50 Cent Talks About Fabolous/Ray J Fight, Feud With Game

50 Cent talks about the Fab/Ray fight, saying a punch wasn't landed and says Game's more recent comments about him are out of "desperation."

This week, Fabolous and Ray J both shared their sides of the story behind their alleged fight. Both also named 50 Cent as a witness to this altercation. As a result, Funkmaster Flex asked 50 Cent about the quarrel, looking for more information about the incident. During the interview, 50 also shared his thoughts on Game's disses and more. 

When discussing the Ray J/Fabolous feud, 50 noted that there was a minor scuffle. According to Fif, Ray J approached Fabolous in a manner that was somewhat aggressive. However, he also acknowledged that while there was a swing, the punch did not land. 

"[Ray J] pushed at [Fabolous]. Soon as he came, he tapped him on both shoulders and said, 'I told you my peoples weren't gonna like that.' Then, there was that swing he's talking about...There was a swing but it didn't land on nothing so you can't call it a punch. Ray J did swing at him [but] if he connected, [Fabolous] would have had a mark on him or something."

He also noted that Ray J may have been drinking before this took place.

"I think he had a little bit of juice in him. You know what I'm saying? I think Ray had a little something."

Flex also turned the discussion to Game, a longtime rival of 50 Cent. According to the New York DJ, Game made comments regarding 50 Cent's sexual orientation. To this, 50 replied that "it's desperation" on Game's part. 

"It's desperation...If that's a valid question, they really just need to ask the young ladies," he said. "What song is playing right now, Flex, from his new LP?" 

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  • hurricane Game

    sorry, Game doesnt rap about candy shops, he isnt for the club bangers. Game is a Gangsta rapper, the entire rap game is based on hip-hop now a days, all they want is that club shit, and raps about things that dont even have a story, they just cheap verses, look at lil wayne, what the hell does he rap about these days??? nothing but a bunch of cheap verses put together, look at no ceilings, look at the carter 4 what the hell happened to rap? sorry 50, Game isnt for that mainstream shit

  • soutside cali kid

    game is rite 50 is a fag mayweathers bitch holding his belt aroun his neck go to thisis50 and see for you self

  • Not a nigga

    All these rapper make me sick, niggas stay bussy fighting and trying to kill each other, while People like Troy Davis being killed by the system, who by the way might have been an innocent man, can't real say for sure cause only him, those that was there and the dead cop really know who pull the tigger, but here is the thing instead of fight amouth themself all the time, they need to know their money is power, why not put it too good use and try and upleft there kind and stop trying to get at each other neck all the time.

    • jadakiss88

      That's the game man...point blank!!! Some know how to play it and get their's. Some play it but don't understand it. And some choose not to play either way it's the game man.

  • Anonymous

    i dont care whats on radio but red album was way better then many albums includin wayne kanye cant say j cole cuz i need time 2 listen. but yh here in Tottenham, red album is no1 hood album. category hood red still no1

    • Jason

      RED album was the fucking shit but it didnt beat My beautiful dark twisted fantasy lmao... Yeezy killed it on that album but RED album is the shit doe

  • tangovski

    do u notice the way fif answered the question? he just brushed it off as if it was not important. thats to let Game kno dat he is not in existence. So Game lick ur wounds and join Gay J to be claiming to be on the money team. Loosers!!!

  • Anonymous

    either make a hit record or shut the fuck up...50 u are irrelevant to hip hop the last 5 years

  • truth

    look get off of these niggas nuts, 50, game, wayne and eminem, like they said youre as good as your last, and that means all these niggas fell off, and for those dumbasses that want to say hey this album sold ########## doesnt fuckin matter, start listening to the quality of music not the statistics

  • Anonymous

    all u game groupies answer the question.. wat song off games album is poppin n making a buzz?? i mean banks had beamer benz or bently and start it up which were massive and he did that indi... game is done n so is 50 they both wack now banks always was and is better then them fools

  • tmacky

    Game album is sick from start to finish; WTT album is average; Wayne album is just terrible;Game has the album of the year so far hands down and yall know it

  • Realness121

    Game needs to leave Interscope,their focus on Hip-Hop has disappeared,cause they havent released a new Single to RED ALBUM yet,Drug Test is a Hit,and they dont see that

  • Jeff Mason

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  • Johnny Ray

    i fuck wit game but i'm really sick of him goin back and forth this week he's dissin 50 next week he's gonna b callin for a g-unit reunion GTFOH

  • Anonymous

    game l.a.x sold 238k in august of 2008....50 sold 170k in nov of 09 see das 1 year apart so y is everyone comparin dat to da red album which came out las month almost 2 years apart??? 50 said he comin out in november so till den we cant compare r.e.d sales till 50 shit drop

    • Anonymous

      hes not on a major level cuz he got dropped u kno y cuz rotton apple wuz pure garbage but i listen to banks hmf2 wuz tuff aint gunna lie only guy worth listenin to outta g-unit camp dese days ... but u think games las two cdz wuz trash?? den wuts 50's las two cds cuz u can ask n e one record sales not countin dat l.ax n r.e.d shit over curtis n b.i.s.d its not even close

    • fcvs

      last 2 cd's: Curtis - 3 M worldwide BISD - 1.5 M worldwide LAX - 700k worldwide Red Album - 200k worldwide just tell me what good music is game making cause I don't listen anything good, maybe 1 or 2 songs and game always sold more than banks, yayo or buck when he was in g-unit, so that it's not new and banks is miles away better than game, ask every critic, he's not on a major label don't forget that

    • Anonymous

      u right 50 in his prime in 05 wuz better den game i wuz talkin bout after 05 since da massacre 50 hasnt put out good cds las 2 cds wuz trash hes done game makin better music point blank n da numbers dont lie... btw i bet alot dat wen 50 dropped game he thought das it games careers over hes done n now its 2011 game has been more successful den n e g-unit artist except fif since n puttin out better music den n e of em

    • fcvs

      I meant the documentary not doctor's advocate is the music any good? position of power? god gave me style? gunz come out? hate it or love it remix (way better than the original)? ski mask way? in my hood? so amazing (good for the ladies)? piggy bank? a baltimore love thing? i'm supposed to die tonight? outta control remix? and we all know who made documentary don't we?

    • Anonymous

      sales? what about quality.. is the music any good? fuck sales.. i don't trust those numbers anymore

    • fcvs

      hey yo why don't you compare doctor's advocate with the massacre? it's only a month difference don't talk shit about album sales with 50 cent, you just lost all the time, unless you compare with eminem

  • thought dog

    Hip hop is past the point of retarded.

  • West Coast

    WTT and RED weren that good... i listened to both, probably all of those rappers last albums... jay has always been fake NAS is better but poorer Kanye has always been a bitch GAME is a cool dude, but RED wasnt special. J COle wasnt great either.... its been a disappointing year.

  • Pablo Dynasty

    50 cent = commercial rat

  • Joao Victor Reis

    and hiphopdx just forgot to speak abou the rest of the interview, where 50 spoke abou his thing with UNITED NATIONS to feed hungry people... lame-ass one-sided-journalism

  • Diz

    this article was stupid. just to get comments. can I get my time back for this shyt! don't answer that!!

  • NYC


  • Anonymous

    GRODT was better than the documentary. You can't say that game is better than 50 cent. 50 was on all of game's biggest hits. Was Game featured on any of 50's hits?

    • tangovski

      even in Game's prime, he will neva be like fif. the nigga is always high on something. i dont kno where he's gettx his weed. thats the reason he's always coming back for reconciliation wheneva his eyes re clear in morning!!! fuck game

    • Anonymous

      yea but games last two cds are 10 times better then 50s las two cds which were trash

  • tmacky


  • Max

    At least game still makin music, havent heard a decent 50 song since 05....

  • 100

    50 CENT and JAY Z are the only two rappers that lived what they write about. Period.

    • Anonymous

      About JZ biting...I go by what I hear not by what someone told me. He stays biting from Biggie he's bitten from Nas, that go-go band from d.c., Scarface, KRS-ONE, Rakim, shit even ICE-T and the list goes on. So what is your point?... Tell me I'm lying!!!

    • Selo

      You're kidding me. This kid is believing all the crap he hears from people about Jay-Z biting. Add up all the music he puts out, and not even .1% of his music is borrowed from other artists. Now if you went to school, you would know that number is completely irrelevant to any argument. So much hate. Men lie, women lie, numbers don't. The man is successful for a reason.

    • Anonymous

      gucci mane and lil boosie the realest dudes in the game

    • Anonymous

      That's a fuckin lie!! Especially jay-z biting lying ass!!!

  • hiphop

    i got a question for everyone who posted their opinion... How can you all co-sign for niggas who you know nothing about... None of you niggas know 50, Game, Ray J or Fab and I bet 50, game, Ray J or Fab, can give a fuck what any of you think... Lol their famous and getting money with or without your support... Yall sit around discussing shit yall don't know about, worrying about how much money a nigga's making, how much records he's selling, what bitch a nigga fuckin, who has a problem with who, who's the hottest rapper, who's popping and who's not, who's real and who's not, GET A FUCKIN LIFE and stop worrying about what's going on and theirs.. All yall nigga's sound like bitter ass females... This internet shit is the worst thing that ever happen to HipHop.... LET THEM NIGGA'S LIVE, YO...

  • Anonymous

    if yal wana talk sales..than eminem is the best hands down! none of these dudes can compete wit him..as far as rap GAME is murdering all these rap nigga's

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Not a 50 fan but dude keeps me entertained for real...

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent will always be the best and most skilled rapper of all time.

  • Abbuh Zabbuh

    Overall, 50 cent won the feud. 50's making career moves while games career is slowly dying out...50 may be a wack rapper, but he's smarter than a lot of cats in the industry nowadays.

  • CT

    desperate?!hows Game desperate...his album went #1 :-/ when the last time 50 have a #1 album??? 3 out 4 for the Game...hardly desperate!!

    • JiveDG

      Just because it went #1 doesn't mean it was fire. There was no competition. Every musician's album sucked including the Carter 4. So that top spot doesn't mean shit. There's no competition.

    • Tony Viera

      Game go 1# with 96k and 50 last album go 4# or 5# with 170k and a lot of competition like rihanna and john meyer and he dont push it back and yeah he sold more and go Gold lets see if Game go Gold Ah!!

    • Anonymous

      game went #1 on a day that NOBODY CARES ABOUT!!! niggaz criticizing 50 hard but his album debut at # 5 selling 170k....you know who else debuted, Rihanna, Justin Timerlake, n some rock bank. he could of pushed his album back a week later for the #1 slot but fuck it, he's a competitor!

    • Anonymous

      games album was a flop compared to watch the throne, carter 4 and bad meets evil, he desperate for attention he put up big sean numbers

  • Anonymous

    50cent aint doing it in rap right now but he had the game in a choke hold.. he was the shit so you can even hate on the nigga...

  • Nico 3

    Both Game and 50 need a therapist.

  • Anonymous

    50 cent is a fucking joke in the rap game

    • silentbob86

      game would have eventually made it coz he had dre behind, they just used 50 buzz at the moment to push him. if you listen to games mixtapes before he became famous they were great quality

  • Biọlá Giwa

    The Game is still a better rapper if you ignore his immature attitude. 50 cent's next album will be for the 'young ladies' going his words . So if u buy this overrated weak rhymer's next album, you are young lady.

  • Anonymous

    I still find it ironic that game made fun of BISD's 60K first week sales, when it took game himself a month to get 168K sales 50 has the last laugh again

  • HooniganMunky

    all i got to say is "STOP SNITCHIN', STOP LYIN'" i dont see 50 tryin to prove that wrong and i havent seen a revealer DVD on GAME. since then, where has 50 been except cryin under Dre's desk, threatening to leak his DETOX music and sayin he aint releasing his album? its cause he aint got no hip-hop album to release. his latest songs ive heard, even mixtapes, sound like theyre gonna be on billboard jockeying for first place against britney spears and the jonas brothers! lol bubble gum rap son! lol

    • HooniganMunky

      yeah i dont see that happening. even tho hes doing bubble gum rap, all those fans are still gonna choose selina gomez and justin bieber.... maybe if he does some colabos with them??? thats a good idea for 50 to get his sales up!

    • Anonymous

      he still gonna sell more copies than red album

  • Anonymous

    new interview with ray j's brother who clowns on his own brother and says he believe fab



  • yeah...

    he's right, Game is desperate mode right now, the fool is talking all kinds of shit about so called "in the closet" rappers, trying to get his name in GLAAD, he wanted GLAAD to get pissed about those comments so he could get in the news and get more publicity for the album, but that didn't work and he's been appearing on TMZ like twice a week over stupid shit ever since the whole sheriff station phone number incident, like he does something dumb on purpose then has TMZ on speed dial.

  • dockevoc

    He's right...what song off the P.I.N.K. album is hot?

  • chunker

    game aint get shot you clowns, thats was just for a record. game a bitch ass nigga and any real rap fan knows that!!


    To the comments below, when did getting shot become cool?Getting shot and going to jail is nothing to brag or be proud of:Take it from someone who actually hustled on the mean streets of Brooklyn:When n*ggas got shot, we laughed at them:We didn't praise them and when n*ggas went to jail, we laughed at them for getting caught:Dumb behinds hustled with no brains and got caught:That's nothing to be proud of:You kids need to smarten up and realize getting beat up or getting shot doesn't make you tough: -Jay-Z "I'm afraid for the future, y'all respect the one who got shot .... I RESPECT THE SHOOTER" Plus it's 2011. Black people have evolved:Selling drugs and dunking a basketball isn't our only hustle anymore:There are more black entrepreneurs and business owners than there has ever been in the past:Walk up and realize that the street life is dying:We've found other ways to survive:Education being the #1 goal: Now please, make like Spike and .... DO THE RIGHT THING:

  • JG

    lool wow these niggas are still beefing?

  • Marcus Dislikesmartdumbpeople Eason

    Ray J is such a Herb.

  • Alex

    I'm really starting to think Game is bipolar.

    • Sensaye252

      Or maybe he's just a corny ass dude, and the more people see of him, the more they realize it. Game has always been an attention whore, even before rap. Who would ever go on "Change of Heart" unless they were desperate for attention? Not to mention he was a stripper. Just sounds like a kid with low self esteem to me.

  • Anonymous

    ill belive a guy with bullet wounds than one that puts a butterfly on his face any day of the week

  • ggffg

    so Ray-j was telling the truth he just exaggerated a lil

    • Anonymous

      ray j is the loser of this situation because of that phone call in to the radio, dude was so pissed off, first he got 7 rolls royces outside, then theres 5 rolls outside, then 6 outside, 'i got an indoor and outdoor pool at my crib' 'i got indoor and outdoor basketball courts at my crib'

    • Anonymous

      if you look on mediatakeout they show a pic of fab's eye swollen...i don't think fif would have thrown fab under the bus by saying ray-j landed a punch....Ray-j had a problem ith Fab and he address the problem for that Ray-j won Fab lost

    • Anonymous

      Truth? He said if you had Fab's number that you should aks for a picture of his face, because it was all fucked up. Now how you fuck up a niggas face when the punch did not connect?

    • Anonymous

      what truth? the nigga said he socked fab in the face when he didnt land a punch where is the truth in that? he said fab was gonna call in and apologize and then he apologized after fab clowned on him again

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