Footage Released Of Altercation Between Ray J & Fabolous

UPDATE #2: Shaky cell phone footage shows the two engaging in their fight.

Ray J called into Power 105’s The Breakfast Club this morning to discuss a recent altercation with Fabolous that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The beef originated with Loso making some jokes on Twitter (“Nigga Ray J doin a concert in his living room,” “Nah but Floyd [Mayweather] saying we havin a concert in my living room & the camera cuts to Ray J singing ‘One Wish’ on the piano had me in tears!!”). The two reportedly got into a physical altercation and Ray J ended up in handcuffs, but was later released.

Listen to Ray J tell his side of the story in the uncensored interview below.

[September 19]

UPDATE: Ray J has apologized to his fans for his rant on Power 105 yesterday morning. Last night, Fabolous called DJ Clue at Power 105 to dismiss claims that he had been punched in the face.

I want to apologize to my fans that might have been offended by the things I said on the radio today. I lost control.
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[September 20]

UPDATE #2: Footage of Ray J and Fabolous' altercation in Las Vegas, Nevada this weekend has been released. TMZ unveiled shaky cell phone camera footage of the spat, which shows that 50 Cent was present during the fight.

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  • the truth

    are yall serious yall actuially think brandy lil brother is something nigga is a bitch fab would murder that!! next video: brandy lil brother crying like a lil bitch

  • Osiel Salas

    stupid negros thuggin on twitter. SMH

  • Mike J

    Ray J was telling the truth after all. Every n*gg* in LA got a little thug in em'

    • Anonymous

      Yup! Ray J Whipped his ass like i said before....Where's all the bitch ass Fabolous fans now??? The footage of Fab's bruised face were released yesterday. Fab under estimated Ray J and got his ass beat. End of story....

  • thedude

    ray j fighting? lmao....fab use to roll with BMF enough said

  • NY-Yup!

    Horrible video. Can't see crap!

  • DKee79

    Fuck New York busters ass niggaz! Remember this what happens to you dumb niggas that run ya mouth, when you come to the West Coast disrepectin'! ask Biggie.

    • real

      Stop the NYC jealousy. Brooklyn men do not B**** up. Ray J got yoked up that's why he's so mad. That snake 50 prolly hit Fab in the head during the commotion.

  • LG

    Ya'll niggas think because Fab is from NY that he can't get his ass beat??? Im from NY but you could clearly see that Ray J rushed that bitch ass nigga. Ray J was already pushing and poking Fab before he swung on him. If Fab is so gansta then why the fuck didnt he swing first? NY niggas always placing sterotypes on people thats not from NY, yet they keep biting off the south. SHUT THE FUCK UP NEW YORK AND START MAKING REAL HIP HOP AGAIN....

    • real

      Fab is a BK n***** who would not allow a Ray J from Carson to even touch him without yokin him up! Ray J got played by Floyd and 50.

  • Dominique P

    Lol all of them are dumb as hell

  • Solid

    Yo real talk after watching this it looks like them MoneyTeam niggas tried to set Fab up. 50 always on that bullshit and stay trying to make a publicity stunt off something. Funny how he was right there when it happened and gets interviewed about the altercation a few days later. Now don't get me wrong I don't think 50 gonna lie about the situation bc Fab played it cool and handled it accordingly. But it just seems like they were putting the battery in Ray J's back to step to Fab. Now if you know 50 he's always trying to expose other rappers or put them in a bad light so that he can capitalize off it in some way. Right now his career is hurting and he's trying to find the right promotion for his new album dropping in November. Wouldn't be surprised if he had the dude with the camera phone ready to record the whole thing when it jumped off so he can release the footage of it and let the fans bash either one of them for getting fucked up. But I don't think it quite panned out how he planned bc nobody got hit or had marks, and the footage is terrible. Meanwhile 50 got nothing to do with it but was right in the midst of it, ready to answer all questions, and take advantage of it somehow. If that's the case that nigga is a LAME!!!! Not only that but he must know his career in music is hanging on by a thread

    • real

      I agree about 50 but I think they set Ray J up because he wants people to believe he is thorough when he's not.

    • Anonymous

      word up i agree 50 a joke now used to love hiz music... he went on radio like a girl wen da shit has nothin to do wit him juz for buzz sad

  • TD

    Ray J is pussy. Straight up pussy. Fab was rolling with Meech and BMF while Ray J was doin Kim K. Sound like ray found the crack pipe...

  • Anonymous

    all three of dem niggas are fake ray j fake thug

  • Jesus

    well. here Fabo is starting another Twitter beef and not doing shit =/ oh well. it coulda been Omarion

  • wishworks

    funny at the end of the video, somebody clearly says, that's 50 on dat bullshit,someone else says he fuck ray up, he a bitch ass nigga and it was not fab who said it , ray did swing, i did hear a hit, but as to who got hit, don,t know, but, BUT somebody clearly says , he fucked ray up JUST SAYING

  • John Peen

    Fuck this Gay J Nigga! His sister gets away with murder and this whack ass nigga think he's hard all of a sudden? Bitch, it don't matter who's cars you borrowing to flaunt as your own, you still sound like a butt plug! This nigga look like his breath smell like dick!

    • Drexel M Warren

      John peeing and jeremy hopeless yall are just like sum bitches....u have seen alotta niggas fight on a daily but i bet they will still fuck u up included....just cause this man decided to make shit happen and we got the net so we gone see, dont make him a punk...but you ninja's sittin at home "posing wit guns/ shootin youtube up" is the real pussy- so get fucked- punks...niggas always got something negative to say grow up and stop actin like you white trained even tho jermey pic do look suspect and he hard lol

    • Jeremey Pope

      John Peen, that is some real shit word up. Wishworks I heard it too. I think this is ray j's audition to that reality show. Where the celebs go to rehab. I don't know the the name of it. I think Ray J is broke as shit but owns a lot of shit. he need s this video to get paid LMAO

  • Calvin

    Hey Ray! You got to much to lose. Let It BURN. Make your Family Proud

  • bisquic

    I read Ray J's twitter comment and the first thing I thought was "Since when did you have fans?" joke

  • Powerphi

    Why are cribs and cars so important to this dude's argument? Since when did he decide to be the 2011 Suge Knight?

  • badnewzxl

    so...basically...this phone footage shows NOTHING. Thanx, DX....

    • Bowski

      I was just thinking the same damn thing (smh). Sidebar: I wanna apologize to God, the wack-ass media sucked me in - I really didn't mean to click on this BS

  • HAA

    If you got that much money that you chill with 50 cent, Mayweather, Fabulous and Ray J. BUY A NEW PHONE!

  • Di Knock-Out King

    come to VA, Security don't step in til you at least tire yourselves out. Fight like men, yall got enough money so put it on pay per view aso we can watch who comes to the ring with their dress on

  • LOL

    AIs it just me or is this camera footage really shitty?

  • theComplex

    I just wanna know whose shitty ass throwback camera phone took this video.

  • TrackieBeatz

    idk Mayne... 50 my niggah..Fab my icon..and ray j dont wanna be tied down...NO comment...

  • BrooklynRoosevelt

    both of them some bitches....BOTH...Fab been getting punked...Brooklyn know...and ray j these dudes are lame as fuck...both of them!

  • ummmmmm

    does ray j have fans to apologize to?

  • Hieroglyphical

    Hey I have a question!!! WHO THE FUCK CARES?

    • Anonymous

      4 real! cant believe this article has been updated like 4 times plus separate articles for both fab and 50's side of the story pretty big deal when no one even got punched

  • dazeone

    #1 Question ...where is Ray J's money played it cool...

  • Da TROOF

    i got footage of boaf dem knuckas dyin n this brawl. fitty cent blazed boaf uh em wit a foe-d five

  • C-dot Cole Check out the truth and real music forget this fucked up camera angle taken fight lol

  • C-dot Cole

    Ray J a fuckin liar...Wannabe thug

  • DrDreBeats

    Hahaha come on Ray J nobody taking you serious and you didnt sock shit. Fab clowned on his ass then he decides to act big infront of 50 and Floyd. Fabs goons will rape this fool.

  • so

    i'm glad i saw what really happened. what the fuck, 50's wearing a fisherman hat, haha i haven't seen anyone wear that since 03.


    now i really know what happened! whats so hard about holding a cell phone sideways when u take video U DUMB FUCK! what does dumb fuck mean?

  • Will DollarBill Brown

    I aint see shit,& beside 50 said a punch was thrown but wasn't landed.So I guess the in thing is getting Gee Pts for throwing punches that don't land now huh? Too many fake it til you make it wanna be gangsta mah fah nuckah's walking around real talk

  • Octavian Johnson

    Lol at 50's face when it started. Couldnt see much else

  • Anonymous

    this shit is an act. both these niggas got cake off this. Ray J bout to do another reality show and fab got cake under the table to feed the homies. nigga this IS a reality show. nothing u see is real.

  • JG

    this video proves absolutely nothing

  • CaliUp

    Ray J a fake blood, and his family full of fake bloods. Niggas that went to private schools walking around talking about they bang. Hold up, do niggas still gang bang? STFU and get money. Ray J bitch made, and yeah nigga you looked real homo serenading a grown ass man in his living room.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like fab was telling the truth ray j tried to hit and run lol they got tangled

  • A_dUb_ZeRo

    Ray J gave dude a one piece special lol. Fab's story doesn't line up with this video. I think Fab got punched and then security stepped in.

  • Nuno Andrade

    ray j 1 - fab

  • Swamp Thang

    Yeah, this video proves a whole lot. Everything is so visible and clear. SMH.

  • real story

  • Chris Newberry

    This video didn't show nothing. I spoke on the joint on my podcast, but I will say this right here. These are 2 grown men, fightin over some twitter shit, that is about as weak as it gets. We need to do better

  • Anonymous

    Dem Street Fam niggas put that pressure on Ray J.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Well. I happened to listen to a Curtis Jackson interview. Guess what he said. Fab's account was correct. Ray J hit no one. This dude is an idiot. And from what's known and understood, Fab has stripes. No one amped Ray J. He amped himself. This nigga is an idiot. At least he has that syndication money going for him. Now he has to mature and act like a damn adult. And when did being a gangsta become the cool thing for niggas to assert their toughness and manliness? Nigga ain't bang on anyone's door...let alone bang out over colors. Sad state of affairs.

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      @mr flam... I agree Fabolous is probably connected, so he needs to stop this fake thug crap before he ends up with way more than he can handle... And to the jg guy above me who cares if he borrowed a car for a video... So if you're in LA shooting a video and you have a Lambo at your house in NY or NJ are you gonna spend the loot to get it shipped over or are you gonna use the Lambo of a friend or associate who may be in the same city, and save your money and time?!.. Fact is most videos are full of rentals anyway dumb fuck.......

    • JG

      Fab has stripes? That nigga makes just as many loves songs as RayJ and hes a RAPPER. niggas has no buzz and borrows whips for music videos...go home

  • Severe Thebeneficent

    you internet cats are WAAAAY too worked up over this...

  • Anonymous

    Can you really call people who masturbated while imagining that they were you "fans"?

  • hiphopdx


  • We are at War

    This altercation is foolishness and really speaks to the race to the lowest common denominator our community has displayed time and time again.

  • dis guy

    mane fuck ray j. go back to tv shows where the hoes dont want yo midget ass

  • zodiackiller

    that fool was drunk as hell . talking super reckless lol

  • T-Pain

    I don't care bout either of these niggas cuz they music is wack but Ray J got a large meat okay. Much respect Ray.

  • Dizzy

    wow! These hollywood cats be sniffin too much white girl.

  • OleHead

    Confused as to why you niggas think just because FAB is from NY that he can beat Ray J. LMAO! u niggas are ridin this niggas dick...I could care less which one wins but to AUTOMATICALLY ASSUME Ray J can't fight because he's from the burbs, has money and has a sister that was in the limelight is ignorant. I seen PLENTY niggas from the hood that repped they're hood all day long get WHOOPED! It's a popularity contest...yall like FABs music, think Ray J is gay so FAB wins LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • wad92

      This is not about who can beat who and I don't see anyone claiming it is. This is about blame, and all blame goes to Ray J. He is the one who acted fine with Fab untill he found him in a hall way, with 50 and Mayweather at his side and was drunk as fuck. And he is the one who started the altercation. A lot of people say shit over twitter, Ray J actded stupid about it

  • jjp

    I laugh at Ray J, the Money Team, his 7 Rolls Royces, the girls by the swimming pool, his red hoodie, and all 100 of his goons waiting outside. His next single will be "If I had one hit" and that can be taken a variety of ways.

  • Whitie

    No new here let all just move alone just two dumb nigggas doing what niggas do best, fighting amount themself old new there, niggas been doing that for year, today Ray J and fab tomorrow be two other niggas

  • BellyOfDaBeast





    Just what I said on the post where Loso said his piece...Ray J was having a Nigga Moment(Thanx Riley).

  • Anonymous

    I thought that Ray J said that he would have loso call the station and apologize!! LMFAO This shit is funny only because of Ray j, loso really isnt bothered by it all loso did was make a joke. 50 and Floyd probably gassed him up to do that shit but at the end of the day Ray j looks like the punk that he is. As for the homo references about Floyd and 50. I heard the rumors about 50 but now Im starting to wonder about Floyd cause them 2 hang pretty tough together hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

  • SuperNovaPlus

    Damn bro!! Ray J went in on some gangster type shit. But not for one minute is his character convincing. He has to be off that snow blow. I've seen it. Some good white will have you all out of your character. Brandy talk to your brother.

  • Vann Digital Networks

    LOL!!! LMAO!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ok guys dis is wat happened.Ray J saw dat Floyd won his boxing match against Ortiz so he felt da need to fight sumbody also to impress him and win also.He looks around da room and saw 50,Kevin Hart and Meek Mills.He didnt want to fight dem cuz dey were type built so he hand picked Fabolous out da group and found a little excuse to start since Fab's way skinny.Hell we all kno if Meek Mills would have said sumthing he wouldnt do nutthin.Anyways going on he takes a few shots of liquor to boost up his balls and starts with Fab.RayJ probably lost who knows but guessing from his rant he did cuz nobody would go hard if dey won.Anyways Ray J got da attention he wanted 4rm Floyd since he wants to throw Floyds name in when he has nutthin to do with it nor Fab has beef with him.If You telling me wat you posses when your angry shows me you are insecure about sumthing Anyways End OF Story

  • Anonymous

    ray j 100 niggas fo real stop my nigga

  • KimKardashian

    I guess i need to hop back on that d*ck

  • KimKardashian

    ray j has fans?

  • amp

    ray j just showed what a lil bitch he really is. fab's the real, fuck ray j

  • Anonymous

    Ray J is a fuckin little bitch.

  • wishworks

    get off that witney homes, and go back to singing to bitches as opposed dudes, water boy. Fuck is the world coming too, niggas raping niggas now huh, and to the west i would be offended if one of my own, said i could get you raped by a 100 duds, off my coast, really,????? naw really?????? so that's the mind set of the money team (Mayweather, 50, ray ho). Real Rap Mayweather,need to get rid of these lames because its starting to seem like you yall rollin wit Oscar in fishes huh lames

  • Simon Magus

    This is the most bitch made beef of all time almost as bad as charles hamilton and his ex really. Fab is milkbox and ray is actually more famous than him by doing bad music, riding his sisters coat-tails and a sex tape with kim k.

    • Anonymous

      how is loso milk box please explain. Cause from what ive seen loso aint sweatin the shit. Ray j said he would have loso call and apologize but whos apologizing now. So what is your point?

  • Kalvin King

    Man I thought thiswas da funniest sht in a while. Classic moment

  • Brain

    Oh, cool Glad thats over with....

  • James Taylor

    what a fag!! fab got ur cards marked u wanabee haha

  • Anonymous

    yeah I heard Floyd was a homo and its strange that 50's always with him ... and now Ray J too ? hmmmm

  • Anonymous


    • Dee

      Blackmen/people what is wrong with y'all always trying to demean or emasculate other blackmen by saying they're gay/homo/faggots or this and that. Have an opion by all means but stop making all of these false statements about people you really don't know. Let's be real if you see that particular person that you callout of their name would you have the balls to say it to them. Not really...

  • east coast bias

    This was entertaining!!! Thanks to the Breakfast Club for making it worse!! GET EM PAC!!!! Anyone who has common sense knows that Ray J is a liar!! Fab is right. A lame dude with money is still a lame dude!! I know this sets rap back 15 years but it still hilarious!!!

    • Anonymous

      ray j brought out his lambo because he wanted to be in the video, if you watch it you see him dick riding fab pretty hard. they were in LA, he said himself, they got the same cars in NY so he brought his out for the vid

    • Anonymous

      just cause theres a lambo in fabs vid doesnt mean ray j lent it to him

    • ReaL isH

      man dey both liars, ray j said fab face was fucked up when it wasnt den fab denied that ray j lend him his lambo when theres a vid clearly showin that he did

  • Anonymous

    how are you gonna threaten to have anoher man raped by your homo goons?

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    the drugs finally wore off eh? ahahahaha

  • Hannnhh

    lol i seen stuff like this in real life. Here's the scenario for these bum ass fake niggas: these niggas are like the lames in school who start fiting only after they see security around the corner so they kno its gonna b stopped. Lol stop acting wild on radio to hype urself up.

  • Hannnhh

    Yes. See this is wat these fake rappers and singers do, its called snitching on the sly. Step 1: Air their beef out on the radio and tv Step 2:Get as much publicity as u can from it Step 3: If anything happens, the police kno who to come after smh stop it. y these niggas so fake. Fab grew up putting in work, Ray J just got goons cuz he rich and affiliated thru cusns.. come on now.

  • Wow

    I ain't gonna lie that track is hard fam

  • Get This Now!

    Get this now

  • HAHA

    U can tell Ray J trynna prove something. This is sad. Ray J grow up man u aint a g. Stop reffering to your homies and mans to make this a bigger situation than it is cuz u scared to handle this by urslef. "My big homies on his bumper" "He cant joke on me" "Dont disrespect me and FLLOYD like that" i you know how 2 judge fakes and liars, u can tell by Ray J's words and how he say it that this shit is flagrant. "headbutted me?!!" lol who does he think he is that he cant b touched. this is pathetic. stop yelling on the radio we dont believe u.

  • Nelson

    I guess he got word of Street Fam heading to the West Coast... Haha

  • smhh

    Damnn I guess money really does fuck your head up man...this is crazy hearing ray j talk so much shit..I hope SOMEBODY knocks this queer out lol

  • Anonymous

    i thought he said fab was the one who was gonna be doing the apologizing!! bitch ass

  • MADtech

    Ray J is rude and disrespectful but most of all he is a punk. Ray J --in your face---YOU ARE A B!T[H -- Time to crawl up Brandi's womb and grow up

  • chunker

    why do i even read this garbage!! both these niggas is fags!!


    Classic** ComicView " you ain't a thug, you Brandy lil' brotha"

  • ssgh



    RAPS A JOKE! hip hop is DEAD. not cuz there isn't good music. and good artists. it's cuz nothing gets the rap fans excited like some bullshit drama that has nothing to do with music. look at the traffic. fabolous bitch ass fighting bitch ass ray j took the hip hop world by storm. and adult radio personalities/fans cant stop talking about it. coons. i just wanna say, anyone who took time out of their day, to listen to both ray j and fab talk about a bitch fight on various radio shows, is an epic loser. who gives a fuck? dumb fucks, hood rats, and hip hop news sites. fab cant get anyone talking with his music, this is his biggest moment since his debut album.

    • DaPhatSpotRusher

      Does it make it any more epic to not only listen to both interviews, but also take the time out to post your thoughts about them and how anybody else who listened is a loser?

    • Anonymous

      Mother fucka why you on here if you don't care. #fail


      i didnt listen/read/hear ANY of it. i dont know what happened, i just know fab and ray j had a bitch fight thanks to dx and the internet drones that like this kinda shit. look how this story is dominating hip hop dx. pictures, video, twitter updates. endless posters "taking sides". it's all very sad. its what the people want i guess. music is a secondary attraction. the majority would rather talk about whats happening outside the booth. album sales, beefs, etc.

    • Ummmmm

      So if "anyone who took time out of their day, to listen to both ray j and fab talk about a bitch fight on various radio shows, is an epic loser" what does that make YOU for taking the time to read the articles and post on a hip hop website???? JusSayin

    • Ummmmm

      So if "anyone who took time out of their day, to listen to both ray j and fab talk about a bitch fight on various radio shows, is an epic loser" what does that make YOU for taking the time to read the articles and post on a hip hop website???? #JusSayin

  • Info

    Man let them kill each other one less wackass Rapper and one less Wackass R&B singer, how care.

  • quota

    RAY J IS A BITCH ASS LYING COKE HEAD... listen to what fab said man its way too funny he caled into dj clue and jus clowned on dude lolll after you hear LOSO tell his side of the story you jus wanna laugh man even tho if your smart you'd already know that whole thing was a lie FUCK RAY GAY

  • Ray J killa

    fuck ray j, his cousin snoop , his ugly ass sister, his house , his 6 cars, and his team whether it be the 50 or floyd or whoever. Punk ass nigga! you are still a bitch no matter who you roll with. ain't none of them niggas gone take a bullet for your bitch ass.

  • Ray J killa

    Ray J is the true meaning of a bitch ass nigga. This punk bitch thinks cause he got money that he a "G". Because you from the west don't make you hard lil nigga. Grow a couple inches before you talk about smacking niggas. You might hang with 50 but you are far from him. Hell 50 ain't a "G" but he is a little harder than Ray J bitch ass. Ray J is clown and if he ever in Charlotte,NC we gone show him how much of bitch he really is. Brandy got more heart her faggot ass lil broher. And why this nigga keep talking about his team? Cause he a bitch by his self and then he play hard around his boys. Real faggot shit. lame ass nigga

    • Anonymous

      mate you am right ray j is a dick but you ay gonna do fuck all to him, which makes you as fake a badman as that fanny ray j

  • Anonymous

    i dont care who tellin the truth this shit is entertainin as fuck lmao @ ray j

  • Brains

    I got two bottles of vodka, a whole carton of coronas, 2 lemons, and 6 bitches..and I smack this bitch Fab!!

  • Keletso Ayanda Kgaudi

    what a bitch ass-nika ray-gay even if you kicked "his ass" with one punch one on one i don't think you'd be talking the same loud mouth ass nika.

  • Fresh Kicks

    Fab would knock the shit out of that RNB bitch!

  • Hova

    I wouldn't doubt that Ray J rolls deep in the west. He's snoop's first cousin. So regardless of what he does, he still is respected for his family ties, that also include Nate Dogg & Daz. Anyways, Ray J rolled up on him correct, confused the shit out of him by being buddy with him then put Fab in a situation where he ain't gonna do shit to him. Very planned out, gotta respect that. Fab took an L.

  • ppoop

    I think ray-j was drunk got hyped up and hit fab and then fab yoke ray-j up by the hoodie... even fab admited ray-j put hands on him...everyone said they fought except for Fab why is that...everyone including fab said ray j put hands on him ... either way Ray j came out on top because Fab started the shit and Ray-j address the situation when he saw Fab...most these dudes claim they got beef but don't do nothing when they see the person and Ray-J did for dat alone he gets props

    • Anonymous

      @jive dg obviously YOU havent read the story. fab was mocking and demeaning him on twitter about it. you make it sound like fab wasnt making fun. stop it b

    • JiveDG

      You must haven't read Fab's story. Fab didn't start shit, who the hell gets mad for saying "Ray J's having a concert in Floyd's house". Ray J pulled a bitch move and wanted to impress his idols Floyd Mayweather and Curtis Jackson. Little Red Riding hood didn't do squat to Fab.

  • Moesha

    Listen to Fabs side of the story 4 real... Brandy's brother trying to get 50, Mayweather and the whole West Coast involved... Fuck Ray-J for that. This dude is obviously hi as shit...

  • June Piedra


  • DV

    Brandy's lil brother is a clown, SMH. Nigga sound stupid. What does his possessions have to do with the fade? The boy Ray believe his own hype, SMH. But he talkin big tho I would love to see if he can actually back that shit up.

  • Anonymous

    ok so he down with floyd mayweather, so basically he was fronting for the boys but if he wasnt with 50 and mayweather he wouldnt say shit

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    i bought my first turntable from Brandy's brothers' neighbor in '95. He from a nice area in Carson. he's gangsta now? ahahahahaha

  • JiveDG

    So if he wasn't with the so called "Money Team", he wouldn't do shit. He's a clown just feeling hyped up around the 2 most hated people in their own job and probably trying to be the most hated person in R&B just to fit in.

  • Fado

    Fab side of the story sounded much more believable.

  • Jahorse

    What a drunk retard. Just trying to show off for 50 and Floyd. Couldn't even listen to the whole thing. They shouldn't let drunk idiots on live radio.

  • Princ3 0f Th3 D

    I heard about this story this morning but I didn't want to comment till I heard both sides. Now after hearing Loso's side I believe that Ray J is trippin. I hope Ray J chills out, I know people from personal experience that got hurt from letting niggas pressure them into being something their not.

  • Anonymous

    i dont know if ray j is really built like this he is going to get himself hurt. fab rolls with known goon and its been stamped hahah i guess ray j is bored with life and ready to die. a r and b nigga going at a gangsta rapper and he ain't going stay nothing haha.

  • Grammar

    When R&B Dudes are goin in on rappers you know Hip Hop is soft! Thats it im lookin for a new genre. Good Night


    This nigga ready to go to war over twitter comments? LMAO LMAO LMAO!!!! He mad cause faboulous clowned him cause he was singing "one wish" on Mayweathers piano in his living room!!!! LOL!!!!

  • Anonymous

  • Sourheadband

    I love how 50 was amping up fabo to swing on gar ray. After the floyd fight watching these two wussies box must have been some comedy. Remember Gay ray while u talking bout all that money u got, that ur biggest hit did not come musically it game from busting in kim k. not the billboard.

  • Anonymous

    "LISTEN!, I got 5 lamborghinis, 6 maybachs, 3 ships, 2 jumbo jet airplane, 10 strippers in the back..." wtf? really ray j? pathetic

  • Anonymous

    fabs side of the story is quite a bit different and a little more believable

    • jhjhjh

      nan i think both side is lying ray j is exageratting and fab is not telling the whole story i think ray-j did sock fab in the face and then fab grab him by the hoodie

    • Edubb

      I have to co-sign on that. What it boils down to is that Ray J was trying to prove himself to 50 and Floyd. But in the end all Ray j did was make himself look like a sucka.

  • Fab Interview

    Fabolous Interview with DJ Clue --

  • Broward County

    I'm out in Vegas, and I didn't hear nothin' about this. But I know some people who deal with Fab, and they say he's a reputable cat. Ray J talkin' reckless, but BMF still out here...

    • OnemikE

      at the end of the day they both are probably well connected thats why there was no reason for brandyz bro to snap like he did... handle it like real men, forget your crews and knuckle up 1 on 1

  • losos way 2????

    where is losos way 2??? it shud have dropped 13 september righht??? wtf ???

  • OnemikE

    Relaxx Ray J... Jus cuz u hang with Floyd dont mean you him, no one wanna see your house, you dont own a big boy house.. I really hope Fab didnt let brandy brother punk him...

  • big jah

    if i had one would be so meet this little bitch so i can give his ass a hiding...what is it with rappers thinking they can throwdown just cos they been hangin out with boxers?lmao, thats some lameass shit, ray-j is retarded ignorant ok, str8up embarassment to black people, his only talent was pimping kim k's phat ass, made her a star, but they in the same league of zero talent. #disowned

    • Anonymous

      ray j aint even a rapper though he a r&b singer he only got put on cause his sister is brandy and he cousins with snoop

  • Your Name

    THat Picture of Fab the Faggot in that video makes me wanna punch the shit out of his face too.

  • Anonymous

    Ray j "ayo man when i see him im gonna show him a pink slip for some cars i own, yeah yeah and um maybe ill show him a tape i made with Kim kardashian and um yeah yeah im gonna get my back up dancers he know what it is bruh..." Pathetic.



  • Anonymous

    Not that it matter but since some of you think Ray J won here is some mesgs from people who were actually there. JayDubb310: just saw Ray J and Fabolous throw blows backstage at the concert in Vegas!!!!! ExoticMaya: So @RayJ just punched @myfabolouslife about some dumb stuff but Fab whooped his ass backstage … ExoticMaya: And so now @RayJ is being escorted out with 4 cops … I had to leave out of that drama ExoticMaya: So I videotaped it but security made everyone delete footage … I should of hid my phone & dipped off WillSanders: @myfabolouslife just beat up @RayJ at palms its crackin!!!! WillSanders: Yo @Rayj a G for swingin 1st but @myfabolouslife got the best of him



  • Heist of the Century

    Please tell me you didn't lose to a C-list R&B singer Fab

  • Hip Hop Expert

    I'ma let you ignorant people know who really belongs to the top 10 best rappers dead or alive (no order): Soulja Boy (whenever he rhymes, he goes superman, YOOOU) Birdman (hunin' million dollars, nuff said) Lil' B (let's face it, the only reason why Lil' B isn't top 10 in every list, it's because he's gay, but he is one of the legends) OJ Da Juiceman (he is a lyrical monster, OKAY?) Wacka Flocka Flame (the way he nods his head? Damn he a beast) Gucci Mane (will be forever known as the rapper with the best wordplay, BURR) Gudda Gudda (everyone knows that weezy ain't shit if he don't write his lyrics, "Gudda Gudda, I put her under") Fat Joe (unforgettable words, CAUCA, CRACK, he isn't fat, he's just full of talent) Bizzare (just like Gudda Gudda, he ghostwrites for Eminem, and he also is full of greatness) Diddy (name one rapper who can dance like Diddy, you just can't) Now, each of you understand why me, Hip Hop Expert, tells you that this rappers should be in the top 10 best rappers of all time, cause I'm the expert, not you.

  • Azhar

    Ray J is a gangsta n a thug now....what's next!!!! FOH clown ass nigga!!!

  • Frank

    Dis is toooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I want to hear loso's side of this bullshit before I make a comment. Ray j left some unanswered questions. I noticed when they specifically asked him the details he went on his rant about what he got. Interesting

    • Anonymous

      what a real dude and he wont say nothing but in a lil bit you gonna hear about ray j getting robbed or pistol whipped

  • Anonymous

    He sounds like a fuckin retard!

  • Anonymous

    i never new tooth picks could fight

  • Keezie

    The beef is one thing. I hate it when dudes start talking about what they have like any1 cares.

  • GrapestreetWattsCali

    ray j tryna be hard lmao stop it u soft R&b foo

  • knockout

    hahaha fab got beat up by Ray J rappers getting beat up by r&b singers now too funny

  • yodaddy

    I couldn't help but laugh at the title "Ray J Explains Altercation" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ray-J in a fight? hahahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    So who won and claimed the crown of bitchiest nigga on Earth.

  • T-Pain

    Ray J got a big meat okay? Much respect to you Ray. I'm out.

  • Tupac Shakur

    BasedGod will kill both of these homo-ass clowns. J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar are fuckin ruining Hip Hop smfh -.-

  • Alexx ThreeSixty The-Producer Byrd

    Ray J a real thug, lol. Forreal!

  • Jamar Jolly

    lmao Ray J will beat the shit out of Fab IMO

  • truthenola

    you crazy to be messin wit Fab.. dead man walking

  • T-Dubb AKA Royal T

    ayo y'all's just mad cuz Ray J is a real nigga - gay-ass Fabolous talkin' shit on the internet, Ray J went & fucked him up that's what he gets.

  • anonymous

    Man I swear the nigga's who jump on these celebrity's dicks. Somebody just got punked. Fab backed up his shit.

  • truth


    • Shut the Fuck Up

      Nigga shut the fuck up, Brooklyn niggas. Ray J, although I think he has no talent came up in south LA nigga, and South LA niggas dont fuck around. Claimin Fabo roll with crips, guess what nigga, you know where the crips came out cuz? Motherfuckin LA bithc so shut the fuck up. Brooklyn aint exactly the only hood place dumbshit.

    • Anonymous

      LMAO! Co sign Ray J Fucking With A Brooklyn Nigga Fab Gon Have Some Dogs Laying On His House On Some Snoopy Shit. Fab Be Fucking Wit Em Crips & BMF Niggas.. WHo's Ray J... Lol! Nigga Pulease.

  • dubya

    lmfao. i wanna hear fab response. fukit, letm hannle they biz. i got 10 on ray jay

  • Anonymous


  • Obi Patrick

    Where's the footage nigga?

  • Dapstylz

    The first nigga to start trying to "explain" what happened is usually the nigga that got his ass beat

  • Anonymous

    Ray J you anit no thugz nigga chill

  • ahahahah

    ahahahahahahah now that was some funny sh!t...calm down lil man (Ray J)...pump your breks! Always remember..."sticks and bones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me" bahahahahahahhahah

  • RayJisApssy

    fuck this nigga....fuckin homo ass nigga

  • Jay-Z: The Death of an American Pimp

  • NYC

    Any nigga who names himself Fabulous is gay as hell!!!! Dude should say "no homo" after he says his own rap name. I can't believe some people are on here sayin' "Fab is a street nigga". No he's not. Fab is a very regular dude. Even before he was a rapper, he was just a regular city kid. Big sports fan, played basketball, chased girls, spoke well...that nigga was NEVER a gangster or a drug dealer. There's very few rappers that are gangsters, believe me.

  • ray j acting hard

    this is the same little kid from the shaq movie "steel". SMH and LOL!

  • DC

    Randy's lil brother needs to STFU! BAN!

  • TaTa_U

    Ray-J sounds just like a child... I believe his growth is somehow stunted at between 14 - 16... His family neeeds to put him away in bootcamp or military school... Private School or some place!~

  • Nelson

    I'm From Bed-Stuy, them Street Fam niggas is officailly... They really shoot! Ray J better have Floyd's army around all time... Don't forget Fab fucks with crips heavy and them BMF niggas!

    • Anonymous

      so cuz the crips are from la they gonna ride with some dude born into a celebrity family

    • Shut the fuck up

      Nigga shut the fuck up, Ray J is lame but that nigga is from South LA cuz. Them crips u claimin Fabo chills wit were born in LA cuz don't get it twisted.

  • vargo05

    Sounds like a cat-fight to me. These two are about as ghetto and hard as Chris Brown.

  • BloodyNate So Wavey


  • Anonymous

    Any nigga who names himself Fabulous is gay!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I can't believe some people are on here sayin' "Fab is a street nigga". No he's not. Fab is a very regular dude. Even before he was a rapper, he was just a regular city kid. Big sports fan, played basketball, chased girls, spoke well...that nigga was NEVER a gangster or a drug dealer. There's very few rappers that are gangsters, believe me.

  • IllegalMexican

    to these internet nerds making fun of Ray J, fuck you, dude was on deathrow with suge he been through it all check his credentials before taking shit

    • Anonymous

      he is only famous because brandy is his sister and snoop dogg is their cousin

    • illegal ass foo

      thats the reason i wanted to get on a computer, i bet u saw the name and decided to put mexican at the end, thats y i put it, cuz i'm an illegal ass foo, soy paisa wuey, change ur shit, any ways, who was at the club where this fight took place i want to know the real truth, and change ur title name foo, this a real Mexi

  • Anonymous

    whats worse death by twitter or death by planking

  • 50 Cent

    This is to funny, and can someone tell me when did Ray J become thugged out? Everything outta Ray J's mouth was about his dudes. Little nigga what can you do one on one?

  • freck billie

    dont b yappin of your lip fore one of them west philly muthafuckas come snatch ya.

  • respect em both

    Always been a Fab fan but I kno Ray J's a hustler too and knows some ppl down in L.A..I hope dey handle dis peacefully cuz fighting over twitter comments is stupid

  • DetroitRapscene

    ray j just mad cuz fab called him a broke industry hoe nigga now he tryin to act like a gangsta nigga shut the fuck up u a bitch u worked for disney channel bitch ass faggot we all know you fucked omarion in the ass faggot nigga bet fab busts this nigga in the head with a 9millimitaaaaaaaa

  • tookie street fam associate

    yo i know fam from the hood that nigga don play he come through in a bentley and hoooks me up with some birds that fly south but dats for you grown niggaz out there ,word is ray j got knocked out that's why he mad ,but talking all that shi wont help him fab is a real silent goon he killed some rapping nigga in the club for dissing him but they never pinned him google it ,street fam team tour bus was found with 500 of pounds of marijuana inside then he shot the basketball player in the ass after they tried to rob him.he runs with goons that go around robbing rappers and rich niggaz in nyc if dat nigga ray j come to ny to look for fab it wouldnt surprise me if he got really beat up or stabbed or shot .we hold down 23south ave brooklyn boy

    • Anonymous

      its not snitching that all common knowledge, you can google any of it

    • Irunwithfab2

      Thanks for dry snitching dumbass the FED's are always over the would have been better off putting it on FB and putting a picture of you and Fab right up under it.

  • Anonymous

    i hate how people get on here talking like they knew these niggas personally...ray j popping off at the mouth lets me know he ain shit, any nigga that brags on the shit he got is trying to show off...grow you bitch ass for Fab, cant speak to much on him, i just know new york niggas aint scared of shit

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Men must be men. I don't really agree with Ray J speaking on the cars, the crib, and the like. But... Fab had this coming. LOL!!! I'd like to hear Fab's side of this story. But we know this for sure just going off of common sense: Moesha syndication money > Fab's career earnings I don't condone any of this. It's all stupid. I guess Fab is always making jokes on twitter. But as the saying goes: Freedom of speech, just watch what you say. And if Fab said that towards Ray J, then Fab is wrong and deserved what he got. You don't play that man like that as if he is a chump nigga doing hired singing bits as if he's a court jester. You just don't. Squash this nonsensical trash regardless. It's not even that serious. It's petty. You made Kim Kardashian famous. Who cares what Fab says.

  • LOL

    Ray-J gonna end up missing next time he come to NY. LOL

  • LOL

    Ray-J gonna end up dead on Lennox next time he come to NY. LOL

  • Inmate25467

    Ray-J, Sounds like some BS they on, but glad you could visit us this weekend. Had a great time, but boy did we make a mess ;) Tyrone

  • Soft

    All the way 100, this is some weak "nigga" shit. To have that much success handed to you and THIS is what you get on the air and talk about????? Successful, intelligent, forward thinking black males will NEVER get shine because we got these coons on TV and radio 24/7. Yeah Ray, you get back to being "positive".

  • Hard

    I go to work everyday. Take care of two kids and a wife. And went to college. I've got ONE Rav4 Ray, who fuckin' with that?

  • Anonymous

    hey, im not a fan of cole. but he seems like a good dude. for that reason alone i may buy his cd

  • Muney

    RayJ bossplaya 4real....macked-a-mill out-a-bitch.....

  • Chill Wow

    But for real I'd smack the shit out little ass Ray J. Him or Fab ain't scarin' NOBODY.

  • Phil House

    yet again dx gets shit wrong the interview is completely censored

  • Chill Wow

    WHO PISSED THIS NIGGA OFF- GAAAAAADDAAMMMNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! Scared of you. Ray just about laid pipe to every bitch in Hollywood so his swag game is on some big pimpin' fo real. Can't front on that.

  • T-Pain

    Ray J got a large meat okay? Much love to you Ray J. No homo.

    • TaTa_U

      CORRECTED POST... @ T-Pain: Sorry you DO NOT get a No Homo pass when one man says to / about another man... "you have a large meat" and then proceeds to send him Yo cyber LOVE! That sh!t is definatly and all the way homo! Yall niggas get me everytime with this little faggot ass disclaimer shit! GTFOH with that gay ass mess!

    • TaTa_U

      @ T-Pain: Sorry you DO NOT get a no homo pass on a man say to / about another man... you have a large meat and then proceeds to send him go cyber LOVE! That sh!t is definatly and all the way homo! Yall niggas get me everytime with this little faggot ass disclaimer shit! GTFOH with that gay ass mess!

  • Nuno Andrade

    r'n'b vs rap..............

  • T-Pain

    Not to knock Fabulous, but Ray J is crazy. The man got a big meat. Much love to you Ray J.

  • RayJ

    Aint Ray J the nigga from the kim kardashian sex tape?

  • Anonymous

    yo fa real, FEEL THIS. We wild down here in Cali, don't get this shit twisted that because a nigga sing he aint rollin with real G's. WE SOME AL QUAIDA ASS NIGGAS OVA HERE ON THE WEST COAST, WILD AS A TALIBAN.

  • Anonymous

    peoples lives revolve around twitter

  • Sensaye252

    I can't believe some people are on here sayin' "Fab is a street nigga". No he's not. Fab is a very regular dude. Even before he was a rapper, he was just a regular city kid. Big sports fan, played basketball, chased girls, spoke well...that nigga was NEVER a gangster or a drug dealer. There's very few rappers that are gangsters, believe me.

  • LOIS

    Get Rich Or Die Tryin = Classic 8x plat Massacre = Classic 5x plat Curtis = Very dope album 1x Plat Before I Self Destruct = DOPE Gold

  • wakkaflocka

    lol...none of these clowns ever 'fight' GTFO with this bull shit.

  • Ikem

    ...So now people are telling me that Ray J got knocked out lol and his jewelry was taken from him. And the reason why the cops escorted him out is because RJ was acting crazy. Game. Set. Match.

  • koth561

    Dumb ass Ray J. We call niggas like him W.U.S.H. (Why u still here)

  • Marcus Dislikesmartdumbpeople Eason

    If a nigga REALLY won the fight we would NOT be that upset..smh....Sounds like Fab got the upper hand. Ray J just signed his NO MORE New York contract. Talking extremely to reckless. When you look up "WANKSTA" in the dictionary you see a pic of Ja Rule & Ray J.

    • jnr

      You guys forgetting that Ray J got goons in new york too? This Lil nigga's money is long. I know he is a RnB nigga but honestly he runs deep with niggas on the west coast, street niggas know what he is about with his people. Besides, not everyone on the east coast rides for Fab, Ray J got lots of friends in high places on the east coast too.

    • kennyken

      he sounds crazy right there....i don't understand what the heck will make you that mad, you right, this dude might not be able to go to NY again...

    • ForTheTKOofRayJ

      ^^^^^^^ What he said. No one gets revenge for winning a fight. And when you bring up west/east coast into a beef you have with one dude, you just upset a bunch of other people that are not-Fabulous. And even the hardest thugs don't go live on the air and make direct public threats. How stupid is that?

  • Ikem

    LOLOLOL This is some funny ass stuff. Twitter is obv srs bzness.

  • geico lizard

    This is the funniest call since Ja Rule called in a few years ago to talk ish about 50 cent. Fabolous used to be down with BMF and the crips and nobody stepped to Jeezy or Fabo back then but now r&b cats are getting at these two. Fab needs to remind everybody of his gangsta connects. Ray J spent all his VH1 money on cars and a big house so more power to him. Spend your loot anyway you want and live your life.

  • Anonymous

    yall sound like some females taking sides and shit like these dudes pay your rent and breast fed you. just wait for the full story instead of jumping on the bandwagon. it wont kill yall not to ride dick for a day.

  • Truesdell

    Ray J STFU u faggot ass lil bitch no on e is scared of u lil nigga..Fab would mash yo lil gay ass


    i hope ray j beat that wack rapper ass Fabolous is a bitch ass lol singers acting gangster


    So RayGay just admitted to assault, battery, and death threats... rolling 100 nigga's deep... RAYGAY your not tough... ud get ass fucked in jail.. and NOONE on the west coast has ur back.... sorry ass nigga..

    • Anonymous

      wow gay jokes thats original. the way you replace part of his name with the word gay. that shit so creative . and did i mention funny my god.

  • Anonymous

    "What you say about me on twitta' nigga'? "

  • snsjf

    ray J, SHUT UP, such a bitch

  • jay

    hahahaha!!! nigs fightin for nothin...

  • Nico 3

    I'm no fan, but Ray J's been everywhere the past few years. His sister hasn't done shit, so it wouldn't surprise me if he's more caked up right now. As for trying to be a tough guy, if someone was talking shit to your face, you'd do the same thing. Good for RJ. At least he proved he wasn't a punk.

    • Anonymous

      he kind of did prove he is a punk cause he said he had 100 niggas with him, why you need so many dudes? seems kinda gay

    • Anonymous

      except no one talked shit to his face fab made some jokes on twitter which he does about everyone and then ray j got his feelings hurt

  • I call bullshit Ray J!!!

    According to this article there were witnesses who seen the fight and tweeted the opposite of Ray J's claims. Not only that security made people who taped the fight delete their phones. At least 3 people sid the same thing: Ray J swung first and Fabolous beat his ass afterwards.

  • Garrett Perkins

    Lol I thought R Jay talk about getting out the Thug life on his first album. HAHA LOL what a joke. Ray J need to sit down and sing some R&B. This is so funny.

  • JG

    Fabo is a pussy nigga he aint comin back wit shit. Knockout Ent. all day! Team Money!

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    This guy is doing anything to help boost his false thug image.... Fucking wack nonsinging mofo.. I wonder how many of those cars Brandy bought for him, cuz his music is ass and porbably doesn't even go wood.. He will always be just Brandy's brother, nothing more than a waste of space.. I've always liked Brandy,. but can't stand this mofo... He is fucking with the wrong dude, cuz fab will drop him or have him handled.. fuck ray j and fuck big mouth mayweather..

  • LOL @ Fab

    LOL Fab got PUNKED!!!!!! and by a sweet nigga named Ray LOLOLOL Fab is a skinny nigga. Ray J wouldnt have no problem to beat him down

  • Anonymous

    no one gives a fuck, lol

  • Anonymous

    i got six rolls royces outside, 2 bentleys

  • Anonymous

    listen to him talk about his rolls royces over and over, damn bud no one cares about your fucking cars or crib like dat

  • Anonymous

    this r&b moesha dude gonna get hurt talking greasy on a street nigga like dat

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