the guy has great loyal fans simple as that

  • Frank


  • dang

    its only been 2 days how do they make their projections?

  • R.Pgh

    damn, I wasn't expecting 250k. Good shit Cole.

  • R.O.C

    : 250k......lol.....that's all....Drake does that in his sleep, Wayne does that on a rock album, and a throw away, I Am Not a Human......this shit want sell more than Drakes Mixtape So Far Gone....250k.....get the dyck out of here....this lane here for big boys only...my badbig girls too Pink Friday 500 out the gate...no

  • R.O.C

    250k......lol.....that's all....Drake does that in his sleep, Wanted does that on a rock album, and a throw away, I Am Not a Human......this shit want sell more than Drakes Mixtape So Far Gone....250k.....get the dyck out of here....this lane here for big boys only...my badbig girls too Pink Friday 500 out the gate...no halftime..

  • da1

    Let the dick sucking begin!!!! I'm not a fan but I must admit that that is alot higher the I thought he'd sell. Most likely it will top the charts and good for him. Thats all I have to say.

  • Weis_G

    This says alot about the difference between him and Drake. When Drake didn't go platinum in his first week with Thank Me Later, it was considered a flop. J Cole sales 250,000 of his debut in the first week and people are excited. Drake is held at a higher standard than his peers, which is a gift and a curse. If Drake's sophomore album doesn't go platinum in the first week, it's going to be considered a flop. One last thing, why did J Cole put Drake on his debut album, when Drake didn't do the same for him?? This is after Cole was saying all that negative stuff about Drake.

    • TRUTH

      Oh yeah..Drakes mixtape did get him a great buzz and undeground recognition...but that song on his mixtape " BEST I EVER HAD" launched him into the mainstream. I always say...THAT HAD TO BE ONE OF THE MOST PERFECT HIPHOP RADIO HITS EVER....good rappin great hook..and it was aimed straight at the ladies

    • TRUTH

      @ info...I can admit you have very valid points..Drake just has that radio midas touch everything he touches just glows...he makes perfect radio friendly songs...add that with his male Sade singing voice he is just dreamy! LOL!!!!!!!!!! just joking ...I can see what you saying though.. But yes j-cole does have a major behind him...but live nation IS NOT universal records..by no means. Universal Records or music group is the LARGEST IN THE WORLD. It is the Larget of the BIG 4 Record Comapnies. It has the LARGEST PUBLISHING COMPANY. Music Publishing Makes most of its MONEY OF RADIO SPINS. You do the math? Just look up UNIVERSAL MUSC GROUP wikepedia..and you will See HOW BIG THEY ARE. Don't get me wrong Drake makes good music...I not trying to discredit him at all..he is a true artist also...Just saying 250,000 J.cole without features..radio play..and club bangers..and stipper songs...Is great for a debut. Drake to ME goes out of is way to make radio friendly songs. Or he makes a song about what ever is a fad. And goes out of his way to appeal to ladies also. J,cole,, not so much..the few songs he has done I think it was forced. He is on Roc nation/ live nation...but live nation is not even one of the BIG 4 record comapanies..they are dwarfed BY UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP.

    • mecoppah

      How could Jay not mention him, when he was on The Blueprint 3 album. You need to get a grip on reality!!!

    • Info

      J Cole is on Sony, which is the second largest record label in the world, so he has a machine behind him as well. He is also on Live Nation Entertainment/Tickmaster (formally Clear Channel), who own Jay Z and Madonna. Don't act like this guy is on a independent label that doesn't have billions behind it, because that's crazy. It's not Drake fault that people wanted to feature him and not J Cole. Drake's features were so big, that it made it seem like he was featured on a thousand different songs, but in reality he was only on Trey Songz's "Invented Sex", Timberland's "Say Something", Birdman's "Money to Blow" and that Lebron James soundtrack. His mixtape was really what created such an amazing buzz, because it was better than most artist's albums. As a matter of fact, his mixtape went gold with only 7 songs. Don't blame him for making good music and having a big buzz before he even had a deal. Just keep it real with the facts, son. J Cole was featured on Jay Z's "Blueprint 3" album and Miguel's "All I want is You" album. He was just on one of the years biggest tour with Rihanna (with her fans) and he had 2 videos on 106 & Park, "workout" and "who dat", so you need to wake up.

    • That dude

      Truth speaks the truth. Jay-z never even mentions the dude and the promotion was lacking. For the dude to do 250k shows that you can still make good music and sell.

    • TRUTH

      Although I can see what your saying somewhat but you got to think about it. After Drake was signed..to UNIVERSAL..he had a MAJOR machine behind him..major promotion...he was pushed WAAAY more than J.Cole was. To the point he had a out of this world buzz. Add the fact he basically became a industry whore when it came to features, to the point everyother song on the radio had drake on it. So yes...expectations were VERY high for drake. And honestly sells wise.. i don't think he met them for his debut. Lil wayne and Drake thought he was going to do almost a mill in a week. He did 400,000 plus which is still GREAT for a debut artist..but considering the MACHINE that was behind him...it wasn't. Add that to the fact dude has already been in the Entertainment industy with that Degrassi High shit...and his father has been in the music industy for awhile....Drake had alot of guidance and knowledge on the game. Drake got a great deal..that was not by chance..HE owns his masters. For J.cole to Not be spinning heavy on the radio, And not necessarily have any club bangers...250,000 is awesome for a debut artist. He kind of breaks the mold and formula. People think you have to have rado spins and a club joing to have a succesful selling album and it is becoming not the case. Which is good.

    • mindrelated

      Who holds Drake to a higher standard? You can not even compare the two. Cole's subject matter, style and end product is way better than Drake's. The reason why Drake first album was expected to sell was because he was on every song on the radio and his buzz was bigger than anyone's since 50 Cent. So, when other new artist are only selling 90-100k maybe on their first time out, yes 250k is good numbers; especially in this era where people think that it is ok to steal music.

  • Anonymous

    Jay should be glad now. Cole deserves it.

    • yo

      ur such a bitch ^ same guy that was prolly saying that cole wouldnt do 100k first week. now that hes doing 2.5x that u change ur tune. COLE WON U SIR, LOST. cole world baby aint nothin sunny !!

    • Doug Nichols

      Watch the Throne didn't even go gold in its first week. You think Jay Z and Kanye were crying about only selling 430k? Jay Z has had this kid on the road touring non stop for two years now, and his deal gives them a cut out of all that as well. Combine his road money with his album sales and I bet Jay Z is thrilled. And it didn't take saturating the airwaves with him like with what has happened with Drake (seriously, can I go 15 minutes without a Drake feature?)

    • No Sir

      Why should he be glad? J Cole didn't even crack 300,000 copies in the first week. If he went gold in his first week, then he should be glad. J Cole won't even go gold in his first month for that matter.

  • Anonymous

    altho i wish he didnt make "work out" haha

  • Anonymous

    HUGE moment in hhop.. you might not like him, thats cool.. but its been a long long time since someone other than jay or put out an album of substance, not just poppy club music, and did these kind of numbers, great stuff.. content is there, flow is there, technical proficiency is there, cole u got yourself a new fan

    • Cuda B

      Come on now. We gotta stop making excuses for artists putting out dumbed down music to make a hit.

    • dope

      u named 3 songs that obv wernt meant to have substance. plus are the only 3 u could name on the album so stfu faggot ur wrong, COLE WON U LOSSSSSST.

    • Mister Reality Check

      A huge moment would be platinum or even gold in the first week. These are good numbers and a ok album, but nothing groundbreaking. Who Dat, Work Out and In the Morning weren't substance at all. You are just another stan.....

  • Anonymous

    He will have a great career.

  • Doug Nichols

    If he goes 250,000 in the first week, I'm predicting gold by a month and a half. This is the type of CD that people will end up buying once they hear it from someone else. 250k first week, and if it doesn't do at least 100k the second week I'd be stunned.

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of Food & Liquor, although it's way behind it in terms of quality.

    • Cuda B

      To me Cole World is an album that has to grow on you, but Kick, Push grabbed me from the jump. Overall I think FNL is a stronger debut too. We'll probably be branded as haters, as if it's wrong to prefer good hip-hop over good hip-hop.

    • R.Pgh

      definitely. F&L was flawless to me. Cole World has 1 or 2 songs I could do without, but the content is there.

    • Anonymous

      that means you don't have the actual CD. You should get it. OR fix your speakers.

  • GtheHardway

    Ok not to take away from this kid he's a cool artist But its just funny to me those sales are to good without any promotion I haven't seen that many ppl waiting on this album and then its a decent album almost wack . Hmmm if he really sales that many more power to you Bro ...its just a lil odd thats all no promo or raido

    • Anonymous

      fans all over the world, would have meant going gold or platinum in the first week.

    • TRUTH

      @anoymous...How do you think intially J.cole caught peoples attention? GOOD MUSIC..and good rappin. Everybody that has been connected to Jay-z and EM has NOT SOLD. There have been alot of artist connected to Jay-z that career failed...And Eminem...How many people bought Bizarres album? get my point...at the end of the day..You got to have a SOLID product. If you music sucks??? well take a look at Souljah boy...he had more buzz and a BIGGER hit than J.cole has everhad and his last ablum sold like 10,000 copies. The music sucked! And just because you have a thousand spins on the radio and a cazzillion twitter followers and a million youtube hits...don't meaan you gonna sell either. Good solid music does not need AS much promotion as CRAPPY music. Crappy music has to be force fed.

    • blah

      YOU can name a bunch of good albums that didnt sell... not everyone agrees with you that its good music. Cole has the ability to make music that pleases a wide variety of people, whether you like it or not. Count me as a big fan, among others from all over the world.

    • Anonymous

      are you all stupid? "good music sells" ? NO! unless your em or jay or an affiliate of either you have to make pop trashy songs to sell.. besides that i can name so many great albums from the last year alone that didnt sell

    • TRUTH

      Good music is like drugs....it sells itself...Not to mention..he is all over the internet...that is where majority of people look for new music....people don't sit around and wait for the radio to here new music anymore..they only play the same 5 songs at a time anyway

    • Anonymous

      nah buddy. you say its a decent album almost wack? your in the minority. Thats why the sales are there cuz the material is there. People don't just go out and buy a wack debut. Its not for you. If its not your lane just say that. Why look salty. Instead you go out of your way and click on the article and become a ditracter. That's like watching Adrian Peterson rookie season and saying he almost lost he keep fumbling the ball. He not that fast everybody is just slow.

    • Marty Maarrr

      J. Cole has basically been on a world tour/ grassroots type campaign. The power of personal connections being made with his fans is the reason why.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, this is fucking IMPRESSIVE!!! Congratulations to this honest and talented artist. Sometimes it pays off to be humble about your own success and work.

    • ^^^retard

      it's his debut album, if he would have sold more 500,000 units, he would have broke WTT debut which was already broken by shitty ass Carter IV

    • Anonymous

      Damn, selling 250,000 copies in the first week is impressive now? No, it's not impressive at all. If he had sold at least 500,000, then that would have been impressive.

  • Akay

    HAHAHAHA this makes me laugh everytime... I never once doubted Cole and I knew he'd do big numbers since he's a great artist and has a strong, loyal fanbase, but yall remember the haters on every blog? "COLE WON'T EVEN DO 80K, HE AINT GOT NO BUZZ. YALL ARE LAME. YALL ON HIS NUTS WAY TOO MUCH" hahahahaha, where yall now? lame faggots

    • Fuck Outta Here

      to the faggot above me.... Banks, Game, and Buck all came out in the height of 50's popularity. People didn't go out and buy their albums because they were highly anticipated. Plus, along with Kanye & Drake, they had the major label machine behind them. Cole has been doing his own type of promotion through the internet, tours, and mixtapes. Stop being a hating ass faggot.

    • Anonymous

      250,000 is cool, however, it's nothing that's history making. Lloyd Banks, Game, Drake, Young Buck and Kanye West sold more in their first week, with their debut albums. It's kinda sad that 250,000 sold is being celebrated like he went gold his first week lol.

    • Anonymous

      I saw one person say he might sell 30k if Rocnation buy 20k lol I was so hype when these numbers came in. Nas lied.

  • Anonymous

    Cole may not have as many fans but his fans are real and actually buy his shit. That is why.

  • BlakOut

    This is crazy, none of the radio stations here are playing his songs here and hes selling 250k? WOW. Cole u did it my nigga!!!

  • Anonymous

    and drake dubbled that his first week he sold 462,989....no hate cus im BIG!! cole fan but im just sayin drake bout to do numbers to thank me later And take care

  • Anonymous

    and drake dubbled that his first week he sold 462,989....no hate cus im BIG!! cole fan but im just sayin drake bout to do numbers to thank me later

  • Anonymous

    Cole himself bought 240,000 of those CDs.

  • yeah...

    i like how there were faggots saying that this wouldn't sell, looks like this rookie outsold the veteran and hhdx's editors and community favorite son, Game

    • haha

      look at the desperate Game fan, fucking idiot, Game wouldn't have sold 2 million copies if he wasn't associated with G-unit at the time, G-Unit was at its most popular level at that time...dumbass making up excuses.

    • Anonymous

      He didn't outsell Game's debut and that's the only thing you can judge. When j Cole's 4th album drops (if he makes it that far), judge it against the red album. Smh at you sheep stans.

  • Check the Hate Vol. 1

    Let that ether burn slow for the haters.

  • dEz

    I must admit, Cole World is a decent album. But Wooow... No hit records. "Who Dat" was not worth shooting a video for. "Cant Get Enough" definitely is a subpar record. "Work Out" just plain sucks. His hooks are garbage on 80% of the cd (even his most hardcore fans must admit his hooks need work). A pretty SAFE offering he has in Cole World... If it sells 250,000 in it's first week... I really dont know if it is bad or good for hip hop...

    • Cuda B

      You know what? I'm getting tired of people undervaluing the other aspects of the total package when an artist delivers music. Hooks matter. Period. No doubt about it. It helps artists to reach out to people who may get lost in their deep lyrics on a first listen. You have a good hook, you have their attention, at least until the next verse.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you on the hooks. I have always complained that if he doesnt improve his hooks then he won't blow. But you are trippin,Can't Get Enough and Work Out is fucking sick. That track with Missy was surprisingly good. The only tracks that I actually skip are the ones he took off of his old mixtapes.

    • Doug Nichols

      Only a bitch would cry about a hook.

    • mindrelated

      Hooks...what about the content the lyrics and presentation as a whole. The album is great. I could be bias because I rather hear someone with an intellectual base than to hear the fake shit that comes out with incredible hooks.

  • Cole World

    Hope he sells more album is really good!

  • cole

    how many copies will cole sell? vote now at bigblogtalk.com ^ copy and paste! cole world! bigblogtalk.com

  • Christin Dfm Campbell


    • Anonymous

      Thats wat made this so special. The journey. The journey was what did this for him. Having to wait so long to put out the album is what did it. I listen to the warm up and the album together.

  • Mr.Mean

    Damn good figures in my opinion. Considering that there wasnt as much promotion as a Jay-Z signee should receive.

    • Anonymous

      You must don't see the big banner at the top of most music sites (even this one) advertising this album? Jay Z spent alot of cash promoting this album. Are you crazy?


    Album is wack to me and Cole is mediocre, can't rap has no flow and lacks content outside of bitches and niggas said I wasn't gonna make it but now I did. Cool that the market is kinda opening back up though, but at the end of the day to me it once again proves that its not the quality of the music that sales because the album is not heat.

  • ConradM rip mj

    mike jack back! mike jack back! Dats All they keep on screamin is dat Mike jack back! Michael Jackson??????

  • Chris

    Alllllll the haters said he would flop... Look at him now. Best debut album I've heard in a long time. Hahahaha I'm laughing at you all now. This is the first album I've bought in years. Well worth it. Glad this dude's doing big things. Support the music. Cole world!

    • FiFi

      This is a flop, because he didn't go gold and even had to put Drake on it, to make it sell more.

    • Anonymous

      Armor Of God by Vakill SHITS on this one, from a musical, lyrical and a conceptual standpoint.

    • saint

      I still think he will flop.

    • Shark Attack Time

      Chris you are a fake hip hop fan of the worst kind. Have you never bought or heard any black milk cd`s? No? Well the last one was released this year and It was fire. @Anon: I hate pop music fruitcakes posing as hip hop fans It really does seem that's what the game is full of now.

    • Dr. Cmurray rip mikejack

      mike jack back! mike jack back! Dats All they keep on screamin is dat Mike jack back! Michael Jackson??????

    • Anonymous

      "this is the first album ive bought in years" youre the reason hip hop is "dead". fuck you. there've been alot of great albums in the past few years... and you didnt support one of them. go fuck yourself. i hate fake ass hip hop fans like you.

  • 123kid

    w/lil radio play & promotion (outside of tours) if Cole does this, it wud change the game. I thought he had a big buzz but even Big Sean didnt do 100k so dis wud be something new & a new way to promote albulms.

    • Anonymous

      This kid did have a buzz. The press been comparing him to Drake and linking him to Rihanna for 2 years now. On top of that, he was Jay Z's first artist signed and has been hyped ever since. Don't act like this guy came out of nowhere, because that would be stupid.

    • Anonymous

      he out sold Big Sean in less than 24 hours. Big Sean had a good album but his content doesnt strike a chorde with people. His raps dont change people lives. The funny thing is Big Sean is the epitome of an artist that said fuck this hip hop shit I'mma rap like they do and get this money. Well how'd that work out for him?

  • ilexx

    Glad to see him do great debut numbers... Dont get it twisted, everybody thought Roc Nation marketed J. Cole wrong but the one thing I knew had to work positively for them is that they kept Cole touring. This kid has literally been bouncing around tours for the past two years. BP3 tour opening for Jay, opening for Drake in the UK, opening for Rihanna. He also released two critically-acclaimed mixtapes and built a solid following. This is a gooooood look for real hip hop and ppl are going to grow to appreciate him as an artist now. The numbers arent officially in so lets not count our chickens before they hatch but if these numbers do pull through it is gonna put Cole into a space that not many socially conscious artists get too. Its also gonna be a major win for Roc Nation and J. Cole, Cole produced 95% of the album and their arent that many features on the album. So that means Roc Nation didnt have to spend that much on the creation/production of the album and J. Cole gets to pocket a sizable portion of money for himself. A win for them means a win for us as consumers of good music and fans, Roc Nation's investment has paid off and they will continue to back him in his future endeavors. J. Cole's fans supported him and that's it. He gave them great music for free and they felt he was good enough for them to pay for his album. I bought the album... it feels good to have contributed to this moment in hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      So what you're saying is Wiz flopped. Thats what your saying right?

    • E.I.

      250,000 copies aren't great numbers, maybe good but not great. To be considered great, you have to at least do 400,000 in your debut week, so relax on hype.

    • Anonymous

      well said. i was actually surprised he sold that much and many people know who he was because i went to best buy and people were like who's j cole? and his album sold out all best buy stores in the OC

  • Jioxer

    I heard it sold 175,000 the first day!

    • RealNig

      How about just sticking to the facts, it's going to sell 250,000 for the week. He was supposed to sell at least 500,000 in his first week. With 4 singles and a nationwide tour with Rihanna, he should have did big numbers, but he didn't.

    • Anonymous

      try 115k it might be 175k the first 2 days. that would make more sense.

  • Anonymous

    Make it 250,001 son. Imma get me that shit rite now!

  • Anonymous

    kendrick lamar and j cole just saved hip hop this year. now if nas drops lost tapes next year or late this year wow but overall this is a great year for hip-hop

    • Anonymous

      this is truth

    • Anonymous

      Word, the best year in a long ass time, mainstream and underground wise.

    • saint

      Three albums dropping of which one is basically a compilation of leftovers that weren't good enough for an actual album, and you call it a good year for hip-hop? Dude, last year was a good year for hip-hop: Kanye West, The Roots, Nas & Damian Marley, Buckwild & Celph Titled, Ghostface Killah, Black Milk, Freeway & Jake One, Madlib dropped crazy albums. This year mostly looking forward to: Oddisee - People Hear What They See MED - Classic and maybe: Common - The Dreamer, the Believer

  • Flawed DX Rating System

    still disappointed in DX for rating his album a 3.5/5. shits a 4 or 4.25 or 4.5... real talk. Does Big Sean have songs on his album that are that are really lyrical and deep and meaningful as Dollar and a Dream 3, Lights Please, Lost Ones, Breakdown, and Daddy's Little Girl? FUCK NO! But he gets a 4! Absurd. Cole turning doubters into believers now. 250K! Suck on that, hatin ass fools. Cole World It Don't Get More Clearer!

    • Anonymous

      They gave Section80 a 3.5 I dont even pay attention to their rating or reviews anymore. They salty over there. And the arrogance of someone to sit back and say no thats not quite good enough I've heard better 3.5/5 is just incredible. The arrogance to say you can go a whole year without hearing even one project that deserves the highest rating just shows weak character and a lack of open mindedness.

  • Mandy Sandy

    man, da haterz gon b mad now. they all sayin dat cole iz gon flop and sell 50k and shit. diz iz gon shut all they hatin azzez up. or they just gon keep makin lame azz excusez as 2 how he sold dat much and made it 2 #1. here they come in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. RNGMB BITCH! COLE WORLD NIGGAZ!

  • crazy

    I smell foul play. B.o.B. sold 84k his first week. Kid Cudi sold 104k his debut and 169k for his second album. Big Sean did 87k his debut. Wiz did 197k his debut. Bad Meets Evil just did 170k. So that means J Cole is on par to outsell all these cats who were and have clearly been more popular than J Cole is now? I dont mean to hate but Jay has to be buying copies.

    • Anonymous

      None of those people you named sold out a whole city. Cole sold out Fayettville by the time the afternoon got around. That alone right there is some real shit. We talking preorder game too. I had mine delivered to my doorstep. You talking out your ass bro. This is real shit. We supporting real shit. Cole World nigga lol

    • mindrelated

      Why the hell would Jay just buy 250k copies...that does not make sense...if he want his artist to really be talked about he would buy way more than that. The dude has been touring for 2 years and built a fan base. All the artist you named put out albums almost immediately after being hot, never really expanding on their fan base. Other than Black and Yellow, I did not pay attention to Wiz, and Kid Cudi did not promote at all. Big Sean never really grew his fan base, so that is the difference. 2 years of touring with Jay, Rihanna, Drake and on his own helped him out.

    • Anonymous

      everybody is fucking expert and a&r on the internet. they must be millionaires. that's why they're blogging all day right?

    • getyourknowledgeup

      If you think that then you obviously have no idea how the record industry works. Buying your artists album is like throwing your money out the window. The artist has to recoup the cost the labels spent so why the hell would you buy your own album. Dude is just that real so he has real fans that support him. Damn people are always speaking up when they know nothing about the industry.

    • Anonymous

      j cole said he bought like 60 copies only and he gave those out in 106 & park he didnt buy like 500k like birdman

    • Anonymous

      ^ you the same dude that was saying baby bought all of waynes cd's. now that people are the saying the same about cole you call it "ridiculous excuses". you're a hypocrite!

    • Yanni

      hahahahaa listen to the doubters making ridiculous excuses. Cole has a HUGE following. It's bigger than just on this site alone. His fans are loyal and actually care about quality music. Cole is bringing the real back and his fans recognize that. Cole World No Gimmicks! 250k!!!!

    • Anonymous

      nah trust me all stores were sold out and people were going crazy on twitter and facebook about the album and taking pics that they bought it. but j cole said he bought his album but not that many i mean everyone does that. just glad this guy did these numbers i thought he was going to do 80-100k(max)

  • HipHopGame

    I smell foul play. B.o.B. sold 84k his first week. Kid Cudi sold 104k his debut and 169k for his second album. Big Sean did 87k his debut. Wiz did 197k his debut. So that means J Cole is on par to outsell all these cats who were and have clearly been more popular than J Cole is now? I dont mean to hate but Jay has to be buying copies.

  • amp

    thats y u release towards the end of the year. wiz had a bigger buzz but only did like 200k early this year. i thought cole wud only do 90 like big sean.

  • Holyish

    Wow the situation that led up to this album seemed like a train wreck. I thought it would sell 80k max. I used Big Sean as a benchmark because Big Sean did about 90k and he had more popular singles on the radio but damn J Cole is doing numbers...Jay-Z buying copies of the album?

  • Wtf

    I was never a Cole fan until I heard this album. Probably the best album of 2011 hands down.

  • di1jd

    something is wrong in the world when carter 4 sells 940k and cole world only sells 250k... numbers lie

    • Anonymous

      instead he worries bout those "skinny ass pants, fresh pair of vans" (if them niggas keep trippin, nigga share an ambu-lance)

    • Anonymous

      Yeah Wayne got followers like Pac did. Thats why its so frustrating to watch him do nothing with it. He could probably change the world but instead he worried about the Forbes list. I dont and wont understand it. I understand it but its so selfish.

    • Anonymous

      This is Coles first album. C4 is 7th or 8th. Plus C4 had more hype around it than Coles album. No diss to Cole cus i bought the album. But it actually makes sense. Dont let your like for one artist and disdain for another cloud logical judgement

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