Lupe Fiasco Marches In Wall Street Protest, States View On New World Order

The unabashed Chicagoan appeals for truth and says the New World Order is not as "nefarious" as we make them out to be.

This past weekend, several thousand American demonstrators gathered around New York City's Financial District to protest what they feel is Wall Street's stronghold on U.S. government and society. Although the protest, called "Occupy Wall Street," has overtly demanded higher taxes for corporations and criticizes Capitalism, there is also an underlying sentiment of a call for truth.

Lupe Fiasco attended the wide scale protest demanding the truth, specifically behind the events of 9/11 and subsequent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Millions of people have died behind that," Lupe told media outlet We Are Change. "For the sake of what? For the price of what? What really happened to cause millions and millions of people to die? If it was just a terrorist attack, then so be it. Let that be known. Let that be out and vetted so the public can see it. And I think [the U.S.] would get more support. I think you would get more support from Muslim countries if it was just a more open and honest kind of thing instead of this kind of cloudy, mysterious, behind-the-scenes kind of operation."

He added that those who question too much, including Occupy Wall Street's demonstrators, are perceived as "crazy" by the rest of society. But he asserted that they were normal "firefighters, demolition experts, engineers," who question the existence and power of influential groups, including the New World Order.

"I think the New World Order is something that is deliberate and it's in the public. I do think that there are some parts of it that are done in secret simply because it is a private kind of situation with private individuals who hold private stake in certain parts of the world…you don't invite everybody to dinner at your house. I don't think that they're as nefarious as people make them out to be. I think it's the stuff that we silently allow [them to do]. I think that we're complicit."

Lupe explained that although America is a society dependent on consumption, sometimes that consumption cannot be averted. "We're a society based on consumerism…We blur our own lines between what we need and what we want. There could be somebody who lives in Harlem who works [on Wall Street] and you could [tell him], 'Hey, just take a bike.' And [he would say], 'Yo my man, I can't take a bike every day. I need a car.' But when you get in that car, you have to put fuel in that car, so you're financing Exxon Mobile, you're financing Ford or whatever car company it is. You're paying the city because you have to pay for registration, you have to pay taxes [on that car]. So you're financing the system just so you can say, 'Hey, I don't want to bike to work every single day because I'm gonna be tired at the end of the day.'

"For me it's about critical thinking and being critical about everything that's going on around you."

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrators have completed four days of protests. As of today, five activists have been arrested by New York City police.


  • Roland

    His album is wack, first...... so this is why he feels the need to be out there at the request of Heatmeiser "White Dude with Afro" West, the one who over compensates his "blackness" with lots of WORDS. Secondly, African Americans are not even poor. Maybe some are stupid and don't realize they are the least poverty afflicted group in the the Nation. NWO is some corny sh*t that will happen. Lupe is against progress as are these other nuts. Go to work by filling out your resume and using the internet...... not by sitting outside victimizing yourselves as USUAL. The whole cast of characters involved here are the same losers who need someone and something to hate..... so they hate the President and anything he does, but don't understand a thing about government. Of course they will listen to little dick West. He's mad and is blind in one eye. In the land of the blind, the man with one eye is king." A job. Get one. Stop being lazy and using your mom or girl's wireless (and computer) to start problems you won't be able to solve. None of these people here, rappers included, ever did anything in the past except complain, and maybe visit a foreign country for 2 seconds just to get some clout among other haters. It's all stupid. A pointless attack on harmony.

  • CharliedotRose

    Have respect for his views, but I would much prefer Lupe being in the studio making up for that lackluster attempt at an album called Lasers

  • New World Order

    Millions and Millions? I feel for everybody that has die serving the country or at hand of terrorist but someone like this Fiasco is not the right person to talk about this, because the dud clearly dont know nothing about anything but has clearly watched way to many youtube videos. Go do what u do best dude, go sing. Yesterday no one knew who he was now he goes around acting like freaking Einstein. What is wrong with these ppl? Know yourself act yourself...MOVE

    • Roland

      Farrakhan and West are the terrorists, but ok. Stupid are you who has been invited to these cumbuns supper. I guess when you grow it (if you choose to), you will get it.

  • 80's/90's Hip Hop Head

    I can't believe till this day People just can't leave a comment without coming off and sounding some damn ignorant. Some of y'all can't even use the words you're, your, their, they're etc properly in your sentences wow!!!! All I'm gonna say is on the radio today I hear a lot of wack Hip Hop but if I had to pick I'll listen to Lupe Fiasco, Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, KRS-1, Immortal Technique, Andre 3000, Dead Prez, The Roots, Jean Grae, Q-Tip, Nas, Guru (RIP), Pharoahe Monch, Jay Electronica over 90% of these corny ass Rappers today. From what I've seen on the News, found in Books, read in Papers, looked up on the internet etc I do believe 9/11 was planned and there's gonna be more shady things to come in the future sad but true. I do believe believe 9/11, illuminati, Free Masons, New World Order etc are things that have been planned from day one. Instead of wasting your time dissing and telling off the next Cat look into what's goin on in the Music Industry and around the World and WAKE UP. Y'all frontin all tough now but I can guarantee if the New World Order or Armageddon happend right this minute y'all would be helping out each other and you would do whatever you had to do to protect your Families. Grow up for real and pay attention to what's going on. And to those saying Lupe Fiasco has never dropped any dope albums y'all are idiots. "Food and Liquor" - Classic "The Cool" - Classic "Lasers" - Good but not Classic

    • GJ

      No, it's that you are smoking shitty herb and listening to Alex Jones cause you are too stupid to work and get off your mom's computer or go out and live on your own.

    • Kevin

      Yes, 9/11 was planned, just not by the US government. A little proper research from peer reviewed studies (which are by the way the main way to judge a researchers accuracy) will show you that, easily. The fact than no single credible peer reviewed scientific argument has been raised FOR the "combined demolition" and other 9/11 conspiracy theories is telling. Im not saying dismiss all conspiracies, just use proper research sources that don't leave out facts or are made by people without the proper knowledge to make proper calls. That said, after you realize what the free masons actually are you'd be hard pressed to make a convincing case that they're as scheming as portrayed. Lastly, if you're going to lambaste people about spelling and grammar, make sure your grammar is actually good and not riddled with errors otherwise you come off looking even more ignorant

  • fredericks

    there's so much hate on this site. why is everyone so angry at each other? quick to call someone a faggot or a dumb ass. That's the ignorance Lupe demotes on a smaller scale, why cant you all understand that everyone has different opinions and that with all those varying mindsets and opinions its nearly impossible to find one unifying "truth" whatever the issue may be. I applaud Lupe for his incredible music and philanthropy he's only trying to be the best person he can be and thats what we should all be doin.

  • Akim

    this nigga is so inform and educated it makes me proud to be part of hip hop .

  • Nobody

    He barely spent any time at Occupy Wall Street. It is now in its fourth day. He spent less than half a day there.

    • Yawn

      Malcolm changed at the end and Farrakhan had him killed. Glad I am not African American, you guys have a lot of dodos in your group.

    • Pls

      Because it is a publicity stunt, much like showing your dick online when a song is about to come out. None of these guys are unemployed and Cornel makes a huuuuuge salary and won't speak at HBCU's. You follow him because you are too dumb to think for yourself. You will more than likely be in jail for some crazy stunt. Always happens.

    • MalcolmLittle

      He was THERE though, that's what counts ya feel me? The simple fact he showed up shows he still holds the principles this Hip-Hop shit was built on, which is upliftin the people. Notice he's the only one in Hip-Hop that even gave enough of a damn to show up, to our knowledge anyway...cuz I'm quite sure Kris was in the mix SOMEWHERE. LOL

  • omar

    I'm down for the protest, it's our right so we should use it. Lupe is a good dude, he's doin right. Everybody bloggin should protest, it's good feelin to fight for somethin. I've done it, it's not corny, it's important.

  • LC808

    There is nothing wrong with being successful and making money. It is morally wrong to take advantage of and defraud people. It is not wrong to be fed up with greed, corruption and abuse of power no matter how un-patriotic they try to paint it. Are these people really anti-coporatists & socialists or just people fed up with abuse of the financial system by companies like Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and others who perpetrated the toxic investments that took down the economy? Another problem is that recently the Supreme Court has ruled that corporations can make unlimited campaign contributions. This gives them a distinct advantage over the average American when trying to get someone elected and/or influence an candidate's opinion of what should be law.

    • =D

      He is. Smart enough to show up long enough for you to think he is "down", giving him some clout with your gullible black ass on his next project. Smart indeed. You are not though.

  • illness

    man if this dumb ass little nigga spent half the time in the studio as he did protesting like a faggot he might actually drop something hotter than that dookie that was lasers...

    • Anonymous

      Fucktard. Hip Hop never was about ''having a message''. GET THIS MADE UP SHIT OUTTA HERE!!! Hip Hop is and always will be about bragging.

    • Anonymous

      Malcolm would have slapped your "nigra" azz like he did Elijah Muhammad, Shit be unto him.

    • MalcolmLittle

      ^^^ LOL Spoken like a true Sambo ass nigga with no clue about Hip-Hop history and what it USED to stand for...g'on somewhere lil nigga...

    • Anonymous

      Who gives a fuck about eye-openers unless it's hot bars when it comes to rappers? GTFOH with that faggotry like anyone gives a fuck about extracurriculars.

    • MalcolmLittle

      So now it's a faggot move to be aware of what's goin on in the world and actually gettin INVOLVED? He's a faggot for wantin to be part of the SOLUTION instead of the PROBLEM? What's your fav rapper doin to open people's eyes to anything? Didn't think so...

  • realBOSTON

    Pac would have fucked with Lupe heavy.. not with a lot of the "gangsta" rappers 2day



  • da1

    The more I hear this guy speak the more I believe for him to be a pseudo-intellectual instead of a real one. There have been many articles, dramitizations, and animations explaining how building 7 and the towers went down and collapsed on itself. Also no one even died when building 7 came down. Everyone was evacuated from that site way before then. And this is coming from a fan, I really truly hope he isn't yet another conspiracy thinking truther. Those people are just like creationist jumping to conclusions without really looking at the whole picture.

    • locke

      as long as people died why would you have to care more? And as long as its a direct terrorist attack originating from another country you think that the evacuation of a a building is more important than a through explanation of the disaster? I don't agree with him on this one entirely(I'm definitely a fan). I know america ,no, the world is a fucked up place where as he says elitists totally control and exploit the people, but I'm not as brave to say it's an inside job. I don't see the evidence.

    • da1

      Yes you would care more if lives were lost in that collapse. But since there were no casualties then it was just an unfortunated result of the other two attacks. YES YOU WOULD CARE MORE!!! psst.

    • Anonymous

      who cares if anyone died? it's how it went down that doesn't make sense, genius. so if people had died in building 7 then we would care more?

  • B. Mason

    This is the same guy that brags about how many ferraris he owns and expends who knows how much fossil fuel flying around the world. For what? To generate money to buy ore ferraris? Lupe, Save the wails.

  • Anonymous

    Clown,he wants people to believe he is this fucking brainiac thats cares about the struggle...bullshit. He does these stunts to keep his name in the public, he wants the fame money and power like all these other niggas, he just wants to cover it up. Dude makes pop records,wack pop records. He went on bill oreilly and got ripped. He is no common, or nas, he is just an average rap nigga, who cant make a good album to save his life. If you so into the struggle and uplifting people then let your music reflect it,not just the underground album cuts but the singles to.

    • Blah

      Lupe ripped O'reilly... I dont even like his music, but speaking the truth is not a pussy move, its an act of bravery. Ignoring the real issues is a pussy move, and those that do deserve the slavery they get.

    • justb84

      to say lupe has never made a good album...YOU ARE A RETARD...end of story

  • Martin James

    man all of you fools who think this dude isn't speaking the truth is brainwashed.. if your not open to conspiracies and the possibilities of what is going on in this world your bound 2 get burned.

  • Douche

    He just became the biggest fucking tool in hip-hop. Thanks for spitting "knowledge" while making yourself look like a douchebag Lupe. Also LOL @ still believing 9/11 was an inside job ten years later. What a douche.

  • dhd

    Bunch of hippies protesting "the system" Lupe may be smart but he sounds retarded when he talks. His points are childish.

    • Anonymous

      He's brainless. I am sure this is why he's doing this cause won't no real business heads fuck with him. Everyone else prosp[ers but he listens to Cornel WHO PROSPERS and says NOTHING about. Righhhht.

    • vsop

      only an idiot would say someone that smart made childish points. if anything he just dropped hella knowledge

  • Anonymous

    luke we are change. Everyone needs to check his videos out

    • Anonymous

      u talkin to me? i think u meant to post ur comment above me cos everything u said I know and agree with

    • t-man. bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      open ur eyes u american pieces of shit.u and dem eauropean niggaz have been stealing diamons an gold since the begining of slavery.the wars in afghan and iraq have simply been about securing middleastern oil field.why do you think they both took so long....damnn u retards open ur eyes 911 was used as a tool to go into this wars

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