2 Live Crew's Luther "Luke" Campbell Files Suit Against Defamer

Luke claims that he was "slandered and defamed" in an article that questioned his relationship with University of Miami players.

Former 2 Live Crew member Luther “Luke” Campbell has filed suit against Nevin Shapiro, a University of Miami booster, claiming that he “slandered and defamed” him in an article published on Yahoo! Sports.

According to The Miami Herald, Luke is seeking more than $15,000 in damages after Shapiro claimed that he provided 72 University of Miami players and recruits with “cars, money and prostitutes over an eight-year span.” Shapiro, who is currently serving time for orchestrating a Ponzi scheme, said that Luke was “the first uncle who took care of players.”

The lawsuit claims Shapiro’s comments were false in “engaging in the same type and category of illegal and immoral behaviors relative to college-age athletes.”

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  • R.Pgh

    so the guy who's responsible for Me So Horny and Pop Dat Pussy is worried about his image? Or is this just a way to get money?

  • Anonymous

    ESPN.com covered this and the article was 10x better. that's just sad.

  • dk42

    Yo, you actually cited Nevin Shapiro as the sports writer. Fact checking, b. It's a way of da past, da present, and da futcha!!!!

  • B

    Yea... HHDX needs to do better. Nevin Shapiro is not a writer for yahoo. He's not a writer at all. He's in jail for runnin a ponzi scheme and provided UM athletes with benefits that were NCAA violations.

  • Doug Nichols

    This title is mad misleading. Nevin Shapiro is not a Yahoo Sports Writer in any form other than the fact that he had a single article put up. Shapiro is the booster who is in trouble. Lumping Yahoo in with this is just stupid.

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