Eric B. & Rakim, Beastie Boys Nominated For Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Short List

Additional nominees include The Spinners, Rufus with Chaka Khan, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more.

The nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2011 short list have been announced.

Among the list of first-time nominees, Eric B. & Rakim, Guns N' Roses, Heart, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, the Cure, Small Faces/Faces, The Spinners, Rufus with Chaka Khan and Freddie King made the cut. Returning nominees include Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Donna Summer, Donovan, Laura Nyro and War.

Acts become eligible after 25 years since their first commercial release. Five-hundred voters will select who makes the final cut in anticipation of April 14th, when the 27th annual ceremony is scheduled to take place in Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • jae 1

    tell u the truth yea their are few good rock songs but i dont kno why sum dudes in hip hop try to dress like rock stars.cause at the end of the day the rock fans dont like hip hop an most of the rockers dont like why dress like them.go to sum older or younger rock fan an ask em if they like rap see wat they say.them dudes hate rap fuck rock they only go one way hip hop reached out to everyone over the years no other type of music have done that.i kno theirs few rockers like kid rock that respect hip hop but its like why dress like a rocker an listenin to hip hop,i mean u can dress how u want but its like if u hate cops why dress like dudes try to skate, i like watching skateing i have nothing against it but its most those preppy rich kids that started it.u bring skateing in to hip hop thell just take over wat ever u try to do so it can be their own an thell jus use u as a body guard cause your black look at the rob an big show.follow hip hop it will bring u in lotta good shyt, if u follow rock youll end up not bring your self.hip hop is about being your self,u can be over weight like biggie an pun an be the best.u can be broke an still have love thats hip hop.u follow rock if u ant skinny or have money them nigaz will shit on u crazy, u see how sum white ppl treat overweight fat white kids they treat them like shit,u see a fat black or mex kid them nigaz get same amount of love from their ppl.go bac to the 90s an understand the music they faught against all all of that but for sum reason now they follow preppy kids named zack?u skard of zack cause hes rich? u skard of zack an brad cause he takes steriods with him moms bank card to look tuff to skare u but he really cant fight??? step up nigaz.yea their messed up ppl in hip hop too.but at the end only the real makes it. yea its good to have money an u dont have to be thuged out,and u dont have to act a way to be real eaither.listenin to the second wu tang album,listenin to the first nas that will teach u self respect so u can be your self dress how u want talk how u want an still make money have girls jus like they use their money to get things if u dont have money u use to fist to get things.same way back and forth.end

  • Anonymous

    This is a solid list of nominees, I must say.

  • Professionality

    As cool as it is to see some hip-hop in the mix, I'd like to bet that Guns N' Roses get it. They're considered pretty fucking legendary, to say the least.

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