Troy Davis Executed After Supreme Court Denies Request For Stay Of Execution

UPDATE #4: Despite protesters' best efforts, the state of Georgia executed Troy Davis.

Protesters will gather in Atlanta, Georgia this morning (September 19) to halt the execution of Troy Davis, scheduled for this Wednesday (September 21).

Davis' representatives will be presenting their case for clemency at 9:00 AM this morning at a hearing in front of Georgia's Board of Pardons and Paroles, reports the Ledger-Enquirer.

Davis was convicted 20 years ago and sentenced to death for the 1989 murder of Georgia police officer Mark MacPhail.

However, hundreds of thousands have signed petitions urging the board to spare Davis due to the controversial nature of the case. Former President Jimmy Carter and Pope Benedict XVI are among those who have asked that Davis get a new trial.

"The case against him consisted entirely of witness testimony which contained inconsistencies even at the time of the trial," says Amnesty International's website. "Since then, all but two of the state's non-police witnesses from the trial have recanted or contradicted their testimony."

"Many of these witnesses have stated in sworn affidavits that they were pressured or coerced by police into testifying or signing statements against Troy Davis."

Perhaps the most chilling aspect of the case is the fact that one of the two witnesses who has not recanted his testimony, Sylvester "Red" Coles, is the principle alternative suspect. Amnesty International reports the nine individuals have signed affidavits implicating Coles in the crime.

To sign Amnesty International's petition to stop the September 21 execution of Troy Davis, please click here.

More on this story as it develops. Below, watch Jasiri X's "I Am Troy Davis (T.R.O.Y.)," a track dedicated to raising awareness about this issue.

UPDATE: The Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles denied Troy Davis' bid for clemency.

"It is with a very heavy heart and a deep sense of outrage that I let you know that the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles voted to deny clemency to Troy Davis," said a letter sent from Amnesty International.

"This means that very little is standing in the way of the state of Georgia executing a potentially innocent man this Wednesday, September 21 st at 7pm."

"The actions of the Board are astounding in the face of so much doubt in the case against Troy Davis. However, we are not prepared to accept the decision and let anyone with the power to stop the execution off the hook."

Amnesty asks that Troy Davis supporters call Chatham County's District Attorney's office by either telephone: (912)-652-7308 or Fax: (912) 652-7328.

"We'll be organizing a Day of Protest today to express our outrage at the recent decision to deny Troy Davis clemency," added Amnesty. "And on Wednesday (Sept. 21), we're calling for a Day of Vigil on Troy's impending execution date. If you are able to organize locally for either of these events, please tell us about your plans."

UPDATE #2: Killer Mike has spoken to about the issue, and has revealed plans to join protesters tomorrow (September 21) to challenge the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles' decision.

"I am going to [Savannah, Georgia tonight] to join the protest tomorrow. the state of Georgia is killing a man who is possibly innocent and that's a tragedy," said Mike.

HipHopDX has also learned that the Georgia Parole board is currently taking phone calls at (404) 656-5651, and counting the number of individuals calling in support of Troy Davis. To reach the proper department, dial 5 in the first touch tone menu.

UPDATE #3: The Supreme Court of the United States has asked for an hour-long delay of Troy Davis' execution while they confer. The news broke on Democracy Now's live stream, which can be accessed here:

UPDATE #4: The time of Troy Anthony Davis' death was 11:08 PM today (September 21).

After deliberating, the Supreme Court denied Troy Davis' motion for a stay of execution.

The announcement, which was not accompanied by any explanation, came at approximately 10:20 PM, over three hours after Davis' originally scheduled execution.

First-hand accounts of the execution indicated the following:

Troy Davis told the family of the victim, Mark MacPhail, that despite the situation they are in, "I am not the one who did it, I was not the one personally responsible." He then apologized for their loss, and restated that he did not take their son, father, and brother, and told them to dig deeper into the case to find out the truth.

Davis told his family to keep praying, keep working, and to keep the faith.

To the prison guards there to administer the execution, Davis told them, "May God have mercy on your souls. May God bless your souls."


  • JellyBean

    I wonder how Sylvester "Red" Coles is doing today? Is he a happy man? Is he at peace? Does he sleep peacefully? Has Troy visited you in your dreams? Has Officer McPhail visited you in your dreams? Have you talked to God about this situation? Have you asked for forgivness? Have you forgiven?

  • vicki

    I don't agree that people who are present at a murder should be executed. Or is the argument that black males who are at the scene of the murder should all be given state executions? This argument does not make sense.

  • hey

    just so u niggas know, muammer ghaddafi uses black magic

  • Nico 3

    No, may God have mercy on your soul, assuming you got right with him before you departed. Has anyone read the case file? He either shot the cop, or stood there and watched Cole shoot him. Does that not make you an accomplice to murder? Did these two not get into a fight with a homeless man over a beer??? Then it comes out that earlier the same day, Davis had been involved in another shooting. But I guess that was coincidental? Maybe deep down he was being sincere in what he believed was his innocence, but unfortunately, the law doesn't operate on hear say, and flip flops. So what happened if the judge had over-turned it, then a week later, the same 7 people who changed their stories and said he was innocent, changed it back and said he did? The law doesn't work that way people. I didn't know Davis, and to an extent, I can see why some might be bothered by the DP, assuming they didn't know his past, but I think Davis knew this was inevitable, but instead of accepting responsibility, he tried blaming everyone but himself. Every lifer in San Quentin says the same thing right after their latest parole bid is denied.

  • Troy Dizzle Davis

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  • Troy Dizzle Davis

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  • Osiel Salas

    50 cent got the money and the power to get Davis of the hook.

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  • George Bush

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    • Anonymous

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    • OBAMA

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    • George H. W. Bush

      Son, I told you I don't wanna hear any of this racist shit. No wonder everyone hates you. Next you're going to try to say Davis knocked down the towers? Come on, lets be grown ups.

  • Anonymous

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  • The Revolutionary

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  • Matt

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  • ryan_mc

    americas goverment is the most corrupt goverment in the world feed there people and the world there lies and kill innocent men to cover up for some shit theve done viva la revolution mother fuckers dont stand for this bullshit

    • SouthsideBalla31

      Nah dawg, America's government can suck, I know, but here in Brazil is much worse, and there's other countries that is worse than here and there togetha'! Man, these mo'fuckers, we should lock 'em all, these government mo'fuckers and all that crooked cops or any other type of people that think that can order us. Fuck all of 'em!!

  • @MikeDizzle_504

    If you care about Troy Davis You would read this: Somebody might get mad when they read this but iHonestly dont care so here it is: Since everybody is in the business of talking about justice this post is dedicated to those commenting on Troy Davis and others thats going thru the same thing. When has it been cool or right to justify death with death? If somebody kill a friend of mine, I would be wrong if i find the killer myself and put a bullet in his head! I would get life in prison and/or the death penalty depending on if the person i killed was a black or white. Statistics says that MORE BLACK men has been sentenced to death for killing a WHITE person then a BLACK man killing a BLACK man...They would just lock you up for life in prison! The President of United States could fly AMERICANS into foreign countries to go kill Osama Bin Laden and then dump his body in an ocean but if I go in somebody neighborhood kill someone, then throw his body in the mississippi river, i would go to jail. So with all of that said: Is it ok to kill someone just because you have a few years of education and a degree and put the word "legal" in it? Dick Cheney shot his friend accidentally. We all know that accidents happen but he didnt go to jail! But if Plaxico Burress shoots hisself he has to go to jail???? We as Americans have to stand up not for just Troy Davis but everybody who has fucked up encounters with our justice system. Somebody told me that there is nothing I can do about it. Yes there is something! We could stop killing each other and start VOTING! We could stand up for what is right!!! Dont start because of TROY DAVIS! He is in a better place! Stand up for the rest of the prisoners who are INNOCENT! I would like to send my prayers to The Davis Family, The MacPhail Family and everybody who was involved.

    • birdman

      "Secondly, theres NOTHING dangerous about a law abiding citizen like an NFL player walkin around wit a loaded gun to protect himself."....Really didnt he take the gun to a club and shoot his own self.. you dont find that dangerous????

    • birdman

      @realtalk Where in my comment did I defend NY gun law?? And its the people who carry handguns that are killing our people. If you dont have a gun you cant shoot nobody!! I understand that people got to do what they got to do to survive in poverty stricken areas but thats the point. My friend as long as people are carrying guns around you put yourself in a position to get treated like Plexico or even Troy Davis, then wanna turn around and put the blame on somebody else. Funny how we forgive these high profile media types but then kill our neighbor in 2 seconds for rocking the wrong flag, or throwing up the wrong gang sign. Not here to argue

    • Real Talk

      @birdman Are you serious, you want to defend New Yorks gun laws and demonize people that carry guns? First of all, New York's gun laws, some of the strictest in the country WORK SO WELL. Did you know that 67 people were shot over the Labor day weekend? You notice the stricter the gun laws they make, the worse gun violence gets? Secondly, theres NOTHING dangerous about a law abiding citizen like an NFL player walkin around wit a loaded gun to protect himself. Youve never lived or been in a poor crime ridden area. Plus you never read the Constitution or the words of the Founding Father who adamantly defended our right to protect ourselves wit guns. Actually whats "dangerous" is when you are walkin down the street without a gun and a bunch of guys decide to rob and shoot you dead, and the police show up 10 minutes later to chalk your body up and your case never gets solved.

    • birdman

      I understand your point but Plexico carried a loaded handgun to a packed club and should be thankful that he shot himself and not someone else ask lil wayne, and ja rule about that gun law NY, y would an nfl superstar carry a handgun anyways....are you really going to shoot someone if you get into an altercation??? If one of your family members was in that club and got shot accidently by him would you have the same opinion?

  • iaintnojoke

    Whoever used that beautiful song for that fucking loser in the video deserves to be crucified

  • White person in the Tea Party

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  • Martin Luther King

    Maybe we should drafting laws on black paper so when the House or the Senate vetoes them, we can get everyone involved in voting for those who will pass them. There are still other avenues to get involved. How powerful would it have been if we consistently banded together (instead of one time for Obama, and one time for a murderer) for the good of ourselves as well as the country. This isn't about black vs. white vs. brown, vs. yellow anymore, this is about all of us against the ultra-rich. Everyday justice is being trampled upon for profits at our expense and we wanna bitch about how the lady at the corner store is racist. I know this is too long of an opinion for most of you, and all I'm trying to say is- instead of banding together for the benefit of one man, let's get more involved in voting for those who will help the middle and lower class families. If the "justice" of this case is what made you join the bandwagon, then think about how just privatized businesses have their systems set up in ways to charge us more for the services we use. Oh, by the way, yesterday in Texas a white man was executed. Why no page for him, HHDX?

    • Anonymous

      Real Talk: the repubs wanna cut medicare (which helped me out when my family was below the poverty line), don't wanna be taxed in proportion to middle and lower class families, and were the figureheads behind the educational reform. things can be better, but we have to understand that it is not going to happen in a matter of months. montages don't happen in real life. we have to hear to what each party wants to do and decide if we want to be a part of the push for the long haul. with that said, the republican party wants a smaller government so they can make money with tax loopholes that favor large corporations. they don't wanna pay their fair share to fund the services that families like mine need. please stop believing in "god" and "utopia", but believe that things can be better. on a personal note, i loved the CAPS.

    • Anonymous

      you're a smart man, brother. i hope other points of my post stuck out to you as well.

    • Real Talk

      Ya you know your right, what American cities REALLY NEED to help poor and middle class people is ANOTHER 70+ years of Democrat Party rule. Because they have done such a GREAT job kickin out evil RICH businesses, and educating our children, and stopping crime, and stripping away our 2nd Amendment rights, and empowering a police state where they can just stop and frisk you [4th Amendment?], and creating tons of jobs and prosperity!

    • Re: The white man executed

      There was no page because it was clear that he did it and deserved the death penalty (within the standards set up for it) while the evidence against Davis was not solid enough justify the death penalty

  • I am NOT Troy Davis

    This was our chance to stand together with other races, cops, and govt officials who believe in what we believed in. To convince those in power that the circumstances warranted at worse, life in prison. How powerful would it had been for us if thousands of people from all walks of life stood in front of that prison. Instead, we used this opportunity to hate on those that stood beside us. We told those that supported Troy Davis that they don't understand, this is a black vs white thing. And then when the time came where we needed support from people from all walks of life, we stood alone, and wondered why no one cared. How sad. May god bless the all of the victims of this tragedy and have mercy on Troy's soul.

    • Real Talk 100

      Ya u know UR RIGHT! Instead of standin in front of City Hall or the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta to protest the RACIST Atlanta Public School System for ruining the lives of 1,000's of poor minorities, we should STAND UP for a guilty murderer named Troy Davis who has his lawyers try to lock up an INNOCENT BLACK MAN named Sylvester Redd Coles. Because that is how you stand for JUSTICE in America, by turnin MONSTERS into VICTIMS, and ignoring the REAL VICTIMS of REAL RACISM in America.

  • Real Talk

    You gotta wonder WHY is HipHopDX holdin up a dry snitch murderer as a false martyr everyday? Where was all this outrage when the Atlanta Public School scandal broke? Your talkin about REAL RACISM that continues to destroy black children everyday versus PHONY MADE UP RACISM designed to gin up a mob!

  • Real Talk

    Yo check this out, how about instead of defendin a GUILTY MURDERER (who tried to dry snitch on an INNOCENT BLACK MAN named Sylvester Redd Coles), and we FIGHT REAL RACISM goin on in Georgia? Namely the scandal wit the Atlanta Public School MONOPOLY, that DESTROYED the futures of countless THOUSANDS of minority children!

  • Real Talk

    Why don't you read the prosecutors account of the FACTS. Troy Davis was GUILTY. Troy's attorneys even tried pinning this on an INNOCENT BLACK MAN instead:

  • steve

    was this guy a rapper? wtf is this even on this site? oh wait... because he's black!!!! Lololololololol!!!!

  • Anonymous

    he shouldve been executed back 20 years ago when that shit happened, its only a big deal because its happening now and not then..eye for an eye

  • big z

    Damn the beast can only be a beast its a fucking cold blooded murder is this a hip hop site or fuckin what ! how long ????? how long ???? damn

  • jesterxxl

    I believe only bona-fide (caught in the fuckin act basically) killers, murderers rapist & child molesters should be executed & no not after so many years straight away they've took an innocent life or seriously fucked one up then its karma. But as for Troy that's just sad man we know they knew he was innocent but I believe Georgia so fuckin called finest didn't wanna look bad or pay out... Money don't even fuckin buy back all those years. Such a sad day R.I.P. Troy Davis I wonder what the family of the officer thoughts are on the matter.

  • JG3

    Ever since finding about this sad case, I haven't been in the right frame of mind. I find myself sitting at work wanting to snap on every white person I work with. Knowing thats not right...But the state of GA (a bunch of white people) who could not prove Troy Davis killed a white cop has been killed...that's not right. I know in order to be convicted of murder, there must be a murder weapon and an eye witness...neither of which the prosecution had in this case. My heart goes out to the family of Troy Davis and to those who are responsible for this mistake...I hope y'all live forever. R.I.P. Troy Davis

    • Anonymous

      birdman, i dig. i've never gone through an officer's assault, but i like that you realize this isn't about race anymore. all of this is keeping us from matters at hand, and those are how the politicians are running this country. if we demand from ourselves what we demand from politicians, we will act that way towards others. it starts with us, but it's easier to follow the "bewildered herd" and join gangs (crips, race). we gotta worry about our success, and how we can fairly treat others once we achieve it.

    • birdman

      my 23 year old white girlfriend who weighs 115 pounds was beaten and bruised by 2 white cops tasered 3 times chipped 2 teeth and is facing 3 felonys for a dui stop of which she had 2 beers and a shot, so us white folk get it to man and this was 2weeks ago...all i have to say is we as a people need to stop causing each other pain...from the president all the way down to the homeless man from the racist redneck white trash to blood and crips killing each other over colors and land they dont even own. Whats the fucking point once your dead its fucking over. We need to learn to forgive in this society and stop tearing down our people all people.

  • wu4lyf

    Guilty or not, the state should never have the right to take a life of a citizen as a punishment. Giving legitimacy to this institutionalised violence is morally offensive and fundamentally corrupt. Americans must campaign harder to outlaw the death sentence - a relic of the past.

    • Anonymous

      We must come together for the betterment of society. People in this case are demonstrating that we band together for race. You bring another interesting point, but an example of what other systems in place we the people must think about and use our voting power to change.

  • Anonymous

    they shold boycott this state if that all it takes to kill a black person they can easy get any one of us. he can't let this slide it open season on niggas. the state should be boycotted. dont travel there or have any convention there. hit this in the pocket book.

  • Anonymous

    Sean Bell Gets shot 50 TIMES and everyone of those cops get to go home Fuck the Pigs, i think they killed big and pac too/ If they didin't they know who did they got to/ -Talib Kweli "The Proud" Its sad but police are currupt not all but some

  • Brizz

    Sickening. All people in the world that are pro death penalty need to wake up fast. Ruined my day to find this out, makes me sick how people justify death penalty in the states. Yall need to check yourselfes. R.I.P Troy Anthony Davis.

  • Go Figure:

    Here the truth and a little lessen for all your'll dumb ass BLACK PEOPLE out there NIGGAS, how the hell anyone in power going too take any request from rapper serious, when that all most rapper rap about is murder, murder, kill, kill, you cant glorify something then turn around and be against it, doesn't made sense to anyone that have a high education that most of these dumb ass rapper do. Seriously explain

    • Anonymous

      he's pointing out the irony of those who say they will pop you and will not care, and how they act when someone who does is facing real problems. I believe it is the responsibility of rappers, who have such a huge audience, to motivate the people not just for the benefit of one man (troy davis or their own pocketbook), but to get us to vote for those who will steer the country the right way.

    • Severe Thebeneficent

      smh now is not the time for the internet ranting bullshit bruh, like seriously...

    • JG3

      What you had to say has nothing to do with nothing pertaining to this case.

  • Hi Man2.0

    Disgusting, RIP Troy Davis!

  • Real Talk

    Troy Davis killed a cop, and was executed for it. Period.

  • Truth


  • Ikenna Berkley Jones

    The black race/hip hop artist promotes murda/gang life/selling Drugs in ther records and u wonder y the police always target black people.Nikkas luv the hole "Keep it real shit". They carry a gun and they think they real but when they get sent to jail they scream its cuz I'm black.. We black people r the most hypocritical race on earth. I know not all of us support that gang shit but when u have majority of our artist praising the gang culture what do u expect.I admit some cops r bias and crooked but I also admit we as a black race brought it on our self. I know whites also have gangs but u don't c d whites artist promoting it in there records. Wake up man.Stop using d same old excuse is cuz I'm black shit.I c niggas who do postive shit, the white Man did not put d gun in ur hand, he made d gun but we choose to go and buy it. And pls don't even come @ me with all that I was raised in The hood shit.I c niggas from the hood who choose to go to school and do postive..

    • Anonymous

      I agree with the original poster. We gotta stop it with this keep it real shit. I understand that it's nice to hear the story of our struggle dispersed to the masses so they can understand and we have our justification/redemption, but continuing to live in that manner only brings problem on ourselves. T.I. was on probation, was caught riding dirty, then pleaded with the judge for a second chance. he didn't get it. was it because he was black? no, it was because he went against the trust the state gave him to follow the rules and broke them. he was keeping it real "just don't give a fuck, no one tells me what to do, fuck the cops", and now look at where he's at. i'm trying to get people to use their talents for the good of the people, and to keep up with the current events of our nation so we can better it. is it impossible for me to do it? yeah, i'm only one man, but if i touch one person, then two people have more exposure to these ideas than i ever did. why do you wanna ride around causing trouble all your life? there's something in you you can use to help your community, or if you're lucky, the state, or the country.

    • Severe Thebeneficent

      Are you fuckin serious man? what are you like 10? You got it fucked up lil man. 1st this case got absolutely NOTHING to do with entertainment so dont mix the 2 up for your little speech. 2nd HOW FUCKIN DARE YOU! you little punk! What do YOU do to help your community? What are you actively involved in since your so opinionated? I see you holdin up a bottle of don P & rockin an afro in your pic, thats hypocritical in itself BRO! I wouldnt expect you to understand what an afro signifies just by your comment! We live in America, a flawed hypocritical country built off of racism lies and hatred yet YOU THINK were the most hypocritical race? And I guess the KKK is just misunderstood huh? NONE OF THIS is in your favor never was intended to be and never will be! Your call a MINORITY, meaning minor, meaning you aint shit in americas eyes from birth because your skin color. yet this is the land of the free? AMERICA says this. This is hypocrisy in the fuckin pledge of allegiance!! Thats psychological slavery. WE actually WERE slaves and are encouraged to get over it even with all the rape & murder that had gone unaccounted for..."get over it"...thats what WE ARE told...get over it...BLACK AMERICA is the ONLY RACE, THE ONLY RACE ON THIS ENTIRE PLANET with no true connection to its roots...think about this...BLACK AMERICA is the face of poverty, racism & ignorance not because we WANT TO because were slaves to these conditions and have been for hundreds of years! Thats fuckin genocide man! Dont you fuckin get it? Its not a fuckin excuse! yeah niggas misuse it everyday but dont you go wagging your finger at EVERYBODY! You actually think police target black men, US, YOU AND ME, because we ask for it? smdh...Tell that to sean bells family, oscar grants family, amadou diallos family, the jena 6 boys..tell them that...Nothing you say is gonna change the fact of WHO you are u chicken shit. WHAT YOU ARE & BECOME is up to you as a black man. Man up stop thinking like a black coward. Dont think white people are perfect...dont even do it...half the bullshit we do in america/black america is a LEARNED BEHAVIOR from white folks anyway! You need to seriously go do some research on the beauty of our people ASAP cause you sound like a complete moron. yeah yeah you dont wanna hear it, well thats how assholes like you come to your narrow minded opinion cause you dont wanna fuckin listen. You little runt. HUMANS with a working brain are protesting worldwide, never mind color, you have all walks of life against this case. Its blatant racism its unfair and its also typical. And thats a problem. A PEOPLE problem. dont be scared of your skin color...white folks pay good money to mimick the genuis of melanin! WHere the hell is your father at man? He gets an F smh...


      see your absolutely wrong. Your problem is that you think shit is supposed to be one way in life and no one should be allowed to contradict themselves and you and everyone else who thinks like that is wrong. A man has the right to change his mind or glorify something in a song and not support it you know why. Cause we have that right and though you may not understand it doesn't mean it should be ignored or blown off because that person is a fucking human which means they have humanity. And you hate your own race and talk about black people like we aren't the ones sent tot the damn chair to die the most when a white person gets killed even if it isn't true. You see thats your problem right there you think all that other shit gives them a reason to justify killing someone innocent. Fuck this country its shit and all the people who let innocent people die. And by the way white people do make music about the same shit rappers do only know one gives a shit because most white rap is considered lame (its nothing racist just something i notice) and black people being the most hypocritical race is complete bs Ive ever heard can you say separation of church and state then look at the back of the dollar bill "in god we trust" oh not to mention the whole we come in peace lets take all their land thing with all the native American or how about how white people like Casey Anthony can get off when her child was killed HER FUCKING CHILD and no one is held accountable! every race is hypocritical but you my racist self hating friend....your just an idiot

  • Shady

    this is least lock the dude for life...dont kill him...its not like he worked with Al Qaida or some shit like that

  • shox

    some of you people are disgusting. he didn't do it. if you were on a witness stand facing a murder charge and in the end, all there was were 2 witnesses, one of whom is the OTHER CHIEF SUSPECT in the case giving statements, NO murder weapon, NO dna evidence, in fact NO physical evidence AT ALL linking you to the crime and then to top it all off, 2 witnesses who actually under oath, give evidence that the other suspect was the killer and even confessed to setting you up as a fall guy, and then the judge handed you a death sentence, you'd all be grateful justice was done right? you happily lay on the table and take the injection right? lol. sure. They killed a black man. why would georgia care about that? sad sad state of affairs. and i'm white........... may god have mercy on all involved.

    • Jaws

      "...the judge handed you a death sentence, you'd all be grateful justice was done right?" When it comes down to it NO ONE would be grateful even if they did it. That said. The original case was a fair trial. Read up on it. Evidence attained through illegal means was not allowed, the jury was racialy well cast and the conclusion from the given evidence, witnesses and th events was a no brainer. Guilty. The problem of appeals for death sentence verdicts is a tricky issue, especially when its years after. Witnesses not under the threat of perjury anymore and not wanting to be responsible for a death among other issues often recant their statements. It happens so often its difficult to take under consideration in an appeal unless they take the stand again. This allows for oaths, cross examination and the threat of perjury if they lie. Without that it is not admissible as evidence! Considering how often this happens in such cases, can you blame them? Considering the case has been won a couple of times, within fair circumstances i dont think our minimal knowledge of the case compared to entire records is enough for a sound argument. No evidence at all? Truth is, his fleeing the scene, the witness confirmed clothing found in the dryer and most damning of all the witness reports (yes im counting them, they were under oath and were cross examined by both sides and found to hold up by judge and a predominantly black jury discounting racism)

    • FLX

      I fully agree except for the mercy part. May all those who are responsible for the murder that took place last night fry in hell, if there is such a thing.

  • fuck the system

    its funny how casey anthony gets aquitted for the gruesome crime she committed while ma boy troy gets lynched even though there were clear signs of ambiguity and inconsistencies in the testimonials..US judicial System is a joke played by people in power with the commoners...FTS!!!

  • Troy Davis

    dont worry homies, i'm still alive, up here in the thugz mansion smokin a blunt with biggie and 2pac

  • fuckyall

    How come everybody's talkin about if he innocent or guilty instead of questioning why the US is still executing people like this? It's not like he was a psychopath child molester or something. He was convicted for killing a cop in the 80's! I'm not saying that's valid, but they could've locked dude up for good instead of executing him. fuck this shit

  • Anonymous

    Jason, you obviously are not aware of the full details of the case. His buddy Sylvester Coles was proved to own and be in possession of a .38 caliber weapon, which was used in the murder, as well as him personally admitting to the murder to another individual. Bullets from the .38 were recovered at the scene, which the accused didn't own. I guess someone would just go out and pop two people in the same night? Makes sense right ....? shut the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    the state of Georgia should be disgraced at what they've done today, so should every member of the united states supreme court. you've executed a man who had overwhelming evidence proving his innocence yet you still feel the need to go through with the execution . do you need more then 7 out of 9 jurors recanting their statements to give someone a second chance? your all fucking idiots, a serious change is needed, as well as a murder charge for anyone who decided not to intervene. your all useless suit dummy's, who've created a martyr that will hopefully lead you to alter your stupid fucking legal system - a disturbed Canadian

    • Jaws

      The number of recanting witnesses are always high in death penalty cases. Nothing unusual about that. It may have to do with trends or not wanting to feel guilty over someones death, i cant say for sure, im not a psychologist. My point is this, there were grounds for not accepting his appeal whether you agree with them or not. So before we all shout "conspiracy" and "racism" we should consider that. My personal issue with it is i don't agree with the death penalty. A state sanctioned execution...what century are we in? That said, claiming he was innocent based on recanting witnesses still isn't valid.

    • Anonymous

      Jaws, recanting witnesses' statements a number of years after the case is a common thing , but 7 out of the 9? That is a highly unusual number of members to recant their statements. It seems very unusual and bizarre for all of them to change their views on the situation so quickly, unless their was some sort of previous coercion by law officials or police officers, which would not be surprising.

    • Jaws

      I agree that the death penalty may have been drastic given the state of the case, but overwhelming evidence? Lets be realistic here. Recanting witnesses outside of court years after the case is a common thing. The court cant take into account the recanted statements when witnesses aren't under the risk of perjury as overwhelming evidence. They have to consider everything, and there are many other factors that contributed to the initial judgement, add the doubt of psychology of how witnesses behave and you can at least understand why they weren't jumping to overturn the judgement. Its not as simple as youd like, a few media tid bits of the case have to be weighed against lengthy court proceedings and what was discovered. Insulting people while not considering the entire case yourself and all the process that goes into making these decisions isn't the right way to go.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe he did, maybe he didnt, dont assume to know one way or the other bloggers

  • Wess siiiide cuuuhh

    Damn that's a sad story... Nate dogg rest in peace!!

  • My god

    Why couldnt it have been lil b based god...

  • I'm just sayin

    Goddamn..mmmm mmmm mmmm mutha fuckin h...sad story brings a tear to ma eye. Ayy woodnt it be a bitch doe if the guy dat really did it came forward nd sez he did it?!

  • YouSerious?

    You know what the fucked up thing is besides the fact that this man was put to death? Now every rapper is going to jump to arms acting like their political activists. Rick Ross and Wayne will mention Troy Davis on a song with "Money" in the title in a lame punchline refference sometime in the near future.

  • 2nPac

    I love how everyone presumes the man is innocent. Research all the facts before you jump on to the bandwagon of a particular cause. I don't know all of the facts to this case, so I'm not going to claim to know he's guilty or not. What I do know is that, he has been afforded the time to make countless appeals, and as racist as the system was back then, the Supreme Court of TODAY still didn't feel his case was good enough to have his execution stayed. And most of you would like to claim that the Court system is still racist, I'd beg to differ. That's classism you're seeing.

    • disturbed american

      @nackinsaw. I don't know what world you live in but racism definitely still exists. I'm not saying if it had to do anything with this case but I know for a fact it still exist. As long as there are different ethnic backgrounds, races, or creed there will be some type of racism or discrimination or oppression from race towards another.

    • Jaws

      @anonymous "your a fucking dumbass" You lost me here. The moment you resort to insults because you dont agree with someone is the moment your argument loses all merit. Especially if the other argument IS a possibility. Especially when after posturing "Talk when you have some more facts, if not, no one wants to hear either of you" you dont give any facts yourself to back up your apparently so-amazing claims that you feel people are idiots for not agreeing. @nakinsaw the ". Silly people." was unnecessary but yes, people should think this through, and do research, both sides of the argument before jumping to pick a side

    • Anonymous

      your a fucking dumbass, do some more research before you start rambling on about something you don't know two shits about. Nakinaw your just as dumb for agreeing with 2npac, whatever that name is. This man deserved another trial, not the fate that was handed to him. Talk when you have some more facts, if not, no one wants to hear either of you

    • Nigga knowledge


    • Nakinaw

      Nicely played. Racism is a thing of the past. Classism is indeed alive and well. All these folks need to check the facts of the case. If it was that important to you, why didn't you raise a brow 5, 10, 15 years ago. Why now is this an issue? It is wise to throughly think things through, why can't we take a look at the facts ourselves and determine if this should be a widely publicized issue. Everyone is making assumptions that the judicial system is wrong because this particular case deals with a black man. Silly people.

  • jason

    Plus, He didn't say he wasn't responsible-he said he wasn't 'personally' responsible! He had to have been there and saw who did it-so why didn't he turn that person in so that person could be held accountable? He didn't because he was guilty-if he wasn't guilty he was dumb for not 'snitching'. By letting that person go free he's an accomplice to murder. No matter how you look at it, justice was served!

  • jason

    1) Davis fingered for being at the scene of two shootings/three crimes on the same night. The shell casings from both shootings matched. They came from the same .38 caliber. Common denominator: Troy Davis. 2) Taking off for Atlanta the same night as the shootings. So it is just a coincidence that he flees to Atlanta the same night of the two shootings. Atlanta is a 4 hour ride from Cloverdale (where Davis is from) some 248 miles. If you didn't do anything or weren't involved at all where are you going?

  • black power

    im a nikka and i admit my race is ignorant promiting gangs nd murder nd they come to protest a nikka about to b killed for killing a cop. im sad to b a nikka.

  • white power

    loooool @ u nikka..when will u learn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Was he there when the cop was murdered? I never understand the story, let alone really heard of it. And why is this gaining steam from all of these rap niggas a day or two before he was set to be executed? I think most of these rap cats speak when it's convenient for them. I agree with a few people's comments below that echoed such. Such a sad issue. But hopefully it brings light to a lot of people who need it.

    • jason

      He was pistol whipping a homeless man when the man he murdered tried to intervene. Scum of the earth, and he got exactly what he deserved.

  • simarany6

    Welcome to AtlVibe.. Create your community! Atlanta social networkAtlVibe is a social network based in Atlanta,Atlanta breaking news but is nationwide! It is the perfect place to connect with friends, family, and local artists.

  • Jason

    Troy Davis is guilty. We know because he did shoot another person a few hours before the murder of the police officer. The same gun was used for both shootings. 9 witnesses testified in open court that Troy Davis was the shooter. Yes 7 have since recanted, but that is not uncommon. And these recantations have very little substance. The actual statements appear to have been highly coached. This often occurs as witnesses, years later, motivated by political views, need to feel relevant, etc. can make these types of statements at no cost to them. We also know that after the shooting, Troy Davis quickly went to his mothers house, hid a pair of shorts in the dryer, and left for Atlanta. However, the shorts were excluded from trial on technical grounds.

  • Realness121

    Shit like this almost brings a tear,cause what if he didnt do it real talk May GOD Rest his soul if hes innocent

  • kirkseyrea

    well texas executed the last white man of the killing of that black man in jasper, texas that was pulled behind a pickup truck in 1998 to his death. you win some lose some

    • kirkseyrea

      everybody in prison thinks they innocent...oh well, do right in life

    • Lima

      yeah, you're sick in the head. this isn't a game, it's someone's life.

    • Anonymous

      you win some you lose? the fuck is wrong with you? these are human being not fucking marbles.

    • Anonymous

      If the state is going to execute people, it shouldn't be "you win some, you lose some". The execution of someone who didn't have strong enough evidence to justify it is a fucking travesty that doesn't magically get balanced out because a white guy in Texas was killed.

    • Donny Dickshinski

      no it shouldn't be win some lose some.. it should be whoever's guilty should get it not some people unrightfully killed.. and please tell me it wasn't "winning" because the white guy died..

  • BORN IN 86


    • Shone Jones

      @BORN IN 80 You are truly a dumbass. If he said anything, it would have been used against him and have emboldened these people. Don't be naive. If you want to get mad, get mad at black people who dont say/do/mobilize at all until its too late. Like many of us here. Troy Davis been on death row for 20 years now before you ever heard of Obama. Cant stand people who want Obama to be Jesus Obama or Obama Allah or whatever. There was nothing HE COULD HAVE DONE TO STOP THIS OR HELP THIS. Shit. Even the the Georgia governor couldnt do anything.

    • Dumb

      you are an uneducated fool. Obama cannot do anything. this is the sumpreme court decision (judiciary system) not the president's (executive system).

  • Acesun

    What the state of GA will have to deal with when after they execute TD, someone steps forward and claim they did it and provides the murder weapon, that person will become somewhat of a HERO because it will magnify the flaws of our justice system and mark the end of capital punishment. The president cannot intervene with the state level decision, even though it would have been real respectful of him to do.

  • Andrebugz

    I bet if it were Tracy Davis (Blonde Hair Blue eyes and Pale skin) this would have already been a thing of the past.

  • Acesun

    Sensaye252, Please do not stop educating these kids on this website, I find (some) of the rappers who tweeted did not care or was just doing what was trendy, some even just copied and pasted what others posted, they really don't care because like you said, if they had to donate 2% of their salary to stop this, they wouldn't. And to the white people coming onto the site trying to imply that race has something to do with why EVERYONE wants the execution stopped is because it is blatant unjustice, has nothing to do with the color of his skin. It so sad that even in the twenty-first century where we have all these technological advancements and other world accomplishments, that our legal system continues to be flawed and innocent people get wrongfully accused and executed. Very Disgusting, and makes me think hard about how the world will be when my children are my age.

    • Kevin

      @shark attack Do i think America shouldn't have the death penalty? Absolutely. As a nation, we're past that. It the freaking U.S of A! However do i think people claiming he is innocent because there's not enough evidence because of the biased way the evidence has been presented is pushing it? Yeah. Trial has rules. Evidence has to meet certain criteria. When they got Troy Davis shorts, the means used were unconstitutional and so they couldnt use it as evidence even if it was possible that they would have sorted out the case there and then and found him guilty. Those are the rules. For witnesses. They must be under oath so that they can be liable if they are found to have lied and they must be open to cross examination so the story can be verified. A witness recanting when not under those circumstances is legally meaningless. SO their testimonies are meaningless unless they take the stand and recant them there. So he WAS proven guilty. do the research and tell me the first case was anything but fair

    • Shark Attack

      @Acesun: Everything you've said is on point. I wish this site was full if more intelligent individuals like yourself. He innocent until proven guilty without proper evidence he is innocent. I hope the family of the policeman take in his last words and find out who really did It. @Kevin: Support for the cause is not about black or white. Its about the way the american justice system works and the fact that people are still being executed like its a communist country.

    • Kevin

      I'm black and even i think a lot of fuss is being made because he's black. Is there enough evidence for it to be said he's innocent? Not in the least. As far as the guilty verdict, its fair. Now, is there enough evidence to justify the death penalty. I think not. Then again. I've not been privy to an on and off case for 20 years! Claiming he's innocent is a stretch with out few media given facts of the case. A lot of people are commenting on race alone, that's evident.

  • Wtf

    So the media can cover the casey anthony story for a month but not even give this case the time of day? This was barely covered on CNN and Fox news

  • da1

    It's over the Supreme Court has Denied his appeal they're going to put him down.

  • Born in 86


  • jason

    This murderer should die as soon as possible. It's a joke that they haven't killed off this scumbag already. Don't want him to become to the next OJ. As in, the next black dude to get away with murder.

  • Acesun

    Why doesn't President Obama step in and stop this senseless, racial killing of a man that there not 100% sure did a crime? The Judicial system is so disgusting.

    • Jaws

      The president has no say in matters decided by the supreme court and there's almost always never 100% certainty in any case. Racial? Your assumptions on how the law works show us that you dont know much about it. The judicial system isnt perfect but you expect too much from it and have funny ideas about what a president should and shouldn't do. From the facts of the case taken in the entirety, and not ignoring some to make a point, it's highly likely he's guilty. Now, you could argue you dont think so, yes, you can argue that for any case. But to call it racial is stupid. Theres no evidence of racism at play. They took the facts and made a judgement call. if you think theyre wrong it doesn't make them racist. Black people are sometimes guilty too.

    • jason

      He's guilty and needs to die

  • Anonymous

    damn i was all excited until i read it was an hour delay i dont believe in god but if i did i would pray they dont kill this brother tonight

    • God is Real! Believe open your Bible's people!

      I pray that one day you accept Jesus into your heart as your personal savior and that you believe God raised Him from the dead! Amen! Being with God and reading His Word is the best thing that will EVER happen to you! TRUST!


    Delay means a hour or so:I wish they would've said "postponed" which would've meant days/weeks/months to look deeper into the weak case but delaying it is the least you can ask for at this point [i guess]

  • JackThriller

    THIS AIN'T HIP HOP!!!!!!!!!!

  • Louie

    If hes innocent then this is just wrong (the judicial system not working in a black mans favor???? SHOCKER) but if he is guilty, put him in that chair. Anyone who takes a life, should get theirs taken. But what probably is going here is that a white officer was killed, and they need a minority to pin it on.

  • Anonymous

    maybe we should start writing new political bills on black paper so when the house and senate veto that shit ya'll can all join together as ya'll are right now for A RESULT ONLY HE'S GONNA BENEFIT FROM.

  • kuku

    nice rap. remember us troy when you meet the father

  • Anonymous

    Never heard of the Troy Davis situation, but if he innocent, then this potential capital punishment will be fucked up. There is going to be pandemonium soon...

  • Curt

    Wizo Real Talk my Nigg. Them times definately ain't coming back. But these niggaz got bosses even though they say they bosses lol.... they can't fuck up that check homie, so niggaz gotta stay quite mang.

  • Wizo

    How come all these Rappers who name drop on every bar from Jacob the Jeweler, Louis V, Gucci, Loubottins, but when it comes to conscious individuals you don't hear s..t. I been a hip hop fan for life, but part of the reason rap sales are down is because Rap niggz lost they're pulse on social issues. This is why you're not gonna hear anything from Jay, Em, Wayne, R-Ross etc... They might talk after the fact, by then they'll be safe, like Jay was safe making that Katrinna joint on Kingdom Come, long after that shit happened, and Wayne too. Shout to the new Rappers that got substance, I support ya'll, but it's sad the masses won't, atleast until it becomes the style again, Circa 89 but them times ain't coming back.

  • LOL @ these comments

    Be aware! A lot of these weirdo comments come from Caucasians trying to be funny!

    • LOL @ thses comments

      Are you that silly to realize you are proving me right?

    • theCool

      Your LOL'ing is fucking annoying, faggot.

    • LOL @ these comments

      LOL! Support what? How much do you pay to visit this site? LOL! I'm ignorant for noticing Caucasians come here and try to type like Blacks and ready to drop N-bombs? LOL! And look at the fool behind him! How can you be an oreo and a wigger? LOL! Keep proving me right! Any brother knew EXACTLY what I was saying! Look who caught feelings! LOOOOOOOOL!



    • RTJ00

      Yea and a lot of support from Caucasians too. Ignorant ass!

  • Just Wondering

    I wonder why Waka Flaka, Gucci Mane, Ludacris, Outkast, Young Jezzy or countless of other rappers from Georgia have remained silent on this issue ? ( I could be wrong )



    • BellyOfDaBeast

      Georgia is full of cracker ass peckerwood ku klux members who watch niggas like hawks and shit!! If your not a dick sucking nigga then you wont go to jail and you probably wont get fucked with by the police unless they feel the urge to go "faggot bashing" for the night! All the judge cares about is, "I SURE HOPE I GET TO HANG ME A NIGGER TODAY AFTER THESE DAMN APPEAL PROCESSES GET ER DONE AND OVER WITH!! THEN I CAN GO BACK TO MY NIGGER-FREE HOME AND EAT ME A GOOD CRACKER WITH CREAM CHEESE ON IT!" and of course the police are all like, "A NIGGER IS A NIGGER!! KILL ALL THE NIGGERS AND MAKE OBAMA LOOK WORSE THEN OUR DEAR FRIEND AND GREAT EMPEROR GEORGE BUSH!! WERE GONNA MAKE EVERY NIGGER, WHETHER A OLD PRUNY NIGGER OR A LIL NIGGLET, WISH THAT THEY NEVER HAD OBAMA AS THE DAMN PRESIDENT OF AMERIKKKA!!" I wish somebody would help this nigga Troy escape from alcatraz and go to Brazil and shit.. Buy him a really convincing passport and change his name to Kyle Macintire or some shit!!

  • WhiteLover


  • Fred Moor is sponsoring a protest against the death penalty and the scheduled execution of Troy Davis on Wednesday, September 21 at 6:30 pm at teh Lucas County Courthouse, Adams & Erie Streets Toledo, Ohio. For Information contact: Fred Moor 1-800-253-0100 or email

  • Jason

    i agree the mentality of GA 20 yrs ago and the jury mind set was quite different in 1991. lol

  • truth

    aint nobody gonna do nothing niggaz nowadays aint men they gay and vaginal we like to stand on our own personal soapboxes and rant but thats all we do is rant no actions.


    wtf does this have to do wit HIP HOP?

    • RTJ00

      Hip Hop is a counter culture, it has bben used to speak out against countless injustices in the community. In fact that was what it was originally created fr. A voice for the voiceless. So in fact this has everything to do whit Hip Hop.

  • Dudley Sharp

    Troy Davis: Worldwide deceptions should not pressure commutation Innocence Deceptions and the Anti Death Penalty Movement Dudley Sharp, contact info below The false innocence claims by anti death penalty activists are a legendary part of their strategy. 1) Troy Davis: Misleading anti death penalty campaign 2) "The Innocent Executed: Deception & Death Penalty Opponents" 3) The 130 (now 138) death row "innocents" scam 4) Sister Helen Prejean & the death penalty: A Critical Review" 5) "At the Death House Door" Can Rev. Carroll Pickett be trusted?" 6) "Cameron Todd Willingham: Another Media Meltdown", A Collection of Articles Sincerely, Dudley Sharp e-mail, 713-622-5491, Houston, Texas Mr. Sharp has appeared on ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, C-SPAN, FOX, NBC, NPR, PBS , VOA and many other TV and radio networks, on such programs as Nightline, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, The O'Reilly Factor, etc., has been quoted in newspapers throughout the world and is a published author. A former opponent of capital punishment, he has written and granted interviews about, testified on and debated the subject of the death penalty, extensively and internationally.

  • Anonymous

    Yo up north you are so right man i'm gonna sign the petition now georgia was racist as hell 20 years back everybody sign up

    • MalcolmLittle

      Cosign Up North, fam must not have been payin a lick of attention to the presidential race or he wouldn't have even made that remedial ass comment...racism is every bit as prevalent now as it was back in the '60s and shit, it's just a lot more covert these days. Dude thinks just cuz muthafuckas ain't walkin around in Klan suits that racism don't exist...not even realizin the Klan don't even NEED to be out there like that no more cuz we're so adept at doin their job FOR em...

    • Up North

      Anonymous you need to shut the fuck up because examples of your ignorance is what's wrong with the world today. It appears you haven't stepped out of your front door long enough to notice racism is as present today as it ever was. But since this event happened probably before you were fucking born, I wouldn't expect you to understand that.

    • Anonymous

      20 years back it was 1991, not the 60's, lol

  • Anonymous

    I never understood how people can sit on DEATH ROW for 20 fuckin years, lol What are they waiting for, really?? No offense to the guy, I hope he gets cut loose if he's innocent But the basic principle of telling somebody "You have been found guilty, and we're gonna kill you........ 2 decades from now" is kinda fucked up, lol

    • MalcolmLittle

      Actually a lotta that time's spent on appeals fightin the case and tryin to either get the sentence reduced or the charges dropped altogether...which is actually a good thing cuz there's a lotta innocent people out there that'd be dead right now for crimes they didn't commit if it wasn't for the appellate process...

  • Edubb

    Forever fuck the police, judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, and the government!!!! To many stories like this waaaaaaay to many and if you notice nine times out of ten the so called guilty party is a person of color. Instead of fighting over bullshit we all need to be like P.E. and FIGHT THE POWER!!!!! Literally because revolution always brings change especially a violent one. But in this day and age the younger blacks folks dont have that militant mentality to stand up and fight for something that is worth while. I will sign for this brotha regardless.

  • Up North

    Just the fact that it was Georgia 20 years ago should alone merit a re-trial.

  • BluntedDaily

    Cases like Troy Davis and others such as Mumia Abu-Jamal are such a tragedy to see unfold when upwards of 90% of the evidence points to them being not guilty. It's a fucked up system we're living in, and the only way to beat them is figuring how to play their game better. Signed for Mr. Davis, and if anybody signs this petition but has never heard of Mumia Abu-Jamal, please find his story and sign his petition as well - anther innocent man behind bars.

    • Anonymous

      @askari x interesting that you speak out against racism using the name of one of the most disgusting, racist rappers to ever exist.

    • Askari X

      3 strikes and you out..swing batta batta batta, swing batta batta swing.... How many times you gon swing mayn before you realize you need to stop playin European Gladiator Games of Chance wit yo life?...see the Judge he's a tricksta!!..him and the prosecutor be throwin Masonic signs at each other, tryna strike out a brotha....

  • James Taylor

    il sign for this dude......these mothafuckin police r scumbag, they want putin in the chair for takin this man life for the past 20yrs!! MAN FUCK THE LAW POINT BLANK!!

    • GRKiller

      I'm pretty sure it was the jury of his peers that put him away, not the police officers. Lets not be ignorant here. In any case, no man should be executed unless it can be proven without a shadow of a doubt that he comitted the crime. Troy Davis should be a free man.

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