Mobb Deep Reveal Tracklist For "The Black Cocaine" EP, Features Nas

UPDATE #3: Havoc and Prodigy enlist Nas as the sole guest artist for their five-track EP.

Mobb Deep has announced an upcoming EP to be released on Black Friday (November 25th). Speaking with, Havoc and Prodigy revealed that the EP, which is already completed, will feature production from J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, The Alchemist and Young Free and consist of seven or eight songs.

"We have an EP coming on Black Friday,” said Havoc. “We didn’t come up with a title yet, but we’ll have a title that will mean something. It will be like seven or eight songs. I did like three. We have some produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Alchemist and this kid named Young Free.”

The duo recently announced a deal with Sony's RED to distribute projects released on their Infamous Records shingle. This marks the first time that Mobb Deep has released a new batch of tracks in five years.

[September 19]

UPDATE: The Alchemist has revealed the title for Mobb Deep's upcoming release, The Black Cocaine EP, due November 25th (via RR).

Mobb Deep : The Black Cocaine EP.
Sep 25 via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

[September 25]

UPDATE: Mobb Deep has revealed the cover art for their upcoming The Black Cocaine EP (via MTV's RapFix).


[September 28]

UPDATE: The tracklist has been revealed for Mobb Deep's The Black Cocaine EP, releasing November 21st (via HHNM).

1. Dead Man Shoes (Feat. Bounty Killer)
2. Black Cocaine
3. Conquer
4. Get It Forever (Feat. Nas)
5. Last Days

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  • bala

    you peps dont no s**t. what they mobb deep need to do is get alchemist and sidroams to produced the beats on this album and this album will be massive.

  • KingB

    You young cats obviously don't know shit about Prodigy. He has been one of the most consistent rappers in the past few years. He even bit his tounge and served jail time cause he wouldnt snitch! Most rappers want to be gangsta like Prodigy, but P go harder than everybody! Check that Product of the 80's and calm your young asses down! And then ask yourself, Am I Crazy


    I make beats using DUBTurbo. Tey have every sound, chord, key, drum pattern, pitch, tone you can think of..literally check it out here(copy & paste link)--->

  • Alexander Foes

    I'll listen to Mobb Deep anyday over Jay

  • Anonymous

    P raps like he has down snydrome.

    • The $ykotic Don McCaine

      Then link the Internets up with over a decade's worth of sure-fire hits from yourself and we will take your word...until from the sidelines

  • Anonymous

    Mobb Sleep is back to put niggaz to sleep. the 90's are over. Evolve or Dissolve.

  • Anonymous

    I really cant believe yall defending p. Def like no real 90s dudes on here..tried to call pac whack and shit along with soo many other rappers 10x skilled as him gets out of jail and says everyone out is hot lmfao riight. And that black coke looks like hartfords dust haha black bags how i miss u

    • The $ykotic Don McCaine

      Are you speaking about Prodigy? May I ask you to elaborate? BE CLEAR...most of us agree Jay made him double back...but regressed? Prove that

    • Anonymous

      From waaay back. I have not heard another rapper whose skills have so declined over the years.

    • Anonymous

      I don't know what you talking about, but all the Hip Hip 90's people I know respect Prodigy's pen game.

  • NY

    Really we need production by Havoc, he hasn't really done it in years but their best albums were mostly produced by him so why mess up the formula for a great album.

  • eRaqHardBodyMore

    F*ck that's Queens reppin hard right there! That's my ppl all day! Jamaica to Hollis to QB! Bring NY back!

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Mogul The Em/Royce EP had 9 songs (Deluxe 11). That was a little more justifiable, but five? lol Better to keep hitting the studio and grind out a full length effort. That would be an introductory to logic.

  • Sb

    Every Mobb Deep Release Requires At Least One Big Noyd Guest Appearance...

  • triPAUD

    Real talk, its good to hear the fam is back together.

  • Mr Mogul

    For everyone complaining about "5 songs".. It's an EP.. Take an introductory course on music please. .

  • Anonymous

    They need to step it up again, tired of Nas rapping circles around them with ease.

  • big boy smith

    yo, fuck these tight pant wearing faggo muscle shirt wearing color dying fags...time to bring back that raw style with timb boots and baggy jeans to let my nuts hang freely and oversize shirts that will make ur mommas nipples hard cus she like a real nigga...

  • SutterKane

    LOL @ only 5 songs tho, but whatever, P been gettin it in since he came home, I'ma check for it

  • Anonymous

    Back to the essence!!!

  • Nico 3

    5 fucking songs? These dudes must be mad broke.

  • PJ

    return of the mac hnic 2 product of the 80's killing guest spots everywhere. mobb is back doing what they do. if youre salty about it youre not a mobb fan. shut the fuck up, find something else to ride with. too many lames putting time into writing about things they don't care about. when you say you dont care, and take time to tell us, you care. clowns.

  • Anonymous

    Was prodigy that rapper who was beaten up: keith murray, 2pac, tru life saigon etc... So you are really so tough Prodigy? Even in the subburbs they will beat you ass. Nothing more childish then rappers which are 42 years old that are claiming that they are killers, hustlers, players etc.

    • DeezNutz

      WTF you talkin bout, Saigon sucker punched P on stage, that was some bitcha$s move. P ain't never backed down from nobody. You sound like some bitch with their tail tucked between his legs anyway so i won't even stress.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck that who cares if he got his ass whipped by them dude tried to beef with all of them and if u think hes better then pac, keith murray, or saigon u nuts. Talks shit about legends in the 90s gets out broke as fuck and dick rides the industry calls all of them hot..the fucks real about that? And shit nas? That dude needs every bit of hype he can get.

    • Anonymous

      fuck haters,mobb deep all day forever.must go hard bitches.noboby cant touch the mobb your list,capone,jayz etc

    • Anonymous

      who cares? hes dropped more classic music then everyone on the list. still going. maturity level of rap fans never ceases to amaze me. imagine fans of another genre shitting on an artist for their personal life. "oh him? the guy that got beat up". the only people that let that effect their opinion of the music aren't very smart. if it's not about the music, who gives a fuck, really? dumb people.

    • Up North

      Wow. This argument hasn't been heard before. It must hurt you pretty bad that this EP is gonna be fire.

  • Anonymous

    mobb deep is 45 years old or something and still talking about cocaine????? Grow the fuck up you fake ass clowns and fuck nas who used to call himself nas escobar. everybody is dissing ross but what about nas. the fake cocaine dealer from the 90's

    • dat_mayne

      nas has a song called Rise and Fall where he breaks down all of this.. funny how you all have ignorant perspectives and yet you all talk like you know exactly what was up.. Lessons from heaven/ Every night I slept with my weapon/ to guard my family for a minute I forgot my profession/ not from Columbia or Nicaragua/ Don't distribute coke from Antigua that shipped out to Panama/ Pablo Escobar's bloody reign came to an end/ Far from my life; a kid who made his fame from a pen/ Hit the studio and change the game again/ Wrote down all the pain within/ top of the charts..Triple platinum, got the fake love back/ money stacks/ more plaques...." even he claims that shit was far from his life as he only took that image at some point in his career..know what you are talking about before you pop off. by the way..IT'S ONLY ENTERTAINMENT. stop taking things way too serious

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Nas never lived that life, everyone who was in Queensbridge around that time confirmed it. Nothing wrong with that, but he shouldn't act like a don sometimes.

    • Pt

      So you're telling me you grew up in queensbridge housing and knew what was going on back in the days haha i see that mobb deep comment ain't no lie about that but Nas is a different story + you haven't heard the ep yet so let's rank the content of the songs after it drops

  • Djj Troublesome

    Get the fuck out haters Mobb Deep QB forever

  • nuc

    NO WACK FEATURES! this is a good looking Mobb project... I'll cop it , no question.


    after a bout 12 years in the game they start doing the cocaine gimmick ha ha ha

    • Anonymous

      Or they can do neither and be them fucking selves..u both should of been aborted.

    • Anonymous

      they should move with the times and start wearing jeggings like lil wayne. thatd be mature. STFU dx should look into banning retards from posting garbage

    • Crystal

      It's a lot better than wearing tight women jeans, and talking about big ass Ferrari's and how much your dick get sucked.

  • Will C

    WOW. HNIC, Return of the Mac, HNIC 2 and Product of the 80s were quality albums.

  • Fag Got

    Wow at some of the comments here. Let's be real about this: - Mobb Deep haven't released a good group album since Murda Muzik. - Jay has been coasting on average lyrics and production with the exception of American Gangster for a while now. - Prodigy at his best (Infamous/Hell on Earth era) was around as good as Jay in a different way. - That beef has been done for a while now and nobody cares. In closing, I'm still checking for both artists even though both are lyrically and beat selection-wise well past their prime. If this album is 7/10 or above it will be better than BP3 and Kingdom Come and around as good as Watch the Throne.

    • Anonymous

      Funny thing is, Takeover destroyed Mobb's career, but saved Nas'.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry yall on crack..wtt over kingdom come? Shit maybe listen to albums before postin shit wtt has like 3 songs where they rap past that r+b shit kingdom comes got like 8 very good jay songs. Prodigy sucks hes a faggot who tried to beef with pac and the beef with j aint relevant to u....cus ur ass didnt kno who jay or p was when jay did that summerjam shit sorry that was career murder. That and the takeover? And jay aint even on my top5.

    • Anonymous

      Even Jay said that Prodigy was the best rapper on the planet in his prime.

    • datdudefromnyc

      "- Prodigy at his best (Infamous/Hell on Earth era) was around as good as Jay in a different way." in that era, that version of P would have bodied ANYBODY. (name your fav rapper) i bump Infamous/Hell on Earth back to back i consider them the best of their catalog.

    • dockevoc

      well said. however, Infamy was pretty decent and American Gangster was horrid. Keep up the intelligent comments though, i thought no one on here had a clue haha.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, someone with common sense on this site. I have to agree with this whole statement. I don't understand all this. Why do you have to like one of them? Isn't it possible to like Mobb Deep and Jay? Both deliver great music (or have so in the past) in their own way. Be glad that Hip Hop has so many styles.

  • standby

    What happened to their music?

  • Anonymous

    kind of shoddy work but I like the concept none the less, 3 stars

  • Anonymous

    Was prodigy that rapper who was beaten up: keith murray, 2pac, tru life saigon etc... So you are really so tough Prodigy? Even in the subburbs they will beat you ass. Nothing more childish then rappers which are 42 years old that are claiming that they are killers, hustlers, players etc.

    • Anonymous

      Theres a preeety big difference between gettin ur ass beat and gettin jumped and gettin shots a little different then u chillin in a car and ur window gets shot the fuck up. And i never once heard some shit bout saigon running from p..quite the opposite check ur history.

    • jj

      didnt saigon get chased out of the club while prodigy stood on the stage and i believe 2pac got his ass beat, shot and robbed in ny and was later killed in las vegas

  • Anonymous

    Most overrated group ever. They were rip offs back then an they're untalented as fuck. Nobody wants to hear those fags rapping about a lifestyle they never lived in 2011. There are rappers out there who rap 100 times better, moved on and are still able to talk about themes like this without being complete clowns. P's last EP was horrible, the rhyming was elemntary and immature as fuck.

  • P

    Haven't heard the ep yet so i don't think it's right to judge from the title. + i think it's funny how people always whine about how they're not like the old MOBB anymore but as soon as rappers come up with some new shit they get pissed on.. Make up your mind!

  • ???

    2Pac this, 2Pac that....... 2Pac is fucking dead. Murked. Get off his dick. Please.

    • Anonymous

      I sense a lil envy. Aint dickriding just stating the obvious....Mobb Sleep will always be look at as lower level MC's. They never change at all. Not their sound or production. Just face it nigga, They played out in the 90's. And nigga, you need to stop hating on Pac. He will always still be consider one of the GOAT along with Biggie. So you need to shut your bitch ass up if you don't know what you're talking bout. You were probably born in the 90's weren't you.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck these wack ass niggas...they were wack when they first dropped, and they still ain't poppin'. Oh, by the way, Havok is a homo and P is covering for him. Look at any Mobb Deep interview and you'll see that gay nigga trying to act like he ain't flamboyant. SMH, Jay killed your career, then took a shit on the grave they dug fucking with Pac...fake ass gangstas.

  • Anonymous

    fuck these gangsta wannabes. nobody is checking them in 2011. retire its not 1995 anymore. leave the mic alone.

  • Watching The Throne

    Jay-Z killed them in Takeover. "I don't care if you Mobb Deep, I hold triggers to crews You little FUCK, I've got money stacks bigger than you When I was pushin weight, back in eighty-eight you was a ballerina I got your pictures I seen ya Then you dropped "Shook Ones," switch your demeanor Well - we don't believe you, you need more people Roc-A-Fella, students of the game, we passed the classes Nobody could read you dudes like we do Don't let 'em gas you like Jigga is ass and won't clap you Trust me on this one - I'll detach you Mind from spirit, body from soul They'll have to hold a mass, put your body in a hole No, you're not on my level get your brakes tweaked I sold what ya whole album sold in my first week"

    • Echo

      It has allot to do with Jay-Z still cause Prodigy's dumb as is still trying to go at Jigga, He's a glutton for punishment. He doesnt learn at all. Theses nigga are so boring that they could put could use their music in nurseries to put babies to sleep.They Infamously suck dick...I cant stand that nigga are still dickriding theses clowns.Im not a big Jay-Z fan but lyrically he killed them and then moved on. P is still living in the past.

    • Tell'em

      This article has nothing to do with Jay and stop acting like Jay is flawless. Jay-Z's "The Blueprint 2:The Gift and The Curse" and "Kingdom Come" both garbage albums read it and weep. And the saddest part about it is the fact that the critics are too damn scared to tell you so but it's the truth. I'm tired of critics trying to cover up some of Jay-Z's garbage albums because he does have a few garbage albums but the media treats him like he doesn't probably because he pays them to.

    • Anonymous

      Jay killed them with ease.

    • Anonymous

      That was the cutest verse ever, along with the picture!

  • Anonymous

    The Infamousd Forlife!

  • joshbech

    and to all u ppl sayin jay killed mobb....the infamous>resonable doubt haha face it shook ones part 2 is jayz favorite song...cant deny classics shit that whole album over the entire rocafella catalog

    • Anonymous

      Hahahahahahahhahaha. Jay is so much more talented than Prodigy in his prime ever was. One clever Jay line > P's discography.

    • Anonymous

      Prodigy is as weak as the "new and improved" must be 50Tyson.

    • Anonymous

      return of the mac >>> any jay-z album after the black album hnic 2 >>> any jay-z album after american gangster 2011 prodigy >>> 2011 jay z fuck the bullshit. prodigy got more classic verses and gets better beats in 2011. jigga is struggling to flow on electric kangay beats while p bodies sid roams and alc bangers. jigga stans.

  • joshbech

    gettin it ! support the mobb

  • Money Over Bitches

    2pac said it best in When We Ride On Our Enemies. "Here's a word to those that robbed me I murder you then I, run a train on Mobb Deep! Don't fuck with me Nigga you're barely livin, don't you got sickle cell? See me have a seizure on stage, you ain't feelin well, hell"

  • Marc

  • Sean Conway Mullins

    Gotta feelin this will be pretty good. Ain't gonna be there old stuff but ain't gonna be blood money neither. For y'all saying they in the past, listen to some of their more recent solo albums.

  • Anonymous

    Jay murdered these fools.

  • TheyLoveMeInTheHood

    Mobb Sleep returns to punnish the airwaves again....damn....didnt Pac and Jay kill theses niggaz..Theyre careers were dead when they signed with G-Unit. Black Cocaine......should just name it Lyrical Ambien...These niggaz are boring....Nas and Banks runs Queens anyway.

  • Jason

    from a marketing perspective this is when Detox should drop as well for maximum profits. otherwise forget it.

  • Anonymous

    Mobb Deep are able to excite people for their music in 2011? What the fuck? I thought this was as realistic as The R.E.D. Album going platinum.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    (shaking my head at the idiot trolls rolling amongst this story) Mobb Deep weak? Yeah ok. Niggas probably think being called a metrosexual is a cool thing when it's a way to call someone a bitch ass and make money off of it. Feminine onion soup head bastards.

  • Anonymous

    I'm Gay >>> Shook Ones Pt. 2.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye's swag >>> The Infamous & Hell On Earth combined.

  • Anonymous

    Takeover >>> Mobb Deep's existence.

  • Anonymous

    Hope it'll be dope.

  • koth561

    Buy it you bitch ass niggas

  • Anonymous

    MOBB DEEP AND ALL THAT niggas dissing the mobb? shut the fuck up. petty crime? shut the fuck up. 2 of the most talented street artists ever. respect or step off. like the cover, like the idea of an EP leading into an album. will def. support when it drops.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    It's gotta have the classic feel with featured artist such as Ghostface, Raekwon, and Nas

  • tah

    It's the Mobb Deep forever!!!

  • dazeone

    They talk about petty crime and you cats got kids....make better music with things real people go through ...Prodigy too old to dress like that ...he look like a person trying to be a rappper for Halloween. Grow up I like old mobb Deep for the time but yall grew up and so have your fans...

  • wu tang forever

    yall dissing mobb deep fuck outta here go listen to gay z and tuncehi faggots make me sick lil wayne tellin yall faggots how to love

    • 23e

      Who the fuck is this anonymous fool?

    • Anonymous

      U realize how valid it is to talk shit about at least prodigy? In the 90s beefed with eveeeryone even people 10x better then him cough pac, jay z etc etc etc. Gets out of jail dickrides the entire industry cus he knows he cant sell a record..gtfo proigys a faggot besides dudes career= over at the summer jam show when jay z showed him in a tutu.

  • Saad Rajabali

    I'm looking forward to this. Alchemist and Hav's production never disappoints. Hopefully the beats sound good in the car. Prodigy and Havoc's lyrics will be an extra plus if they're on point.

  • Anonymous

    the subject matter in most rap music is not for kids anyway so who gives a fuck what they think go dougie or do some other dance you kids do

  • Anonymous


  • Stiller

    "The Black Cocaine EP" - Wow how original. Neither dude can spit anymore, in all honesty i've not heard anything good from them on the mic since 2000ish. So played out and boring now.

  • Yimmy

    P and Hav are gonna be the first 89 yr. olds to rap about coke and guns. How you holding up an uzi when you can't get outta the bed and take a piss? No, really. Of course they're not there yet, but you get the point.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck peoples talkin bout age for, especially considering 90% of the new rappers are lame as fuck?? Even Mobb Deep past their prime still shits on the gay shit people listen to now, Prodigy on HNIC 2 >>>>>> Lil B, Tyler The Creator, and all the other faggot shit kids listen to now

  • Anonymous

    rap is not a contact sport there is no age limit.mobb deep will always have fans they dont need this era to except them besides all the best rappers are 30+ anyway so if age is a problem listen to music strictly from rappers in your age range and see how much fun you have with that shit hahaa.

  • The B

    I hope is some of that gritty ass project, gutta, pissy elevator, weed smokin, liquor drinkin type shit they used to make. And for the record...Hell on Earth was better than The Infamous. Be Nice!! LOL

  • JG

    its been a long time, could be hot who knows

  • Anonymous

    better be on sale for 4.99 otherwise nobody buying that shit.

  • junMaf*ckn

    Now THATS a f*ckin Title! Will yall please get at Nas about that "Life Is Good" bullshit? Tell him we need that "Natural Science" or better yet "Nigga Against Society"! Lets GO Queens!! Sincerely Da Soufside Savior...

  • jae 1

    7 or 8 songs?? thats not a album i like mobb deep ,but i gotta have at lest 15 joints on as for age 30 an over is hip hop any thing under that is pop.thas like telling those rock stars to stop rocking out after 30 lol thell look at u like your crazy,these lil rug rats need to learn how to rap before they pick up the mic.being xtra skinny or working out doesnt mean your kool,swag is sumthing your born with ask nas ,biggie,pac,jay z,peace

  • tah

    Buy the music and stop being quier!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I always see these repeated retarded comments about ages, especially trying to clown on Kanyes what if Kanye is 34? And if some artists are older? Fuck, listen to the music...and get off Yeezy's nuts...

  • Wu tang forever

    its the mobb one of the greatest to ever do it cannot wait for this!!!

  • Angelo

    Mobbdeep th, they even whooped it and still doing it the best !!!They even whooped 2 pac's ass Drop a gem on em Prodigy the best rapper

  • Anonymous

    More gimmick hiphop from rappers that are not relevant anymore. Please put down the mic and stop embarrassing yourselfs. You were never real streetcats and getting arested for smoking weed or carrying a weapon is dumb shit. Please stop acting tuff

  • The_Situation

    R.I.P. Mobb Deep 1995-1999 It were 4 great years. And now to old, not relevant, talking to much bullshit in interviews, snitching etc.

  • TH1ST

    I hope they coming back out with some grimy azz beats cause lately ALOT of dudes have been rhymin over some pseudo soft porn techno!@#$%^.

  • Anonymous

    watch the title: the black cocain ep! This is why mobb deep fell of they just follow the trend of cocaine rap now. Try to copy ross, clipse etc.

    • Anonymous

      Lol they havent hadNy music since 2008...hows do they copy ross?their from an era when their was REALcocaine...whens the last time a celebrity odd on coke? In the 80s they fell like flies..coke aint barely coke anymore.

  • koth561

    Buy it bitch ass niggas


    so after all these years in the game they have finally decided to hop on the cocaine GIMMICK ok sounds like a yo gotti mixtape THIS GROWN MEN ARE SO FUNNY

  • Anonymous

    damna EP. safe the best cuts from that too make a good album. i know they won't make another imfamous, but they can at least get close to murda musik

  • mike d.

    go on youtube and search Blacklawrebelmusic and leave comments good or bad support underground hip hop!!!

  • box

    funny how everybody coming bacc around to these equals yep left over a old pic jayz flashed and yall fucc'n feelings got hurt cause they signed to the unit. hahaha sometime'y rap fans succ yell

  • koth561

    I'll be looking out for it.

  • Crystal

    In before the new school faggots saying Mobb Deep is old niggas. They're 36/37 years old. Kanye West is 34. Fuck off.

    • Anonymous

      @Chris everything you said is true except the first part. Learn a little bout hip hop

    • Christopher English

      Really, who cares what these young dudes say? Age never had anything to do with skill. If that was the case... there wouldn't be so many wack-ass young cats out there.

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