Juelz Santana Updates On Lil Wayne Collaboration Album "I Can't Feel My Face"

The Dipset member confirms that the LP is on the way and that they plan to hit the studio again.

Last week, Mack Maine revealed that Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana still planned to release their collaborative album, I Can’t Feel My Face. Speaking with VIBE.com’s Mikey Fresh, the Dipset rapper confirmed the project and explained that it was the right time to record and release the long-awaited LP.

“It’s something that Me and Wayne been working on —a project that we been promoting the name,” he said. “So you know —Me and Wayne, we actually talked and decided that it was the perfect time to get together. We just piecing together the music that we already had—that people ain’t hear— along with—he sent me about eight new records.”

Many of the records from sessions leaked over the years, but Juelz says that they still have a handful in the stash and plan to hit the studio to record more.

“Me and Wayne did about 45 records. So just as many records that leaked before, we had still about 20 records that didn’t leak. Now we gonna do about another 20, 30 records just to make sure the album’s what it’s supposed to be.

“I think the people that want to hear that album want to hear just me and Wayne,” he continued. “I think the best thing for us to do would just be to get with some great producers.”

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  • shawn200

    I Pop Up In The Middle of The Hot Block Make the Drop Top Play Hopscotch Im Home

    • Anonymous

      I pop up, in the middle of a hot block, make da drop top play hopsctoch on these hoes, lil wayne, right from kims coner store, choppa wake a nigga ass up like a morning show, put me in the game, i see him im callin audible, how u want it video, audio, pat of yo body get mailed to ya gal, ill, pussy as nigga die slow dont yell, put it in the street and im sure its gon sell

  • et

    juelz praying for his life raft lil wayne to come rescue him. not happening. juelz is a lazy good for nothing bum. juelz coulda been in lil wayne's spot if he knew how to grind. this album will never come out and juelz will die before dropping anything that matters. AY!

  • Al Sharpton

    This will be the album of the year. Lil Wayne is the pennacle of rap Godliness

  • Marc


  • Al Carlton Jr.

    I waited a long time for a good collabo and I got it from Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa with How Fly.

  • NeonBlack

    I'll believe it when i see it. Gimmie a release date homie, then i just might get excited about this album. I been excited about this before. To quote a terrible president "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice... Ughhh, you cant get fooled again." Plus wayne doesnt even rap like he used to back in 07. So idk if the ICFMF album would even be as good as the mixtape was back then, but maybe santana can get wayne back on his shit. But idk im skeptical. You might have missed the boat on this one fellas.

  • Tye Battle

    Not interested. Juelz might still be nice but Wayne heart not in his songs no more. He past his prime.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      juelz aint doing nothing but talking. he ain't done shit in years. he dropped skull gang and flopped hard. juelz only talking now cuz he's all out of money. bout to get evicted. juelz has like 40 fans and cam has like 60 fans. dip set is dead.

    • Anonymous

      i guess according to you, the russian and mexican drug cartel bosses, who don't listen to rap music, must not have street cred. is that what you really saying?? it's a bunch of bitch niggas like you, who smoke weed and listen to rap music, but softer than a grape. bitch, you blogging online, so i know you ain't no gangster, since listening to or doing songswith the jonas brothers, takes away street cred. people like you are so stupid. all a killer has to do, is dress in skinny jeans and play jonas songs, to creep up on you...fucking sheep.

  • Southern Fried

    I can't feel my wallet on this one!

  • Joe G. Stacks

    i fucks wit juelz but i'm always wonderin how this nigga stay relevant

    • Anonymous

      depends on your definition of being relevent. if you talking an artist, who can go platinum with his next solo album, then juelz isn't relevent. now if you talking just having your name mentioned with an artist, who just went platinum, then i guess he is. juelz ain't relevent anymore, so chill with the stanning, clown.

  • BluntedDaily

    Yall forget about Mixin up the Medicine? Don't deny Juelz yall... not the best lyrically, but always my favorite from Dips. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Hlzbe9t4BI&ob=av3e For a mainstream single, he came with it.

  • Blasthoro

    Not a fan of either, especially Juelz Santana. He was NEVER nice and never will be. Should be kicked out the Diplomats. Lil wayne is mediocre but at least he relevant to somebody. Wouldn't spend coin one on either of their work. Juelz=Memphis Bleek; no talent, no career worth mentioning.

  • philly!!

    welll that s breath of fresh air right there...on another note...how much blow u think juelz did before that interview?



    • Anonymous

      your just another fake lil wayne fan. i can tell by your fake words, that you don't like lil wayne. you just found a new way to try and hate on him. you big up him unnaturally, in hopes of people reading it and hating wayne because of your false stanning. your way too obvious and even a fool can see through you. you have a sick mind.

  • f

    I'm a huge Juelz fan. But he's disappointing me. None of this shit will ever get released and when it will, it will suck.

  • Anonymous

    juelz has talent no doubt, so does Wayne but I just hope Wayne brings the weezy era sound and not the new tunechi (life in my hand, life a bitch, fuck the world) bullshit. Juelz is lazy as hell though, I used to think it was lil Wayne holding back on the album as he basically grew so much as a artist in that time period that he surpassed juelz and forgot about him but it was probably juelz being lazy as fuck. Is it that he isn't motivated to rap or something? I'm pretty sure that lil Wayne released more music in 2 months in 2007 than juelZ has in his whole career.

    • Derr *correction*

      Wayne is a worker. Juelz is a talker. Wayne works to put an album. Juelz talks about putting out an album. Wayne will work his way through politics while Juelz will talk about politics and that's always been then the problem. Juelz just talks while everyone else is hard at work. He might as well become an interviewer since that's all he's capable of doing and that's popping up in interviews. Juelz has more interviews more than he does albums and that's his problem.

    • Derr

      Wayne is a worker. Juelz is a talker. Wayne works to put an album. Juelz talks about putting an album. Wayne will work his way through politics whole Juelz will talk about politics and that's always been then the problem. Juelz just talks while everyone else is hard at work

  • TicalBoom

    I've never been a big Juelz fan but this dude has to be one of the laziest guys in the game. His last album came out 6 years ago! That's alot. First he claimed that Cam and Def Jam held him back all these years but when now when you're off you still haven't released fresh material. I think Juelz is one of those rappers that just want to live the rap lifestyle, not be an actual artist that works hard and prolly looks at rapping as a job. I guess it coincides with his rock star image that he's been rocking the past few years. Not a fan of Wayne either but if you look back from 2007 to now at least Wayne has dropped 2 solo's, a few mixtapes, a rock album, a group album and signed a few artists.

  • Fuck Off...we dont believe u

    Juelz been promoting albums and mixtapes for YEARS...and he keeps disappointing his fans SMH where is your regan era mixtape? where is your album? u aint dropped in almost 7 yrs where is the I cant feel my face album where is the dipset reunion album? this nigga is all talk. im fuckin sick of him. and i was one of your first fan. smh

  • Anonymous

    This won't see the light of day.

  • Wayne Is Lord

    Big Wayne fan but Juelz is done. Give it up flunky.

  • 4i2

    Dog give it up! its been 4 years now. C'Mon son. Lil wayne is dying down. hes not hot as he was. FOLLOW ME @4i2

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