Common Names Nas As His Favorite Rapper

Lonnie picks Nasir as the one emcee whose lyrics will stand the test of time.

Common most recently collaborated with Nas on the new single “Ghetto Dreams,” but his respect for the Queens, New York native runs deep. Speaking with MSNBC, the Chicago, Illinois rapper named Nas as his favorite rapper, explaining that his lyrics will stand the test of time.

“I would say Nas, that’s my favorite rapper. It’s tough, because [Jay-Z] is one of the greatest and many can argue,” he said, “but Nas is so poetic with it and I feel like his lyrics, you can write them down on paper and they will last for time. It would be like literature that we read.”

Common most recently released his memoir One Day It’ll All Make Sense and is currently recording his upcoming album The Dreamer, The Believer, which will hit stores this fall.

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  • Shante

    Yes, it is possible for an artist to make political or topical statements in their songs. There is a rapper named Nas who has numerous songs that speak of today's society, and the realities of life. One song I remember when I was younger was, "If I ruled the World". This song made statements concerning slavery, but also the lack of true freedom in today's culture. Today Nas still makes music that educates today's society, but the rap that makes little sense is getting more attention. Some start off just as Nas looking to add meaning to life, but once their overlooked they turn to what's popular. Yesterday, while watching the Grammy awards Nas was overlooked again, but the expression upon his face was that of peace and humility, because he still has his dignity. The thing I love about Nas, is the fact that no matter how much he has been rejected by certain people in society he remains to be consistent in what he believes. In my heart he cares for the people to much to see them go under a scope of ignorance

  • Anonymous

    Common did never hear of Killah Priest.

  • room2roam

    weezy is the best rapper alive period.. fuk yo feelings

  • sneaks

    Nas Biggie Black Thought Rakim Andre 3000 UGK Jay-Z Raekwon Method man Ghostface killah Guru Kanye Big L 2pac Best new artist - Big K.R.I.T. Most slept on - REKS

  • Your Mom

    What does it matter if he has a ghostwriter? That's a ridiculously common practice for biographies. And if he's white? Christ, are we really going there? Hip Hop helps brings races together and actual positive hip hop expands the mind to an even greater degree so take that ignorant and negative shit out of here!



  • anonymous


  • Youngindy21

    Funny thing is both Common and Nas are my two favorite rappers period. I was too excited when they did that Ghetto Dreams track. Both of them are very lyrical. Nas' flow doesn't get boring unlike some of these rappers out here. I can listen to his past albums Over and Over and never get bored. I like Common's music because it doesn't sound like anything else that is being put out right now.

  • 3 headedmonstah

    krs 1 eminem nas black thought big l big pun pac big wu tang ll cool j *if it wasnt for all those slow shit* still goat crooked i royce lupe _new artis pick thats my list n order

  • Matthew Lewis

    prefer nas over jay and em for sure

  • LangstonWho?

    if Lonnie could read, he'd read Nas, is that what he's saying? Maybe that's why Lonnie needed a WHITE GHOST WRITER?! Dipshit.

  • UniversalMindControlII

    why the fuck does a "writer" like Lonnie claims to be need a GHOST writer, let alone a WHITE boy-- like black folks don't have a difficult time enough as it is? Lonnie was, is and always will be a fraud, worst "conscious" soul, r&b or crapper ever but oooh, he sho' make guilty white folks feel a lil' better. every verse from every Brand Nubian record >>>> this douche.

  • JG

    nas spits some genius still

  • Anonymous

    nas is the g.o.a.t nas and common both legends

  • Anonymous

    If you like storytelling and substance there definitely isn't any greater. He can also spit raw rap good as well. Only think letting him down are his beats. 3 of my favourite albums (it was written, illmatic and stillmatic) came from nas. People all have their favourite mc's though. Eminem for the energy he brings, lil Wayne for production and fun..whatever. I don't mind Wayne and eminem...they bring something else to the table and who am I to judge and take an elitist stance.

    • $$mike

      lil wayne doesn't produce. its most times the executive producer on the LP and a combination of the label and reps telling lil wayne what his sound should be on the album...beat choice and solid beats are left for the mixtapes nowadays

  • Anonymous

    Lonnie hires WHITE ghost writers-- this asshole has ZERO cred on any subject. Tell us how you didn't write a book again, Lonnie?

    • Everett Da Amin Rucker

      so what if a white guy helped him write a book? He isn't the first and he won't be the last to have help on an autobiography.

  • DrDreBeats

    Cant argue with Common. Him and Em are the greatest of all time and their way with words cant be matched

  • L-Boogie

    Nas is definitely top 3 of all time! Right now in 2011 Jay-z has become one of the most overrated rappers in the game. Post Black album Jay sucks! Get over it haters!

  • RalphAveEllison

    did Common really say that or was it ** HIS WHITE GHOST WRITER **? Fucking numbnuts think he's some 'great lyricist' (he's not) and yet he has to hire a WHITE BOY to write his bullshit book (that nobody-- let alone black youth-- will read.) Shut the fuck up Lonnie and make "Universal Mind Control II," which if your true level.

    • Youngindy21

      Lot's of entertainers get Help writing their books it is nothing new. It is only new to retards like you who don't READ. And you say nobody will read his book but guess what I am a young black male who HAS and is reading his book, SO stop hating cus its not a good look. If nobody is gonna read his book then why is he a New York times bestseller?

    • Anonymous

      We know you won't read it because you probably can't comprehend apples from oranges.



  • koth561

    Ghostface Killah and the rest of Wu-Tang MF Doom DMX Mobb Deep The Lox K-Rino Z-Ro Trae UGK (Pimp C)

    • Anonymous

      Mf doom? its been a minute since i last saw Vaugn mentioned on any list.Truth b told few ron his level when it comes to word play cant stop listening to trap door,drum stix,sofa king

  • Doubl Negative

    Taste and preference is subjective, so everyone has a different take on hip-hop's GOAT, but I feel there's a sheep-like mentality when people compile these lists. Nas' a worthy contender for the title, although I'm more partial to MF Doom, Cube, Big L, Inspectah Deck, KRS and Kool Keith. New cats in the game capable of joinin' this illustrious list are Invincible, Homeboy Sandman, Blu, Ill Bill, eLZhi and Jay Electronica if he ever gets round to releasin' an album.

  • Anonymous

    Nas Em & Jay for sure

  • anonymous


  • Yes!

    Common is absolutley right, in fact Nas' "N.Y. State of Mind" is one of the few rap songs in the Anthology of African American Literature. He along with Biggie's "Things Done Changed", Grandmaster Flash's "The Message", etc. are IN A BOOK STUDIED BY COLLEGE STUDENTS. LONG LIVE HIP-HOP!!

    • Anonymous

      Nas is aiiight but Lonnie has ZERO credibility on any fucking subject. Gil Scott-Heron dead is 100 times smarter, funnier, more insightful than this prick is alive.

  • Anonymous

    Word That would be a dope song too. Jay Em and Nas

  • Anonymous

    cosign.Hov and Em up there too

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