Kool G. Rap Speaks On "The Godfathers" Project With Necro

The Juice Crew alum explains that he's "impressed" by what they've recorded so far.

Kool G. Rap and Necro are currently working on a full-length album titled The Godfathers, which came about after the latter got in touch with the veteran MC to record what began as an EP. Speaking with Platform8470.com, the Juice Crew alum spoke on how the project is shaping up.

A lot of people can only imagine. But since both of us are like similar in what we do, we’re both like raw, underground spitters, they will have an idea already,” he said. “We’re both rappers with a sophisticated flow, multisyllabic. It’s that hardcore rugged attack, that griminess. For instance, if I was to name some records that you can compare this project to, you can expect to hear a Necro - G, Rap ‘Men At Work’ or ‘Wanted: Dead Or Alive,’ or ‘Poison’. This project is right along the lines of that, but very much 2011-ish.”

Reflecting on the tracks they’ve cut so far, Kool stated that he’s “impressed” by what they’ve cooked up.

“I’m amped up and charged. I know the people that are waiting and anticipating the project are gonna be completely satisifed. This is gonna be that raw, lyrical, spitting, hardcore, street. I mean all these different things wrapped up into one,” he continued. “The fans out there that are familiar with Necro’s work and my own work, I know their imagination can just put it together on what us two, Necro and G Rap, are gonna do. What we could possible be capable of doing on our own, what we could be doing together, they can only imagine, but they will have some kind of idea.”

Read the full interview at Platform8470.com.

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  • choc

    i think g rap is one of the greatest musicians of all time. not just one of the greatest rappers. this man has painted pictures with amazing details for what? 3 decades? one of my favorite writers, and a huge inspiration. creative intelligence. i'm really looking forward to this album with necro. necro is polarizing. you either love him or hate him. i think everyone loves his beats. he's got talent and guts. he's not scared of rapping toe to toe with g rap. he's going to deliver. this is necro's dream project. kool g rap isn't afraid to try new things, and take chances. projects like this, rooted in respect, and love of music, gets me excited about the music.

  • Anonymous

    oooh, "the godfathers"-- Nathaniel is MAFIOSO! And Necro is the Meyer Lanksky of Canarsie?! Fuck outta here with these two wack assholes.

  • junMaf*ckn

    This album gon be a classic. Necro been a beast on them boards and Kool Genius of Rap is like Hemmingway with that Pen...

  • Anonymous

    G Rap is GOAT, nuff said. How long this motherfucker been rapping and still been sick? Can't wait for this to drop.

    • nathaniel's mother

      you mean halal goat? son hasn't made a decent record since 1992 and turned his back on everything that made him impressive to begin with. nathaniel wasn't even goat on "Live And Let Die" though if he had kept growing as an MC he would have had a claim. as for Necro, guy is a good producer with an absurdly stunted microphone concept. but maybe Nathaniel is going for the black Juggalo sound now?

  • shady83

    diddy jst talks in the background soulja boi 1 hit wonder wacka flocka lyrical idiot gucci mane just hasa random buzz bizzare lyrical hacksaw crazy;-) gudda gudda irellavant fat joe top 20 nice birdman just aw-ite

  • Ali Lafayette Rhea

    No question the kid is nice and no doubt he gets busy- I'm not talking about him but Ali Lafayette Rhea. One Love

  • nignog

    man you post the same shit in different articles, fail troll is fail

  • Hip Hop Expert

    I'ma let you ignorant people know who really belongs to the top 10 best rappers dead or alive (no order): Soulja Boy (whenever he rhymes, he goes superman, YOOOU) Birdman (hunin' million dollars, nuff said) Lil' B (let's face it, the only reason why Lil' B isn't top 10 in every list, it's because he's gay, but he is one of the legends) OJ Da Juiceman (he is a lyrical monster, OKAY?) Wacka Flocka Flame (the way he nods his head? Damn he a beast) Gucci Mane (will be forever known as the rapper with the best wordplay, BURR) Gudda Gudda (everyone knows that weezy ain't shit if he don't write his lyrics, "Gudda Gudda, I put her under") Fat Joe (unforgettable words, CAUCA, CRACK, he isn't fat, he's just full of talent) Bizzare (just like Gudda Gudda, he ghostwrites for Eminem, and he also is full of greatness) Diddy (name one rapper who can dance like Diddy, you just can't) Now, each of you understand why me, Hip Hop Expert, tells you that this rappers should be in the top 10 best rappers of all time, cause I'm the expert, not you.

    • Anonymous

      fat joe aint that bad for real

    • dylz one

      ^did a 2 year old jump on hiphop dx bahahaha!! Now, each of you understand why me, Hip Hop Expert, tells you that this rappers should be in the top 10 best rappers of all time, cause I'm the expert, not you. CLOWN.

  • The B

    Kool G. Rap been the best, can't say enough about how nice he is. He should throw Raekwon on a couple joints.

  • bless 1

    I can only imagine G rap murdering this guys beats, once you combine the two the potential is limtless. As for Necro on holding a mic next to G Rap for a whole album, we can hope that god helps the kid out!

    • Anonymous

      did you LISTEN to Nathaniel's last four or five piece of shit albums and eps? if anyone is 'helping' anyone out it's the fat jew.

  • Langston Who?

    For such a "lyrical" "monster"-- which he hasn't been since 199-Fucking-2-- why is Nathaniel so poorly spoken in interviews? Is he afraid to act like he reads books, or-- and this is more likely-- did he STOP reading books somewhere around 1992?

    • Sensaye252

      They're rappers you fuck heads...if you wanna listen to some scholars making music then go listen to some fuckin' classical music. Complaining that rappers aren't well-spoken enough is like going to a whorehouse and complaining that the women aren't dressed properly enough.

    • The B

      The best MCs don't have to talk ya head off in an interview, the music speaks for itself. In other words, just cop the shit and shut the fuck up.

    • J-Dog

      co-motherfucking-sign! I find Raekwon to be quite similar.

  • ShowTime NY

    Sounds Compeling.. I heard that name necro before. I almost bought his CD @ Virgins 4deuce. Matter fact that reminds to play G Rap's last ish! Necro got some beats. soundclick.com/showtimeny

  • Black Donnie Brasco

    I thought Nathaniel was in the mafia-- I thought Nathaniel killed twenty men just to watch 'em die-- I thought Nathaniel was "o.g."-- not OY GEVALT! Necro + Nathaniel is perfect, however, they can both swap verses fake "gangster" (Nathaniel) and fake Jewis "gore" (Necro), who in a different age would have been making bombs at Nordhausen, not bullshitting in Canarise. Go Nathaniel, Go!

    • Anonymous

      hates G rap because becuse he's gay

    • Sensaye252

      You're one of those Hip-Hop nerds that likes rap music but you're mad that rappers aren't squeaky clean like you. Self-righteous prick...like you've done anything musically or otherwise to have such a unreachable standard of excellence.

    • The B

      FUCK YOU!! I bet you got all the star wars dvds thinkin that shit is real...I kno I kno.

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