J. Cole Downplays Beef Between Lil Wayne & Jay-Z

The Roc Nation rapper says he doesn't think the spar is too serious.

Jay-Z and Lil Wayne have been throwing subliminal shots at each other’s camps on recent tracks, but J. Cole doesn’t think it’s too serious. Speaking with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez, the Roc Nation rapper weighed in on the beef, stating that it’s more an exercise than a legitimate war.

“I honestly don’t think it feels like anything, for real. I don’t think like it feels... I’m sure they throwing jabs on songs, but don’t we all do that? That’s just part of the game,” he said. “Wayne’s just happened to be like, OK, you went all the way. You really let it be known. But it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a jab-throwing sport. I personally like it. I love to hear when I hear a jab and I know it. I love it.”

He said that he even enjoys fielding jabs from other rappers. Though he wouldn’t name any peer in particular, he chalks it up to the state of the game.

“It’d be from people. I see these people, I know these people. It’s not like animosity. I see them, I say what’s up. It’s a sparring of words, that’s it,” he said, explaining that he wouldn’t always come to a Roc Nation artist’s defense. “It depends. My heart tells me no, because it’s not a real situation. Like, what is it really about? Then how am I connected to that?”

Listen to the full interview below, where he also discusses Rihanna rumors, sales and Roc Nation’s track record.

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  • Warren

    I want real "beef". East coast VS West Coast full out WAR. Rap needs some more gunshots and rallying behind it. Rap needs to infiltrate the streets and dominate. Rap needs to be Rap not this pop garbage.

  • Jeff Mason

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  • Anonymous

    j.cole shoulda went ahead and sided with lil wayne. cuz jay-z is about to drop that ass after cole world fizzles on the charts. jay don't give a fuck about this nigga, jay cares about dat paper. cole ain't about it. j.cole might be the most boring person to ever grab the mic.

  • Hunter

    I wish people would just all out beef. Remember when someone would diss Eminem, and he'd respond with a full track that mentioned everything about the person he was dissing? Or when Nas had beef? Those guys didn't subliminally take any shots, they put it all out there. Now dudes are throwing shots, and when they're asked about it, they are like "Yeah, it was nothing, me and ______ really like each other."

  • Anonymous

    where you read that shit?

  • Anonymous

    all cuz some lame nigga tweet that shit?

  • Anonymous

    you bellive dat shit?

  • Anonymous

    Everybody got a bad side drop let me see dat shit... what u say cole aint hot wahhhh where you read dad shit

  • RichFromNY

    Who really gives a shit that two multi-millionaires are having a cat fight...it's pretty ridiculous...all that money and you still have to reduce yourselves to this...I'm not a big fan of Puffy but I think he's evern at the point where he has "I don't give a shit what you say" money

  • JiveDG

    No one would do crazy shit to each other anyways. This is just a little moment to help sell records. They both suck. They got money but money doesn't buy talent. Nas FTW.

  • Ali Lafayette Rhea

    No question the kid is nice and no doubt he gets busy- I'm not talking about him but Ali Lafayette Rhea. One Love

  • bryan

    HAHA...that Jay-Z "diss" from Wayne was WEAK. Jay fucking murdered it on HAM. "Nigga really?Half a Billy??You got BABY money...keep it reals with niggas,niggas AINT got MY lady money!"

    • bryan

      Not a great "diss" but a great line and took a shot at gay Young Money and Birdman talking like he got a half Bill.

    • Anonymous

      The diss wasn't even good. Neither diss was hard. They are basically throwing subliminal shots so they wouldn't be hard. The only people who think anyone killed each other are dick riding fags like you.

  • FakirWise

    I can't believe so many people are hate an artist getting exposure. Jealousy's a female trait.

  • King of Kingz

    All bullshit aside... Wayne vs Jay? Hov would murder wanye if it comes down to it! All you Wayne fans and Jay fans understand that i'm not saying this coz I prefer one over the other, NO! It's just a Rap fact,Jay would stomp on Wayne if it really came down to "Hit 'em Up" situation. No saying that Wayne couldn't take on Jay, I'm sure he could, and I'm sure he'd do could and get respect for you. But with Jay's articulation, with his body of work, with his experience....I mean should we really be questioning this? And this is NOT a diss to wayne, if anything he should be proud that he is being associated like this. But y'all need to be objective with this! Jay has been taking shots at Wayne and nobody really knows, can you imagine when he is really pissed off? "Just waaaaveee....And Waaaaveee....And Waaaaavee...."

    • Anonymous

      I honestly don't think anyone would destroy the other. Jay-z isn't that kind of rapper of years gone by. Wayne isn't storming hip hop like 2007. Although I would love one to dedicate a diss track to the other...it might motivate them to rap as well as they used too. If it came down to it I honestly think Jay z would lose. Wayne would have support from game and I think more people like Wayne now. Of course Wayne wouldn't destroy him with game but he would win.

    • jason

      Wayne >>>>>>>>>> Gay-Z

  • KEL


  • Al Sharpton

    Lil Wayne is the pennacle of rap Godliness

  • Grizzle

    "Kidnap your bitch, get that 'how-much-you-love-your-lady' money" That's a jab? Nah, that's beef.

  • Jioxer

    Cover Occupy Wall Street Protest! Please

  • jesterxxl

    Wayne don't want it with Hov, ask Beans he don't want it with HOOOV

  • J.cole downplays deez nutz

    This jiggaboo can kiss my left nut and make my right one jealous

  • moe bill

    you need to check out my friend “capo dim” he is a producer/ rapper/ director check out his best track: “bank job” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQ_lpJ-gvVs

  • Ozzy Salas

    If that faggot Dj Khaled gets a pass when he says the word "nigga" than why cant all people get a pass? That mexican rapper LockSmith said nigga 7 times in one verse and not a single person complained in the comments here on HipHopDX. bunch of hypocrites

    • Andrew Stewie B Gibbs

      locksmiths not mexican he jus lite skinned

    • ^anonymous

      well those might have been the most retarded empty statements i have ever read before.... all pretty interesting besides the fact that there are no facts in what your saying..... id like to see your proof of the "triple thousands of times" (fucking moron) committed attrocities by white people, guarantee i could name more by other races off the top of my head than you could squander up on the internet you fuckin scumbag

    • Anonymous

      White people have triple thousands of times committed attrocites against people of colour in every nation around the world, and of course you don't record your own evil and to this very day you make evil fair seeming. There was never this kind of evil we have today until we made the white man, an unalike.

    • Am a Nigger

      am from Africa, andd i wanna tell the dude somewhere above there that he's talking shit. FakirWise is right. you people see shit on tv and agree? fuck outta here with those stereotype bullshit. i bet you've never been to Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, or even Mozambique

    • FakirWise

      Don't determine what's happening in Africa based off what you hear on the news. If you do your research, there have been other hands in the pot creating the confusion between Africans, leaving the guilty with a clean getaway.

    • Anonymous

      thank you for being the only smart person in this discussion to the dude above. these people are morons.

    • @anonymous

      "atroicities" white ppl have committed?... shut up u racist cunt every single race on earth has done this dont act like white ppl are some kind of evil race... hey buddy whatre those black governments doin over in africa right now?? idk maybe killing hundreds of innocent civilians daily... you could easily point out these "atrocities" on every single race shut the fuck up.

    • Beast

      Your stupid, Locksmith is not mexican he's black and persian. Most importantly, why do you wanna say the word anyway?

    • Anonymous

      because white people were devils. you have your own word you can use that to death.. its racist for black people to use cracka as much as its racist for whtie people to use the word nigga. there's no hypocrisy. white people dont get a pass to use the n word because of its historical connotation. the white man created it and for evil, therefore most people including whites arent comfortable hearing a white person using it. get the fuck over it. you think you're making some kind of statement when really you're just fighting a lost battle. other races cant relate to white people because of the atrocities you have commited. so blacks dont consider you brother, neither to do mexicans or any other minority. get over it.

  • Anonymous

    thank you for saying that i dont understand why niggas wont people to choose sides damn its hip hop and you are allowed to like what you like if its dope its dope thats how i see it kieran i know you will agree

  • Ricky Rozay

    Fuckin pussy ass niggas nowadays scared to take shots. Whats up wit all these bitch niggas givin other niggas dap and then throwin round subliminals. Where I'm from if u got a problem wit a nigga u call him out, you dont do that pussy subliminal shit and then have one of ur cronies sayin it aint serious. Fuck if u got beef wit someone come out and say instead tryin to be all cool and shit. Fuckin weak ass niggas and this mentality is whats really killin hip hop. Oh yeah Lil Wayne is fuckin garbage. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kieran

    Why do I gotta chose a side? I Really Like J Cole, I Really Like Drake, I Love Jay & Wayne has his moments. Can't I just like be a Hip-Hop fan and Listen to J Cole, Wayne & Drake? Damn. I'm just gonna listen to 9th Wonder's new album for a while.

    • Anonymous

      thank you for saying that i dont understand why niggas wont people to choose sides damn its hip hop and you are allowed to like what you like if its dope its dope thats how i see it

  • Anonymous

    If J.Cole is gonna be some informal subordinate spokesman for Jay-Z then something is up. The two obviously threw blows at each other's ego's and nothing was explicitly settled. Not fueling the fire here, apparently the fire was still lit.

  • lissen2thisnigga

    J.Cole is the best rapper of the year. I will bet the house on that! I like DRAKE but J. COLE is better. More talent coming from his lyrics. I just hope he's not main streamed like the rest of these clowns yall lissen too and call it RAP.....!

    • FakirWise

      Not that Drake has anything to do with the topic at the top of the page, but both are equally talented. I believe both have proved this already.

    • Al Sharpton

      Drake has bangers. I cant even count them all with two hands. Cole has 1 and 1/2 songs (i only count jays verse from mr. Nice watch)

    • Fuck Outta Here

      you'll 'Bet the House' on J. Cole being better than Drake. What exactly are you betting on? It's a personal opinion. This isn't a fucking basketball game where you can have 1 winner and 1 loser, it's fucking music. there is nothing to 'win'. dumbass.

    • Anonymous

      wtf does drake have to do with anything?why are cole fans so obsessed with drake? like.... why are you so worried?

  • lissen2thisnigga

    J. COLE Makes music folks... Listen and learn before you make ignorant comments. Most likely the reason you dont like it is because he's not talking about the same ish every three lines

  • JG

    lmao first dx was on Games dick with 3 articles a day, now its Jcole..at least R.E.d was GOOD, Cole World is aight

  • Anonymous

    damn how many times can one dude comment? we get it you hate J Cole now fuck off.

  • mindrelated

    Fucking haters. A person can never gain success without people trying to drag them down. He did not ask DX to put him on here, he is promoting his album, doing an interview. What the fuck is he suppose to do...fucking hate so called Hip Hop Lovers...respect the culture and the growth of artist who make good music.

  • Gary Rue

    SICK of seeing this dude's face and he has some decent songs but come on HHDX leave it alone for a week at least. This dude is in here every damn day with worthless news !

  • wayne is lord

    i am a fucking faggot who sucks lil waynes dick on the regular like a popsicle, then i put it in my buttocks

  • Ozzy Salas


    • Six

      Youre white!! You can't say that!!

    • Anonymous

      thats a little racist isnt it.

    • Anonymous

      Speaking as someone who often trolls this site, you really need to step your game up. Go read 100 SuperGucciRap (not me) posts and the comments on a Lil Wayne article, write a 10 page analysis, and then start trying to troll again.

    • MBTM

      no offence bro but you are the ugliest facebook user I have ever seen. If I didn't know any better I'd assume your mom was a titty waitress at hooters, got pregnant, was fired for her slump in appearance, then couldn't afford an abortion so she had the local kids try and whack her bulging fetus like a pinata. Only you survived and that's how you ended up with such a disfigured face. Either that or you got baptised with scolding hot coffee. I bet if a blind kid felt your face he'd be asking why there's a pizza on this camels @ss. sh*t's disgusting bro get it sorted or at least wear a bucket over your head or something. peace

    • GBO

      fuck would You know about that............

    • Anonymous

      and you're trollin... world keeps spinnin

  • No Church In The Wild


  • Josh Moore

    i seriously cant find anything worth a second listen. yea, hes put out what, nearly 300 tracks, im a fan of hip hop so ive listened to em all, and only 3 caught my attention. idk. but its a definite overkill on this dude. just shutup bout him already. he hasnt even been round long enough for anyone to give a damn.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    damn coles album is being overshadowed by lil wayne's birthday. OUCH BRAH!

  • The B

    Im sick of this wack ass nigga already! Fuck his opinion!! DX get off his nutsack damn!!!

  • j cole and lil wayne

    dx needs to hop off this niggers penis, im not buying his album it sucks. and wayne is a bitch.

  • cccc

    what beef...im like really half a bili nigga really u got baby money keep it real with niggas niggas aint got my lady money...its over period idc what wayne has to say...u aint got no beyonce money nigga lmao that cyrup got u gased up homie

  • stackz

    um anonymous you research the topic Jay didnt initiate the jabs and shots thrown, Baby is the one who stated that wayne had more money than Jay z, thats where the jabs started. so jay stated you gots Baby money as of forbes list, tie with his so called daddy, wayne been taking b.s shots for a long time, wanting that crown, but the next minute hes talking bout i look up to you jay, you the hottest out blah blah blah, 1. Jay-Z - $37 Million 2. Diddy - $35 Million 3. Kanye West - $16 Million 4. Lil Wayne - $15 Million 4. Birdman, $15 million (tie) 6. Eminem, $14 million (tie) 6. Dr. Dre, $14 million (tie) 6. Snoop Dogg, $14 million (tie) 9. Akon, $13 million 10. Ludacris, $12 million 11. Wiz Khalifa, $11 million (tie) 11. Drake, $11 million (tie) 13. Pharrell Williams, $10 million 14. Timbaland, $7 million 15. Swizz Beatz, $6.5 million (tie) 15. Nicki Minaj, $6.5 million (tie) 17. Rick Ross, $6 million (tie) 17. 50 Cent, $6 million (tie) 17. Pitbull, $6 million (tie) 20. T-Pain, $5 million (tie) 20. Bobby "B.o.B" Simmons, Jr., $5 million (tie) Continue reading at NowPublic.com: Forbes 20 Richest Rappers List 2011: Who is the Cash King? | NowPublic News Coverage http://www.nowpublic.com/culture/forbes-20-richest-rappers-list-2011-who-cash-king-2824066.html#ixzz1ZCBSaVE5

    • Anonymous

      This is amounts per year.. its not in total..50cent has more money than Em and Dre. But not Jay.

    • ayo

      I mean yeah we can speculate over that...but you just listed what they made as of one fiscal year...i think they were talkin about as a whole....like what's in all ur estate type shit....



  • Wayne Is Lord

    This nigga is one of the wackest rappers ever. Hes a fake ass Drake and why is he mentioning Wayne? Wayne would destroy the entire Roc Nation outside of Jay. Wayne is Lord. Who the fuck is J.Cole? Lame ass bitch nigga. Awful ass music. Cant wait for his trash cd to flop. Just some more unoriginal pop pussy school girl music. Lame fuck. YCMB bitch.

  • Anonymous

    Smfh dis guy is on Dis site twice a day wtf.hes taking Games Crown for da King of Attention

  • Ashkan Kehtrmanesh

    Man i would love to hear a Weezy/ J Cole collaboration be fire!

  • grimm

    Do you niggas forget that this is beef about who has the most money, it's obvious that hov has the most, but by the way who gives a fuck. If wayne and jay gonna beef, let it be something that is worth it

  • OnemikE

    What Beef? Hov a grown man. Weezy saids one moment that Jay his idol next min he's taking shots at him.. Bi-polar ass, hangin out w/Game 2 much... comes down 2 it i remember weezy not comin out the truck when 40 glocc approached him out in kali....

    • curtis


    • Anonymous

      why are you ignoring the fact that jay was the one who instigated the wax diss with the baby money line? you sound bias i cant take you seriously.

    • KapDiva

      Um, Malcolm X idolized Elijah Muhammad, but went against him, when he found out Elijah was fraud. 40 Glocc tapped on Baby and Slim's Escalade windows, like a while Lil Wayne was on the other side of town. Why would Lil Wayne respond to an unknown artist and give him shine?? Dumb

  • Anonymous

    Wow DX is on this nigga's dick

  • SutterKane

    They can throw all the jabs they want, at the end of the day they both got bigger fish to fry and dont really give a fuck about it like that, its just on some "Oh, he said that, okay here's my response" and then Jigga moves on 5 seconds later to another Multi-Million dollar buisness deal and Wayne goes and signs another artist Beef is bad for buisness, nobody cares about that shit except the dudes who sit online downloading everything anyway, and there not an important part of the audience, thats why they keep it subliminal and dont make it a public issue..... If Wayne & Jay were offered big bread to appear on stage together tomorrow they would do it without a second thought

    • Anonymous

      agree with sutterkane. people that purchase their music dont give a fuck about who hates who.

    • SutterKane

      @ LV your talking years ago man, this generation dont give a fuck about that shit, and the ones who do are the cats who stay online arguing about hip hop all day while they illegally download everything, its a waste of time from a buisness perspective

    • LV

      since when is beef bad for business? i cant think of many rappers, except maybe Ja Rule and Benzino, that actually felt sales negatives from it. ever since biggie and pac, the shit stops before it gets too serious. Rick Ross... 50 Cent... The Game... Eminem... Nas... Jay-Z... Joe Budden... Saigon... Wayne... beef is almost always GOOD for business. staged or not.

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