Jayo Felony Accused Of Squatting In Million Dollar Hollywood Home

Los Angeles County's KTTV turned their cameras on Jayo Felony, who is allegedly the victim of a real estate scam after being accused of squatting.

San Diego-based rapper and former Def Jam artist, Jayo Felony, is being accused of squatting in a million dollar Hollywood Hills home. The rapper, whose real name is Jason Savage, was filmed by Fox affiliate KTTV’s cameras approaching a Hollywood home believed to be worth upwards of $1.6 million. When a field reporter asked about him allegedly occupying the foreclosed property without permission, the visibly hostile Jayo Felony said he was renting the property from his friend’s father.

Neighbors—who would not agree to have their faces shown on camera—said they were intimidated and complained of loud music and marijuana smoke coming from the property. One resident, who also chose to remain anonymous, alleges they saw men break in to the property after it was foreclosed.

“We rented it from someone,” Jayo Felony’s live-in girlfriend explained to reporters. “We literally paid someone $5,000 cash to rent this place. His name is Benjamin White.”

According to documents obtained by KTTV, The Bank of New York is suing the aforementioned White. The Bank has served White an eviction notice, which essentially makes him a squatter and makes both Jayo Felony and his girlfriend the victims of a scam.

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  • Nico 3

    I had no idea Dan watched Law & Order so closely. The bank owns the house. Unless Jayo made arrangements with them, he's lying out his broke ass. Just another example of rappers living beyond their means.

  • Anonymous

    Reporter: "Mr. Felony, do you have any documentation that you own this mansion?" Jayo Felony: "I can give it to you but what you gonna do with it???"

  • m

    Jay is not a squatter. The neighbors just want this ghetto brother out of their neighborhood. The person they should have put a camera in his face is Benjamin White. Not Jay Felony. He got his behind handed to him by Benjamin and now he's looking bad in the press. I would stay there until the bank President comes to the door and tell me to get the ....out. Until then Jay hopefully you have common sense to stop paying Benny 5K a month. - dummy

  • Karen

    Jayo is a G. Fuck yall. Not his fault the guy he rented from is a crook. Eat Shit & Die www.youtube.com/MCMRGRIMEZ

  • Mr.Mike

    Its funny how Jayo lives in a $1.6 million dollar house but drives a Chevy Cruze Entry level car. That car is weak son. He doesn't even have a hip hop status car, of course his neighbors are gonna think he's squatting.

  • mike

    those fuckin neihbors need to mind there own fuckin buisness! it aint ure house!! all givin interviews to the news sayin we want somthin done...mind ure own fuckin buisness..that shits so aggravating..HOWEVER lol this dudes irrelivant...n he need to learn to live within his means...u aint hadda track (or a job for that matter) in years...u have absoloutly no buisness livn in a 1.5 million$ house...and u have no reason to live in LA

  • Big Dan

    Jayo might not care but damn. In life, we need to think and plan two steps ahead always. Here is a rapper calling himself Felony and now he's being accused of squatting. He wasn't correct about his biz and he's getting punked in public and he went up against Jigga and some 15 frigging years later, Jay-Z is sitting with his feet up upset with himself that he actually "entertained this little cockroach that after all this years, still hasn't managed to have a house to call home" Oh well Jayo, back to the hood again.

  • Benjamin White

    Jay-O you got Ganked by Dr.Zeuss!

  • BMORE2011

    JAY O your not a felon your a misdemenour. Classic Jay Z line dissing Jay O Felon

  • Anonymous

    white folks is haters

    • Big Dan

      Did you miss the part where the bank is suing White to get him to relinquish the property? His neighbors might be hating on him and I use the term loosely, because I'm sure Jayo is not the ideal neighbor, but can they get him out of his house if he owned it, paid the mortgage on time?.. no. Are they not supposed to complain if you live next to a house where they making noise all the time, smoking so much weed, the neighbors can smell it...?

    • Anonymous

      Big dan you are an idiot, the white pplare the neighbors fool. smfh at uncle tom mo'fuckin brotha's quick to hope on a white man's dick, so sad

    • shane

      Dudes kinda right but it is mad wack that some fox news people blow up your spot. Gotta run up and question you outa your house.

    • Big Dan

      If you basing that on this situation, you need to put down the crack pipe. Jayo's boy's pops just scammed him, but the white folks are the hatas?

  • Anonymous

    Yo man something wrong with this story, its not adding up in these day and time you paying that kind of money in cash to rent a home and really dont know who you renting from

  • Alabaster Jones

    This is a nothing story. But I never realised people hated Jayo Felony so much. Must be cause he can actually rap.

  • Anonymous

    I really just try to read the articles and see what people say, but some of you are truly idiots. It CLEARLY says Benjamin White is being sued by the bank with records for proof but you choose to overlook that for a simple corny comment you think is funny.

  • Anonymous

    More like Jayhomeless, amirite!

  • Anonymous

    he trying to be like that dude in texas who moved into the abandoned foreclosed house and it claiming it as his own through some laws,

  • Ozzy Salas

    dumb idiot... he was probably blasting gay ass wiz khalifa music

  • Nico 3

    Yayo has been squatting for years in 50's various homes. This ain't nothing new. I just think it's funny how someone could break into a million dollar house just to smoke a shit load of weed.

    • Anonymous

      Big Dan you are an ig'nant fool and you know white owned the house how? did they say white was the one who owned the property? no. I wish your ig'nant ass would trade places with these so called 'ghetto mentality' people for once cos you have no idea what you talkin bout

    • Big Dan

      He did not break in. Giving Jayo the benefit of the doubt, White who owned the home and could not pay the bills suckered Jayo into giving him 5k to rent the place and of course its no longer his to rent. That said, another example of how idiots need to give up this ghetto mentality. Jayo, why don't you own a home, as long as you've been in the game. You wanna live in a million dollar property and you just hand someone 5k like that and move in. If its too good to be true, it usually is and where is the paper work? One thing you def. needed to have learned after being in the music biz is to make sure the paper work is correct. Of all the people in the world, how did you get suckered by this clown?

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  • Hypestyle

    There's a way to go about it if you want to squat in a place and live peacefully. Laws may vary from state to state. But if you can manage to live at least a year there while keeping up the place and the property, you may have some leverage to stand on in court. If Jayo was smart, he'd have avoided the partying, though as big as that property probably is, they'd have to be blowing bushes full of smoke in order to annoy the neighbors, if their complaint is to be believed..

    • Big Dan

      That's advice for some punk that owns a place, can't afford it anymore and still wants to live there without paying, gaming the system. Here, I think Jayo actually thought he was paying rent to a landlord and he got suckered. He should have known something wasn't right though. This ain't Kansas. How you renting a home in Hollywood Hills for 5k and I assume that wasn't for just a month, since White would have scammed him for more and said no, I need three months up front.

  • Jack

    Damn Jayo got rolled on! he got scammmed bad, but this story makes him just look like a retard crack head. Gotta feel bad for the guy.

  • Anonymous

    if the house has been fore closed on he is squatting whether he gave him money or not. and he aint never had a hit where did this drug addict get money to buy a 1,000,000 dollar home. just look at the car he is driving haha u do the math.

  • okthen

    Gayo felony is a dumb nigga. Thats why he got tricked.

  • Scott Yu

    jayo rented that shit. he aint squatting he just got foold

  • Anonymous

    ain't it amazing how a headline can make somebody look and sound baaaaaad. the story is far from dat.

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