Jay-Z To Reportedly Design Jersey, Logo For Brooklyn Nets

Hov will team with the Nets and Adidas to lend a creative hand to rebranding the team.

Earlier this week, Jay-Z announced that the New Jersey Nets will be known as the Brooklyn Nets when they move to the New York borough next year. But according to NY Post, he will get involved with rebranding the team.

Hov is reportedly working with Nets’ personnel and Adidas to design uniforms for the basketball squad. Jay, who’s a part owner in the team, will also help redesign the logo and what colors the uniforms should be (they will no longer be red, silver, white and navy blue).

As previously reported, Jay-Z will perform an eight-concert series when the Barclays Center opens in Brooklyn next year.

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  • adrianmic

    I agree completely. The 'bing' logo does not exhibit any bit of exciting as the word suggests and has absolutely no personality whatsoever, the colors do not reflect the strong corporate identity that is Microsoft and the typeface choice is just as disappointing.

  • Anonymous

    ''I'm far from being god, but I work god damn hard.''

  • Anonymous

    He should get nas to design it cause jay have no style

    • digga

      i totally disagree. i'm a nas fan and i can still recognize jay's contributions but most of them lately hasn't been for hiphop. it's been for him to make money(which is cool cuz he's not a rap artist like that anymore, he's a businessman) jay has a lot of money but his rhyme skills have deteoriated over the years. he sells records off his name now. it's truth

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, Nas fans are the worst. I haven't come across bigger and more biased groupies.

    • yadiggler

      a nas fan will say anything to shit on jay --ANYTHING! no matter how stupid it is smh.

    • Anonymous

      LMAO. Did you see how Nas was dressed on his birthday? Like a retard. Dude is the opposite of style and swag.

  • gtuy

    did one of these dumb niiggers say "put a good album out?"what the fuck has he been puttin out for the last couple of years???bangers...man listen, leave the bubble gum rap alone and praise the god mc...

    • Anonymous

      your lame... Jayz is the Devil MC... got is good... Devil is Evil=GAYZ

    • Anonymous

      One album worth of hot music? WTF? I can accept if you don't like it, but this is ridiculous by any means and pure, unreasonable hate. Blueprint 2 had ''Hovi Baby'', which shits on whole albums that are out there, ''Diamond Is Forever'', ''Meet The Parents'' (!!!),''A Ballad For The Fallen Soldier'' AND ''Blueprint²'' (I know this one kills you Nas fans, it's nothing but the truth about your hero and hit way harder than all those shitty insults). Blueprint 3 had ''Thank You'', ''D.O.A. (Death Of Autotune)'', ''Run This Town'', ''Empire State Of Mind'', ''Off That'', ''A Star Is Born'', ''Reminder'', ''Venus Vs. Mars'' and ''So Ambitious''. Kingdom Come might be the most underrated album of all time. ''The Prelude'' ALONE is Jigga spitting like he hasn't sold a single CD, this pure FIRE!!! ''Kingdom Come'', ''Show Me What You Got'', ''Lost Ones'', ''30 Something'', ''Minority Report'', ''Beach Chair'' and ''44 Fours'' (!!!). The reason Jay gets so much hate is because you guys hear the poppy beats and dismiss everything else, while ignoring that nobody is able to adapt to such a variety of beats like Jay and sounding like the greatest flower ever, while spitting way over all ya heads with his crazy metaphors and double-entendres. Dissing American Gangster, even if you hate Jay, is dumb for every single Hip Hop fan. This one was an updated version of Reasonable Doubt and had very few minor flaws. This shits on Nas discography this decade, including Stillmatic. Jay was spitting nothing but fire the whole way through, picked great beats and sounded inspired as fuck. ''Pray'' is better than almost all the albums that were released this year put together. ''American Dreamin' '', ''No Hook'', ''Roc Boys'', ''Sweet'', ''I Know'', ''Ignorant Shit'', ''Say Hello'', ''Success'' (where he destroyed Nas for the second time without even trying), ''Fallin' '', ''Blue Magic'' and ''American Gangsgter''. This album perfectly captured the essence of a hustler, with all the up and downs, the rise & the fall. GTFOH!!! Jay is THE GOAT and has the best discography of all time.

    • dockevoc

      WTT is cool...besides that? The Blueprint 2, Kingdom Come, American Gangster, and Blueprint 3 had about one album's worth of hot music combined...dude is a legend no doubt...but he's DONE at this point

    • Anonymous

      This is what I thought.

  • Motor City Madman

    Fuck Jay z and the brooklyn nets........Detroit Pistons in 2012 or whenever the NBA stop the bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    Hov is still working hard I see...damn, all these negative comments about him still.

  • kennyken

    i see jigga is deep into the sports, and has a lot of love for brooklyn. just better get a good album out and stop all that pop shit.

  • Kindell

    The funniest part about this entire thing is that he is a minority owner in the team, but seems to be doing the most work to make sure this move goes well. Now only if he could find some talent to go on the court.

  • Anonymous

    ''Go play somewhere, I'm busy'' Jay is in a whole other universe compared to these other fools. Way above rap.

  • Marc


  • takepver

    and you think this man has time to worry about "lil wayne and Game and dem hahahahahahah

  • Wayne Is Lord

    Hov taking over. Cant wait to hear what the haters have to say about this. Mad because Hov is making power moves. lmfaooooo. U niggas make me sick.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Dude might make a gang of music that's totally lazy and wack... However... I'm not going to ever deny this cat's meteoric and inspirational climb to where he is now and all that he has and continues to accomplish. You can't be a dumb nigga to do what he's done. From Marcy Projects to a stake in an NBA team to being a part (albeit a strategic pawn by Bruce Ratner) to getting this NBA team to Brooklyn... Anything is possible. And this is inspiration.

  • Anonymous

    Jay = Personified winning. ''If you can't respect that, your whole perspective is whack.'' Greatest Of All Time!

  • Frink

    if only the lockout gets lifted

  • ray

    look @ wha he doing with with his hands...*starts illuminati talk* thats whats up tho. hopefully this gets a lot of revenue in bk. jobs an etc. this is a good look

    • @definately

      fuck this dumb pig corrupt motherfucker sitting next to another corrupt motherfucker

    • definately

      what all dem other dudes doing,...? this man is creating space for people to make a living,..what dem other dudes doing. smh..sad, black people always trying to bring down successful blacks.

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