Tragedy Khadafi Explains His "Obama Got His Dome Bleached" Line

Exclusive: The Intelligent Hoodlum discusses his controversial in-song shot at the President and turns the station to "Channel 10" to report on his namesake.

Most contemporary rappers could care less about tackling topical discussions of the day, either ignorant of or intimidated by the difficult subjects of war and economic distress that dominate the news. But there are some emcees still trying to keep alive the once thriving tradition of artists utilizing their public profiles to address current issues, both in-song and in-person. Whether it is Big Boi protesting the execution of Troy Davis, or Lupe Fiasco protesting Wall Street oligarchs, there are thankfully still some Hip Hop artists who continue to “Fight The Power.”

Another outspoken poet, Tragedy Khadafi, (whose Rap moniker is a defiant protest in and of itself) is “still reportin’” on the topics most of his peers fail to cover 20 years after he debuted as the socially conscious Intelligent Hoodlum. And on his just-released Thug Matrix 3, Tragedy arguably ups the ante for artists spittin’ raw, “Narcotic Lines” aimed at the powers that be by letting loose on the leader of the free world.  

On Thursday (September 22nd), Trag spoke to HipHopDX in-depth about his daring declaration that “Obama got his dome bleached.” The man who launched his career at 18-years-old by defiantly demanding that we “Arrest The President” also discussed in detail his current feelings towards the recently ousted leader of Libya, and his namesake, Moammar Gadhafi.

HipHopDX: I wanna start off by actually apologizing to you for the way the previous interview I did with you for DX back in March was presented. A majority of the commenters to the piece interpreted that headline – “Tragedy Khadafi Questions Reports Of Genocide By Moammar Gadhafi” – as meaning you were some sort of conspiracy theorist, when all you were saying is that you can’t take mainstream media reports on face value and need to do your own independent research into the situation.          

Tragedy Khadafi: Exactly. So, I got some negative comments back on that, and it was kinda taken outta context. Let’s clear it up now then. Let’s start that up now so we can clear that up.

Tragedy Khadafi Speaks On Moammar Gadafi

DX: You told me last time we spoke that you had non-media sources that could provide you with accurate information about what was really going on in Libya. What did you learn about the situation that the mainstream media hasn’t reported?

Tragedy Khadafi: Well, I learned that one thing about that individual – speaking on Moammar Gadhafi – is that he’s very passionate, or should I say compassionate. He has a lot of empathy for people that struggle.

He was one of the very few individuals when they gave a U.N. address a few months ago who really promoted that all Africans unite. He included himself as an African. So, when you look at a person’s character, or you look at a person’s ways, behavior and lifestyle, and you also look at some of the things they’re being accused of, you gotta add that up. You gotta add that up and say, Well, this is a man who openly – not only just identified himself with people of Asiatic or African dissent, he basically gave out a call for all Africans to unite. And [he also] included … the President of Venezuela, [Hugo Chavez]. He was actually [reaching out] to our Hispanic brethren, basically saying like, “Listen, you’re African too, and we all need to unite.”

This is an individual who has a certain understanding. And normally, people with this kind of understanding don’t turn around and slay their own people just out of cold-blood or anything like that. Normally there is some type of reasoning behind that, where it’ll give you an understanding of why this person reacted this way.

I’m not making excuses for him or anybody else, I’m just saying, again, just to kinda reiterate what I was initially trying to say is that this is not an individual who is a cold-blooded killer, a person who wants to just go out and massacre people, especially his own people.

He’s tried to give money to the Nation of Islam to help their plight, and help them with growth and development, because he seen them striving to accomplish certain things and do for the people. He’s tried to give [money to] former gang members who turned spiritual, and who have turned around their lives and wanted to give back to their communities and help the youth and empower the youth and basically tell the youth not to fall victim to the same things they fell victim too, but they didn’t have the funds to go out there and create certain programs. He’s tried to give them money. He’s tried to do these things, and all in the name of freedom, justice, and more so than anything, equality. And when someone deals with equality, they have a better understanding of human life. They’re not just gonna take human life.

So, I say all that to say, again, we gotta really look into things, and we gotta look at the history of this media. Sometimes things are perpetuated against people for a reason.

DX: I think you already answered this next question … You told me back in March that if it was in fact true that Gadhafi had been committing genocide, you would consider dropping the “Khadafi” from your name. You obviously have kept the “Khadafi,” so were you not sufficiently convinced that Gadhafi had been in fact killing civilians?

Tragedy Khadafi: I’m definitely not convinced of that. And also, that’s something I’m kinda just keeping for now, for certain purposes. But, I’m totally gonna like change my whole attribute anyway. And it has nothing to do with Moammar Gadhafi. I’ve evolved past that.

I relate that [name] to the whole [Capone-N-Noreaga] War Report days – the golden era of Hip Hop, the ‘90s. To me, that was the golden era. And, I relate that to that time. That name is for that time. And now, I’ve evolved, I’ve grown. I’ve had children. I got married. Since then, I’ve experienced a whole lot more … and I’ve come to learn a lot more about life, about humanity, and more so about myself, man. I’m good with who I am and where I’m at right now, just as a human being. And that’s like … I’ve never felt like this before. I’ve had millions in my account, and I’ve never felt this good.

DX: I don’t know, you might wanna keep the Khadafi name. ‘Cause it’s got even more of an outlaw connotation right about now. It’s pretty apparent that Gadhafi ain’t planning on going out like Saddam – more like Uday and Qusay.

Tragedy Khadafi: Yeah, exactly. He can’t go out like Saddam, ‘cause he’s a different character. You talking about two different individuals. When they ran up in Saddam’s crib and all that – and don’t get me wrong, they committed some atrocities against Saddam’s family.

And, again, when we relate this to information, and we relate it to the source of information – You know how they say, “Don’t kill the messenger?” When it comes from this side of the [hemisphere] sometimes, you have to question the messenger. And [then] when you question the messenger, it has you look more intensely into the message that that messenger is trying to convey to you. And you have to say, “Why is this particular messenger conveying this particular message to me?” And until you do that, you’re really not thinking for yourself [and] thinking with a free conscious.

That’s why I say … the person I am today has kinda moved past “Khadafi.” [I’ve] even moved past a name, it’s more of a number now. My name or so-called name will be represented by a number, because a number represents more than a name. A number represents life itself. So that’s what I wanna represent, I wanna represent life. And I know my critics are gonna have something to say about that, and I’m cool with that. Like, I’m so comfortable with that. … I wanna represent life, opposed to just representing Queensbridge, opposed to representing New York, or just representing the struggle. Life is more than struggle. I’m not gonna limit myself anymore, man. And I’ve done that based on the way that I’ve been taught to think …. Yo, life is beautiful, man. Life is so much more than that.

DX: Well let me hit you with just one more Gadhafi-related question.

Tragedy Khadafi: Talk to me, talk to me.

The Intelligent Hoodlum Speaks About President Barack Obama

DX: I’m just curious to get your thoughts on how President Obama has handled the situation in Libya. ‘Cause I can’t help but feel like if this support to overthrow a government – shooting missiles into and bombing a sovereign nation – was happening and it was President Bush and not President Obama there’d be massive protests in the streets of America.

Tragedy Khadafi: Of course. And I have a record called “Ill-Luminous Flow” where I talk about [President Barack] Obama having “his dome bleached.” And that wasn’t for shock value, that’s just how I feel. That’s just how I see things, or I saw it at that particular moment. And, the reason why I say that – I’m not exempt from having my dome bleached. No one is. This is the world we live in. This is the reality, and the reality is that our thoughts are shaped by our environment, by our society.

And in Obama’s case, his thoughts could be being shaped by a particular party, or a particular … office, or a particular organization or society that’s behind what he does or partially helps him make certain decisions.

People are gonna play things safe. And when you play things safe for a particular reason, you’re not gonna necessarily focus on the “black issue.” You know, some people feel that there is no black issue anymore. I’m walking down the street in the Village right now, and if I look around me it doesn’t seem to be any kind of issue. But it’s always gonna be an issue. When you have police killing young black males, and you look at the statistics of that in comparison to young white males being killed – which is virtually none … then that’s an issue. But what makes it a deeper issue – and it all relates to my point, just walk with me – is when you have black officers who are in cahoots with other so-called officers killing the black children. That means if that black officer has his dome bleached – and I want everyone to understand “dome bleached” has nothing to do with being racist. When I refer to it being bleached, being white, [I mean] not white in terms of European but white in terms of white supremist thinking. As to say that a black life has no value, and it can be taken by an institution of racism. And there’ll be no consequences, and there’ll be no repercussions, and we will answer to no one.

So when I say [Obama] has his dome bleached, when you have a man who is of a certain ethnicity who should have a certain understanding, who should have a certain empathy for those within this country who are suffering at the hands of a system that’s supposed to help perpetuate life for all, protection for all and equality for all, and serve humanity, and that’s not happening, then there’s something wrong when he’s not addressing that. And he’s not addressing it for a reason. It’s not that he’s not seeing it …. How could you not know that this is happening? And then when you get up and you say statements like, “Well, we’re gonna leave it up to the justice system; we’re gonna have faith in our justice system,” that tells me that to a certain degree you have your dome bleached.

There are some aspects of the man that I can definitely highly respect. There’s great things he’s done in certain areas in certain ways where he’s thinking about the people, but it’s more generalized. When we need a leader who’s gonna customize this muthafucka. He need to start customizing in this muthafucka like yesterday.

DX: Well, I appreciate you droppin’ this knowledge, man. I don’t wanna go too deep though, we’ll be here all day. [Laughs]  

Tragedy Khadafi: Yeah, no doubt. And then you know what’ll happen? I won’t get a chance to talk about the record; I won’t get a chance to talk about music. And we know the majority of the streets, a lot of them, they don’t wanna hear this shit, man. They wanna hear the poison.

Tragedy Khadafi Breaks Down Thug Matrix 3

DX: Well speaking of the music, what’s up next on your itinerary? I don’t wanna jump ahead of Thug Matrix 3, but is The Last Report still coming?

Tragedy Khadafi: Of course, The Last Report is still coming. But let’s keep it in the now, ‘cause if I keep one foot in the future that means I’m shittin’ on right now. That’s definitely coming - I’m a father, I’m a friend, I’m active in my community, I volunteer. I do a lot of volunteer work. I’m in school to be a counselor for chemical and substance abuse. I’m a revolutionist, man. But I fight my revolution through the mind, and I fight it through education and information. I learned that from Huey [Newton] and them.

DX: Well there’s a lot of education and information on that Thug Matrix 3 for sure.

Tragedy Khadafi: Yeah, yeah, I hope most people catch it. I hope it falls into the hands of some women who have their children on medication because they were told their children have attention deficit, and that their children are incompetent to learn. I hope some of those mothers listen to it. I hope some fathers who have children like that listen to it. I hope some fathers and mothers who are not really instrumental in their children’s lives listen to that song “Each One, Teach One.” And [I hope they] understand like I had to understand myself that we make mistakes, we fall, but we gotta dust ourselves off and keep it moving, and strive to advance and grow. And that’s what it’s all about.

I don’t give a fuck about no cars. I don’t give a fuck about fucking every chick across the board. I don’t give a fuck about that. To me, that’s poison, man. And a lot of times I straddled the fence, I rode on the line wit’ it because I felt like, “Yo! I gotta rep the streets.” But that conscious part of me would seep out. To me, it’s about having a good time, but it’s [also] about being aware. Fuck all that other shit.              


  • Anonymous

    not counting the last paragraph, first rapper ive heard who cursed twice in a full on interview..always had alot of respect for the intelligent hoodlum

  • The Truth

    "Got His Dome Bleached" Khadafi stole this line from Jay-Z. Can't even give him credit for the line! Jay-Z feat Too Short Track named: "A week ago" Wonder what Pac would think about Khadafi pulling lines from Jay-Z

  • Anonymous

    This is the only artist touching on these political topics. Much respect and Loving the new Album.

  • Castro DaKid

    Bare Witness To A New Era! 25 to Life is back!!! This is Castro DaKid (pka Christ Castro), y'all gotta see what's on deck with Trag and his next group of artists he's puttin' on; my group, Crime Fam!!! Check CrimeFamTube on Youtube. this is a new beginnin'...Let's work

  • Rob

    Support real Hip-Hop and get that Thug Matrix 3: It's real dope!

  • Anonymous

    ok, obama ain't black so let's just end that right now.

  • smfh

    what the fuck?(dont mind my typos cuz i was angry when i was typing this, also high) i stopped reading after he answered the question about ghaddafi this dumb ass nigga doesnt know shit about what he's talking about. im libyan and lived in libya most of my life and believe son if you want to see real "ghetto" you should come live here. its like 10,000 bc shit the first time people got online was like 4 fucking years ago. every cellphone network,internet network, and channel networks is owned by this bitch ass ghaddafi's kids thats just nothing of the things that he fucked our lives with and shit i can go all day talking about whats going on here but im not good at typing. i just want to say fuck this ignorant ass tragedy khadafi,talking like he knows whats going on and shit. wtf do you know bitch? you never been here gtfo

    • Anonymous

      what did you expect with such a bombing campaign on your wn country to get rid of a leader. That same nation destroys it's rebels or people opposing the government. It Has a thriving prison system where more blacks are locked up than were enslaved in the 1850s. America doesn't care about Libyans...Whats the saying.. "We don't have permanent friends, only permanent interests "Don't be deceived by that arch deceiver. Now whats going to happen to various tribes that were supporting Gadhafi like the Bani Walid people? And the loss of life barely receives coverage look in, why? The media has cast a blind shadow for the world so no one is questioning the unrepairable damage Nato has done to this country, Bombing his infrastructure and destroying his communications and man made river project. What a humanitarian effort indeed, it was his aspirations for the whole Afrian continent that cause him to be a target for death

    • Ojb

      Hi am Lybian too and i just lost respect to tragedy if u dont what s happening dont talk shit we lybians are six millions in this war for freedom 50,000 are dead wounded are countless missing is another 50,000 and u say this shit about Gaddafi is good and shit .... that goes for the Anonymous too u stupid what Health r u talkin about we go to Egypt Tunisia hospitals Edcaution is a mess and the islamic oppression u talkin about is only in your imagination ....... simply if u dont know shut the fuck up

    • Anonymous

      So what was the country like before Gadhafi came into power, no education for women you could'nt even talk against the ruler did'nt have a health care system moreless free. Now the future is Islamic oppression against it's citizens

  • Sensaye252

    If you disagree with him, that's your opinion. But don't scoff at this nigga like he's just some dumb ass young dude that's overzealous about his views. He is one of the most educated rappers ever. Book-smart, street-smart, and spiritually aware. For what it's worth, I agree with everything he said.

  • Anonymous

    Peace Khadafi!!! Keep speaking real words good bruva, DX's audience may never understand what your stance is, but then again, a majority of them did not experience the struggle. Much Respect!!!

  • Anonymous

    no need to explain - the line was wack no matter what it meant.

  • Anonymous

    Why do i have to sit here and read interview about this fool that have no idea what he is talking about, i wouldnt buy this nigga album if they were giving it away for free

    • tah

      This is the difference between the original hip hop fan and these cunts that jumped on the bandwagon.....this shit was'nt meant to be a fashion show or selling a dream, just to point out the realities

    • Anonymous

      "i wouldnt buy this nigga album if they were giving it away for free" how would you buy his album if he's giving it away for free?? Hmmm....

  • RichFromNY

    "So when I say [Obama] has his dome bleached, when you have a man who is of a certain ethnicity who should have a certain understanding, who should have a certain empathy for those within this country who are suffering at the hands of a system that’s supposed to help perpetuate life for all, protection for all and equality for all, and serve humanity, and that’s not happening, then there’s something wrong when he’s not addressing that. And he’s not addressing it for a reason. It’s not that he’s not seeing it …. How could you not know that this is happening? And then when you get up and you say statements like, “Well, we’re gonna leave it up to the justice system; we’re gonna have faith in our justice system,” that tells me that to a certain degree you have your dome bleached. " Does he have any idea about where Obama came from??? the only thing "black" about Obama is his skin and it's stops there...he didn't grow up in the hood of any city in the US. He spent a good part of his childhood overseas being fed socialism by his white mother and then moved to Hawaii and lived with his white grandmother and eventually went to Harvard. With that type of background how and why would he be in touch with whats happening to black people in America? And this fool is talking about how he got sources that aren't in the media...really?? I got sources not in the media that tell me your full of shit...really, I do...

    • iss

      lmao if your a black republican its like being a black kkk member....and democratic socialism works, look at germany its one of the only countries in europe thriving...the us has been slowly but gradually becoming a socialist society and i cant wait for the transition to be complete

    • RichFromNY

      Eldridge Cleaver was a socialist as well and after living in a socialist country and seeing what it was really like he came back to the US saying he'd rather be in jail in America than free anywhere else...he even went so far as to join the Republican party...there's how great socialism is...

    • iss

      whats bad about socialism malcolm x= socialist

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