DJ Drama Says T.I. To Drop New Single Next Week

According to the prominent producer, Tip has been in the studio working to release a single as soon as possible.

DJ Drama caught up with Power 105's DJ Clue on Thursday to update on his latest projects and upcoming collaborations. In addition to his recent mixtapes with Young Jeezy and Meek Mill , he's currently working with several artists including Roscoe Dash, hosting a syndicated radio show, and running his own website.

The prominent producer also said he's already laid some tracks down with T.I., who was recently released from prison.

"Tip just came home. I was in the studio with him," Drama said. "He's actually about to drop a new song next week." He explained that although Tip is in a halfway home, he's still able to produce music. "He's in a halfway house but when you're in a halfway house you can still get to work. So he's been in the studio during work time and he's banging out. Actually [his time in the halfway house] ends next week. So he'll be in the streets by the B.E.T. Hip Hop Awards."

It is not clear if T.I. will be present at the show. DJ Drama, however, will for sure attend the B.E.T. Hip Hop Awards as he is nominated in the "DJ of the Year" category against DJ Khaled, DJ Envy, DJ Prostyle, and DJ Enuff. The awards ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 11.


  • Dave

    For all yall niggaz tlkn bout T.I. snitched I have one question Y cant none of yall show muthafukin proof of that shit... everybody tlkn bout he snitched but cant none of yall niggaz prove that shit... SO I SMELL HATAZ!!! Nigga.. WHO THA FUCK DID HE SNITCH ON... Ill wait for an anser

  • koth561

    T.I. doesn't have any fucking lyrics... quit thinking otherwise. If you want Suthern lyrics you go to Z-Ro peace

    • GSONII

      Please, Z-RO is wack, sings more than Ja Rule, Nelly, and 50 Cent put together. The best thing Z-RO can do is come out the closet and make an R&B album.

  • Trae

    Fuck OFFF hatersss The king is BACK!!!!

  • KingFan

    Maaan i can't wait!! I'm sure it's gonna be fire!! C ya next week haters


    Ain't nobody hot as me even if they rap they ass off Blast off and have outstandin' quality Sell a lotta records, I respected and salute that But spittin' real life on hot beats, I'm the truth at


    Good to hear...The king back him or hate'em,..when tip is on his shit...there is few cats that out rap him...and you Wayne fans..fuck outta here....TI can rap circles around Wayne....Tip can tell stories...Wayne just a muthafucka...he a punchline rapper...

  • bfv

    @Life Accordin' To Dutch....Ye i agree about that, i been a fan for a long time, but the truth is dude is a snitch, no one can get caught with what he did, face 10 years and then get what he did. its a shame really.

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    the funny thing is..u lames who think Tip cant make a come back..he has sumthin..ur favorite rappers do not..Charisma

  • Anonymous

    wow, I don't think anybody will be checking for him no more...Weezy the REAL KING of the south...Young Money!

    • tipster

      yeah rite. T.i. has millions of fans. why u think he s the only rapper whos been to jail as much and still is hot? Tip gone come back and shine like always.

  • Anonymous

    when did DJ Dram become a "prominent producer"? He's DJ, IDIOTS!

  • Jesus

    Another dumb meaningless apology Tip outta prison gotta fuckin gun charge but fuck it while im livin im packin bazookas in my cars who the fuck cares, if Bin Laden was famous he woulda got ten days in jail i was fucking so many dudes they called me jailbird player i dont even serve time nigga im always out on bail T.I.P! fuck my fans im going to prison next month for another few and my retarded fans will suck my dick through my pants talking bout it wasnt my fault or maybe im just to coo. ima retarded nigger dont you forget that they caught me for drugs and guns, next time im going bigger i have more DICK ON MY MUSTACHE THEN BORAT!

  • Anonymous

    cool. hope its good

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