Drake Delays "Take Care," Reveals Album Details

UPDATE: To announce his album delay, Drizzy takes to his OVO blog.

Much has been made of Drake's highly-anticipated second album, Take Care.

Now, the Toronto emcee has released the album cover, along with the following statement from his blog:

"Feels like it's been so long. Is life moving so fast in this generation that when we desire something it begins to move in slow motion? Are we just used to getting what we want right away? Or do we require one another to feel right about all that is going on around us? Maybe our anticipation is justified by the fact that we genuinely cannot wait to share a moment again? Either way, your life and mine are scheduled to meet on October 24...I wouldn't miss it for the world.

See you soon.


Take Care is set to feature Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Stevie Wonder, and The Weeknd.

[September 24]

UPDATE: Drake took to his OVO blog to reveal that he's delaying his upcoming sophomore album from October 24th to November 15th on account of sample clearances. In his message, he explains that the LP will have 19 songs including two bonus cuts, and that he will announce more dates for his "Club Paradise tour soon. Read the full message below.

The new date for Take Care is November 15th, 2011. I managed to create this album in my hometown of Toronto and the thoughts and stories I wanted to get across just became so clear. It truly felt like when I was here 3 years ago making So Far Gone. So I have completed 19 songs (17 on physical and 2 on bonus), and have run into a roadblock of clearing 3 samples in time to make the October 24th date. My options were to take the songs off and make the birthday release happen, or to take an extra couple weeks to get the paper work right and give you the album they way I NEED you to hear it. The choice was clear as day for me. November 15th you will get Take Care the exact way I created it with no trimmings. This music means too much to me to get attached to dates and I do apologize for the delay but I promise that it is only for the benefit of our experience together. Club Paradise Tour will also be moved to when students are back from the Christmas/New Year break so that I can get to more schools. New dates will be released in the next week…see you all soon.



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  • norma

    i just wanna say drake is doing his thing... i swear i rather listen to drake then lil wayne.. drake rapes about real shit and you understand what he is saying... when drake rapes you can tell hes well educated..i am a true fan of him and i would support his every move and its not many rapers out there that can sing and rap just saying

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    there are so many drake haters that i done lost count.

  • Aquze

    I'm here, because I avidly check for hip hop news, and love music in general. Bless my treck on soundcloud G's, and Gentlemen soundcloud.com/aquze/my-starship-remastered

  • quan

    go to youtube and search BLACKLAWREBELMUSIC and give them feedback please they my folk tryin to come up in game.

  • Anonymous

    Take care better land that nigga a grammy. Shit finna be classic

  • wake up call

    J cole is the next thing. drake fall back homie-

    • mindrelated

      You said all that and there still was not point. J Cole is not even in the same lane as Drake. They do not even make the same music with the same content. I personally would like to listen to J Cole, who has the ability to story tell, and has range in what he writes about. I do not think Drake is a bad artist but to me at this point it all sounds the same. The same singing cadence then a 8 bars of rapping. I understand that is his formula but when it has no other substance to it, it does become old. J Cole overall is just a better artist, bringing more to the table. So, yes Roc Nation spent money to promote the album, but he did his job and giving good music. Last thing, you said people bought the album for the features, that is funny. Most the of his fans and critics did not even like the songs with the features, except Jay's to a certain extent because they said he did not use them properly. For instance, Missy should have had a verse on that song and it would have sent it out of this world.

    • you are

      ^ stfuu bitchh

    • coolstorybro

      cool story bro!!!!!!!

    • coolstorybro

      cool story bro.

    • Anonymous

      j cole stans were trying to make it seem like he is on a small label that spent no money to get his name out. i personally never heard of the nigga until jay z signed him. they let him open up on a jay z tour, a drake tour and this last rihanna tour. hell, most of the people got the album on strength of his features from jay z, trey songz and drake. stans like you wanted him to blow up and be the top new rapper, but he couldn't cut the mustard. j cole was featured on blueprint 3, miguel's album, performed at the grammy awards and is marketed by rocnation/livenation. also he is distributed by sony/columbia and has mark pitts as a manager (the former manager of biggie). mark pitts put in the work to get this dude deals, livenation just merged with ticketmaster (which means they have the largest marketing team), the paula abdul sample cost $400,000 for workout, they had ads in every music publication as well websites and commercials for the album on the major music channels, so the dollars were spent. he was trying to take a shot at all of the new rappers, who had hit singles for their debut albums...

  • Anonymous

    drake sucks thats why im here http://soundcloud.com/this-j-bird-bitch im tryin to convert those who like hip pop to like real hip hop just because i dont have good recording software doesnt mean i dont spit real genuine hip hop im an mc likes give it up for those still tryin to make music music

    • @anonymous

      fucking drake stans

    • StreetFame

      Hip Hop, What does it all mean having halls of fame pushing your name in the game or independently doin my own thing chasing green plottin and sceemin one of a kind like semen niggaz is blind, they can't see me the world is mine, pay me to play we blazin the hayze b chuck duces and maybe the only good rappers in the grave, g -V.dub, AKA StreetFame www.mp3lizard.com, -Rap , - Herbn' Underground Home of real hip hop,

    • hahahaha

      oh man, that shit is terrible, do your self a favor, stop criticizing people that have already made it and focus on bettering your skills because that shit sucked. hahahaha

    • Anonymous

      you suck balls. i mean drake isnt good, but man your just horrible.. 0 flow 0 lyrics.. i mean if i was you id realllly consider doing something else man, your way below average homie.. - wake up call-

  • $Rich$

    what's the biz with anger management?jealousy is one of the worse emotions.

  • LOL

    This nigga is a gay jew half-white soft gummy bear bitch. Eat a dick Drake.

  • Free Spirit

    Delays and sample clearances are part of doing business. There is no difference from Oct.24 and Nov 15. As long as I'm able to get it before Thanksgiving.

  • jonnyep

    wow do I hate the rap industry...

  • Midi Mafia

    all of a sudden stans trying to find some competition for drake. face it, he is in his own lane right now. every new rapper to be compared to him so far, hasn't been able to do numbers like him. i remeber nelly's first album came out and people hated the shit out of him, but now nelly has about $150 million in the bank and doesn't even have to have albums drop now. i see drake doing tv and movies in the future. he probably will drop an album every 4 years just to remind haters, what got him famous in the first place.

    • wu4lyf

      Nelly was on a hot streak and his last album was actually in 2010, not that long ago and it bombed. Commercially and critically. He knows he ain't have to make more music - and so does everyone else. He's had no longevity, and he certainly isn't a top 10 or even 50 rappers alive. And don't tell me that wasn't what he wanted. He's rich on a great buzz but his music doesn't have that time-defining quality that you expect a *legend* to deliver. I hope Drake doesn't turn that way. I kinda wish he reverted back to his pre-debut mixtape mindset and stayed aiming for genre-defying material. Young Money is kinda sinking quality-wise and has been for a bit. I mean Tha Carter IV was just stupid. I don't agree with the hate but he's a bit frustrating for fans of his earlier stuff, I hope Take Care is good..

  • freelilwaynealbums

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    • Money$$over Here

      Only broke lames worry about spending a small amout like 15 bucks on something for the ride. My bad, broke lames don't have rides, so they don't have to buy music anyway lol.

  • Anonymous

    At the end of the day Yella Wolf is going to put up better numbers than Drake..........

  • Anonymous

    wiz khalifa is going to be better than drake in the long run.

    • oh man

      no he won't, he's already losing a lot of his old fanbase, people are realizing that he sucks, how come Rolling Papers had a shit load of momentum and didn't sell like it was supposed to?

  • ROME x

    All of these haters hoping Drake's second album fail. I never thought that he was this important.

  • Wow

    It's funny how people are subliminally talking about J. Cole on here. What are you afraid of him? He has no time to respond to you nor would he ever see it you fucking losers lol, get the fuck over it. Whatever beef may or may not have existed with them is either crushed or was never their to began with. So get off J. Cole's Dick and Stop blowing Drake's so hard. This isn't a 3some -_-

    • Anonymous

      you must luv cole dick juice? he moving 50,000 copies next week for a grand total of 267,000 sold after 2 weeks and 2 years of promoting lol.

    • Anonymous

      i think people are taking shots at big sean, because him and drake are compared to each so much. sean is in that same vibe and drake. big sean and drake are in the top 2 in a 2 man race for the next 3 years, until something new comes along.

  • Anonymous

    OVO we don't mind waiting for this classic so TAKE ur TIME...........and TAKE CARE

  • KapDiva

    Drake is one of the most hated on artist, because people don't like biracial kids.

  • Anonymous

    Everybody hating on what Drake's first week sales are going to be and acting like Universal is buying extra copies to pad his stats.

  • Its Um

    Y do people think labels buy their artist shit, where's the logic to it and how does it makes them money more than their artists, don't really makes sense to me please explain. Y can't the first week sales can't just be pre-order, ain't that's what its for, fans can have their favorite artist music the same day it arrive? But seriously please tell me what's the logic of buying the artists shit and how does it makes them money?

  • KareemzDream

    I think alot of these other artist trying to steal Drake's lane are nervous right about now. You got artist who have a manufactured buzz and Drake's shit is natural. The real recognize who fraud after they see them second week sales lol.



  • Jesus

    Rock n roll gangsta, rock n roll man. lalalalala the newspapers thy dont laugh. the things you say or do are staleeee your influence on todays youth, is all wrongggg. is that why every word you utter, is a million selling song.

  • GoGirlMusic

    dats wats up hopefully its good...youtube/251gogirl

  • Ali Lafayette Rhea

    No question the kid is nice and no doubt he gets busy- I'm not talking about him but Ali Lafayette Rhea. One Love

  • UNO

    Haters are pathetic. Every track dropped so far is quality and shows every indication Drake is carving a classic or an even better album, than SFG. You can hate his style or his content but you cant deny talent. Each track - Headlines, Marvins Room, Club Paradise, Dream Money Can Buy - are leagues above anything else out right now aside a few legends. Just great concepts, smart hooks, unique production etc. Drake aint my fav rapper but one must recognize talent. Get off it people

    • Anonymous

      you right because most of these other new artist out now can't compete. one of them even hating on drake for having hit songs. but at the same time that particular artist has drake featured on his album.

  • also....

    This Fag wouldn't get so much hate if he wasn't a rapper, #121311gfidmmgcopthealbumqueers!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      he was getting hate when he had his tv show in canada, so this lil hate ain't nothing new to him at this point. the kid makes good music and that's all he needs to keep on doing.

  • fanboy

    honestly iim a huge Drake fan , but fuck this shit with the poems and apoligies n shit..its gaaay nigga

  • ohmygod......

    Fuck this faggot "drizzy" (lol) Rick Ross 5th lp "god forgives I don't" 12/13/11 smh why a artist like Ross would collab with this nut drinker is beyond me. Port of Miami#classic, deeper than rap#classic, trilla#classic and the championship ring that was teflon don#fuckingclassic!!!!!!! #rickross>>>>>>drake

    • Anonymous

      you hating on drake and ross at the same time. both of them are something you will never be. they both bought their mothers mansions and are taking care of thier families. you still begging for change from your folks lol.

    • gunplay

      your parents obviously dropped you on your head as a child. rick ross is a fraud, he is a prison guard, he never hustled. he is like 45 and he isnt being serious, you americans are just too caught up in your own bs to see his comedy. it is because of inbreds like you that republicans can ruin the world, because of inbreds like you that pollution is killing us all, and because of inbreds like you that there is no gun control in the united hates of america.

  • Thank fucking god.

    Delay this garbage until the 33rd of nevuary

  • jamiet


    • Anonymous

      when was the last time a girl liked you? sounds like you still in 1st grade were boys think girls are yucky. lame azz

  • i'm slowly learning

    that most of the hiphopdx community is gay, whenever someone describes a rapper as gay, they usually then make an example of what they "did" that makes them gay...the examples are pretty detailed and extremely gay, like they've thought of these things and pictured them in their minds, then said the rapper is gay, when it's pretty obvious the rapper hasn't done the weird shit these dudes post. Shit is looking pretty gay for the HHDX community.

    • Anonymous

      drake doing at least 800,000 in the first week.

    • Anonymous

      co-sign 100%. The comments on this site are ridiculous. It's like 3/4 of them are 12 year olds. gay this, gay that....... Anyway I'm not a fan of Drake, but his debut album had a couple of good songs. We will see what happens.

  • Aubrey

    Drake has the fruitiest album names, and the fruitiest name.

  • Anonymous

    Drake is really looking Like a JEW in this album cover lol.

  • Ghetto Bred

    Nigga, you need to make sure you drop that shit before 2012, because them other hungery niggas on YMCMB need to shine too. I hope you go platinum in your first week, so that these haters kill themselves with envy. You ain't no gangsta, but 90% of the world ain't neither, so do your thang, boy.

    • Brandon

      I don't even get this guys comment when he says Drake ain't no gangsta...a person don't have to be a hoodlum to be gangsta or gangsta shouldn't validate somebody. Ya'll n*ggas dumb. A n*gga can be brought up in the hood and see negative sh*t everyday of his life, don't mean he got to act in that life. He still authentic if he was to put out rock music!

  • Wayne Is Lord

    Stop playin with us Drizzy. u know we want ur album to drop. niggas is thirsty for it. dont push it back. drop while ur hot. YCMB + Roc Nation bitches.

  • juggalo! numer one drake fan!

    dam dute. please don delae this awsome recird. i neet this shit in mi lyf bro. to tyte. i luv drake and weezy f babie.;} best raperz ever! pleez drake drop it now. juggalo whoop whoop! ICP an DRAKE need 2 do a sang 2gether!

  • Anonymous

    EFFECTS OF "COLE WORLD" made this wack ass singer pushed his albums back. If Pac was here he be whupping lil gayne and gayman ass + officer ross

    • Anonymous

      damn shame you trying to make cole relevant by using drake's name.

    • Key Man

      either a cole stan or a label employee trying to put cole on drake's level. you must have forgot that drake was featured on cole's album and helped it move units. next time think before you speak. cole world is just another form of promotion for drake, duh.

    • LOL @ these comments

      Either another sheep who drank the media koolaid or a Cole intern trying to get the internet buzzing! Fcuk Cole got to do with Drake pushing the album back not even a month later? NOTHING. And if Cole's album was so CLASSIC, why would you worry about what Drake's doing in a month? Thought you knew what has going to happen years from now! LOL!

    • Anonymous

      ....did you not read the article at all? he delayed it because of sample clearances. I like cole and i bought his album but Cole world didnt stop the samples from being cleared. Youd probably rather he drop the album without the samples being cleared so he can get sued right?

  • thought dog

    No straight man can read these blog entries and feel comfortable. Drake needs a hetero publicist.

  • GT

    Who the *uck is ASAP Rocky? Homeboy heard of Aesop Rock and decided that ASAP Rocky was his new name.

  • Anonymous

    dont yall ever get sick of talking about whose gay? like whats the fascination blacks have with homosexuality? its plain weird yall obsessed with dick on dick why?

  • Anonymous

    drake is gay he sucked a guys dick its on youtube fuck gay money

  • 123kid

    Drake gave us a classic mixtape and albulm(or it's close to a classic) but idk not really feeling any of his latest singles except headlines..hopefully these samples and delays r a good thing so dat the albulm wud be good & not all r&b stuff

    • Anonymous

      this nigga we call drake is about to become a superstar. he can sing, write songs, act and rap his ass off. i wouldn't be suprised if he gets his own sitcom like will smith, brandy and l.l. cool j did. haters still trying to say eddie murphy, chris tucker and will smith gay, but all of them sitting on a 100 million bucks, so fuck what a hater say.

    • da1

      I think you clowns use the word classic a little too much. So far gone may have been a classic mixtape but by no means was his album classic. It was okay but not a classic. And that is all Drake is a R&B rapper. You said you hope he doesn't have any R&B stuff on his album,LMFAO. Thats like saying I hope lil wayne doesn't use any metaphors about fucking the world or comparing karma to a women. THATS ALL HE DOES!!!

  • TheTruth

    I thought his album cover was wack at first look but I'm starting to dig it. It goes fits his introspective lyrical style and symbolizes that money doesn't bring happiness. All of the cuts I've heard so far sound more genuine and not forced like Thank Me Later. I was a fan of So far gone, not so much of his last album. We'll see..

  • Anonymous

    Max B sings better den drake anywayds

    • Anonymous

      It's a shame Max ain't around to get his paper. one thing about Max was this, he wasn't a hater and never dissed Cash Money or G Unit, even though both were cool with Jim Jones. Stop being a hater to someone who ain't never dissed anyone. Drake and Max are alike in at least one thing, neither one of them are haters.

    • he also probably

      spells better than you

  • Jonathan Stolte

    Who does he think he is? Dr Dre n Detox?

  • Anonymous

    A shirtess rapper posing in front of an expensive car while aiming with a gun at you is soooo much cooler. Great cover. This is how art should look.

    • Anonymous

      Thank You. These wanna be thugs like Drake's cover too, they just don't understand how to let go of hate.

    • LOL @ these comments

      I see where you're coming from. So BDP's "By Any Means Necessary" is worst than Drake's just because it has a gun? Or are you one of those who are quick to point to a stereotype without realizing simple photos have more hidden meaning than some with blatant imagery?

    • Anonymous

      maybe if you're a fag

  • Al Sharpton

    First Tha Carter IV came thru and conqured hip hop. Take Care is about 2 go even harder (in terms of albums sales) . This nigga Drake is michael jackson in canada. 1.5 mill in a week.

    • Anonymous

      it's not going to do 1.5 million, but it's going to be up there, like between 800,000-900,000. He will hit double platitum with this album in after about 6 months.

    • Anonymous


    • LAME


  • Anonymous

    thats nicki around his neck


    He's got a track with NaS and J. Cole, should be interesting.

    • Anonymous

      you a dumb azz for even trying to start that false rumor. you a j cole stan hoping and praying that j cole gets a chance to be on this album. it's not going to happen, fuck boy.

    • LOL @ these comments

      And look at the screen name! LOL! Can't wait to use it! Raise your hands brothers or sisters if you go daily to country, rock, and goth websites and type racial slurs! Hands high please! LOL!

  • Anonymous

    anytime i read comments on this site I feel like i am losing brain cells. You all need to grow up and get a life. "homo this, gay that"..... smh

  • Carlo Sorrentino

    "young nigga comin thru lookin clean"

  • SuperGucciRap

    All you guys are wrong. If you were looking forward to the gay rappers, the list is obvious: It goes from: Tupac Shakur, Eminem, Nas, Jay-Z, Kanye West, B.o.B, Drake, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, Lupe Fiasco, Tinie Tempah, Tyga, Phonte, Elzhi, Slug from Atmosphere, Murs, Tech N9ne, Andre 3000, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, Bun B, Busta Rhymes, Chris Brown, Joe Buddens, Big Sean, Wale, J. Cole, Frank Ocean, Justin Timberlake, Pharell, Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park, Big KRIT, Yelawolf, Mac Miller, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Timbaland, Pitbull, Immortal Technique, Twista, Common, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Del The Funkee Homosexual, Nate Dogg, Ludacris, Beastie Boys, Diggy Simmons, Run DMC, LMFAO, Fashawn, Curren$y, Fat Joe, Akon, Nelly, Ya Boy, DMX, LL Cool J Good Rappers that are straight: Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, Waka Flocka Flame, Soulja Boy, Lil B, Vinnie Paz, Apathy, Celph Titled, AOTP, Insane Clown Posse, Esham, Twiztid, Canibus, Hopsin, Tyler The Creator, SwizZz, Earl Sweatshirt, The Game, Lowkey, Big Boi, Lil Wayne, Birdman, Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Notorious BIG, Big L, Puff Daddy, Lil Chuckee, Lil Twist, Gudda Gudda, Eazy-E, Rick Ross, Cody Simpson, Christian Beadles, Jonas Brothers, Rebecca Black, Patrice Wilson of ARK Music Factory, and Justin Bieber the son of Gucci Christ. It's Gucci Time!

  • Anonymous

    idgaf what yall say drakes the shit and ima keep listening to him and half of yall who dont like him are just haters

    • Anonymous

      yeah, that's when you know somebody done made it. when people start hating on someone, it's because they can't make thier own dreams come true.

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    • Anonymous

      well, if you are a tranny, that means you look like a woman, so if you sucked a man's dick, he didn't even know you was a man, so he wouldn't be gay. you are just a dumb bitch.

    • Anonymous


  • Drake

    Ahhhh, oooooooh we oooooooh...uh, yeah, its young munnee! I see all you haters TALKING, Dr Phil. But I aint hearing none of it, miracle ear with dead battery. But what I will do for you broke non pussy getting fools, Beanie Sigel, is let yall peep the track list to the hottest album of the eternity, take care. So check it out before iiiiiim gooooone, ooooh, i miss you so bad guuuurl...Uh yeah, young muneeee! 1. Owl feather pillow talking Intro * 2. Headlines 3. Weezy stood me up 4. I love you girl 5. Heart turns to Butterflies feat. Game 6. Trust issues 7. Alone 8. Kisses in the mirror 9. Marvins room 10. Can I caress your rear feat. Lil Wayne & Lil Twist 11. Not when Weezy's looking feat. Nicki Minaj 12. Bulletproof nipples 13. Bubblebath harmonizing Interlude 14. She won't but I will feat. Lil Wayne * 15. One last kiss feat. Birdman * 16. Can I be your bitch? * 17. Lavender ovo spray tan music feat. Rick Ross 18. Wardrobe change * 19. Taste that sauce Outro feat. Dj Khaled * Track recorded while naked in the studio.

    • Anonymous

      It's too bad you wish you really knew how to craft a complete song. You will never become a rapper with a complete song lol.

    • @Anonymous

      ^^^Well don't you have a tight butthole, not for long though after I ravage it for talking too much.

    • Anonymous

      /\ Well aren't you just the gayest little thing.

    • @Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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    • seriously?

      you retards do know that ^^^ is easier then doing this /\, fucking retard anonymous.

    • Quazi

      lol this was funny....

    • Anonymous

      /\ youre terrible at sarcasm.

    • OMG!?!?!


  • God

    Allright you fuckin retards who think that Drake isnt "gangsta" or is too "soft" need to realise that the era of being a thug is gone with Tupac. Drake is a genuine person...I actually think he has a great personality and shit...but I dont know if he is gay or straight haha thats a bit doubtful..Drake made better music before where he rapped more and sung less, but its his thing. IF YOU ARE JUDGING HIM THEN YOU MUST BE LISTENING TO HIS MUSIC AND MOTHER FUCKERS DONT EVER HATE ON SOMEONE WHEN YOU ARE LISTENING TO THEIR MUSIC. IF YOU WANT TO HATE THEN DONT EVER OPEN LINKS THAT SAY "DRAKE" ON IT.. FUCKIN FAGGOTS

  • Vimal

    Not to stereotype or anything like that... but I thought that bird was a piece of chicken in his hand...

  • Chicago's Real

    HEY *translation* i too visit Bohemian Grove ^ yeah, pretty much. the owl… the “light”… the gold…. the black…. drink from the cup of knowledge to receive your rightful wisdom thus leading to ultimate enlightenment. embrace the dark. worship all the riches that this world has to offer, for these are your gifts from your god…….

  • Chicago's Real

    *translation* i too visit Bohemian Grove ^ yeah, pretty much. the owl… the “light”… the gold…. the black…. drink from the cup of knowledge to receive your rightful wisdom thus leading to ultimate enlightenment. embrace the dark. worship all the riches that this world has to offer, for these are your gifts from your god…….

  • Anonymous

    And if lighting spliffs isn't your thing, feel free to ignore that part of my comment, but personally, I feel it is a great way to absorb a piece of music for the first time. :)

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes I wonder who the hell comments on this website. Drake is by no means one of my favorite artists, but I do enjoy a lot of music. Sure, he has his commercial hits, but he also puts out a lot of great songs. Every song he has released off Take Care (besides headlines maybe) has been dope as hell. So Far Gone was awesome, and Thank Me Later even had its Moments, hell Drake even admits it was a lackluster debut. There is so much baseless hating in the comments. Drake does not wear makeup, he is not gay, he is not "fake" at all. He writes intimate raps about his personal life. Yes a lot of his songs are "soft" but that is not a bad thing. If you have a legitimate criticism, by all means share your opinion, that is what makes websites like hhdx great. But if you are going to make some dipshit, baseless, homophobic comment, because Drake sings, or was on Degrassi when he was a kid, you are contributing nothing but bullshit to the community. I am willing to bet that Take Care is going to be better than R.E.D., Cole World, Watch the Throne, and Bad Meets Evil. And by "better", I really only mean better in my own humble opinion. I think it will be better because Noah "40" Shebib is in his prime, so the beats will be excellent. Free Sprit sounds like some RZA shit IMO, and because Drake is committed to making a classic album. I can't say that he ever will release a classic album, only time will tell that, but I can say he is trying Damn hard to make great music, and if you aren't even going to sit down, light a spliff, and give it a chance, please keep your nonsense to yourself.

    • Anonymous

      How does the air feel outside of the closet? Cause you just did a flying backflip somersault right outta the closet homo.

  • killlluminati

    Damn my niggas.... Tupac predicted this shit!!! How much more blatantly satanic can these fools be.... I mean we all know Jay, Wayne, Ross, Diddy, 3-6 Mafia, are all some satanic shit... but they dont even HIDE it anymore... bitch ass niggas.. Now look at Drake... and my nigga's I dont give a fuk if this cat is gay... he worships lucifer.. damn... ssad deal... look at this fools new album cover... ALL BLACK, GOLD OWLS, a BAPHOMET SKULL in the left corner, and a SACRIFICED animal in the background... fuck you Drake and your satanic as crew... WAKEUP.. b4 its tooo late! God is GOOD!!

    • OweMoney

      I can see the Illuminati symbolism throughout his album cover. The crazy thing is people scream against "conspiracy theorist". Believe me, conspiracies like rumors begin with some grain of truth. Additionally, NOTICE only Drake's One eye(left) is symbolicly visible, which can be linked to the eye of horus...

    • Omar

      i agree guys we are in the last the days the end of the times if you look at whats going on in the world we have reached the peak of extreme infidelity .everything thats wrong is now accepted. i always said im so happy to be living now and have everything at disposal but now i see actually that our gen will have the worst time of any one that ever walked this earth.Prophet muhhamed p.b.u.h was asked when the world will be close to the end and his reply was "when men start wearing silk " look kanye and drake in that photo for example

    • i understand

      all i know is we dont have lot of time left the chips will start to fall in place by the end of this year the us dollar and europes economy will collapse, the arab countires are uniting ,iran is building nuclear weapons ,isreal is preparing a attack on iran that will kick off WW3 with western europe,usa,irsreal,india against russia,iran,arabs,china,turkey,some african countries, and balkan/southern europan countires bulgaria,bosnia,serbia,greece etc etc

    • weare1

      co-sign to that bro these dudes is only told to do that or if they dont they will get kicked out of industry or worse killed .but the point is there is a bigger plan that they are planning ,look at all the commercials today promoting invasions from the machines (state farm,ps3,evo4g,directv just to name a few) you think its a game ? they are planning it and it will all start to fall in place on 21st of 2012.ronald reagan gave a speech to the UN talking about how mankind will have to suddenly unite if were invaded by a force from out of this planet (google it ) the new world order depopulation of the world which will leave only 20% of population to be chipped aka the mark of the beast .

    • LJbigbang

      You're a clever guy.

  • TiredOfGayRappers

    These "rappers" present rap with an identity crisis. Now people think it is acceptable to be a C.O. (Ross), wear makeup and cry/whine all the time (Drake), and kiss other dudes and cross dress (Wayne). I mean, seriously? Why would any sensible individual support this!? What does it say about you if this is the stuff you listen to? Think about it

  • Lamar Jackson

    Drake is dope as fuck... The album cover is looks dope too. This nigga is honest on the flow and it fucks these haters up to hear some different shit. You all cry and you all love these hos too. Can't wait to cop the new album. I also got the Kendrik Lamar section 80 (A must have unless you are a bitch ass hater on some new age concious shit too!), Game album, Lil Wayne album, Watch the throne album.. Oh and Ima cop that Cole Word shit too... Nigga I grew up in the streets but I don't always want to hear some street shit! Can't bang on bacon my nigga!

    • You're argument is stupid

      it doesn't make any sense, you say that "Drake is soft, what did he do, watch Wayne's life?" then you list off shit that Wayne did like Drake did them. You're trying to act like you can bring up a good argument when in all reality, you're stupid as hell and don't know what the fuck you're talking about. To further support the fact that you don't know what you're talking about, you say "You probably support Rick Ross. So I'm guessing you support Gay Cross-Dressing Rappers?" When the fuck did Ross cross-dress? You need to learn where to place sentences you dipshit, and Wayne is a fag but someone with the, TiredofGayrappers is a bigger fag and way beyond corny.

    • TiredOfGayRappers

      Thats the point, Drake never did any of that stuff. He's a melodramatic emo-prone bitch. Anyone who would argue to support Drake/Wayne is beyond corny. Hell, you probably support Rick Ross too. So I'm guessing you support Gay Cross-Dressing Rappers? Is that really what you look up to?

    • ^Yo

      it sounds like you want a real man @TiredofGayrappers, also you say "what he do, watch Wayne's life?", when did Drake do any of those things that Wayne did, you faggot?

    • TiredOfGayRappers

      Growing up in the streets or not, Drake is ridiculously soft and fake. How can this "man" be serious when he tries to rap hard? What did he do, watch lil wayne's life? lol that won't get him far A real man doesn't wear makeup. Period. Real men don't kiss other men on the lips. Period. Real men don't wear female leopard-print jeggings. Period. But for some reason, every YM sucker gives these punks a pass. Would YOU do any of the above?

  • Yung Humma

    I'm surprised this album wasn't glossed in 24karat gold glitter sprinkles. This nigga probably wakes up and actually says "Rabbit Rabbit" every 1st of the month. I bet this nigga has a monogrammed silk bib to catch all his tears. Nigga looks like he sleeps in an imported bed of the softest hand-picked feathers. Makes Blue's Clues look vicious. Get this "My hair looks like a helmet with a chinstrap" looking mother fucka outta here. Soft.

  • Fado

    half the people who are saying drakes gay and shit were on his dick when he dropped so far gone. Personally im not a Drake fan at all. I like J.cole, Jay elec, Kendrick and stalley. But at least Drake has wordplay, sure its not on the level of alot of other rappers but he tries. Shit lil wayne has wordplay, I dont like wayne hes mainstream as fuck and lame to me, BUT, wayne has wordplay and I can respect that. I DONT RESPECT OR LIKE ARTIST LIKE LIL B OR SOULJA BOY. When I say that people say who cares they make money, your just made they get money. I DONT GIVE A MUTHA FUCK ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY AN ARTIST GETS. People that defend an artist by how much money they make ARE ON THERE DICK. THE ONLY THING AN ARTIST HAS TO OFFER ME IS MUSIC. So that's what I judge them by. Believe that.

  • Frank

    It's amazin that erbody say drake sucks but whenever he has a topic on any site he has the most post and views lol so that just proves u all r just haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Frank

      If u dont like him stop clickin on his damn topics its common sense idiot!!!!!!

    • TiredOfGayRappers

      Drake is the softest "rapper" I've ever come across. The man wears makeup and eye shadow and openly talks about crying. He thinks he's tough bc he's with YM, but that goes to show you how disillusioned he is. Only wannabes and spoon-fed ppl think YM is raw. Drake grew up in a rich majority Jewish neighborhood.....yet he tries to rap about the streets. smfh

  • TiredOfGayRappers

    #drakecrieswhen people interpret his poetry as gay pride

  • frank

    Hot album cover and quote so poetic!

    • Anonymous

      albums hot like the devil Drake worships.. you notice the SKULLand SACRIFICED animal in the back... it aint cool dummy... unless you worship Satan too???

  • LOL

    Fuck this gay Jew faggot. Young Money is so gay.

  • CT

    U'd think that nigga would learn to shave n get a haircut by now SMFH

  • Anonymous

    biggest homo in hiphop right now

  • Anonymous

    I love this nigga Drake.

  • Willy Wonka


  • sah313

    ppl need to stop calling shit "classic" there are only a few classic an era and its not classic until a few years down the road

  • Hip Hop Fan

    The problem with Hip Hop is that people care too much what albums covers look like. They care too much about what is on the radio. People care too much about how many albums an artist sells or how much money an artist has. I remember when people didn't know or care about money and numbers and thats when Hip Hop albums were actually good.

    • Miii

      @koth561 I disagree, especially nowadays. I think this is the most friendly-kiss-ass era ever in hip-hop and it's probably due to how the game looked a few years ago with 50 beefing with everybody. I don't like beef (battles and beef are not the same thing!), people be on some dickriding shit and picking sides instead of just enjoying the music. But this era is way too soft and kiss-ass-y. It's the same artists kissing the same asses day in and day out.

    • koth561

      I feel you, but hip hop is also suffering from a lack of unity. There is too much hate



  • koth561

    That doesn't look suspect or anything.....Niggas think it is cool to brag about wiping baby lotion up their asses these days... Fuck outta here... Where has this world gone to? I'm not even against songs for women, but these niggas go out of their way to sleep on a broad's lap. I'm not against club rap, but these niggas have to make it sound so generic/techno and give up the word play. Just what is this fucking thing I'm looking at? This is the number one excuse for girls to think that they can fuck around with their man, SOFTNESS.

  • Jake

    I thought everybody forgot about Drake, shm...

  • Anonymous

    looks like a cover for gayass love songs! But what do you expect from a gay rapper who wears make up and eye shadow For all the stans this album is not gonna be a classic!



  • Origami Tsunami

    This guy Drake managed to figure out how to type in estrogen with that whole paragraph describing the cover. I give him credit for that otherwise shit is gay as hell.

  • Anonymous

    I really hate this site...the amount of hatred is just retarded. The only artists people like is underground artists on the rise and then as soon as they get noticed half the fanbase turn into haters. The staff of the site get paid off to over rate albums and there are so many sheep following what's popular to hate or like that they can't form an opinion themselves.

    • Anonymous

      I call it Techno rap. It's like house music. Where the same drum beat gets played all night. They just change the chords. Drake himself used the 2 step beat on almost every song on his album.

    • Anonymous

      Nah it ain't. The popular music that is out right now is pure trash, so the haters would actually be right for not liking that shit. Yes, Hip-Hop was better in the 90's and it will never be topped, in fact the whole poppy-hip-hoppy out right now is in a whole other genre, not even worth comparing this music Drake makes to real music from the 90's. Fuck this nigga Drake, he doesn't contribute ANYthing to Hip-Hop. There are still some artists left that do make real music, but the industry fucked up Hip-Hop so bad, it's ridiculous. This Take Care album should not even be listened to once, it's too fucking popular. Who decided that it's popular? The industry. Who decided that they play Drake singles 25times every minute? The industry. Who decides what is good music or not? We do. We shouldn't even consider this piece of shit to be a part of Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop is getting destroyed slowly with artists like Drake being one of your favorite rappers.

    • VicMan

      Ain't that the truth!

  • P.I.

    Drake looks like his Jewish forefathers

  • ash

    Drake looks hot! i loce drizzy, OVOXO. YMCMB.MMG to tha fullest baby oh and cole world mofucka!

  • Jeremy King

    I can see Rozay havin a cover like that*

  • doesn't make sense

    how is the hhdx community calling Drake gay, when they backed a dude with a fucking butterfly tattooed on his face?

  • YouAreAllHypocritical

    Isn't it funny how great of a judge everyone here is when it comes to telling how gay someone is? You guys are better at criticizing someone's sexual preference than you are at actually criticizing the content, the product, the music.

    • damnseriously

      this is real talk, right here. i'm about to tweet that, for real. comment of the year, definitely.

    • Anonymous

      If you can't tell him and Lil Wayne are gay you need to have your gaydar checked.

    • Kevin

      "You guys are better at criticizing someone's sexual preference than you are at actually criticizing the content, the product, the music." Now that's what i'm talking about!

    • Keezie

      I agree. It's pathetic. Crab in a barrel mentality that has been ingrained in Hip Hop culture. Yes it's a competitive genre but no other art form suffers so much criticism from its own fan base. Kind of disgusting.

    • Brandon Hamm

      ^ Comment of the year. Agree 100%.

  • Cole

    its not about the album to be worry about, its the music im sure Drake wont disappoint at all. Cole World 9/27 Take Care 10/24 make sure you cop em, the only albums that matter this year!

  • Ashkan Kehtrmanesh

    Drizzzy Drake letsss goooo! #Take Care

  • craig


  • Josh Moore

    album cover faggish as hell imo. but wat do i know. hot 105 anyone?

    • yeah

      you changed your pic because the amount of shit you got, you're a sad person, and your shirt is still ugly as fuck.

    • Holy Hell

      you're accusing something of being gay, when you're taking a picture of yourself in front of a mirror with a cell phone? You don't have any friends to take a pic of you or to take pics with? You should probably burn that shirt also.

    • Anonymous

      He knows one thing. That cover says GAY.

    • GoodOne

      You're fat, ugly, and trying to look hard in your facebook profile picture. What exactly DO you know?

  • Jameil Rashad

    the album cover aint shit but the album gonna be a classic

    • rook

      @tired of ignorant HATERS with baseless opinions agree with yu especially yur name the most lol

    • tired of ignorant HATERS with baseless opinions

      WTF are you talking about? The Blueprint, The Black Album, Every Kanye album except 808s, Common's BE, Lupe's first two albums, Stankonia, Speakerboxxx/Love Below, Marshall Mathers LP, Stillmatic, and Get Rich or Die Tryin' are all classics and there have been plenty more. Stop hating on new music just because it's new

    • Anonymous

      There hasn't been a classic album dropped since the 90's. What are you talking about.

  • 123kid

    Drake gave us a classic w/Thank me later so I wanna c wat he's gonna do w/dis one..I hope it's not too commercial but has a good mixture of both. Wasn't feeling Marvin's Room or Free Spirit but headlines was ok so Idk really wat to expect from dis

  • Take Care

    This album is going to be a classic. Take Care.

  • Jason

    Hahahahaha Drake giving up all Weezy's secrets!!! Y'all know where all the objects on that table been? You guessed it: the GOATs rectum. Even that candle, which Weezy didn't extinguish cause it was Hannukah and he didn't want to upset Drake. Was lit when it went in and still lit when it came back out. TUNECHI GOT THAT MIDAS ANUS hahahaha. Thats why even when Weezy just shitting out albums like IANAHB and Rebirth, it still goes gold!!!!!!! YMCMB. Fuck the haters.

  • crack taster

    why is he holding a golden chicken wing? GIMME YOUR JEW GOLD DRAKE!!

  • Anonymous

    illuminati owl. thats all i have to say

  • da1

    I can't give this dude any benifit of the doubt because I know he's going to be rapping/ singing about women for the majority of the album. This would be a great album cover if he is rapping about something very deep. This is the type of cover Nas would have, but don't leave it to Drake to have any substance in his music.

  • Anonymous

    he looks like an A-Rab

  • fcvs

    the cover is just bullshit hope the music is better

  • $$mike

    the album cover doesnt mean shit..drake makes music that sounds the same every time its r&b with a lil wayne flow check me out instead http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWi8X15f8U4

  • So...

    Who's the new flavor this month in the Hiphopdx comment hater community, I mean it was Game, he was going to have album of the year and beat Ye and Jay in first week sales...but wait he flopped hard, so who's dick is the hhdx hater community sucking now until that person dies out?

  • Gay & Proud

    He looks so fine in that picture, I wish he was behind me going hard.

  • Mandy Sandy

    lol at u niggaz dat r sayin diz album cova iz betta than cole'z. diz album cova iz gay az fuck, prolly gayer than da carter 4 cova. he tryna look all deep and shit wit paintingz in da background. fuck outta here! i ain't buyin it. wut da fuck doez all diz shit have 2 do wit "take care" n-e-way? at least cole'z cova stickz wit it'z title "cole world: da sideline story". and cole'z album gon b betta by far. diz lookin like sum girly shit. RNGMB BITCH! COLE WORLD NIGGAZ!

    • this is from Mandy Sandy's facebook wall...

      "wut up evrybody? 4 those who r fanz of roc nation, g.o.o.d muzik or both, add me az ur friend. RNGMB BITCH" .......she only has 2 friends. I don't know what's more sad, the fact that she only has two friends or the fact that she's making it seem like she's running a fan page that nobody likes or gives a shit about.

    • haha this dike...

      you would be able to spot gay guys because every guy you trying to talking to tells you they're gay. RNGMSB=Real Niggas Grab Mandy Sandy's Balls

    • Anonymous

      "YO GUYZ, DAT SHIT IS GAY YO, DAT NIGGA DOZENT LOOK HARD ENOUGH 2 BE A RAPPA, HEZ GAY MAN" ^^^ thats what you sound like you peasant. Also ill never understand why dumb niggas feel the need to type in ebonics when typing normally takes half the time.

    • Anonymous

      you must gay yourself ervything is gay to you ha,just go ahead poop boy mr c and dre are waiting


    OVO = Owl the first O is the left eye, the V is the beak and the second O is the right eye.

  • DaBoss

    You dickheads!That owl does not mean he worships the devil ya some ignorant low-minded people. His label is OVO if you look closely it looks like an owl.

  • Almar

    Is The Album Title "Take Care" an Ode to Hip-Hop Being dead?, Because if it wasnt before, it is now.

  • Anonymous

    These rap niggas are turning into fucking Yugioh characters. you guys are probably too old to even know what that is lol.

  • drake album

    should be called gay care

  • DR.Conrad murray

    i agree this nigga rocking that owl 2 much leaves one to wonder if in fact he is down with the dark forces and i aint talkin bout darth vader "owl in the dollar"(google it ) ancient egyptian masonic symbol

  • thetruth


  • amp

    first of, dude sounds like a palm reader in that blog. and that album cover is reminiscent of Kid Cud's Legend of Mr. Rager..

  • Seed

    "I'm all deep and shit because I am looking down. It must mean I am struggling with an inner conflict."

  • italianjob

    i gotz to agree witchu son peoplez iz too concerned wit how niggaz look not takin the music into consideration.

  • italianjob

    i gotz to agree witchu son peoplez iz too concerned wit how niggaz look not takin the music into consideration

  • sindrome

    classic covers ...And Then There Was X Man vs. Machine The Marshall Mathers LP Death Certificate I Am... The Documentary Chicken-N-Beer Tha Last Meal Extinction Level Event: The Final World Front just to name a few peoples

    • da1

      Even better List compared to the previous ones Food and Liqour Ready to Die All eyes on me College Dropout Below the Heavens Reasonable Doubt Illmatic Relapse(it was a weak album but that cover was crazy). Doggystyle Rolling Papers (again weak album but great cover.)

    • Almar

      Better Covers(Off The Top Of The Dome) No Particular Order. The Blueprint Things Fall Apart Amerikkkaz Most Wanted Midnight Marauders My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) Man On The Moon: The End Of Day

  • jesterxxl

    Every fuckin time Drake article comes along cunts gotta bring up Cole same goes vice versa. People gotta be real fuckin arrogant ignorant bastards just to buy an album by the cover. Shady used the same for Eminem Show & Encore blah blah blah Nas used the same for Illmatic, It Was Written, I Am & Nastradomous wah wah wah. Some covers are amazin but the material don't live up then come covers are basic but the material is amazin.

  • waavedada

    yaa thats whats up. check out my vids! waavedada.tumblr.com

  • Anonymous

    Like the album cover, better then J. Coles anyway. I like Cole way more then do drake but that doesn't mean his album cover is good

  • Jarrett David Grimes

    Dope ass cover. Looks like classic shit.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    (shaking my head in disgust at this nigga's blog statement) This nigga is just beyond belief with how sensual, soft, and sugary he is. This nigga is a bitch. Find him in your local grocery store in the tissue section. And what's up with that gold owl?

  • Hatershater

    His second installment is gonna b a great album ..I can't wait to download it ..oh yea its gonna outsell WTT

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Idiots above remember that thing called a recession that hit realize that WTT hasnt sold a million yet hmm?

    • true...

      true the internet was around in 2000, but you gotta think about the learning curve. most people didn't know how or where to download albums at back then...it was few...and usually you had a person who supplied you. now damn near everyone is a professional bootlegger...niggas learned quick.

    • Anonymous

      @ hatershate We had the internet back in 2000 and people still bought records

    • Mandy Sandy

      ur crazy if u think it'z gon outsell WTT.

    • Hatershater

      Know dughh smart guy but was there that many people pirating music as much as they do now ????.....No !!so actualy if he did 1.5 mill first album u multiply by 2 atleast so::::::: 3 million is not bad then

    • Anonymous

      lol, yeah, Drake will post up them groundbreaking numbers of 1.5 million copies again SMH, this generation is pathetic, bak in the day the guy who sold 1.5 million was the opening act, now you go platinum and your the headliner Lil Waynes biggest selling album only went Triple Platinum and he's the biggest star in the game, kinda comcal

  • Anonymous

    how can you look at the cover and automatically think "gay" ? some of you dudes are grown ass kindergartners.

  • Hatershater

    This shits on J Cole album cover this boy Drake is a monster J Cole is a kitten

  • @RadioRebels

    for great underground Hip Hop, news, talk, and interviews with artist check us out on twitter @RadioRebels We are, Live from the Underground!

  • Hatershater

    Classy a album cover I give it a 4.5 out of 5

  • JETS116

    LMFAO this nigga look like Lionel Richie lmfaooooo!

  • OneNaTrillion

    Daaaaaaamn so much hate for a guy himself...maybe he should front like the vast majority of the game so yall can accept him. If you dont like it, dont listen. You dont see me hoppin on fuckin Tech N9ne boards blastin everybody for listening to that. Shit. Let him live

  • Ozzy Salas

    this and jay coles cover gotta be the worst album covers so far this year for a hip hop album. ohh yeah forgot The carter 4

    • Anonymous

      drake and classic are two words that should never be put anywhere near each other, put the pipe down man

    • Anonymous

      nigga fuck you dis shit is guaranteed classic and 1 milli the first week. just watch drake win album of the year with this. dont hate nigga #YMCMB bitch

  • wow

    WOW , that is a horrible album cover.I didn't like TML album cover either, but this one sucks. This looks like an AD for some alchol company or something. Hopefully the album is better than what the cover dictates

  • Anonymous

    bite k west style with gold and black fuck GAY money

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    Omg him and his crew so annoying wit all der music they release/features every month just to stay relevant/promotion.....why cant these fruitcakes do like most rappers did back 2000-2007 release a album n let ur fans miss you then come back with a great album. Kinda like beyonce does.....hell riri on like her 5thback album while beyonce only on 4.

    • Anonymous

      Lilmarcci JonesCd is a whore

    • Ticalz

      Whole nother point. Beyonce been big ever since the late 90's, Drake fresh in the game. Jay-Z been out really since the late 80's/early 90's but didn't really blow up until '97/'98, so you can't compare two established artists with a new comer. And like homie said why does it matter? If you're tired then don't listen it's that simple. They can drop as much music as they like i just feel like you're not making much sense. Look at Wu-Tang they dropped 8 albums (including the Gravediggaz album) between 93-97 and all of them classic and they're legends. I'm def not comparing them with Wu i'm just using them as an example. I'm not even a fan of YM/CM at all but you're just not making much sense to me.

    • Haaan125th

      STFU You look like dude bitch. Acting like you now about Rap/Hip hop. You one of those people that talk shit first then swallow your words later. Youll be all over this album when it comes out dont front. .take care

    • vg

      chick look like a drag queen in her profile pic

    • Anonymous

      the fuck does it matter, as long as the musics good

    • Lilmarcci JonesCd

      Nawwwwwwww wrong, incor fucking rect, and this just isnt a rap/hiphop thing.....look at beyonce she release a album er 2- 3 years and sales are outstanding but she getting old so fans getting tired of her anyway. At the same time i thought young money was hot enuff to miss a year and come back steal the spotlight eh? Well atlease jayz isnt releasing a album er year or kayne ........

    • Ticalz

      Even though i'm not a fan but you gotta realize that you have to adapt to the game. You have way more fairweather fans now then back in the day. They act like they can't like more than 1 rapper at the same time so they just jump from rapper to rapper and to whoever is considered hot or cool. I guess that's the issue you'll have when most of the music in the industry today caters to high school kids.


    Drake is a combination of Kanye West and Sade, thats talent.

  • ovo MOB

    just go play your Wu-Tang cassettes in your Walkmen and log off the computer.

  • ????

    whats up the owl and this OVO connection. Killuminati.

  • Anonymous

    If ur a dude and you buy this album its highly possible that you take cock in the ass.

  • Anonymous

    NOW THIS is what you call a REAL album cover, not that generic ass Cole World bullshit. Drake = legend in the making.

  • tylr

    fake ass bitch always trying to sound deep

  • Estylez

    He always tries to make it feel like he's a friend that u know personally

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