Pharrell Dotes On Frank Ocean In New Interview, Says He's "Incredible”

Pharrell Williams says Frank Ocean is the "black James Taylor,” refers to his music as "incredible.”

Rapper/producer Pharrell Williams had more than just a few kind words for up and coming singer/songwriter Frank Ocean in his interview with Vibe Magazine.

Pharrell referred to the singer as “incredible” and even went so far as to refer to Ocean as the “black James Taylor.”

“Frank Ocean is incredible. We worked together too. Frank Ocean to me is a singer/songwriter, but his album itself is incredible,” Pharrell revealed.

The producer went on to explain that he met Ocean at the Coachella Music Festival in California earlier this year and ended up working with the artist after their meeting.

“We met at Coachella. I told him, ‘Man, I like what you do. Let’s do something.’ And we ended up working. He’s super talented. He is to me. He’s like the black James Taylor,” said Pharrell. “He’s lyrical. He’s got a great perspective and super sick melodies. I haven’t seen anybody bob and weave through chords with such catchy melodies in a long time. That’s why I like working with him.”

Pharrell is said to be working with Ocean on his debut album.

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  • malaysia

    excellent person singer songwriter unique and handsome

  • sasha

    Super talented love SWIM GOOD, THINKING BOUT YOU, frank is unique challenging and diferent, and a excellent singer. i love how is videos arent about booty shaking but deep n pple need to get with that and differnate themselves to get noticed and hes different

  • Bowski

    I know I must've missed that email where everyone is supposed to hop on Frank Ocean's bandwagon, huh? I don't see what's so great about him. Every song I've heard is auto-tuned to death, I mean his videos are out there but that doesn't define INCREDIBLE in my opinion. It definitely says something about the current state of urban music, anything that comes out "recycled" and a little off center seems like the greatest thing on earth......C'mon Son, he sounds like Drake singing to me. I wont diss dude but I need to hear more than what I've been hearing so far to ever hop on that bandwagon, until then just hit me w/some Erykah Badu or some Van Hunt or something, I'm not all in it like that personally, no hate - I'm just saying....

  • Jesse Deal

    frank is going to have a huge career. the fact that he is getting so much praise from artists, critics, and fans is a good sign of a future star.

  • @RadioRebels

    for great underground Hip Hop, news, talk, and interviews with artist check us out on twitter @RadioRebels We are, Live from the Underground!

  • Rollerblade b

    Pharrell is the man. So glad he's working with so many artists right now. This dude is like luda in the way that, these dudes never age. That and they both got that pregnant lady glow about them. hard to explain, skateboard is that dude tho! Oh and for the dude who said Pharrell has been in like 3 interviews lately.. its 3 that this site has shown and they're tiny segments of the same interview if you haven't noticed. Also.. it means skate-p is coming back into the 'game' he's been absent for a lil while it seems like, working on N.E.R.D. and touring n such.. but yeah.. peace

  • Hatershater

    Stop giving cracker free game come on black site to get lingo

  • Hatershater

    For real Pharrell Ur Neptune albums is weird and garbage,if u vouch for him it must b the same ..on a side note u do know how to make fresh beats for other artist when u want 2 ..frank ocean and tylor is some weird little demons

  • Anonymous

    Uhhh James Taylor is an asshole who makes milquetoast music. Lets try someone else for a positive comparison Pharrell

  • da1

    Frank Ocean isn't even that great a singer. He has a distinct voice I guess, but he isn't any better singer then Justin Timberlake or Usher. If anything those two are good vocalist Frank Ocean is on a Chris Brown level of range. Mediocre. Hell Pharrel can sing just as good as Ocean.

    • Sensaye252

      "Some serious song writing skills"...c'mon man, get the fuck outta here. It's just trendy to like 'Frank Ocean', admit it. If this kid was getting radio airplay and popularity like Chris Brown or someone you would NOT like him, be honest. He's an average if not below average singer, and his so-called 'song writing skills' are incredibly average. I don't see people in here sweatin' the other R&B singers who are actually great song writers.

    • wow

      No one's calling him a great vocalist... The kid has some serious songwriting skills.

  • Anonymous

    So they met at Coachella? I'm guessing Frank was there to see Jigga and Pharrell was there to see Z-Trip...

    • Roddd

      hahahaaa, i was thinking about making a joke similar to that. you beat me to it. but pharrell is right, frank ocean is amazing.

  • Sensaye252

    Every other day Pharell is calling someone "Incredible". I mean literally, in the last week there has been 3 articles on Pharell. One was about how Game is incredible, one was about how Rick Ross is incredible, and now this one about this overrated ass 'Frank Ocean' kid being incredible. Pharell...we know you're a fun loving and positive guy...but get off everyone's dick.

    • ketchup

      to the last guy.... dude if you think music is missing something. be the guy that presents it! im tired of people always talking shit about how this generations music suck so bad. THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, rather then just fucking talking about it and hating on it. shit if music has a hole in it then fill it up, and if it sucks, then fuck you didint do shit!!!

    • Sensaye252

      It's not that you can't like rappers anymore, it's that there is no healthy competition anymore. The standard has gotten lower in Hip-Hop because everyone is just constantly slobbering all over each other. Even if they KNOW the nigga is wack, they'll say he's the greatest artist alive because they're just trying to get more fans and more money. I know that's the way the game is now, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. In Hip-Hop you used to have to be held accountable for not just the quality of your music, but what you said in your music and the image you portrayed. Hip-Hop used to police itself and weed out the wack niggas. Now it's just a ego-stroke fest.

    • Make hate not music?

      Hah, you can't like rappers in rap anymore, gotta just hate on people. How does anyone even listen to any artists? People just hate instead of actually enjoying this music. What's the point of spending all ur energy and time on hating every single rapper ever. peace.

    • what

      mah nigga kendrick lamar is NICE. Wtf are YOU on?

    • forgot

      You forgot when he said Kendrick lamar was incredible. Whatever skateboard P is on I want some because apparently it makes him very happy

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck does dotes mean?

    • Brandin! stop giving craker free game bro fuck that let them find a black friend personaly so they can earn it ! from them not on a blog sit come on dude...

      Brandin listen!

    • Brandon Q. James

      to be lavish or excessive in one's attention, fondness, or affection

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