HHDX reported last week that Jay-Z was on pace to break Reebok’s all-time sales records with his “S. Carter” shoe. Well, the records have now in fact been broken. The Footlocker exclusive is now the fastest selling Reebok shoe of all-time. Forget those 55 point games, AI needs to step up his rap game.

“I know that people buy sneakers not really to play basketball,” Jay-Z told The Hollywood Reporter. “They buy them to match their shirt, to look cool. It’s not an athletic shoe; it’s more for the cool kid who can’t jump on the sideline. There’s never been a shoe for that.” Anyone who saw Jay dribble in that one video knows who he is talking about.

The “S.Carter’s” initial shipment was just 10,000 pairs and that supply has been picked clean already. The shoe was released on Friday April 18th. Reebok will be replenishing the retailer early next week. The shoe is running for $95, do the math on what Jay is making for Reebok on this shoe. Albums, clothing, shoes…is there anything Jigga can’t sell