50 Cent Says He's Fed 2.5 Million People & Finished New Album

50 talks about his Street King venture and how it has helped him feed 2.5 million people and he announces that he's done with the new album.

After announcing that his Street King venture has fed more than 2.5 million people, 50 Cent also recently announced that his album is completed. The G-Unit emcee phoned in to his own G-Unit Radio to speak about these two parts of his life. He also shed some light on why he's "growing in different areas" and how he credits the growth to traveling. 

"2.5 million," he said when asked how many people he's fed through his Street King venture. "Every time they purchase SK [energy drink], a child is being fed. I went to Africa. When you see it up close, it's a whole different thing from when you see it in commercials. You'll be affected by it."

According to 50, his goal is to feed a billion people through this venture.

"If just one percent of business was given to charitable organizations, we would alleviate all of extreme poverty around the world," he noted.

50 also made sure to explain how his growth has come about.  

"You can see I'm growing in different areas. I've been exposed to different things. I've traveled. I've been able to interact with people of different ethnic backgrounds. It's given me a different insight and perspective on different things."

Moving into music, the G-Unit's general explained that he is finished with his album, though some changes may take place soon. He also added that he feels the timing needs to be right for this album. 

"I'm actually, I feel like I'm done with the album. I'm going through the mixing process. It may change, a couple songs may not sound as good to me once they're all the way mixed and I'll feel like I have to replace it with something. Music, to me, it marks time. A classic is timing. I haven't made a song that wasn't up to standard, when you listen to, you say, 'This is garbage.' You just have to be in the mood for it, maybe. The timing might've been bad during the release for some of the actual songs but it's not necessarily a record that you're saying, 'I can't listen to this. What is this? Turn it off.'"

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  • Vegard Møller

    It's amazing what you can buy with 50 cent in Africa nowadays.

  • LloydBanks

    50 Cent in his prime was on par with any rapper IMO



  • Anonymous

    http://soundcloud.com/this-j-bird-bitch jbird bitch new album coming soon i hope 50's album is good, keep feedin the chillins and stop fuckin with jersy shore faggots

  • Vinnie Hernandez

    Ok lets get this straight; Game only came out with 2 solidly good albums [The Documentary and R.E.D. Album] and 2 decent albums [LAX and Game's 2nd album] but he won't do what Fif did years ago and I honestly think no one will as of right now and the next years coming [Breakout first album wise as a rapper in both quality, and sales]. Game gets his credit for R.E.D. Album no doubt because as a true fan, you can clearly see he made Watch The Throne overrated and even people thought this album, Game would just lay in his coffin but he didn't but I don't think you'll see anyone in this generation of rap in a huge label do what 50 Cent did unless its Kendrick Lamar in the near year or so. As of GRDT, thats a classic and if your trying to become an upcoming rapper, thats a great album to listen to considering your trying have more attributes artist wise. But lets get this clear, Game never had a classic and if there is an album that he made that can be close to a classic, it'll be his first album and thats it.

  • Anonymous

    50 cent street love>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>internet

  • cmon son

    yeah they really hate 50 in his hood http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5szkfE6BTA&feature=related

  • haha

    you internet geeks make me laugh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rY1fhfRuGhI

  • haha

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gff8ofC9IGE&feature=related yeah they said he cant go back to his hood because he fake gtfoh

  • Anonymous


  • WE


  • Rowan Vermeulen

    It's definetily positive what 50 is doing in Africa but I do have my doubts about how helpfull is really is. You really have to concentrate on more than just feeding people. If you wanna help them, build schools and let food and water be provided to the children there. Set-up actions to control the extreme birth rate. How long have those 2.5 million been fed? a week? a month? This is cool but 10 years from now you still can't say that you made a difference there, you just gave them some food for a little while.

    • Anonymous

      Where is your fucking african contribution. other than complaining on how other ppl dont do enough. where you at? why arent you building schools in africa?

    • Bokito

      Going to school with empty stomach will kill you...so food is def a good begin. Anyway 50 can't do all by his self. He takes part to feed people. Other people should try to do something else. We together can make a change.

  • Ricky Rozay

    This fake ass nigga aint never done no charity work. All this nigga cares about is scream gunit and talkin bout his vitamin water deal. Fuck this nigga! Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Anonymous

      He's definitely done more than any fake baaawse.He's Helped ppl. more than either Rick Ross' have done.

    • Know facts before you talk

      You better go and do something useful. 50 Cent has done dosens of charity work. The reason you don't know this is maybe because of your age. How old are you? I think not even 16. Some examples are the G-Unity Foundation which does a lot for childeren who need help. Besides that 50 brought the park back for the society in South Side Jamaica Queens in New York. I guess the park is even called after him.

  • chris

    What about when these 2.5 million people have 10 kids each. that's another 25 million starving kids. food for thought...

  • LOIS

    Get Rich Or Die Tryin = Classic (8x plat) Massacre = Classic (5x plat) Curtis = Very Dope album (1x Plat) Before I Self Destruct = Decent (Gold)

  • Lorenzo Melendez

    Hi 50.Waz Up? How do u feel?The Feeding.Is diferent and a big joy in your hard.That god brings togetherin us.1 out Harlem Larry G.

    • Mu

      Wow, dude. I think "Hooked on Phonics" is still avaiable. I consider myself a pretty smart dude and I can't even understand what the hell you were trying to say.

  • Jim C

    Before i Self Destruct was a great album, anyone that says it wasnt must of listened to somethin else or just hatin..

  • Anonymous

    im not a big 50 Cent fan, but i have to give him mad props for helping 2.5 million ppl with some food. you dont really hear current rappers doing some real charity work like that

  • koth561

    Since when was Before I Self Destruct trash? I would rather hear 50 on some grimy shit than listen to homosexuality on the radio...smh.... If you quote KRS-One, he would rather pop Get Rich or Die Trying in before he listens to Kanye West for one reason..... 50 still keeps it gutter.

  • Anonymous

    Go shovel some more snow and STFU

  • Anonymous

    lets b real, aint nuthin "CLASSIC" ABOUT GAME OR 50, seriously, they each had one good album, their first one, the one that sold the most.

    • HAA

      ^Also all the mixtapes he came out with and the G-unit albums.

    • Anonymous

      yeah power of the dollar is a classic grodt classic he wrote all the hits on the documentry then comes out with the massacre which some people say is better than grodt and the videos from the massacre cmon stop hating

  • Anonymous

    hope it dont sound like the trash he put on this site, if so he just lost another fan

  • Nico 3

    What new album? Nobody's checking for anything right now. Just ask Game.

  • Anonymous

    Props to you 50, thats way more important then music. Hope your albums good tho..

  • jesterxxl

    I'ma fan of both 50 & Game but every fuckin time one of em does somethin some fuckin idiot gotta bring the other up '50 done this, Game did that etc bull' fuck let it slide that shit is ollld. As for the charity work fuck he was serious I hate people who jump on bandwagons like with album sequels, swagga & same fuckin features but I would like to see artists follow Snoop, Jay & 50 to name a 'few' with givin back to people who don't want but need.

  • nomad

    i wonder if him and dre gettin in the studio has anything to do with his album being done

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      ^^And he's busy putting his beats by Dre in our Chrysler 300 S.. I ain't mad at him for stacking his money up with all the different ventures, but shit don't tell us about detox for so many years and not give us the damn thing... I guess he'll be ready to put it out when I'm 60 years old in 3 or so decades.. $200 to $400 for headphones though, wtf...I want them, but I'm gonna probably get some woman to buy them for me, cuz I ain't paying that much for them....

    • Anonymous

      dre dont make music anymore he sells overpriced headphones and laptops

  • cmon son

    good job with the charity work put your money where your mouth is instead of TRYING to buy a 8million dollar car

  • BWS

    Actually, your last 2 albums were completely garbage ... Sorry Fif. Game got 4 classic albums, you got one! Game over!

    • dockevoc

      If the P.I.N.K. album is a classic than hip hop as a whole is done. THat shit was fucking terrible. It may be album of the year, though...on the gay charts...

    • Anonymous

      you mean 50 created and the docementry can touch grodt or the massacare the massacare was a borderline classic like grodt was a classic

    • JG

      uuumm yall are trippin, Game has 3 fire albums in Doc, DA, and R.E.D(best album of the year). 50 has 2 hot albums. And the Documentary remains the best product and only classic G-Unit has ever created

    • Anonymous

      LAX sucked bad, so did Curtis and Before I Self Destruct, so idk what ya'll are arguing about..

    • Anonymous

      SMH Game has 3 decent albums and one that sucks aint nothing classic bout that nigga still a better average then 50 got that, 50 got one good album and 3 that suck

    • Anonymous

      4 clasic albums hahah how old are you 50 second album is better than games last 3 and im a game fan

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