Rakim, Kreayshawn, Girl Talk Rock Philadelphia's Popped Festival

Exclusive: DX was in the building as one of the originators of rhyming about fashion rocked the same stage as the "Gucci Gucci" songwriter.

While Friday's lineup of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's Popped Festival featured some acts familiar to some Hip Hop/Rap listeners, Saturday's massive lineup was key to those seeking beats, rhymes and live within the last-minute, weather-induced venue change of Temple University's Liacouras Center.

Friday's (September 23) show, with an estimated 4,000 people in attendance, included performances by The Holdsteady. Lead vocalist/guitarist Craig Finn, a Minneapolis, Minnesota native, has been a longtime affiliate to the duo Atmosphere, as well as a previous collaborator with Doomtree's P.O.S.

Yesterday's (September 24) packed-venue run-down included iconic Long Island, New York emcee Rakim, who performed eight songs, mostly from his Eric B. & Rakim days. Rakim also began with "It's Been A Long Time," his solo success single from over a decade ago.

Northern California's Kreayashawn celebrated her birthday weekend in Philadelphia, with one of her first performances in the City of Brotherly Love. As expected, the Sony Records sensation got the biggest response from 2011 Internet-turned-radio hit, "Gucci Gucci."

A deejay set took place from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's Girl Talk. The latter played his signature mash-up's of Rock, Dance, Pop and Hip Hop. He began with a remix of Ludacris and Nate Dogg's "Oh No," with an elaborate light-show. ?uestlove of The Roots was planned to perform, but had to cancel last week. Additionally, ?uest's partner Black Thought (with DJ J. Period) was announced on an early show bill, but stepped out over a month ago.

Also performing yesterday was the Budos Band, Foster The People and more.



  • Anonymous

    Peace The God came and did his thing; fuck being on a bill with some ho trash. Now, let me put a little pressure on the 'real raps' fans on here, how many of y'all bought Ra's the 7th Seal or at least the Archives Peace to Man, Woman and Child

  • TopShelf

    Thought it was pretty damn funny when no one joined in to sing happy birthday to Kreayashawn.

  • Troll Affleck

    wow. this gotta be some college shit because no self respecting hip hop head would approve of rakim rocking with this lil bitch. Rakim unfortunately, has lost his edge. Fuck college rap, them sucka ass tuition paying douches fuck with whoever's popping at the moment, then once they get their degree, and thier six figure salary, it's "no i don't like hip hop because its so vulgar" bullshit. So if your wasting your money on the college experience shoot yourself for not READING. There is a such thing as a library, right? Ya'll just want to be "cool"...faggots HAHAHA ok I'm done trolling;) but its still fuck the frat pack!!!

    • Provost

      I believe Troll is speaking of the "Lacrosse & "Field Hockey" student.

    • Anonymous

      Slaine is that you? C'mon most of your fans are college kids. And you know me...I went to college to, will have 6 figures in prob two years, and I'm still a vulgar n*gga so what's good my dude?!


    RAKIM & KREYshawn shuldnt even be in the same fuckin sentence

  • We are at War

    At the end of the day "the God M.C." is like all the other "M.C.'s", Money Craven..He's still dreamin about getting paid because it becomes an addiction so strong you don't give a shit whose on the bill with you. He's just turning the music up and counting his money. WACK.

    • Anonymous

      So he's supposed to have some kind of ethical boycott of his job? Rakim knows as well as anyone it's an industry he's a part of. It's not for him to say who the promoter should or shouldn't book. Ra aint no hater c'mon man. I have some co-workers I detest, but I don't boycott work because my boss hired them. Get with the real world and grow up. She may be wack but she has the right to exist, and needs to exist, it's called balance. Besides what do you expect, it's 2011 hiphop

    • Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up nigga, rap is these peoples jobs man, would you quit your job because one of your co workers is an asshole?? no, because you gotta pay the rent, aint like Rakim is caked out to where he can just retire and spend his life countin stacks, dude had a couple gold records 2 decades ago, he aint rich and he aint in no position to say "Keep your money, I'll let the bank take my house instead of share the stage with this wack bitch"

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    it was sad. rakim lost a lot of time because the sound wasn't good onstage and probably the majority of the audience had never heard of him. he still killed it and made it look effortless. then kreayshawn went on and literally dozens of white girls behind me knew every lyric.

  • Anonymous

    yeah wtf theres Rakim and this Kreayshawn wannabe ho, on the same fuckin post. and then another one has A Tribe Called Quest and Lil B on the same post... fuck is wrong with people. Kreayshawn was like "I never used the N word in my music, that was probably my sister cuz shes in and out of jail and doing criminal shit" what a stupid bitch

  • ---L's---

    cant stand kreshaun...but that gucci gucci beats killen em...she dont deserve it

  • Anonymous

    fuck those are two names i would have never expected to see anywhere close together in this lifetime thats too bad for rakim

  • Anonymous

    how the fuck u have kreayshawn and rakim on the same stage

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Its called people have different tastes. If 4000 people are attending I do believe some people would dig her music. Not all 4000 would have being drinking haterade.

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