J. Cole Describes What Makes A Classic Album

J. Cole says there's time for a Kendrick Lamar collab, speaks on what he thinks makes a classic album.

Just days before the release of his debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story, North Carolina rapper J. Cole spoke with Idolator.com about possibly working with Kendrick Lamar, what makes a classic album, and more.

For quite some time J. Cole has been compared with fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar, but despite the constant comparisons J. Cole says he would eventually like to work with Lamar.

“We’ve got a lot of time to work. You know, we both be on and he’s working steady,” J. Cole explained. “He’s getting himself to an incredible place and I’m going to try and get myself to an incredible place. So we got time for that, you know? That’s my man though.”

In his interview with Idolator.com J. Cole also spoke on what he thinks makes a classic album and at the top of that list was longevity.

“The test of time. So like, the first listen you can get, you be like, ‘This album is a classic.’ But you won’t know until three-to-six months later. If you still playin’ it, it’s a classic. A year later and you still playin’ it, it’s a classic,” said J. Cole. “Five years later? Hands down, classic. So, really, little things, like if you’re taking a 10-hour road trip — if I’m gonna drive 10 hours from Fayetteville to New York, I’ve got about six albums I know I’m gonna play. Those are the classics. Hopefully mine is one of those that you gotta pop in on your road trips.”

Cole World: The Sideline Story will be released on Tuesday, September 27th.

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  • J.cole

    Yall funny as hell!! Ironic yall been sleepin on the one you been dreamin bout.. My album just hit half a mill love my haters n love my fans.. cant go wrong wid out yall one love-

  • Daniel Gregory

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  • Daniel Gregory

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  • illy

    Worst album ever 0/10.Can't wait for Lil B to bring Hip Hop back again. Section 80 was better than Illmatic, album of the millennium.

  • haha

    when asked about the album leak, J Cole simply replied "I Ain't too proud to tell you that I cry sometimes, I cry sometimes about it!" lol

  • Dreams

    Whether ya'll like him or not, respect him for reaching to acheive his dream. Not many get a chance like he does. If u feel u can do better, do it and stop bloggin! Peace!

  • Anonymous

    all you Cole fans need to shut ur mouth accept it...the album was good but mediocre...u can say Game is a fake blood...but that bipolar fake ass blood makes great music...accept it RED was the best album put out this year n don gimme that shit "you don't have ear for good music" plz go fuck urself!!!

    • lol

      LOL at both of you. Oneirology REKS Section.80 Top 3 AOTY

    • c-dub

      the RED album was good but it wasnt the best album put out this year. its definately second behind Big Sean's "Finally Famous". and I think when the Drake album drops then RED will be the third best album put out this year.

  • Anonymous

    Cole is fucking worthless, tax write-off rap for nobody.

  • fcvs

    only classic albums in 2010 and 2011 so far are HFM 2 and Cole World

  • Belly Of Da Beast


  • Belly Of Da Beast


  • Chill

    Huge fan of J. Cole. This album has some quality songs such as "Lost Ones, God's Gift, Breakdown, Rise and Shine, and Lights Please". The other songs such as "Mr. Nice Watch, Can't Get Enough, and Work Out" are "Radio Friendly" tracks for women/children and so that it will sell a decent amount of copies thats all. Overall its a solid album.

  • Chaez

    Cole World: The Sideline Story = Classic...best album I've heard in a while...

  • joe5286

    Disappointed with the new album. The production is excellent, but lyrically, it's not even close to being on par with Warm Up and Friday Night Lights. Sorry Cole, just the truth.

  • dazeone

    Yo Cole is dope but not feeling the CD...I brought it though out of the support from the downloads. He gotta step it up though and what is crazy is Jay did not keep Young Chris...who imo is better.. Kendrick Lamar section 80 is the truth ...fresh air ....both artist...J Cole takes on some deep subjects...but needs better beats

  • yup

    this jason bitch needs to stop trolling

  • Jason

    J cole plz take my manhood, my face is waiting for a cole world soaking, but me on the sideline and take me from the backside, this is me you biggest fan, and i biggest for only you =D- - O:

    • Belly Of Da Beast


    • JasonM

      No relation. hahahahahaha

  • NJ

    With the exception of some late heroics from Common, Yelawolf or Wale I think album of the year has to go to Section.80. Cole World is nice but forgettable, he's grown to be very bland when he's not rapping conceptually. I think the best move for Cole now is to work on his production, start selling beats and making a name as a top producer which he could be.

  • Hachitori

    I'd be happy with a J.Cole / Kendrick Lamar collab, if the whole album was like Hii Power. Meaning J. Cole on production and Lamar as MC. Kendrick has something that J. cole seems to lack. Flavour.

    • Anonymous

      THEY'VE ALREADY COLLABBED. They have like 6 songs recorded so far. Check out Temptations by J.cole and kendrick on youtube

  • Jioxer

    This albums a pure classic cant wait to get my my official copy!!



  • malco

    When I heard some of the singles I was real worried he wasn't going to come through, but it turned out to be a good album. NOT a classic it will be in the car for a month maybe 2(because nothing(from the top of the head)too remarkable is coming out for a while). Lots of lazy hooks, no memorable lyrics, and no personality. He did a good job production wise no real heaters though. Its an album to buy. The dude makes good music so support him. 3.75/5

    • yo son

      who thinks jason needs to stfu and take the d!ck out his @ss

    • hachitori

      @jason I read "J.Cole is a wack of all trades." there you go, a freudian slip and a double entendre all in one. Sorry, but Anonymous wins again.

    • jason

      ^^^That's the point, J. Cole is a jack of all trades. He has no weaknesses. Lyricism, punchlines, storytelling, multi's, flow, delivery, voice inflection, emotion. It's all there. He's not lacking anything really and he's very good in everything.

    • Anonymous

      But imma leave it at that I don't really want to debate too much on Cole, hes a good artist to me. When you said: "Also, J. Cole is not a punchline rapper. He doesn't rely on one-liners and metaphors. (although he has some) He puts together classic verses and songs. Not lines." Thats true and thats partially why alot of his stuff is not that poppin to me, cus' i don't rate him as a great storytellin rapper like NAS. His subject matter is good at best. So skill wise where does he stick out from the best? So classic album NO. Will I bumping it for a while YES. And fuck its 1 Oclock

    • Anonymous

      Thats the best song on the album too me its a memorable SONG. the lyrics COLLECTIVELY make the SONG memorable. He's telling a story here and I don't really expect too many lyrical devices and shit but no verse stuck out or took me by suprise. Yea its a good topic and one thats not really rapped about alot but its not the first time someone rapped about abortion(even wayne on the C4 did) so if want to say the SONG was memorable overall, ill agree.

    • jason

      They say everything happens for a reason And people change like the seasons They grow apart she wanted him to show his heart and say he loved her He spoke the magic words and on the same day he f-cked her Now she wide open She put a ring up on his finger if she could But he loved her cause the p-ssy good But she aint no wife though Uh oh, she tellin’ him she missed her period like typo’s He panicking, froze up like a mannikin A life grows inside her now he asking “is it even mine” What if this bitch aint even pregnant dawg Could she be lying? She be crying crying cause he acting distant Like ever since I told you this nigga you acting different And all his niggas saying man these hoes be trapping niggas Playing with niggas emotions like they some action figures Swear they get pregnant for collateral it’s like extortion, man if that bitch really pregnant Tell her get an abortion Uh, but what about your seed nigga?

    • jason

      She said nigga you got some nerve to come up to me talkin’ bout abortion This my body nigga so don’t think you finna force shit See I knew that this is how you act, so typical Said you love me, oh, but now you flipping like reciprocals It figures though, I should’ve known that you was just another nigga No different from them other niggas who be claiming that they love you just to get up in them drawers Knowing all the right things to say, I let you hit it raw mothaf-cker Now I’m pregnant you don’t wanna get involved muthaf-cker Tryna take away a life, is you God mothaf-cker? I don’t think so This a new life up in my stomach Regardless if I’m your wife, this new life here I’mma love it I’m aint budging, I’ll do this by my muthaf-cking self See my momma raised me without no muthaf-cking help, from a man But I still don’t understand how you could say that Did you forget all those conversations that we had way back? Bout your father and you told me that you hate that nigga Talkin’ bout he a coward and you so glad that you aint that nigga Cause he left your mamma when she had you and he aint shit Here you go doin’ the same shit You aint shit nigga!

    • jason

      LOL, try the 2nd and 3rd verses of "Lost Ones" 2 of the best verses of 2011

    • Anonymous

      The last bar alone is more memorable that anything you put up. You're right it doesn't stay topical but don't just lie and say some fuckery like: "J. Cole's verses all have a clear theme and each line connects to the previous line." Cole is not a great lyricist he's good but not great(judging his entire body of work thus far)

    • jason

      LOL, you call that memorable? That's all just a bunch of abstract jibberish with random lines that don't connect to make a point. That verse is all over the place J. Cole's verses all have a clear theme and each line connects to the previous line.

    • Anonymous

      Tears on the mauseoleum floor Blood stains the coliseum doors Lies of the lips of a priest Thanksgiving disguised as a feast Rollin' in the Rolls-Royce Corniche Only the doctors got this, I'm hidin' from police Cocaine seats All white like I got the whole thing bleached Drug dealer chic I'm wonderin' if a dove's prayers reach It's pious Pius, the god loves Pius Socrates asks, "Whose bias do y'all seek?" Or for Plato, the screech I'm out chere ballin', I know you hear my sneaks Jesus was a carpenter, Yeezy, he lay beats Hova flow the Holy Ghost, get the hell up out your seats Preach guess who? upon reading and overstanding you can graduate

    • jason

      Also, J. Cole is not a punchline rapper. He doesn't rely on one-liners and metaphors. (although he has some) He puts together classic verses and songs. Not lines.

    • jason

      More memorable lines: The way he ends the 2nd verse for "Cheer Up" "And as I'm headin out the front door She said she proud of me and I wonder What for?" Just a fantastic way to end an amazing verse

    • jason

      Yes it's very memorable, it's a slick double entendre you retard. That's just one example. There are tons of memorable lyrics on this album. What's your definition of a memorable lyric then? From 2011 that is.

    • Anonymous

      Thats memorable? You sir are in the wrong class you need to go down the hall to dr seuss 101.

    • jason

      "no memorable lyrics" ------------------- "Now I know I ain't the richest but I still wanna ball; Put money over bitches but we still under dogs (underdogs)"

  • jason

    Dollar and a Dream 3 - 10/10 Can't Get Enough - 6/10 Lights Please - 10/10 Sideline Story - 10/10 Mr. Nice Watch - 8/10 Cole World - 7/10 In the Morning - 7/10 Lost Ones - 11/10 (one of the greatest songs of all time, simply mindblowing) Nobody's Perfect - 7/10 Never Told - 8/10 Rise and Shine - 10/10 God's Gift - 10/10 Breakdown - 10/10 Cheer Up - 10/10 Nothing Lasts Forever - 9/10 Work Out - 6/10 Daddy's Little Girl - 8/10 CLASSIC

    • hip hop

      Good track by track, I'd even rate work out higher because that sample flip is fukin crazy. Cole makes the best overall productions in the game right now aside from kanye. #Classic Open the blinds folks

    • JasonM

      Please don't shame my name, I'm a big J.Cole fan too, but this album is no classic. Friday Night Lights was way better. J. Cole's content as well as style has changed a lot to be more commercial meaning in even some of the better songs on the album I know he could've done better. Hardly any memorable lines, and all those commercial and old songs make it hard to listen to at times.

  • Anonymous

    RED was the best shit put out this year....Cole World was really just an average album i expected a lot better....shit even C4 was better...smh

    • RED = TRASH

      RED didn't even last a week in da whip. Lame as butterfly tat fake blood. smfh. Get Real #ColeWorld catch up

    • JasonM

      Totally agree, R.E.D was the best and I'm a big J. Cole fan. Cole World: The Sideline Story made me feel like I was robbed of the true J. Cole experience. Anyone thinking that this album was J. Cole's true potential needs to listen to Friday Night Lights and then understand that this album was just to try to make money.

    • Eduardo Traconis

      at least j.cole aint fake like the game and serious say j.cole an average album when you saying the game is better and lil wayne. really get the fuck outta here

    • jason

      You're a retard with NO ear for music

  • angeldep

    Joe Budden - "Mood Muzik 4" is a classic album, IMO

    • ItsTheTruth

      I agree. But niggas dont wanna fuck with Joey cuz he too real. They instead wanna listen to fake rappers like rick ross, and wanna hear about money whips and hoes, basically shit they cant relate to. Cuz they been conditioned to accept that type of content as rap music. They listen to rappers, not MCs like budden. They dont wanna hear about real struggle and problems cuz they cant bump it around they boys. All I give a fuck about is what I listen to, this rap industry is dead, these fans can keep it.

  • Mortis

    J Cole has Wale disease. #can't deliever an album

    • Big Daddy Kane

      "Let's get on more thing understood, I can fart on a track, and trust me niga the shit gon sound good!"

    • JasonM

      This Jason guy is really pissing me off. Stop being a blind fan boy and think critically man. If J. Cole was to fart on a track you would be jumping all over the place saying it's the best shit ever (no pun intended) He does have good songs on there but if you look at the whole album, not as good as we all expected. Real J. Cole fans can be honest about it, not just defend whatever he puts out.

    • jason

      Dollar and a Dream 3, Lights Please, Sideline Story, Lost Ones, Never Told, Rise and Shine, God's Gift, Breakdown, Cheer Up, Nothing Lasts Forever Album = Classic

    • jason

      Fucking faggot, you didn't even listen to the entire album

    • To_mortis

      j. Cole Cole world album of da day!

  • Mortis

    Too bad his debut sounds like a damn Fabolous record.

    • jason

      How does it sound like a Fabolous record? Dollar and a Dream 3, Lights Please, Sideline Story, Lost Ones, Never Told, Rise and Shine, God's Gift, Breakdown, Cheer Up, Nothing Lasts Forever aren't Fabolous type songs. Idiot

    • 2mortis

      j.Cole Cole world album of da day

  • 123

    been a Cole fan since 09. loved the warm up. it took me by storm. never heard the come up at that point. when he said that line in welcome about the girls with small titties that don't wanna take they shirt off, i was hooked that shit made me laugh. now.. one thing about all his mixtapes has been the fact that he shouted out where he was from (NC) almost every song, even multiple times. but I've listened to sideline story now like 5 times, and i think he only says Fayetteville on WHO DAT? which was recorded way the fuck back... i could be wrong but I'm pretty sure, i finished the CD like, most CD's take you into the world of the artist. That's what i felt with the warm up... I LIKED sideline story, but i didn't get that feeling, where I'm stopping whatever im doing just to hear what's he's saying. Honestly, after the Warm Up, I'm like, who the fuck is this kid from Fayetteville? After Sideline Story I'm like, where the fuck is J Cole from again?

  • Bitch u kno hoo

    What does boring ass j Cole know about making a classic album?! He's never made one, he don't know shit

  • Bangs

    It's gonna be funny when even "Camp" outsells J.Cole in Novemeber. Then everyone will jump to Gambino as the new Freshman to dickride...

  • Anonymous

    Im not sure wats worth at dis point Lil Wayne Stans or J Coles Stans.lets be realistic dis album is not dat good,hes getting all dis undeserved hype over nutthin special.Hes a bland boring artist.dont say im hating for stating a negative opinion bitch

    • jason

      Bitch, are you retarded? Dollar and a Dream 3, Lights Please, Sideline Story, Lost Ones, Never Told, Rise and Shine, God's Gift, Breakdown, Cheer Up, Nothing Lasts Forever ^^^All AMAZING songs Did you even listen to the album?

  • Very Happy

    Also, Kendrick's Section .80 isn't better than Cole's debut. Some songs on Section .80 are chores to listen to. Dude isn't as well-rounded as Cole. What other rapper is putting out deep tracks like Lost Ones, Breakdown, Never Told...and then making catchy but still lyrical hits like Can't Get Enough and In The Morning? Ya'll can think he's better because he's not as mainstream, and it's cool to hate on those who are bigger and getting more attention. Cole World

  • Very Happy

    Cole's debut is DAMN GOOD. Best mainstream rap album in awhile along with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. He's getting big so a lot of people are hating. It's quite amusing. Dude is only going to keep progressing now that he's got his feet wet with one album. Cole World.

  • Hatershater

    This dude is like "Lebron James" hes good in the regular season :Mixtape: but when it comes too the PlayOffs or the Fourth Quarter:Album: he chokes like how u do YOur chicken when you listen to hes music I classify this as fag music.

  • ilexx

    I am not sure how anybody with ears can hate on Cole... Dude makes that music u can feel in your soul. I knew I was gonna buy dude's album for a minute now.... I heard it leaked I thought about it for a little, downloaded it, listened to Dollar and a Dream III stopped it and pre-ordered the album immediately and then continued listening. I got mad respect for Cole and before I sit here and tell u that its a classic, all I am gonna say is that its the best album I have heard all year. Yes I am saying its better than WTT, C4 & RED. I dont feel anyway saying that at all. PPL on here saying Cole has no story and bla bla bla... obviously u dont listen to a word coming out of his mouth if u dont know his story. Dude went to College in NY with hopes of being signed before he finished college and it didnt happen like that, he graduated and then got signed. J. Cole is among FEW educated rappers in the game and his story should be an inspiration to some of u dumb fucks, he has a degree and still said "fuck a 9-5" and did it his own way, now dude rapping, producing and touring, album about to drop. Fuck a hater, dude nice with the lyrics, the production and overall he is better than 90% of the niggaz in the game RIGHT NOW. Support good music!

    • Greg Dixon

      Bro I agree 100%....People who say J.Cole does not have any memorable lines better re-listen to the album.... Because they are missing quality lines in his songs... J.Cole arguably has the best album out right now... I been a wayne fan before he became famous... I can honestly say J.Cole album is crushing C4...

    • Eduardo Traconis

      all these haters just want thug shit which as cole pointed out its died out been dead im going to buy his album right after my philosophy class

    • flashwheat

      Totally agree with your opinion. It is crazy how people can hate on someone who has mad talent. This cat is a musical genius. Hip-Hop is dying and there is only a few cats that are holding down the craft properly. I put him on the list of the few. The people that are hating on him really don't know anything about music or talent. I wish these haters would put out a damn album themselves, and see what type of BS they come up with.

    • Anonymous

      umm best album of the yr was tech nines

  • Matthew Lewis

    The Warm Up is probably more of a classic than his album. Havent been feelin any of his new singles. Section.80 is a classic btw

  • m

    not complicated, j.cole + premier or alchemist or pete rock = classic only one or two tracks need to be poppish

  • smilez

    i respect j.cole as alyricistandi hadhighhopes for this alum andi was disappointed when i heard it its definently not better than thank me later and im not sayin thank me later is a classic or nothin just it was just a solid first album ut this j.cole alum is about a 3.5 out of 5

  • JG

    i admire Cole for producing his own shit, but if he wanted to make a classic probly should got Kanye or Jigga to produce it

    • Eduardo Traconis

      i hear you on that would of been nice to get a little more help but still nice only in time will we really know if its a classic after all jigga RD wasnt a classic right off the bat took a couple years

  • Anonymous

    I like J.Cole The release of this album leaves room for Kendrick and Jay Electronica to pass him though. I was expecting to get hit like a ton of bricks by this album but I'm such a fan that I literally had more than 50% of the album before it even leaked.

  • PlayerHater

    DX on this niggers penis for sure. He's wack tho so whatevs

  • Imperial Carter

    his mixtapes were dope but almost everything i've heard from his album has been wack. Dude is disappointing me with the shit he's putting out. I was gonna buy his album, but i'm gonna download that shit for free now.

    • LadiAlao

      His 5 best songs he's ever made (Rise and Shine, Lost Ones, Breakdown, Sideline Story, and DDIII) are on this album. Buy the album.

  • RC

    If he wasnt doin sumthin right u hatin ass niggas wouldnt be here tht being said Not a classic extremely SOLID album tho better then thank me later,adventure of b.o.b,and pink friday....will have a lot of replay value from me 4.7/5 EVERYONE HATING ON A J. COLE IS A WACK RAPPER WHO AINT MAKE IT....COLE WORLD

  • Anonymous

    Hes not worth da hype ya making him seem.Hes flat out boring

  • Anonymous

    his album wack point blank

  • Anonymous

    I dont like his shit.

  • Anonymous

    this past decade's hiphop classics ->Marshall Mathers LP, GRODT, College Dropout!

    • pap

      wow thats just about right! those 3 album... 1. impacted the people deeply - (MML gave birth to the "stan" lol, GRODT was 100% authentic movie 2.changed the game - (MML made people pay attention to lyrics, GRODT 50 showed the rap industry the mixtape formula to gettin a buzz, n College Dropout reindtroduced us that melodic cool suave feeling that Ma$e gave us back in the 90's

    • Anonymous

      I Can agree.i higly doubt ders anything dats gunna come out dats gunna be considered a "Classic" and record sales dont make an album a "Classic" dats wat deez wayne fans think smfh

  • The B

    On some real shit...Skyzoo will destroy this dude!!

  • Hatershater

    He.has a point about classic. Albums so that being said he knows hes album is far from classic I wouldent pop that trash in my cd player on a trip to the liquore store

  • Ladi

    Cole just delivered the best mainstream album in about 5 years and yall still find a way to hate. DX fail.


    Probably should ask someone that has made a classic

  • AngryGhost

    gave it a listen... everything i thought about j cole... was REAFFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of the dullest major label rap acts of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of the FEW emcees.... to ever GET ON... without doing ANYTHING well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! his clarity is poor... his voice is flat.... his flow is pedestrian... his content isnt witty nor cerebral.... he has NO IDENTITY!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you a regular nigga with a deal and no story!?!?!?!?!?! or are you big money flossing nigga?!?!?!!?!?!? his origins seem to change beat to beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he has ZERO star POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOBODY would be following j cole... if it wasnt for JAY-Z.... jay-z is the ONLY reason this nigga has fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the regular, im just a nigga living life angle... has been played better by countless... the big money, nice watch, expensive taste, big hit shit has been played better by countless.... what are you left with!?!?!?!?!?! a smoke trail leading to an ICE BLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this nigga is a NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you know youre in trouble... when i dont know who the fuck you are... after i just heard your debut album.... dude is a BORE on the mic!!!!!!!!!!!!! production is weak... a lotta cheesy progressions... corny synth... cheap guitar breaks.... weak hooks... this nigga tries to harmonize on the hooks... his melodies are weak, his hooks arent repeatable... and he consistently fills 16's with boring, when is this track gonna be over bars.... if this is the guy you see carrying mainstream hip hop into the future... i feel sorry for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i see jay-z distancing himself, after this project is out of the way... jay knows better than anyone, this kid isnt ready... he wasnt ready after he had a verse on the blueprint 3.... and now hes out of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! theres nothing venomous lyrically, nothing that made me say, hey, thats unique, or thats different... SAFE... BORING.... COASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont mean to hate on the kid, but hes really mediocre, he hasnt improved AT ALL since his verse on bp3... that verse on bp3 was sposed to get niggas fiending to hear this... is ANYONE gonna be fiending to hear more j cole after this album!?!?!?!?!?! DOUBT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Greg Dixon

      Lil Wayne get off the keyboard!!!!!!!!!... LMAO!!!!!!

    • Bh

      So lemme get this right u took all that time to get on here n not only rip J.Cole who is a great artist but also find time to double space each line...If Hate was a disease that kills you would probably be dead...

    • Listen Up

      Damn son. I had to take a break halfway to read this novel of a post. You do know this isn't the album review section right? I haven't heard the whole album just the snippets, so I'm not gonna judge it just yet. I thought Cole had some good shit on the Come Up, Warm Up, and FNL. He spits some ill shit and makes some dope beats. Better than all of these modern mainstream cats. The HiiPower beat is probably my favorite up to this point. Personally I like Kendrick better than Cole but I can fuck with Cole. Based on the way you're criticizing, I would think that maybe Cole banged your moms or something.

    • Fuck your couch

      you mad doggy?? aint no one wanna know your life story why dont you study for your exam with writing an essay here stupid nigga....i swear u dumb mother fuckers wanna make me slap the shit out of u stupid...anyways Cole mother fucking world.

    • Anonymous

      Hes not hating its true.Cole is boring as a rapper.he had his buzz on Star is Born and missed his chance

    • Haterhater

      @AngryGhost u r absolutely right bro this guy Cole fail flat on this album the gay is as blan as thanksgiving food over white folks house

    • Anonymous

      Angry ghost is opposed to realness. he needs a gimmick to get him hooked in.

    • Anonymous

      Dude you are the biggest loser I know. Go eat a cock ya moron.

    • Ladi

      This nigga just wrote two paragraphs on Cole smh. You're obviously a Cole stan, so stfu

  • BerryGordo

    ** EVERY ** one of these retarded articles is bought and paid for-- HipHopDx takes the money and runs but Cole is straight DOGSHIT-- zero personality, zero real fans, another Shawn Carter executive fail.

  • koth561

    Overrated as hell. Niggas need to support that Wu-Block album...smh.....not this nigga

  • HAHA

    The people hating on Cole were probably his biggest fans until he got more attention.

    • rukky

      AGREED!!! its the same for any rapper once people start lovin them ppl start hatin eventhough in reality their listenin to his shit 24/7

  • rise and shine

    i dont give a fuk what people say me, it dosent matter to me, j. cole has a sik album, not a classic but still a sik album. album of the year for me, he will get better. legendary weapons gets second best album of the year 100% buyin the album even though iv downloaded it, hes given me 3 mixtapes and an album for £10....cheap as fuk Rise and shine, sounds soo much like his mixtape shit, BIG TRACK

  • The MH

    Are you people serious?? Dollar & a Dream III ***** Sideline Story ***** Nobody's Perfect **** Never Told ***** Rise & shine ***** God's Gift **** Breakdown ***** Nothing Last Forever *** I swear yall niggas are never satisfied.

  • Bronxsta

    Im getting sick of the pointless hate...The album is a solid debut but not a classic. As J. Cole says in this interview a classic must have great replay value and stands over time. If anything im impressed the way he stayed true to himself and as it shows he is trying to grow as an artist despite being on a major label which demanded him to make songs like the ones ya hate on ( College Dropout and Food & Liquor didn't seem to have alot of label influence). He does however need to work on his song-writing skills to make hits since he does not sound like the J. Cole we all know and although his production has disturbingly improved in a short time which shows on several songs on the album, he has to get better at it but he on the right track. What I felt this album was for is to get newer fans and keep building his brand. In the future if he improves on what I just mentioned he is gonna be a great all-around rapper like Kanye and Jay-Z and we will be in for some good music. Anyways the album is best debut of the new school mainstream (Drake, Nicki, Wiz, Wale, B.o.B, etc.) and it gets 4/5.

    • Fuck your couch

      you sound like a bitch im pretty sure u dont understand lyrical shit...so thats why u go listen to wack ass bitch like nicki, wiz, and all those other dumb mother fuckers....you stupid mother fucker go to school maybe u will understand lyrical shit.

    • Devin Williams

      What the hell does J Cole have to do wit Lionel Ritchie?

    • Rival X Jordan

      Shut the fuck up...Cole World Nigga!!

    • Anonymous

      album is dogshit-- in the wide history of music, THIS is what the fuck satisfies you? grow the fuck up, coddling this asswipe benefits nobody. dude does NOT have it. Lionel Richie's worst day greater than this lame's life and that's not even crap!

  • Anonymous

    WHAT THE FUCK? This dude didnt say how to make a classic, he just said you know its a classic if people are still bumping your shit!! This nigg@ is wack thou. RICH KIDDS LIKE HIM SHOULDN'T BE IN THE RAP!!

    • Fuck your couch

      i swear some dumb mother fuckers on this website rich?? some smack this dumb mother fucker who called Cole rich his far from that but on the other hand his fucking music is great..

    • rukky

      just because tha kid got an education dont mean he cant be rapping

    • Anonymous


    • Rival X Jordan

      Biggie went to public school and dropped out at eleventh grade. What are you talking about?

    • Ladi

      Cole is far from a rich kid. He made it big, unlike you while still getting scholarships to college. Stop hating.

    • Anonymous

      Lmfao u realize both nas and lupe fiasco were pretty damn fine money wise? Or that biggie went to private school til HE told his mom he didnt want to anymore?

  • Southern

    lmao u niggas under me are funny!!! this nigga has the best debut since lupe...his album cliche??? wtf u talkin bout nigga...u even kno what that word means??

    • Anonymous

      j cole has NO fans and deserves NONE. Cam'ron's worst day greater than this douchebags LIFE.

    • Anonymous

      Dude why is everbody so fucking obsessed with lupe? The dudes mediocre at best and i have f&l and the cool..in both those albums combined theres like 6 great songs..if that. Get.off.dudes.dick. And j cole u aint even dropped an album yet why are u actin like u know how to make a classic one? I like cole but i hate when mcs get way ahead of themselves.

    • Anonymous

      YEah, It means dropping shit that I've heard 1,000's time before and sticking to the trends of the moment instead of carving out your own identity And thats exactly what he did on his album I'll pass

  • Anonymous

    If you have so much insight into what it takes to make a classic, how is it you made an album so boring & Cliche??

  • Anonymous

    "Classic" = everything J. Cole is not. Q: How much are ya'll getting paid to run all this bullshit on a crapper with approximately ZERO real fans? HipHopDx are cheap fucking whores.

    • Suggamatic

      @AAA Look up a rap "classic" it's usual their first album. Second album in rare cases like outkast, the roots, tribe called quest.

    • Anonymous

      Aaa are u retarded? Ur first album should be a classic..nas illmatic,jay zs reasonable doubt, wu tangs 36 chambers,slick ricks 1st one, eminems sslp, the beastie boys liscense to ill..all debuts all classics. It would be crazier if it was his third and saying its gonna be a classic.

    • Anonymous

      If you were in J. Cole's shoes do you want to see your album being promoted? The album is still better than most of what has been released in the past couple years.

    • AAA

      Its his first fucking album. If his first album was a classic that would be unreal. Give it time you hating fucks. Who the hell do you listen to, because it seems everyone hates on everyone and noone likes anyone anymore. Everyone talks about how hip hop is dying, half of the reason is because when people are actually good, everyone hates. Hate on them fucks that make only radio songs and suck at lyrics, J. Cole n Kendrick Lamar are a good future for rap, they actually are intelligent and not self-accaimled gang bangers and drug dealers like officer ricky.

    • Suggamatic

      I Bet this album will get a 4-4.5 out of 5 from dx.when it's really only worth about 3-3.5 out of 5. Sorry cole, Decent album. Poor for a debut, and For SURE not a classic.

    • Suggamatic

      Man fuck Dx. They are marketing this guy WAY too hard right now.

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