Immortal Technique Takes Part In "Occupy Wall Street” Protest

Immortal Technique says American money is worth "nothing” during latest "Occupy Wall Street” protest.

Rapper and activist Immortal Technique is just one of many who have taken part in and supported the “Occupy Wall Street” movement taking place in New York City this month.

Back in July posted a message calling for those with “an interest in returning the US back into the hands of it's individual citizens” and in mid-September the Wall Street protests began and have continued since that time.

During his most recent visit to the “Occupy Wall Street” protests Immortal Technique spoke on a number of topics including the worthlessness of American money.

“The bottom line is that the money is not gonna heal the [urge.] The money’s not gonna make anything [better],” Immortal Technique explained. “The imaginary paper that you make is really worth absolutely nothing. It’s worth absolutely nothing. It’s funny because so is metal money...We’re tired of listening to the same old lies. And at some point the people of this country will stop being pacified, will stop being placated.”

Rapper Lupe Fiasco has also shown his support for the “Occupy Wall Street” movement by taking part in protests and voicing his support.

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  • Dennis Semp Paredes

    loving it.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck the coporations. 1st time i agree and like what tech's doing. 99% of the time hes just bitching to bitch, but this is an issue that has merritt

  • ANON2012

    Where: Liberty Square (How to get there) Donations: NYCGA Donation Page Help & Directions: +1 (877) 881-3020 General Inquiries Press Inquiries My Plea to Everyone: Our obligation to this movement is to donate what we can, at all costs. Allowing our fellow revolutionaries to feed themselves, wash themselves, medicate themselves and feel as comfortable as they can in a concrete jungle. We will and can show our love in very unselfish ways, we must. There is no reason to feel disconnected from this movement - we are them and they are us. We are the 99% of people who are being beaten, thieved, raped, enslaved and manipulated at every turn. Everything is an illusion - all of it. Every single bit of it from the foods we eat, the water we drink, the homes we live in, the paychecks we earn, the taxes we pay, the air we breathe - all of it is an illusion - a made up fairy tale told to us by the 1% . We are not slaves, we are not beaten, we will not lay down and take this any more. We do have the power, we do have a voice, we are human beings and we are the 99%. They will hear us, but we have to speak loud. This is our chance America. Here are my tips to help others not feel disconnected or not part of this - YOU ARE NEEDED - NOW! IMMEDIATELY!!!!! Donate to the media team immediately - they have suffered targeted arrests, rainy weather, confiscations and they deserve our support. Donate to the general fund to help protesters!! Anything you can help is so important - there are so many of us out there just sitting and waiting to see if this movement moves forward - $5 from each of us is just a coffee or a Big Mac but together it becomes a very impressive amount of money - PLEASE DONATE NOW! If our revolutionary heroes are hungry and dehydrated - how long do you think they will continue to fight for us??? Show your love and support. Send a care package or money orders to: The UPS Store Re: Occupy Wall Street 118A Fulton St. #205 New York, NY 10038 There are requests for medical supplies, non-perishable food, water, toiletries, garbage bags, ponchos, blankets, zip lock bags, tupperware, shelves, LED lights and I'm sure much more. Call local Wall Street businesses and order food or supplies for them direct from local companies - this encourages support from these companies and leeway on any inconveniences that may occur. Be creative!! Spend just 30 minutes each day spreading this information - do it online, do it on the phone, do it outside your local store, do it at your job, do it everywhere you go. Word of mouth is going to help this movement more than anything else. Spread only factual information. Do not argue with those that don't agree with this movement. People who choose ignorance will be forced to see through the smoke and mirrors at some point in the very near future. Spending time arguing is a wasted effort, this energy could be better used elsewhere. Be creative! Hold a bakery sale, use your car as a billboard, post fliers, print stickers, plug radio stations, pay for an ad in your local paper, post free ads in the paper, stop random people, ask for donations.... anything you do will make you an important part of this extremely detrimental movement. You are them, They are us. Facts about this movement: This is a 100% peaceful protest, the people have suffered police brutality since day 1 (today is day 11). Here are some videos for reference: This is a very serious occupation/protest/movement - they are well organized, motivated, inspired and angry. This park has a medical station w/ medical staff, a cafeteria, a library, a media team, a lawyer team and many many people who are ready to fight for you and me. We are obligated to support them. Do so now, please!! I can't stress how important this is... we've all been waiting with baited breath. The time is here, take this opportunity to do your part! Important Awesome Heroic Movements of Solidarity: Micheal Moore - Chris Hedges - Noam Chomsky - Micheal Rivero - Alex Jones - Tom Morello, Immortal Technique - wall-street-movement Don't miss out America - donate, join or support - or do all 3 ---- just do what you can - but DO SOMETHING..... Love you all. Expect us.

  • nik

    check out this nigga's crazy new music video

  • RTJ00

    I dont believe a peaceful protest will work.That is just me though. But we do got to stop them from controlling the media and pushing pills down everyone throat


    until the truth is told and the people get up and fight got what they deserve the lies will not stop THE HOMIE IMMORTAL TECH IS SPEAKING ON THE REAL.

  • workhard87

    I just lost a lot of respect for immortal tech. I love him as a lyricist but joining the worthless bums on wall street protesting people that are working hard and making money is just retarded. I thought he actually had some common sense. Work hard, get money. Protesting something you know nothing about is a waste of your time. How is this going to further anything? Is socialism better then capitalism? Never, look at history

    • Ernest Leif Johnson

      It appears that you have never actually listened to any of his lyrics.... His songs are about what this protest is about.

    • A.S.

      You sure you've really been listening to IT's lyrics all this time?

    • Anonymous

      You can't really believe the people on Wall Street are good hard working honest human beings? And if capitalism works so well then why are we borrowing all of our money from China, a communist country?

    • Anonymous

      aint nobody talkin bout socialism.. talkin bout how wall street takes our money, bets on it and when they win, they win.. when they lose, WE lose...

  • R2die

    i need one of those immortal technique t-shirts.. i cant find them anywhere

  • @RadioRebels

    for great underground hip hop like Technique, news, discussions, and interviews with artist follow on twitter @RadioRebels

  • The_Struggle

    They must be needing money since they can't afford an external microphone.

  • Anonymous

    American people wont do a full fledged protest until we actually fear the government, until then lets go on with our normal life. This is the same thing the British did to their citizens,parliament making money while the citizens living in slums, until the British settlers started colonizing in the Americas and then became the US. I THINK ITS TIME FOR ANOTHER REVOLUTION and bring this political corruption to an end!

  • Anonymous

    Immortal Technique is complaining about summin again, shocking *Yawn*

    • Anonymous

      complaining?? its called raising awareness dumbfuck.. you know how many hip-hop heads wouldnt give the time of day to something like this till technique spoke out.. technique went to afghanistan and built SCHOOLS.. gave out food, etc.. he actually does something other than speaking out.. what have YOU done for humanity lately???

    • D

      u is a trick suk dick

  • anonymous

    this protest is more or less protesting the corporate influence in out government, such as their lobbying power which is enormous. i'm surprised people don't know more about this.... our media must really be a failure lol

  • Anonymous

    Tech should just run for office or summin, its obvious he's more concerned with stuff like this then making music, which is fine and probably a good thing, but really, whens the Middle Passage droppin??

  • F. Rap

    Immortal Technique is harder than your average rapper.

  • thatswhathappens

    typically, a protest is started with a set goal in mind; an achievable goal. What I don't understand is what they're trying to accomplish... Sure, the Occupy Wall Street people are saying they want change, but what are they exactly setting out to do? How will they know if they've "won"? Seems stupid to me.

    • Anonymous

      there is no goal.. this was set up by the same people who want us to rise up violently against the goverment, so they can crack down on us harder. Remember people, when the protests start (and they will in full force within the next year mark my words), protest PEACEFULLY!! PEACEFULLY!! as soon as ya'll start looting, and starting shit on fire they are going to come in with the riot police and fuck us up. PEACEFULLY protest, and then if met with force respond in kind..

    • Anonymous

      occupy wallstreet just seems to be reform in the form of legislation once again putting it in the hands of the congress, so nothing is going to be accomplished.

  • Anonymous

    all fags on gay z article glorifyin someone whos willin to destroy the blak race....smh everybody should see z if he touch this subjects everybody will mourn him in the next day....wake da fuk up!!

  • Anonymous

    WTF is this about...I'm guilty of not knowing SHIT!!!!

  • Take A. Stand

    Yep,same as the state of music and a lot of government issues its the people are to blame for staying complacent and not revolting,insert your excuse here ____________

  • george bush

    fact is this site full dumb faggots.

  • thought dog

    Zero comments on this but no less than 300 comments on something about two metrosexuals fighting or an album cover. The problem isnt wall street or rich is the regular people.

    • Ron Nizamov

      amen bro. ppl need to start waking up to this issue. why the fuck should americans have to bail out wall street greedy fucks when thier making 1 million plus "bonuses" and people are starving to death and unemployment is growing at a destructive rate!! Much respect to the MCs like immortal nd lupe that have the balls to stand up and adress this shit

    • Placated

      TRUE. This is the beginning of the tipping point...The fog lifts slowly. And soon the M.C. a.k.a the Money Cravers actions and words will be unimportant.

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