Lauryn Hill Sued For Allegedly Keeping Clothes From 2007 European Tour

Ms. Hill reportedly kept threads given to her for her tour and didn't fulfill the terms of her agreement with the company.

A fashion consultant who outfitted Lauryn Hill with clothing for her 2007 European tour has filed suit against the singer-songwriter, claiming that she never returned the clothes.

According to TMZ, Via Davia Vintage gave Ms. Hill “an entire wardrobe of high fashion items,” claiming that there was an agreement to pay a fixed weekly fee for a month. But after the timeframe elapsed, Hill kept the clothes for three months and only paid a fraction of what she owed. She also is accused of returning only 30 percent of what was provided.

Last month, a former member of her band from the same tour filed a suit of more than $20,000, claiming that she stiffed him out of thousands of dollars once the trek wrapped up.

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  • J

    Bravo, bro. There's been a running like hard agenda against L, for a long while. Did you know people are paid to build up breakdown the well known even in online forums? Plus the major news companies are looking to make her breakdown, but she won't-can't- ever- they got the wrong sign with this chick. Moving target. Godspeed boogie, bless your force. This whole story is a crock- she's not britney dumbfucks- just watch what they try to pull on her this year. She'l kick it down every time, chess player. Y'all gotta understand this business- it ain't right. Telling me she poxket paid her tour exspenses? Her lawyers and accountants don't take care of things like this for her? And even still, if she did run off with clothes-highly highly doubt it- atleast their worth somethin now ;)

  • Anonymous

    when bono keeps some clothes they kiss his feet for it.. when laurin hill does it she gets sued

  • JRTJ00

    Wow seriously? Sued for some fucking clothes? Whats up with all these people/companies trying to sue Hip Hop artist? Shits getting old and lame as fuck

  • @RadioRebels

    for great underground hip hop, news, discussions, and interviews with artist follow on twitter @RadioRebels

  • Anonymous

    Looks like things are going ,ahem...down..."hill..." for Ms. Lauryn, wouldn't u say?

    • Hip Hop Fan

      I seriously doubt things are going downhill for her. I know for a fact she can sell out arenas, because crap artists get 20k a show. Lauryn Hill could still tour off her only album and thats kinda funny if you think about it.

  • holobeatz

    DX, why can't ya'll find a better pic of Lauryn?? We all know she been through some shit in the past decade, and yes, we know a lot of it was brought on by her own actions, but damn...She's still Hip Hop royalty and will always be. As simple as a google search for images....

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