Rick Ross Talks Upbringing, Leaked Celebrity Photos

Rick Ross talks about what it was like growing up, and his take on the multiple celebrities with leaked photos.

During an in-depth interview with GQ, Rick Ross covered a gamut of issues. But, as always, the Miami rapper found himself discussing the always-controversial topic of his authenticity.

"Of course. Of course! That was the mosh pit I was raised in, and when you listen to my music, you hear me boasting of the most lavish shit," he explained, before delving into his background. "But I saw the underworld of Miami Vice. A dude we grew up with was on America's Most Wanted. An $80 million drug ring came from my neighborhood. The reason street motherfuckers cool with me is if you don't come from that life, you can't get away with portraying that life. That's the story I tell. That's the story I saw. You saw a plaque at the house for a good friend of mine who was murdered in front of his wife and three kids. A good friend. P-Nut. Rest in peace."

But it wasn't all tough talk for the Bawse. The subject of former congressman Anthony Weiner, of whom an explicit photo was famously leaked, came up.

"How the fuck that shit get out?" asked Ross. "Chicks send me pictures. And I appreciate it! I love all of them. But I don't do that shit. I'm the Boss."

"Real niggas don't send dick flicks."

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  • jamesmcodnald 50 cent

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  • jamesmcodnald 50 cent

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  • tupac

    hen just pictuer just becuse we louad on turfe i hope black sembalck light young back seaions rick ross dont give about us

  • Fado

    don't use my name to leave comments.

  • Fado

    you can tell this nigga is fake, I sware you can if you just pay attention. Everyone who thinks rick is real needs to peep the game.

  • crozay

    nigga rick ross is a down ass real nigga comin from a nigga from carol city miami etc.he went to miami carol city high he hung and still hangs with real niggas killers dboys ent fool corse.etc.also rides thru the hood and chills in carolcity illustrated ink gino tattoos him.and countless others.he lied cuz it came from left field he was prolly worried how fools would run with it.i been to prison and c.o in dade county are hood as fuk bangin niggas up grilled up and look out.they aint out snitchin ,det,or narcs,easy money easy job.3months i think he worked there 50 is a buster i had reapect but fool just a hater and is livin off beef..real talk convertible vert boobie boys ,john doe u habe to be hood to know bout them folks.the south took over the game so erbody just mad nyc westsyde niggas clickin up with the south to make great music dawg can rhyme and is on evrything 5ocent lost .so u explain that.from a real miami street nigga names crome>>>>>MSGCARTEL.COM kreashawn u fugged up i liked wat u was doin i dunno bout dissin sumone u dont know then copin dueces then talkin again .wats real..coke roxy heron weed lean zannys thats wat is miami..crozay msg !!!!!blakah....

  • IBitMyAdlibFromFoxy

    so he basically admitted he's fuckin with fake ni99as lol

  • Marcus F Lauritsen

    "Real niggas don't send dick flicks." heahehahheahae, what about Kanye? :D

    • Qu@z0_D@-Don

      real niggas get money. the how dosent matter. So selling crack is alright but starting a clothing line for women aint? SHUT YOUR I GET MY IDEA OF WHAT A REAL NIGGA IS THROUGH THE MEDIA FACE ASS UP. Real niggas Do what they want and dont worry about what the fuck people think about them. I dont know if Kanye is a real nigga or not, I dont know him. But him having a fashion line for females doesn't make him a fake nigga stupid.

    • Anonymous

      are you trying to imply kanye is a real nigga? real niggas dont start fashion lines for women i could go on and on

  • Bart Masterson Jr #GoRedsox

    You're a bitch ass nigga if you're supporting or defending this lying piece of shit. Fuck out of here with this dude. This bitch is 5-0 fa sho and I can't wait for his new shitty album to flop. Please God let it be the biggest flop ever. 4 copies sold after 4 weeks.



    • Fado

      dude aint lying about what?, I beileve Ricky was a street nigga he was into illegal shit (too the extent he claims he was thats questionable) However that doesn't change the fact he was a C.O. that locked niggas up, and that is a legit reason for niggas not to like him PERIOD. Personally I still listen too some of his music cus I see it as entertainment, I cant relate to shit he raps about I just like his delivery and beats.

    • Screwed Up Click

      Dude aint lyin trust me if dude was lying and indeed live a fake life before he started rapping then how he start rappin fuckin idiots think about it or just be border line smart to realize that if he was fake before or after he started rappin he wouldnt be on top or the bottom of rap charts bottom line trust me BUN B AND PIMP C will study the fuck out of you and not just work with u cuz you a industry nigga they do there homework before and know how a nigga was living and how a nigga really living just by lookin at a mothafucka now argue with that PUSSYZ N HATAZ GET ON HERE N PROVE ME WRONG!!!

  • alex

    so what do these real street muthafuckers think about you former job as a corrections officer? just saying

  • COmnsenz

    ps. i am not defendin wack rappers, all im sayin is listen to what you want cuz music will not make you any dumber or smarter for listening to it

  • COmnsenz

    im sick n tired of hearing from these "real hip-hop" fans always coming on a succesful rappers headline just to say " aw that nigga aint real he sucks cuz he dont tell the truth" nigga we all livin the truth everyday do we really gotta have that in our entertainment or cant something just be fun for the sake of fun? i mean good damn who do yall think u are the black panthas? yall gonna liberate the mind of the black youth through hip hop like some edu-taional pbs series? i fuckin listen to who i like and i dont need someone to tell me its not real life, cuz i aint went to see avatar n 3d and say "oh yeah thats totally something thats happening that i can relate to". plus your cause is bullshit in the first place what u tryna convince a bunch of "mindless sheep" into listening to your ipod songs? or is it u really think your better than others because you listen to "underappriciated artists"? u wanna put people on to new shit thats coo but dont gas urself up like your the messiah leadin niggas to the promiseland thru the darkness of other niggas comment section

    • Fado

      damn why does this debate exist, the solution is simple. Listen too who you want. Just cus hip-hop was something doesn't mean its gonna or has remained that way (for "better" or "worse"). Its annoying when hiphop purist have an holy then thou attitude towards people who listen too mainstream. If you get something out of a song that you enjoy then shit enjoy it. There is this division between hiphop fans because hiphops existence encompasses so many things, its overall a culture but its also a business and its presented too most people through a business format.

    • COmnsenz

      you niggas are as dense as they come... maybe "fun" was too strong a word for you cuz u guys sure know how to take a word and run with it. so if this industry isnt about entertainment but "truth/political empowerment" then y do so many rappers who spit BULLSHIT sell millions of records, and nigga "political empowerment" really? did any of these niggas rappin now recieve a seat in congress? wyclef cant even be president of haiti and his music was hella political. I aint hear "everyday im hustlin'" when obama was inaugurated. maybe if you said self impowerment i wouldnt think your full of shit, rap 101, oh and im pretty sure i said i dont defend weak rappers, but im also not enough of a "sheep" to have to try to be hearded into listenin what other niggas fuck with. if i feel like listenin to waka flocka cuz i feel like listenin to some hype shit i aint tryna hear "o this nigga cant rap" I KNOW HE CANT FUKIN RAP JUST SHUT UP ND LET ME ENJOY MY SLAPPS IN PEACE. P.S. i aint said i support anyone solely based on the money they make, I also did not say that a song about "truth/ political empowerment" is or has to be wack. and dont give me known of that wanna be malcom x shit "wake up" nigga you wake up u put tooooooo much importance in hip hop, theres more to a man than the music he listens to mental midget

    • Rap 101

      Comnsenz.....your whole comment is full of shit and no sense. Nigga it ain't all about fun. Let that fat nigga do will smith numbers if you after some fun hip hop. There's nothin wrong with fun tracks in hip hop, but hip hop was built on truth/political enpowerment. It was always built on REAL music. So everything this fat nigga ross doin, is phony, it's fake, so how u gon support a fake azz mafarka just cuz he's making money. With your attitude, it seems like you'd accept a mixtape and rap album from britney spears. even if britney told you she was the rawest/hardest ghetto bitch ever. dickhead. stop dick riding the industry and wake up. Real recognize Real. Stop Wasting My Webspace.


      "cant something just be fun for the sake of fun?" Exactly why the music business is where it's at:SMH:Sad: WAKE UP:


    "The reason street motherfuckers cool with me is if you don't come from that life, you can't get away with portraying that life." This police officer is the biggest liar and fraud this HipHop industry has EVER seen:This man has not one drop of "street" in him:Everything he says is a lie:100% of it:If i did a interview with him, he'd get up and walk away because i'd ask him about being a C.O. 30+ times:Of course he wouldn't do sh*t because he's a fake boss: Fake rhymes Fake chains Fake cars Fake image This n*gga even went out and got a fake name: Can't believe he's accepted in the HipHop community:WoW:


      @Gregor Scott WRONG:He didn't address it:He denied it and then pictures came out to confirm it and his ex wife also confirmed it now he doesn't speak on it and threatens any radio station or media outlet that questions him about it that he'll never talk to them or give them exclusives if they bring it up during interviews with him: WAKE UP and realize that he's a cop and no, not every rapper uses their real name but not many of them steal their name to profit from it: WAKE UP:

    • Gregor Scott

      Fake name? Cos everyone else in hip hop uses their real names... No wait! Also, police officers and correctional officers are quite different. Don't confuse the two. I'm pretty sure he addressed the CO thing already anyway.

  • Anonymous

    *rick ross. not the rock. lol

  • Anonymous

    why does the rock mention this dude he grew up with who was on america's most wanted every time someone asks him about his past? like everytime.

    • Anonymous

      he thinks it gives him street cred just cause you grew up with someone dont mean you were a part of what they were doing 20 years later

  • JG

    his new shit is gonna murk 50s

  • don

    this how it works you get in the game sounding one way then the record company creates a image for you like game and ross and the sheep run with it.......REAL TALK, YOU CAN TELL FROM THE STUFF HE DOES AND THE PEOPLE HIS WITH HE AINT NO GANGSTA HE JUST WANTS THE KIDS TO THINK THAT.

  • Anonymous

    fact this fat fuck aint no gangsta he wouldnt last in a shoot out to big of a target and he cant fight he throw to punches and he tired

  • Anonymous

    this how it works you get in the game sounding one way then the record company creates a image for you like game and ross and the sheep run with it

  • Officerfisher

    I knew he was snitchin lol a real nigga bro dat miami coke got yo brain fryd u anit Rick Ross wateva da fuck yo real name is.

  • Ikenna Berkley Jones


  • Ricky Rozay

    So what if he worked as a CO. Lots of these niggas on here hatin cuz Rozay had a real job. Nigga speak the truth, no real dude be sendin dick pics. Ross one of the realest niggas in the game right now. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr Flamboyant

    "Real niggas don't send d*** flicks" This made me laugh. Yet the most truthful thing he's probably ever said. I'm with ItsTheTruth. Be a free thinker and understand this is all entertainment. Take it for what it's worth. If he makes good music, cool. If not, boo him. Miami, from what I understand, is a very over the top and opulent city with a very high populus in poor and disenfranchised people. I understand it's very grimey. The city was built on cocaine so that's to be expected. As long as he feeds his family and all and helps who he can with a genuine heart, I care less what he says.

  • ItsTheTruth

    Yo shout out to my maker. You've given me a path that shaped me in a way that allowed me to distinguish myself from all the other sad people who buy into all this industry bullshit. I just wanna say, whatever you've done for me, thanks for not creating me in a way that would make me listen to frauds like rick ross and believe rappers like wayne and game are real bloods. I will pray for all the brainwashed ones tonight that are missing out on real hip hop, the ones that are basic products of the machine. The radio/tv/media. Also, shout out to all the free thinkers out there, yall know wassup

  • Anonymous

    Video: The Book of Rozay = video clip from the article, google dat

  • Anonymous

    its a good read though... he's a cool dude and likes to share the wealth...etc good stuff

  • Anonymous

    real talk if u wanna laugh n shit... READ THE FULL GQ ARTICLE THEY DID on living with ross.... that shit cray

  • HAA

    He worked at a bank before he became a correctional officer. Get the fuck outta here officer ricky

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