Kendrick Lamar Says Dr. Dre's "Detox" Is Getting Mixed, Spits A Freestyle

K. Dot swears the album is in the mixing phase and recalls his first session with the West Coast veteran.

Kendrick Lamar has previously spoken on working with Dr. Dre for his elusive Detox, but promises that the near mythical album is on the way. During an interview with Shade 45’s Sway Calloway, K. Dot said that the LP is getting mixed and that he’s unsure of how many songs he wrote will make the final cut.

Detox is getting mixed. That’s all I can say. It’s getting mixed. I could say anything about Detox, nobody would ever believe me,” he said. “I got a few. I don’t know what’ll stick, as of yet. The creative process is so crazy as far as going in there and narrowing down all these songs. Thousands of songs.”

He also spoke on Dre’s work ethic, explaining that he expects nothing but the best from himself and his collaborators. “Perfection. Dre is the ultimate perfectionist. He’s not scared. He hears sounds that the average human being can’t even equate with the human ear. I’ve been in sessions with him. It’s perfection,” he stated, recalling his first session with Dre. “You know what’s crazy, on some real shit? I thought I’d be nervous as hell. But I walked in that studio and I was ready, 100 percent ready. He greeted me like a regular cat and made me feel comfortable.”

Watch the interview below, as well as a freestyle he performed on the show.

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  • Anonymous

    You guys need to learn to decipher words better. You think Kendrick is implying the album is in final mixing but he's just saying it's "getting mixed" which probably means nothing more than Dre is mixing the shit he has which he's been doing for the past eight years. It doesn't mean shit and it's nothing new. Even if he did mean it's in final mixing, it's still bullshit, and even the dumbest hip-hop fans know that. If this was in any sort of final mixing then Interscope would be promoting this shit by now and we would be slowly but surely getting some news of a single at least. Detox is done when it's done and even though I've been waiting for this shit for 7 years, nothing is more annoying than reading another article about someone going making claims about it that never pan out 99.9% of the time. The only hopeful news for Detox being released and having good joints is the fact Dre reached out to DOC to bring him back and maybe finish this shit and the older guys from The Chronic days are involved. Dre has thousands of records and an endless supply of talent, all he really does is pick what he wants and mixes shit to his liking anyway. He's only mixing and tweaking what he's given, not what he makes. He's not making beats. He's not writing lyrics. He's nothing more than a conductor with impeccable ears, impeccable standards, and impeccable reach to get anyone he wants contributing, and even he can't complete Detox in less than a decade without scrapping it and starting over what, like 3-4 times already? It's ridiculous. I have no idea what the fuck Dre has been doing all this time but if the steroids haven't ruined his brain chemistry somehow then I expect this to be the most surgical and perfectly-produced hip-hop record the last ten years. Plus I want some Bishop Lamont on the album but I know that's not happening. DOC said Kush and INAD are out (should've been obvious by now, plus they were leaks in the first place) so the next single will probably be the tone to set the caliber of the entire album if we ever get that far. At the same time, Kendrick gives bullshit answers about Detox because people keep asking him and websites like DX keep posting about it. It's a gigantic waste of time because even if Kendrick or whomever knew shit about Detox they aren't allowed to say anything about it. It'll come when it comes which means to stop giving a shit until a single is pushed out or you see the CD's tangible existence on the shelf. Anything else until then means nothing.

  • statiiq

    how can anyone hate on Kendrick wtf is wrong with people he is HIP HOP, he is everything it stands for and no emotion clearly never heard the heart 1 and 2 fucking lame haters.

    • Dre

      Kendrick lamar? why is he even on this album? I need a doctor is awful, i hope the rest of the album doesnt sound like that garbage

  • t0x

    Can you fucking man fan's just all shut the fuck up and stop it with the negativity? I dont see any one of you have any credibility like kendrick or dr. dre has. Yall are just mad your fucking life isnt successful like they are. Let them live THEY OWN LIFE THE WAY THEY WANT TO FOR FUCKS SAKES AND STOP JUDGING PEOPLE YOU DONT EVEN FUCKING KNOW! smh.

  • Isa Dalwai

    What could Dre possibly be mixing? Bet he ain't even recorded four singles for the album yet.

  • jason

    Kendrick Lamar is ridiculously overrated. Obnoxious nasal-sounding voice, extremely boring, no charisma, no emotion. Many of his songs are a chore to listen to.

    • Anonymous

      think lil waynes dicks in ur ass lol

    • Anonymous

      same lil wayne drake dick riders talking. I bet you two along with the rest of the dick riders have like a homo orgy with them. smfh this new generation don't know nothing bout hip hop

    • Anonymous

      no emotion no charisma. you hear that game song my city, with kendrick. im not a fan of sec 80 but he , has potential but sometimes boring.

  • Anonymous

    Detox is always being pushed back, because Dre hears all this dope new music, and has to go back to mixing and recording, because he knows its not as good, just continously put off.

  • XFactor

    most niggas been waiting are gonna be dead before detox releases.....

  • Anonymous

    Damn and I thought this nigga would never release this damn album in my lifetime.

  • Doug Nichols

    Detox is the Duke Nukem Forever of hip hop. Takes 10+ years to get there and by the time it does you realize it is irrelevant at best and awful at worst.

  • @RadioRebels

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  • Dovikles

    It's funny, if Dre had got Lamar to claim Detox was done two years ago I would have believed him for a second then too! These dudes need to just release the shit or shut up. All this rap mythology is not my style! My thoughts on this brother Kendrick Lamar. Peep me!

  • Florian Brunner

    Dr. Dre is the George Lucas of Hip Hop... exploiting other artists work and claiming it his own...

  • King Richard Aka Da God Of Rap

    wat lame fan is still waitin on dis "mythical" lp? u no it aint da chronic or da greatest album eva so y focus on it wen its so many betta & "dedicated" new artists out...



  • Noni Trix

    I'm buyin' one copy for every year I've been waiting for DETOX!

  • Doo Youu

    Enough! All this "Detox" talk is spam. We don't believe you We should ban any article that recycles this bullshit until we have a solid date, album cover leaks and a track listing, and a contract forcing DRE to drop it on the day of...*in Riley voice* "No more rumors! No more rumors!"

  • Osiel Salas

    i want dre to release DETOX already...

    • Anonymous

      lmfao haha more inter-net hardmen....racist portch monkeys hahaha face to face a would fuk yous up......

    • Anonymous

      I know Anonymous, this cracker punk been gettin on my nerves too. I wish someone like him would say that sh*t to my face. ol faggish cracker bitch

    • DEVIL


    • Anonymous

      Lmfao bro first off u got ur self into that shit by sayin what u said..second look at ur ethug coukd knock u the fuck out.

    • Young Foskal

      Your dads a prostate milker, for sure. PATH-MAN.

    • Osiel Salas

      shut the fuck-up u pussy. stop e-thuggin like the rest of your cowardly thug friends

    • Anonymous

      stfu racist dog...I saw ur comment earlier on the ray j/fabolous altercation...If i were in ur city, i would FUCK U UP! Now get an std and die fuck face. ur mama don't love u, she probably a whore, ur daddy probably a bitch....and all ur friends dont love u. no one does. i hope u die slow muthafucker...I swear i hope you get robbed and have the fucking living daylights beat out of you, and get pissed on...FUCK U and the womb you got spat out from...

  • A.D.

    Everybody knows something and everyone has an opinion. I wouldn't expect less from a human anyway. From a point of view that says music is music and music isn't God or worth idolizing, I have to say, the hate is intense LOL. Some say Dre is washed and some say Kendrick aint shit, and some claim they know this and that, but truth be told, opinions are like ASSHOLES! I say that to say this, Dre does NOT need to drop an album, and he'd be perfectly set. From a business stand point and West Coast Hip Hop stand point, no one can say Dre didn't come and CONQUER years ago. This dude was on top of shit when most Hip Hop DX fans were in diapers. None the less haters gwan hate, but Dre is paid and Kendrick is next in line.

  • Matthew Lewis

    i was disappointed that he spit the verse from my mind drifts

  • diggydoo

    Dre is working with the likes of warren g The d.o.c Dpg, snoop so i really dont see any pop records coming out, INAD was not a detox track neither is Kush, and how could you honestly bet against the doctor? you'll lose everytime

  • Anonymous

    i know everyone is hype of kendrick right now, but let's keep expectations in check. dude is nice, but as soon as he tried to make a commercial song, peopel will turn on him like they did j cole

    • Anonymous

      he'll never be mainstream don't hold your breath and his fans like him where he's at, no need to be mainstream too much bs and fakeness there anyway

    • Porting

      Kendrick will never feel the need to make a "commercial" record, I think the only reason Cole did was because he was signed to a major.

  • Anonymous

    Wrong article dumbass

  • Anonymous

    When Jay-Z stops talking about how many #1 albums he has.

  • Fossie

    yo Fabdoe you are right !!!!!!

  • yawn

    this has the same effect as " the world is gonna end in 2012"

  • Fabdoe

    all you people saying you gave up on detox are gonna be fuckin listening to it the day it comes out and act like you have been a loyal fan!hahaha

  • anon

    yeah nobody gives a fuck anymore.

  • we

    who still gives a fuck about dre and detox like its gonna be a classic or sumthing dre sold out long time ago you can expect the whole album to be like i need a doctor song i cant believe niggas still feel a nigga that dont even write his own shit ,jimmy iovines ass poking boy

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Another Kendrick says Detox... article? seriously DX, this is really starting to get annoying.

  • DrDreBeats

    Its getting mixed aka it isnt ready. They will say the same stuff next year, its not coming out. Kendrick is nice but good enough to make people buy the album? hell no. He needs to jump in the studio with Snoop, D.O.C, Daz, Kurupt, Cube. I pray Dre has some tracks done with Nate (RIP) because the album just wont be the same without having him on at least one song.

  • Anonymous

    i wonder how much dre paid lamar to say this

  • Ron G

    They're mixing but no single on the radio? When you mix you already know what's going to be on the album because they are mixing (wait for it) THE ALBUM. So I think Kendrick just got caught up with that statement. You already know whats going to stick when you are in the mix phase. You should have paperwork done. So Kendrick should know what is "sticking" and what isn't. At the end of the day, he needs to stop talking about it or he will be associated with the lameness of it not coming out any time soon. This guy doesnt need to ride Dre's coattail but if he dont stop talking about it, it will seem like he does. Hip Hop DX: Are you stalking KDot or something? What are you searching the internet for any interview you can find? LOL.

  • Anonymous

    oh look. it's HHDX's SECOND kendrick lamar interview this week. you guys were starting to scare me in only having one so far but you came through. you do at least 2 a week, talking about the same bs (dre, detox, dre, dre, and detox).

  • Juju

    All yall are talking Dre still...this is KENDRICK LAMAR!! one of the dopest, most humble in the game

  • fools

    Detox will drop when (fill in the blank)

  • story boy

    Aint nobody checkin for Detox....

  • Anonymous

    is Kendrick Lamar the official spokesperson of Detox or something??? he's, like, almost the only guy updating the status of that album from time to time and he's almost always talking about it smh



  • Smh

    Fuck detox. I gave up on that nonsense a while ago. No matter what, it isn't going to live up to the ridiculous amount of hype it has generated for itself. After hearing "Kush" and "I need a doctor", it's obvious that it's just gonna be another commercial album, nothing special. Get off Dre's dick already hip hop community. The chronic days are long gone.

  • rise and shine

    hope detox drops early 2012 its guna be a sik album, obviously not better than 2001 but theres not alot of albums that are.... i think it would be sik if dre got these features on detox xzibit kurupt daz method man tyler the creator snoop dogg kendrick lamar game RBX and more obvioulsy but cant think atm wouldnt mind if eminem was left off detox, him and dre havnt got no chemistry nowa days.... tyler the creator would sound sik on a dre beat

    • Anonymous

      uuhh i wanna hear kurupt and method man for sure..xzibbit to..em to.hopefully a track with nate dogg def snoop and idk whats goin on with the docs peration but if he gets his voice back put him on it

    • Anonymous

      He should put da bone thugs in da album

    • ahahah

      hahah "too much dumbness" who wanna hear dem peeps btw , so true

    • fcvs

      wow too much dumbness in your comment who the fuck wanna hear kurupt, daz, method man, tyler the creator, kendrick lamar or rbx? who cares about this washed up niggas? and eminem has no chemistry? damn stop smoking man

  • Anonymous

    yeah we'll see. i'd be more hype for a new kendrick album

  • Mr.Mean

    Detox will drop when pigs fly.


    it dont matter im going to need a bootleg copy before i buy detox

  • Gritty Grippn'

    K.Dot. the boy is somethin' else. That boy is cold. I wan' believe him with this Detox Shit, but Damn, Dre is in his OWN WORLD and ELEMENT and is liable to do whatever the fuck he chooses. Lets hope n pray Detox is really on the way.

  • Swagmanchris


  • Dalaryius

    Wow, I really like this guys' poise;his demeanors s non-chalant in person, you'd never think that was him Rapping so emotionally on his tracks. This guy really has what it takes to be great. Imo

  • Jason

    the expectations are soo high now this lamar dude better bring his A game. i expect to see the heavyweights on the album as well. Kurupt, Snoop, Em, King Tee, Slim the mobster, Rage, RBX, DAZ, Goldie Loc,

  • Anonymous

    we dont believe you didnt this guy just meet dre for the first time a few months ago?

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